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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 400

Date:  Tuesday November 16th, 1999  7:33 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara apparently think that they are real clever
guys. After all, it takes a real clever mind to make fun of a
disability. If they hadn't already done so, they were clever enough to
show us what low-life’s they really are.

In his two decade involvement in the business Jim Ross has made plenty
of enemies. Not knowing enough about the man I will not comment on
Ross's virtues. On-air, Jim Ross comes across as a nice guy. I've
heard the accusations of brown-nosing and backstabbing and I even
believe some of them. That does not excuse ANYBODY to make light of a
very serious medical condition (Bells Palsy).

Russo & Ferrara were the geniuses who booked a similar angle in March
and they decided to pursue the same bizarre vendetta in a different
company, one that doesn't even employ Ross.

If you would like to claim that Ross is a bad announcer (not an opinion
that many would agree with) go for it. Dragging the mean-spirited Tony
Shiavonie into the discussion won't improve your credibility but
there's little harm in the effort. The fact that Ross wasn't strong
willed enough to refuse participation the first time around does not
excuse your behavior.  This is just another black mark on the integrity
of the industry.
LIVE FROM: PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Degeneration X took center ring.
HHH spoke of how Vince McMahon has been out to get him since day one of
becoming the WWF champion. He said his property was stolen and that
McMahon was to blame and said that he would pay for his crime, starting
tonight. Vinny Mac said that DX would have to pay for their crimes, and
brought out detectives and police officers from Detroit, who wanted to
question DX about Stone Cold Steve Austin being hit by a car.

Val Venis versus Mankind
Foley took the win by putting Val out with the Mandible Claw.
Winner: Mankind via decision

--DX (after insulting the police) vehemently denied having anything to
do with Austin being hit by a car. They also pointed out to the cops
all the problems SCSA has had with McMahon in the past.

--Luna presented Stephanie McMahon and Test with an engagement present.
Hearing she liked stuffed animals, Luna gave the couple an actual
stuffed squirrel.

The Godfather versus Kurt Angle
The Olympian won with a modified suplex. Prior to the pin, the
Godfather tore up a sign that read World Wide Filth that was being held
by a protester that made his way to the ring. Winner: Kurt Angle via

--Vinny Mac admitted to having problems with Austin in the past, but
denied having anything to do with the incident and told the cops that
if they wanted to know where Patterson and Brisco were, they would have
to ask them.

Chris Jericho versus Gangrel w/Luna
Chyna stood on the ramp and reminded Y2J that he would have a sex
change if he lost at Survivor Series. Chyna taunted Jericho with
feminine hygeine products, humiliating Y2J. A distraction by Chyna
allowed Gangrel to hit a suplex with a bridge for the win.
Winner: Gangrel via pinfall

--The Big Show asked McMahon to allow him to defend the title against
the Bossman. Vinny Mac told him he would face the British Bulldog and
the Rock would face the Bossman. Vince then told DX that for sicking
the cops on him that they would all be competing in single matches

--As the detectives questioned the stooges, Patterson told the cops
that McMahon once had them setup, and how they got their butts kicked
about it.

--Four guys that the Acolytes had trouble with in one of the bars they
frequent, showed up at the arena, only to be manhandled (got their
a$$es severely kicked) by the former tag champs.

The British Bulldog (c)w/Mean Street Posse versus Big Show (c) *WWF
A chokeslam ended the dreams of the Bulldog becoming the champ. The
Mean Street Posse were then taken out the same way.
Winner: The Big Show via pinfall (Retained World Title)

--The Rock accepted the Bossman's challenge to a Hardcore match to
determine a number one contender. Two detectives then interrupted and
informed the Rock that the car that hit SCSA was registered under his
name. The Rock said he knew that and he had reported it stolen
yesterday. The Rock in his own special way told the cops to get out of
his face.

--Jerry Lawler told the police that Jim Ross has been acting unstable

Road Dogg versus Al Snow
Al Snow lost another one, this time, courtesy of the pump handle slam.
After the bell, feeling dejected, Mankind led the crowd in a chant of
"He's a jolly good fella" to cheer up his friend.
Winner: RoadDogg via pinfall

--X-Pac lured Kane into a set up by taunting Tori. HHH and X-Pac then
beat the Big Red Machine to the ground.

--Chris Jericho pulled a cameraman into a room where he had Chyna tied
up and reminded her of everything she has done to embarrass him. When
Chyna refused to say that Y2J was the better athlete, he smashed her
hand numerous times with a hammer. Paramedics took the IC champ to the

Test versus Mr.Ass
In what many could consider an upset, Test rolled up Mr. Ass with a
sunset flip for the win. After the bell, Gunn hit the Famoser on Test,
apparently re-injuring the nose.
Winner: Test via pinfall

--Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a taped interview, said he had alot of fun
being on Smackdown and spending time with the wrestlers.

