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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 402

Date:  Wednesday November 17th, 1999  11:09 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of today's issue we present the spoiler for
Thursday's Smackdown, taped 11/16, and direct from

As always, if you would rather be surprised, be sure to skip that
Written by reader: Bduff01

Was I the only person that was reminded of the Owen Hart tragedy during
the Survivor Series. After Austin got hit, when the King was doing his
little 'shoot' commentary, it reminded me of his shoot commentary after
Owen's fall.

Did anyone else have a similar flashback? This disturbed me a lot more
then seeing Dustin come to the ring suspended on a wire. Any comments?
Steve Appy responds:
With the death rate in wrestling at such an obscene level it has been
speculated that the WWF wants to desensitize us to real tragedy. This
way, next time someone dies, a certain percentage of the audience will
shrug it off and consider it part of the show. After all, Ross &
Lawler's mannerisms following The Big Show's death & Austin's car
accident sure looked realistic to me. Even the ten bell salute isn't
sacred anymore.
Written by reader: Patty Therre (WCWNWOEdit)

I would like your readers to know that the Dynamite Kid will be having
a live chat on Wednesday, Nov 17th (today) at 8 p.m. EST. There will be
6 autographed books given away at the end of the chat.

Tom Billington VERY rarely does chats and this should be very
revealing. People interested should go to
and click on the link to the chat. They can begin sending in questions
for Tom at 7:30 p.m. Since the chat room only holds 1000 people, it is
important that those who want to participate get there early. The
others will be able to read the transcript in real time but not submit
Thanks, Patty Therre
Howl Too (
*** Please visit my website at ***
Written by reader: CKb406

A quote from Jim Ross' Ross Report, three days before the mockery of
him on Nitro:

"Several of you have written recently regarding my second bout with
Bells Palsy and how I'm doing. I am still battling this affliction and
hope one day to be completely healed from the facial paralysis and the
pain associated with it. However, there is no known cure but I remain
optimistic that
I will be better in the future. I still have not watched any of our TV
where I was cast as the "disgruntled and postal" announcer with Doctor
Death. Don't plan to either. Too personal and too painful for my
tastes. My family had a real
hard time with that storyline and angle. And I don't buy it's just
fiction and it's just about the damned ratings."

The Ross Report was dated November 12, three days before Nitro. Did
Russo/WCW see this in the article, and then decide to do the skit?
Written by reader: Bill Melden (Demas2000)

With your permission, I'd just like to add a few quiet words to the
tumult over the Paul Wight and Ed Ferrara "disease" angles. I am a
grown man, soon to be a grandfather, and although I happen to suffer
from a mild disability, I'm not particularly touchy about it; indeed,
when one is faced with such problems in real life, it helps to find a
little humor in them.

But as we all know, there's a huge difference between laughing about
yourself, or laughing with someone you love, and laughing at somebody
else. I don't know much about Jim Ross' particular condition, but
within my own extended family I've seen everything from mental illness
to Cerebral Palsy, and I've lost close relatives to cancer and heart
attacks. So I'm not speaking entirely from ignorance.

The folks who say "Hey, lighten up, it's entertainment," aren't being
entirely honest. "Chicago Hope" and "NYPD Blue" and even the soap
operas are entertainment, and they deal with real, tragic situations,
but they don't make cheap shots and cheaper jokes about them. If a
character on a dramatic series has AIDS, or Down's Syndrome, I
guarantee you the network isn't going to play it for laughs. When was
the last time you saw Bart Simpson teasing a retarded child, or heard
Seinfeld do a routine on how funny Alzheimer’s is?

The point is that calling it "entertainment" doesn't automatically
excuse it. There's responsible entertainment, and there's vicious,
heartless crapola. The WWF and WCW have both gone a few steps farther
down the second path with these "disease" angles, and if
McMahon-Ferrara- whoever had the decency of a three-year-old, they'd be
ashamed of themselves.
-Bill Melden
Written by reader: Moonsault187

Mark George wrote a column, "Good, Bad and Ugly" and took some serious
jabs at some of the backyard wrestling in that column. I agree with him
100% that some backyard wrestling is way too violent and extreme for
kids my age (16) and younger to be doing, hell, some of the things that
they do are more extreme than most sane adults would do.

Still, I find it really funny how these programs "REAL TV" and
"DATELINE", I believe, but I love how these programs are quick to tape
and point out these extreme battles. They are taking shots at pro
wrestling about that kind of stuff, but what these programs don't show
are the feds of kids having fun, just working on moves and not doing
anything serious to endanger ourselves.

