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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 406

Date:  Sunday November 21st, 1999  8:01 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Mayhem- November 21, 1999
Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan
Live from Toronto, Ontario
By Joe De Leon at:

Chris Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett via pinfall.
Benoit begins with several lethal chops to the chest of Jarrett and
then an atomic drop followed by a neck breaker. Benoit continues the
carnage on the outside, but is caught with a low blow and then dropped
on top, neck first into the guardrail. Inside the ring, both men go
back and forth with pinning combinations. Benoit is then able to
execute 3 German suplexes and then a sidewalk slam. Chris Benoit is
then able to hit the flying headbutt, however the enforcers of the
"Powers That Be" pull Benoit out to interrupt the count. Dustin Runnels
in turn interrupts Jarrett's pin attempt, allowing Benoit to use the
guitar to strike Jarrett and get the victory and move on in the

Disco Inferno was attacked backstage by an angry Jeff Jarrett and the
enforcers of the "Powers That Be" before his Cruiserweight Title match.

Evan Karagias w/ Medusa defeated Disco Inferno w/ Tony Marinara via
Disco takes control early on in the contest at one point connecting
with an elbow from the second turnbuckle. Disco takes some time to go
on the outside to taunt Medusa but Karagias is able to use the
distraction to his advantage. Tony Marinara then taunts Medusa while
Disco gets a chair and tries to hit Karagias but catches Tony Marinara
instead. Karagias then hits a cross body and is victorious, becoming
the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Jeff Jarrett is scolded by the powers that be. They give Jarrett an
ultimatum that he needs to prove himself or he's finished in WCW.

Norman Smiley defeated Brian Knobs via pinfall.
Smiley comes to ringside dressed in Hockey gear. A trash can is used
early in the match. At one point Knobs wore the can on his head and
Smiley struck the can with a hockey stick. Both men make their way
backstage with Norman using a broom stick and Knobs utilizing a crutch.
Back in the storeroom, Jimmy Hart begins to throw food at Norman. Hart
then opened an elevator and both men go inside. When the elevator door
opened again, Hart accidentally hits Knobs to give Norman the victory
to become the Hardcore Champion.

Dean Malenko, Saturn, Asya defeated Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero,
Torrie in a 6 man elimination match.
All the men went to the outside early leaving Torrie and Asya in a
brief catfight inside the ring. Torrie seemed to get injured during the
scuffle, which causes Eddie to attend to her. Malenko eliminates Billy
Kidman in the distraction and before leaving the ring had some words
for Guerrero. Eddie eliminated Malenko next, but not before Asya hit an
impressive suplex on him. Saturn accidentally hit Asya with a kick and
Eddie is able to execute the frog splash to eliminate Asya. Eddie then
hit a cross body onto Saturn but Saturn reverses it into the Rings of
Saturn, causing Eddie to tap out. Torrie then hit Saturn with a low
blow but failed to pin him. Saturn then returned the blow to Torrie to
get the pinfall victory.

Jeff Jarrett and 'Creative Control' are shown backstage attacking Buff
Bagwell before his match.

Buff Bagwell defeated Curt Hennig via pinfall
The battle ensues on the outside from the beginning of the match.
Bagwell finds an opening and begins to stomp on the head of Hennig
inside the ring. Hennig regains momentum with a sleeper hold and
Bagwell is taken down to a sitting position. As always, Bagwell `Hulks'
out of the sleeper but Hennig is able to catch him with a knee to the
mid section. Buff regains control of the match and then is able to hit
the blockbuster to get the pinfall victory. Curt Hennig now must `hang
up his boots.' Curt Hennig leaves the ring to the adulation of the

Bret Hart defeated Sting via submission.
Both men begin the contest with a shoving contest and exchange of
words. Hart's offense is interrupted with a rake to the eyes, and Sting
follows up by thrusting Hart's head into the turnbuckle. Just as Hart
seem to regain control, Sting hit him with a low blow and then an elbow
drop. Sting then takes Hart and places him on the announce table, but
Hart moves out of the way of the attempted Stinger splash. The referee
is then caught between maneuvers and is knocked out. The Total Package
interrupts the match and hits Sting with a bat allowing Hart to win via
DQ. Hart argues with the referee, not wanting a DQ victory, and the
referee reverses his decision allowing the match to continue. Sting
then is able to execute the Scorpion Deathlock onto Hart, but Hart
amazingly reversed it into the Sharpshooter. Sting taps out and Hart is
victorious moving on to face Benoit for the World Title. The match
ended with Sting shaking the hand of Hart in respect.

Vampiro w/ Jerry Only defeated Berlyn w/ The Wall via submission.
Both men are supposed to be connected to one another via a chain but
Berlyn refuses. Berlyn and Smolly brawl on the outside, while The Wall
fastens the other end of the chain to his neck. The Wall choke slams
Vampiro and attempts a pin, but Berlyn pulls him off. Berlyn confronts
a frustrated Wall, and Wall proceeds to remove the chain and walks out
on Berlyn. Vampiro then locked on a camel clutch onto Berlyn, in
addition to choking him with the chain. Berlyn submits. giving Vampiro
the victory.