HHH versus Kane
The match began with security restraining X-Pac, who attacked Kane from
behind. Referee Tim White disqualified Kane when Vince McMahon hit the
ring. Vince attacked HHH, who fell right into a chokeslam.
Winner: HHH via disqualification

The Rock versus The Bossman *Hardcore/Number One Contender Match*
Prince Albert, aiming for the Rock, mistakingly hit the Bossman with a
chair. The Rock instead hit the Prince with a chair. The Bossman then
hit the Rock with the sidewalk slam for the win. After the bell, the
Rock went ballistic attacking both men with a chain, nightsticks, and a
chain, leaving both men bloody.
Winner: The Bossman via pinfall (Number One Contender)
The GOOD, BAD, & the UGLY
By Mark George (attkdonkey)

This installment is about a specific topic and is purely BAD and UGLY.
I stumbled across a program called REAL TV and they were showing these
backyard extreme wrestling federations. What an absolute mockery of
humankind!!! If anyone is unaware of these backyard feds, they are
made up of kids who do extreme wrestling in their backyards, using
everything imaginable.

Fire, chairs, broken glass, barbed wire, you name it and they use it.
Guys are jumping off roof tops on to burning tables, piledriving each
other into metal platforms, and repeatedly bashing each other with
glass and chairs. The things I witnessed were appalling!!! But, what
made this even worse was the parents of these kids condoned this
behavior as long as there was adult supervision. Oh, how very
considerate of them!!

What kid in their right mind would go to such extremes to "impress
their friends"? The shows producers even brought in Buff Bagwell to
watch these clips and get his opinion. He was shocked to say the least
and openly denounced their actions. Bagwell, like every other normal
human being, was appalled. It is impossible to show sympathy for
anyone who injures themselves while participating in this garbage. When
one of these kids breaks their necks or dies because of severe internal
injuries, I hope the parents get imprisoned on grounds of stupidity.
For the Newest in Hardcore Wrestling.. Call the totally Free Hardcore
Hotline at 908-252-9552...
Written by reader: Chris Migliaccio (Sting833)

Someone said that there was nothing to suggest there was sexual
activity going on when DX had "Stephanie" (they told us it wasn't her
on Smackdown). What exactly is a person laying on the floor with their
legs spread supposed to represent? I can't remember what Road Dogg said
exactly, but that also was hinting at a rape. I know that's what popped
into my mind right away.
-Chris Migliaccio
Written by reader: midnightrambler

I read Rick Phelps comment on Torrie vs Rena Merowitz and I completely
agree. Of course beauty is a subjective thing but in my opinion there
is no contest. I am not a "blonde's guy" I am tilted heavily towards
the 'Olive complexioned, black or very dark brown hair, somewhat tall &
certainly thin (but not anorexic), always with all their teeth! It must
be my mixture of Sicilian & Napolitano ancestry.

As for Ms. Merowitz, she is loaded with much too large implants, no
real shape, straight figure, no real curves (look closely) really just
an average woman who happens to have the ability to use the best
cosmetics and plastic surgery, because of her income and the backing
(at the time) of Vincent McMahon.

I give her credit though as she is a woman who is in her very late 30's
and has given birth. So in those circumstances she is well preserved
considering all the help she has received.

Now Torrie on the other hand is much younger than Rena, does not have
the oversized, too big for her body implants, has attractive features
that are not 'yet' in the need of 'tightening services'. She certainly
has a real figure with actual curves, muscle tone is also found unlike
Ms. Merowitz. To compare the two is really unfair. It hurts Rena &
helps Ms. Wilson too much.

Sort of like comparing the abilities of let's say......Ric Flair as far
as knowledge of wrestling moves, cardiovascular conditioning (probably
one of the best ever in this area), mike skills, loyalty to the company
& fellow employees, knowledge of entertainment aspect of the sport,
etc, etc. to let's say....Lex Luger, who has limited (I'm being
generous) wrestling skill, limited knowledge, almost non-existent
knowledge of scientific moves, poor cardiovascular conditioning (due to
steroid abuse) limited mike skills, limited loyalty to employer,
employees or fans (who pay the ticket prices).

It is not fair, just as a Bret Hart & a Ric Flair pride themselves on
avoiding the injuring of their 'opponents' and of course themselves and
carry such a reputation. There are cases such as the reps carried by
Rick Steiner and Randy Savage. It's unfair to compare these athletes in
the ring. Sorry I'm going on and on, I've got the flu or something and
the Rx is probably making me dopey. So thanks for reading and take it
Written by reader: Egg1poppa

In response to WeEatFish's suggestion that Stephanie wasn't raped
because there was no sex involved: Sex has never been involved with any
rape, rather, rape is a violent act of domination. The violent act of
domination by DX lends to the suggestion she was raped. Sex is always
consensual; rape isn't.
Written by reader: Michael Bahn (Michael.Bahn)

Most people would understand the phrase "subject to change" to mean
that when unforeseen circumstances dictate, changes may be made in the
card. However, if a promotion knows ahead of time that a performer will
either not be present (no-show) or will not be performing in the
capacity advertised that is fraudulent advertising despite the "subject
to change" disclaimer. Certainly the WWF knew that Austin would not be
wrestling by the time Sunday Night Heat was broadcast (if not days or
weeks before that).