In my federation that I work in, aptly called NQW (Not Quite
Wrestling), is just about having something to do on the weekends, where
we wrestle on a trampoline that we reformed to resemble a wrestling
ring. The hardcore matches don't consist of barb wire, tables, chairs,
and glass, but of empty plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, soft wiffle
ball bats, and the most violent weapon there is a popcorn tin and lid.

The worst incident of injury we had was when I was tossed through a
piece of cardboard set amongst 2 plastic chairs, well the chairs
weren't facing out, so I landed on one of the
Chairs. It didn't hurt at all, I got a decent cut, but nothing like
these psychos do. We also have a monthly slot on a cable access
channel, and an "NQW the Music" that we pass around town, maybe one of
these channels should stop worrying about psychos who look at wrestling
the wrong way, and look at kids that watch wrestling for the right
reason, and have fun with it.
Written by reader: ladinDMX

I saw two signs on Raw that sum up Russo, Ferrara, and WCW. One said
"WCW still sucks", the other was "Russo is overrated". These are so
true. WCW is still getting the crap kicked out of them in the ratings,
and those two idiots are sinking lower than Vinnie Mac has. Just a
humble opinion.
Written by reader: Larks91

My NWA reflections are from the early 80s, Flair, Race, Rhodes, the
Briscos and the dean himself Gordon Solie. My only intention every
Saturday night was to follow the ever growing and intensifying feud
between Tommy (Wildfire) Rich, and Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer. It never
failed that some confrontation between the two, on camera or some venue
on the road, was caught on film. (Today's rule is: IF ITS NOT ON FILM

The backstage brawls in Georgia, S. Carolina, or wherever the WRESTLERS
used to go is a heck of a lot better than where the (ENTERTAINERS) are
going today.
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

I have watched the Japanese Hardcore stuff, and to be honest I don't
really like it. It is just Garbage wrestling with people in the ring
taking insane bumps, because they cannot wrestle. The IWA Deathmatch
Tournament in 1994 was brutal and watching Cactus Jack fall on Barbed
Wire from a Ladder isn't very nice. The True form of Puroresu is
certainty better, and I would rather watch Liger have Kanemoto in a
reverse chin-lock for 5 minutes than see someone fall on a bomb and
bust themselves open.

Now I must talk about the ridiculous rivalry between WCW and the WWF.
OK, I can accept the two companies are trying to beat each other, but
having tasteless angles and insulting people isn't the way to do it.
Both companies are as bad as each other and are a disgrace to
wrestling. NJPW & AJPW are not friends, and they try to beat each
other, however they do respect each other and know insults would not go
down well with the mainstream Japanese media or fans.

NJPW & AJPW try to beat each other with in-ring action, something WCW
and the WWF should learn from. NJPW and AJPW are respected by the
mainstream media in Japan and the sport of wrestling isn't treated as
some joke in Japan.

If the two promotions were to do what WCW and the WWF do, Wrestling
would be regarded as a joke and I dread to think how the media would
respond (probably like the American media). The WWF & WCW are not
respected by the media in the States and wrestling is not treated as a
Sport by most people in America, this is no surprise, however, as both
companies do terrible things and do not care about actual wrestling.

ECW is totally different from the "Big 2" as the angles are not so
tasteless and their product is not aimed at teenagers. The wrestling
is also top class, the titles have world-wide recognition and the ECW
Heavyweight title is the most prestigious in America (foreign wrestlers
challenging for it, and the belt being defended in Japan proves this)
-Kevin Bryce, London
Steve Appy responds:
I enjoy ECW as much as the next guy but I wouldn't call them that much
more tasteful than the WWF or WCW. I would also say that their product
is definitely aimed at teenagers, though probably not the pre-teens
that the WWF & WCW target.
SMACKDOWN Taping Results, for Broadcast 11/18/99
Taped 11/16/99 at the Cincinnati Gardens
Reported by Joel Boutiere at:

'Superman' Steve Langly defeats Johnny Swinger
Papi Chulo defeated Tom Powers

Starts with Bradshaw getting some water from a cooler while Kaientai
(Taka and Funaki) stand nearby. Brashaw bumps into Funaki, the three
have some words, and then Taka and Funaki jump Bradshaw and get a few
shots in before running off.

Headbangers defeated Val Venis & Shawn Stasiak
Val was actually getting good face heat before he started insulting
Cincinnati for some cheap heel heat. During the match, the 'World Wide
Filth' guy was walking around by the ringside seats with his sign on
the pole (I've coined a great new name for this guy: Sign Guy Mushnick
:*) Since the guy was walking around where I was sitting, I wasn't
really paying attention to the match, but I saw the Headbangers win.
Afterward, Val and Shawn get into it, and Val knocks Shawn down and
gives him the Money Shot before leaving.

