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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 404

Date:  Friday November 19th, 1999  5:56 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
Chris Benoit was officially announced as appearing at the NJPW 1/4/2000
Tokyo Egg Dome, but his opponent is not who you might expect.

Ignoring a logical Jushin Liger/Benoit Junior Heavyweight title
defense, New Japan has booked Benoit against Tenzan. Benoit defeated
Liger in a Non-Title match in October and when one considers how well
they work together it looked like a natural. It is expected that Liger
will defend the championship against EMLL's Shocker, who scored a
non-title victory over Liger recently in Mexico.

Tenzan is an underrated worker who will likely have a good match with
Benoit and it does propel Benoit into the Heavyweight division in New
Japan. Was that New Japan's intention?
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Supercenter!!! Go to to visit this great page!
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

--Throughout the night, the Pay-Per-View was hyped and past clips were

Jerry Flynn w/First Family versus Bam Bam Bigelow *Hardcore Match*
Norman Smiley watched this match from ringside and Smiley nailed Knobs
with a chair, and then handed it to Bigelow, who nailed Flynn with it
for the win.
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow via pinfall

--Disco Inferno was calling a bookie trying to bet $50,000 on Prince
Iaukea. Disco was aggravated when he found out bets are not placed on
wrestling matches because it is all "fixed."

--Buff Bagwell asked Terry Taylor where Chris Benoit was at.

Disco Inferno versus Prince Iaukea
In a non-title match, Inferno was rolled up when he lost his
concentration because someone put a box with a dead fish in it (in
reference to the Godfather movies where it was implied that someone
would "sleep with the fishes.")
Winner: Prince Iaukea via pinfall

--Evan Karagias told Mene Gene that he would win the title "all for

--Van Hammer told Curt Hennig that he would take it easy on him and
asked the "old man" how much it would be worth to him to let him get
counted out. The two then began fighting, with security intervening.

The Maestro versus Evan Karagias w/Madusa
Madusa kissed the Maestro, which distracted Karagias, who was rolled up.
Winner: The Maestro via pinfall

--The Revolution told Mene Gene that they would defeat the Filthy
Animals on Sunday and that Aysa would tear Torrie apart.

--Disco Inferno was on the phone with Tony, asking him for an extension.

--Chris Benoit welcomed Terry Taylor back and said that he was not that
hard to find. Two steps behind him Buff went looking for Benoit.

--La Parka and Kaz Hayashi (with dubbed in English voiceovers) talked
about how the gift of gab was what was going to take them to the top.

--In the back, Bagwell asked Benoit to take it easy on him in their
match and not to do the flying headbutt or apply the Crippler
Crossface. Benoit told him that he should have thought about that
before he proclaimed himself "The Chosen one." The two then brawled
until security stepped in.

Silver King/El Dandy versus La Parka/Kaz Hayashi
La Parka pinned Dandy after a flying plancha off of the top rope.
Winners: La Parka/Kaz Hayashi via pinfall

--Buff Bagwell and Curt Hennig were having to be restrained in the back
by security.

Curt Hennig versus Van Hammer
While Benoit and Bagwell battled on the floor at ringside, Hennig
pinned Hammer with a fisherman's suplex.
Winner: Curt Hennig via pinfall

--Chavo Guerrero Jr. was peddling his Amway to Lex Luger and Liz.

Lash Leroux versus Kenny Kaos
Carrot Top took the match with the Whiplash.
Winner: Lash Leroux via pinfall

--The Filthy Animals told Gene that they would take care of business
against The Revolution; Torrie said that she could not wait to get her
hands on Aysa.

--In a dark room, Vampiro was seen wrapping a chain around his hand.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. versus The Barbarian
In record time, the big man put the "President" of Amway down with a
boot to the face.
Winner: The Barbarian via pinfall

Vampiro w/a Misfit versus Meng
Meng pulled the Misfit into the ring and applied the Tongan Death Grip
on him. Liz then hit the ring and apologized for what has happened.
Luger then repeatedly nailed Meng in the head and knee with a chair.
Winner: None announced

Chris Benoit versus Buff Bagwell
After a distraction by Hennig, The Crippler applied the Crossface for
the win. Bagwell and Hennig then battled it out in the ring to preview
their upcoming "Retirement Match" on Sunday at the PPV.
Winner: Chris Benoit via submission
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)

There have been a few entries in recent WBS issues regarding my column
on extreme backyard wrestling federations, as well as responses I have

I want to clarify my column to those who misunderstood. My column was
about extreme hardcore wrestling. Those of you who partake in Backyard
Feds that involve basic wrestling are not who I am singling out here.
We are all fans of wrestling and will carry our obsessions to different
levels, even backyard wrestling. I just want to state clearly that
wrestling feds are done by choice and I have no disdain for those who
interact in backyard wrestling involving basic maneuvers and safety.

The people I am talking about are a select few. Not only are the kids
that take part in this "Extreme Wrestling" foolish, their parents are
equally as negligent for letting their children participate. Disagree
or not, there is a clear cut difference between wrestling on a foam mat
or trampoline, while trying to create characters and booking their own
angles as opposed to throwing people through burning tables, broken
glass or using barb wire just for the sake of mayhem.

I have had several responses telling me the types of wrestling they are
involved in and as a courtesy to other backyard wrestlers, thanks to
Andrew Hartman, I have included some web sites of backyard feds that
portray a more realistic look at backyard federations.





Written by reader: RanmaSolo
Pablo Haberman wrote, "I also haven't heard anyone comment on ECW from
last week. I thought that the speech Tommy Dreamer made was awesome and
Raven's breakdown, like all of Raven's segments, was cool as Hell."

The reason no one's commented on the Raven breakdown, in my opinion, is
that is was too cool for words.
Written by reader: EEBS12345
I'd just like to respond to Jared Waterman's letter....
First of all my friend, not all ratings are taken from the "black
boxes" on televisions as you said. As a matter of fact, just last week
my household was chosen as a "Nielson family," and we had to keep a
journal of what programs were watched. The entire booklet has to be
mailed immediately after the last day in the packet.

The ratings don't lie, my friend, the WCW is making gains, but they're
still getting the SMACK laid down on them in the ratings. The reason
there are many posts about WCW is very similar to the WWF....they are
creating angles that make people think and respond to! We may not all
agree on the particular merits of one angle or another, but
nonetheless, the producers are getting what they really want – and that
is a reaction.
Written by reader: Lisamara
In response to the comment about "product placement." I believe that
there are many "spots" of product placement during a wrestling show.

From the oversized Surge Soda Cans used in hardcore matches, the Tommy
Hilfiger Jeans and Overalls to the FUBU Shirts, any and every type of
T-shirts worn by the wrestlers' that are available for purchase at the
show or by catalog. I could go on...

Advertising is the name of the game with most any show or movie that
you see these days. With the popularity of WWF/WCW/ECW and the revenue
pro wrestling generates, their shows are not immune.
Written by reader: Jkg3
5. Y2J's Hairstylist
4. Al Snow's Therapist
3. Gangrel's Dentist
2. Chyna's Cosmetic Surgeon
1. The owner of Acme Table & Chair Co.
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