Austin was not advertised as being on the PPV or as appearing on the
PPV, he was advertised as wrestling in the main event. There is no
other way to understand this obviously misleading tactic other than to
say that wrestling has operated this way for decades, the difference
being that now larger numbers of people are paying to see the same show
due to technological advances. It is not as egregious when this is done
for a regular broadcast because viewers do not pay to watch as with
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

The WWF & WCW will continue to use tasteless angles because "Sport
Entertainment" fans love it. I am proud to say I am not a "Sport
Entertainment" fan, and stopped watching the New York circus act months
ago. However I have continued to check on the progress of 'LionHart'
Chris Jericho, and I have not been impressed.

When Jericho first entered Titan Tower everybody said Jericho would be
pushed to the Gold and would have great matches, however quite the
opposite has happened. From what I have read Jericho has had no quality
matches and WWF officials are not happy with him. WWF officials have
even questioned his wrestling ability, something I find ridiculous.
Chris Jericho can easily be proclaimed as the best pure wrestler in the
WWF as the only man that comes close in Taka Michinoku.

I have seen Jericho wrestle in other promotions and had great matches,
but that is because he has had better talent to work with. Jericho
recently said in an interview with PowerSlam "There are no Benoit's
Malenko's, or Guererro's in the WWF". I don't think you can disagree
with this.

What about the WWF wrestlers saying Chris is too stiff in the ring. I
think this is a joke and I think the guy's saying this should try to
work a few Japanese shows, before they complain about working stiff.
But things are worse than this, Jericho then has to Job to Chyna. When
I read this I was shocked, but not surprised as the WWF do these sort
of things.

Sadly I can only see Jericho being a mid-carder in the WWF even though
it is plain to see that he should be the top guy in the WWF. I also
think Survivor Series confirmed even more that the WWF Titles do not
mean a thing and have no recognition.
-Kevin Bryce, London
P.S. I do not watch WCW!!!
Written by reader: ChrisShamrock

I personally was thinking that it was Billy Gunn driving the car. I
don't know if anyone else noticed, but Billy Gunn was not shown until
after the accident. All of the attacks DX made, Billy was never to be
seen. Triple H did admit that it was a set up to Stone Cold and that
HE did not have anything to do with it. Triple H could have just been
meaning himself because with Billy Gunn's absence, I believe it was Mr.
Ass that drove the car into Austin.

Also, he might be a rattlesnake which strikes QUICKLY but he stared at
the car a few seconds before getting hit, he could have easily moved
and that is what was set up badly. Now to all the people complaining
about WWF taking off one of the best main events, get over it. They
have the right to change the card and I personally didn't want Austin
as champ again just because he has been champion so much.

Now to a different subject, WCW just plain out sucks. I can't believe
them, they have some nerve with the JR thing and everyone is going to
be saying "This is so funny." To all of you out there, grow up. That
fake JR also talks with his mouth crooked and that is just plain out
mean. If I ever got to meet Russo, I would give him a big piece of my
mind. They left the WWF "happy" and now they treat them like crap. Go
to hell Russo. Take that fake JR with you because you all suck! I
do agree that the WWF has taken some shots but that was retaliation in
my opinion. I mean come on, you can make fun of wrestlers, but making
fun of a man with real problems just got on my bad side.
Written by reader: Brenda A. (DXDGNR8CHK)

I usually don't complain about angles that many find insulting, one
that comes to mind is the Big Show/Bossman angle, but that's a
completely different opinion for a different time. What I am talking
about is what I just saw on Nitro, some may not think of it as a big
deal, some may have laughed at it, some may be a little bit insulted by
it, as I was.

I consider the Pinata Luchadore match a low blow to the
Mexican/Hispanic viewers, such as myself. I was watching, not once did
I laugh, not once did I think to myself, wow, this is entertaining,
while, yes, the actual wrestling was impressive, that was overshadowed
by the ethnic, well, some may consider it this, exploitation. Maybe I'm
just taking this a little too seriously, after all, it was supposed to
be taken lightly, but, then again, so was the Big Show/Bossman angle.
-Brenda A.
You've seen him on monthly PPV's. You've seen him in the movie. You've
seen him on talk shows. Hell, this week you'll see him in his very own
A&E Special. Of course you've seen & read the BOOK. BUT.....did you
ever see his very first match in Japan for IWA, when he introduced the
"FLAMING CHAIR"......did you ever see the "UNEDITED" Vader match on TBS
from 1993......did you ever see the 4/2/95 Multi-Promotional 8 man
match from the Tokyo Dome? By now you've guessed I'm talking about the
one and only Mick Foley. See all of the above matches and much more on
the new Mick Foley, "1st The Book, Then The Video", compilation video.
Contact gmayfield for more details.
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