Rikishi Fatu defeated Tracey Smothers
Pretty much a squash match, with Fatu finishing off with a piledriver
for the win.

D-Von Dudley defeated D'lo Brown
At one point, D'lo went for the Lo Down, but Buh Buh Ray pulled D-Von
out of the ring, so D'lo did a cross body on both Dudleys from the
turnbuckle to outside the ring! The ending was really sudden: D'lo
pulled D-Von back in the ring, and D-Von gets the surprise rollup for
the pin.

Kaientai defeated Acolytes by DQ in a Technical Match
The Acolytes got a big pop when they came out and lots of face heat
during the match... so these guys are faces now? As would be expected,
the match didn't stay technical for long, as Bradshaw and Faarooq kept
throwing elbows and punches. It soon degenerated into an all-out brawl,
so the ref threw the match out. Both Taka and Funaki got Dominators
from Faarooq, and Bradshaw did a nice fallaway slam from the second

Show starts backstage with DX beating on Brisco and Patterson. HHH
tells Pat to let Vince know that Vince was the one who made it

After the theme song, we go backstage again. Vince and his family has
found Pat & Gerry all bruised up. Pat delivers the message to Vince,
and Vince says that he wants to see HHH right now.

Match 1: Too Cool defeated Edge & Christian
The match was OK, and ended when Christian hit the Impaler, but the ref
wasn't looking. Grandmaster Sexy then hit a top rope leg drop and
Scotty Too Hotty got the pin on Christian.

After a break, we see Vince storm up to HHH and chew him out. HHH tells
Vince twice to 'not make it personal.'

Match 2: Kurt Angle defeated Gangrel (with Luna)
"Sign Guy Mushnick" was back, walking around the ring again. Funny
thing this time is a fan walked around behind him with a sign saying,
'This guy sucks!' A minute or so in, Angle does his thing where he
grabs a mike and yells at the fan for cheering a 'guy who looks like a
vampire' rather than an Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle does the 'best
REAL athlete' line from his promo. Angle then gets back in the ring
and, after about a minute, gets the pin.

We see DX conferring backstage, but I couldn't hear what they were
talking about.

Back from break, we see Test playing the new N64 game Wrestlemania 2000
while Stephanie unwraps wedding gifts. Steph has to go out to the car
for something, but Test says he'll go get it. Gee, I wonder what will
happen next? Sure enough, Test walks outside and gets ambushed, first
by DX. They stuff him in the trunk of a car and drive off. HHH remarks,
'I hope that's not too personal for Vince.'

Match 3: British Bulldog defeats the Godfather to retain the European
Before the match, Godfather brings up the last time he tried to give
Bulldog the hoes, and Bulldog attacked him, so no hoes for the Bulldog!
The Mean Street Posse comes out to help Bulldog, but they're detained
by the hoes (Godfather shows remarkable foresight in this match: there
just happened to be three hoes, one for each Posse member... smart!)
Sign Guy Mushnick was back, and the same thing happened to the
Godfather that happened on Raw: he grabbed the sign from the protestor,
which gave the Posse an opening to attack, and roll the Godfather back
into the
ring for Bulldog to finish him off and get the win. Afterward, they had
security guys take the former Sign Guy Mushnick away.

Backstage, Vince is yelling at HHH again, and Stephanie dashes in and
starts beating on HHH (please don't tell me they're going to make
Stephanie a wrestler too... oh, wait, they already did) for what he did
to Test. Vince says to call the cops, and HHH threatens Stephanie.

Match 4: The Big Show beat Hardcore Holly (with Crash Holly) to retain
the Heavyweight Title
Before TBS came out, Hardcore Holly talked about how he had 'unfinished
business' with Show, and that he hated 'fat' people like The Big Show.
It was your usual Big Show match, with Show tossing Holly around like a
doll. Crash ran in, and for some reason, there was no DQ, not that
Crash made that much of a difference anyway. Big Show fought them both
off, then gave the Showstopper to Hardcore Holly. Funny moment, Crash
tried to break up the pin by Big Show, but he couldn't move him! After
the win, TBS chokeslams Crash too, before the Big Bossman runs in to
beat on Show with his nightstick.

Outside, Vince and Shane have found Test, whose nose is broken again.
They help Test back to the building.

Match 5: Kane (with Tori) defeated Viscera
Tori came out with Kane, but stayed at the top of the ramp for some
reason. Your typical big-man match, with one big surprise when Viscera
actually pulled off one of those X-Pac style spin kicks on Kane!
Eventually, they make it back to the ring, where Kane manages to
chokeslam Viscera and get the pin.

Backstage, Triple H, laughing to himself, walks up to Vince's door and
knocks. He 'apologizes' for everything that's gone on before and
offers Test a wedding present. It didn't stay on screen for long, and I
couldn't tell what the hell it was. It was black, and looked kind of
like a steering wheel or something. Whatever it was, it pissed Vince
off enough to throw it against the wall and slam the door in Triple H's
face. Triple H walked off, still laughing.

They played a bit where J.R. was on the phone with the detectives
investigating the Austin hit and run. He told them to talk to his
lawyers, and also said they might want to investigate Jerry Lawler,
calling him a certified, 'restaurant quality' (what the hell does that
mean?!?) They then showed a shot of Lawler at the commentary table,
looking mighty teed off at J.R.

Then we see McMahon putting a police guard outside his dressing room
where Test, Shane, and Stephanie are. He says to not let anyone who
doesn't have the last name McMahon in.

Match 6: Ivory defeated Luna and Jacqueline to retain the Women's
This was Hardcore rules, and it was one of those lame brawls that go
all over the building. Only cool part was when the match went into the
men's restroom, where there were guys using the urinals still!
Finally, the match went to the kitchens, where Ivory hit Luna with the
Cookie Sheet of Doom and got the pin.

They showed some videos of Mankind and Al Snow in Vegas, apparently for
this 'UPN Vegas Week' thing. Looked pretty lame.

Match 7: Chris Jericho defeated Mark Henry
Before the match, Mark talked about how horrible it was for Jericho to
attack Chyna. Mark brings up his problems with Chyna in the past, but
says he never would have gone as far as Jericho did. Y2J time! Jericho
does a great promo where he remarks that it's a shame that Chyna can't
hitchhike anymore, but at least she can get the 'no-thumb' discount at
the manicurist.

We see the Dudleys on the phone backstage, apparently with the
detectives. D-Von denies driving the car, than hands the phone to Buh
Buh Ray, who says 'Hell, I don't even drive!'

Lillian Garcia interviewed the Rock. Rock does his usual Pavlovian
interview, and the fans salivated on cue.

Match 8: The New Age Outlaws defeated the Hardy Boyz to retain the Tag
Team Championships
An OK match with the ending pretty much determined by anyone with half
a brain after the ref gets bumped. X-Pac runs in and the fans cheer as
he screws up the Hardys' chances of winning. Anyway, Hardys lose,
Outlaws win.

Before the break, we come back to the McMahon clan. Shane claims he
smells something! After the break, we see that McMahon's room has
filled with smoke, and everybody runs out coughing.

Match 9: The Rock vs. The Big Bossman (w/ Prince Albert)
A fairly by-the-books match, with Rock hitting the Rock Bottom for the
pin. Afterward, the BBM and Prince Albert double-team the Rock, with
The Big Show coming in for the save. Then the Hollys come out, but the
Rock and TBS make short work of them.

Backstage, Vince says he blames DX for the fire. He goes after Triple
H, taking the security with him and leaving Shane, Steph, and Test by
themselves (umm, can you say bad move?)

Triple H comes out to the ring to the usual chant. HHH then does
pretty much the same rant he did on Raw, talking about how Vince
committed a crime against him, and that Vince made it personal. He
claims the reason that Vince doesn't like HHH as champion is because
HHH isn't one of Vince's 'boys' and that HHH did it all without the big
'push.' HHH then calls Vince out, telling him to come by himself,
without the cops. Vince comes to the ring and takes off his jacket,
ready for a fight, but HHH says no way.

If Vince attacks HHH, HHH will sue Vince, and besides, if HHH attacked
Vince, Vince would fire him anyway. So HHH asks Vince to go to his
lawyers and get a contract set up for
a match between Vince and HHH at Armageddon. The stip is that if HHH
wins, Vince can do nothing against him, including fire him, do anything
financial to him or anything. Basically, HHH would be immune to Vince
if he wins. He says that it's fitting this match would take place at
'Armageddon,' because it will be a match to 'end it all' between Vince
and HHH.

Then we get a camera shot backstage, where Test, Shane, and Stephanie
are all sitting and laying at the bottom of a staircase, looking like
they've been thrown down. Shane and Test were rubbing their arms like
they were hurt, and Stephanie actually had a bunch of blood on her
forehead, but I don't know if it was fake, or if she actually bladed!

Vince rushes out to help them, and HHH mocks him, saying he better
'watch his step.' To close it off, HHH said that he had two words for
all the scum in Cincinnati who made him come here to do this show...and
I think you know them.
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