Dr. Death Steve Williams, accompanied by the Jim Ross mockery named
Oklahoma, attacked Vampiro after the match.

Meng defeated The Total Package w/ Elizabeth via pinfall.
The `Powers That Be' instructed the Package that he must wrestle Meng,
despite wearing a neck brace and supposedly being injured. Meng tries
to connect early with the Tongan death grip, but the Package's neck
brace protects him. Package is then able to regain some control with a
power slam and some well placed fists. Elizabeth then accidentally
sprays some type of mist into Package's eyes, which allows Meng to
remove the neck brace and lock on the death grip to get the pinfall

Scott Hall defeated Booker T via pinfall.
Booker T. answers Scot Hall's open challenge for both the US Title and
TV Title. Booker T. hits a flurry of moves early on causing Hall to
rethink things on the outside of the ring. Hall returns to the ring and
is able to connect with a fall away slam, which takes Booker T. to the
outside. Hall then slows things down with a sleeper hold while Jarrett
and `Creative Control' makes their way to the ring. Jarrett distracts
Booker T. and Hall is able to connect with the Outsider's Edge to
retain both titles. Booker T. is then ambushed by `Creative Control'
after the fact, and the lights go out and the lady named Midnight comes
in for the save.

David Flair versus Kimberly went to a No-Contest.
Kimberly begins by placing her leg on the top rope and stretching out,
obviously trying to get the attention of David. David then hits the
referee with the crowbar and proceeds to walk towards Kimberly, who is
on her knees. Kimberly pretends to unzip David's pants but instead
removes David's protective cup and hit him with a low blow. DDP and
Kanyon come in for a save, but Arn Anderson stops the attack. David
then hit Arn from behind and quickly left the ring, while EMT's wheeled
out a seemingly injured Arn.

Bill Goldberg defeated Sid Vicious via submission.
Goldberg puches Sid furiously to begin the `I Quit' match up, following
up with an awesome power slam. Sid returns with some fists of his own
and a lariat to take Goldberg down. Sid then chokes Goldberg in the
corner with a big boot. Sid then proceeded to choke slam Goldberg not
once, but two times. Goldberg regains control with 3 short clotheslines
and begins to also work on the right arm of Sid. Goldberg then executed
a cobra clutch like maneuver and Sid passes out and the referee awards
Goldberg the victory.

Bret Hart defeated Chris Benoit via submission.
Benoit begins with a quick arm drag take down. The two men then size
each other up and lock up in a test of strength, with Bret gaining the
advantage. Bret then slaps on an arm bar only to be reversed into a
headlock by Benoit. Hart attempts the Sharpshooter early but Benoit
wiggles out and is able to execute a crippler cross face. Hart is too
close to the ring ropes and is able to break the hold. Malenko, dressed
in Canadian fan attire jumped the guardrail and began to attack Benoit
but was quickly taken away by WCW officials. Hart is then on the
receiving end of several knife-edge chops and a lethal back breaker
courtesy of Benoit. Benoit catches a lifeless Hart with a tombstone
piledriver and then a flying head butt. Before a pin attempt could even
made, Nash and Hall take out the ref and begin to work on Benoit .
Goldberg comes in to make a save but is hit with a steel chair from
Hall. Goldberg follows Hall and Nash backstage and the match continues
inside the ring with Benoit taking advantage of Hart's weakened knee.
Benoit continues the beating by slapping on a figure four leg lock.
Hart mounts a comeback, super-plexing Benoit but failing to make a
cover. Benoit then begins the rolling German suplexes, however Hart
reverses it connecting with the Sharpshooter. Chris Benoit taps out and
Bret Hart becomes the new WCW Heavyweight Champion.
Straight Shooting
By Fritz Capp (afcpwbts)
November 20, 1999
PWBTS 2000

What a week it has been. Computer crashes which took me off the
Internet until today really screws with things when you are trying to
keep a website going. Luckily everyone at PWBTS 2000 picked up the
slack and I want to say right here thank you to everyone on the staff
for helping me out.
Now the good news about all this is that the site will be adding 7 new
columnists next weekend and we have added 10 new reporters this week.
So I want to welcome Calvin Martin, Eric Loy, Patrick O'Connor,
WeirdKevin, Steve Cimorelli, Nima Darouian, Michael Payton, Tyler
Rebalkin, Justin J. Cryder and Dave Miller. I am sure that everybody
knows some of these name and some you may not but believe me all are
very capable at delivering the news you want. I want to welcome
everyone publicly to the site. This is a very exciting time here at the
PWBTS 2000 site and we hope that everyone like all the new people who
are here, I know we do.
Now let's touch on the subject that has everyone from Micasa to Bob
Magee up in arms, the parody of Jim Ross on this past week's Nitro.
While I also think they may have gone a bit too far let me ask everyone
a question, "Did you think that Russo and Ferrera were going to play
with kids gloves?"

WCW has historically taken low class shots at the WWF since the time of
Eric Bischoff giving away the finishes to RAW when it was a taped show.
Tony Schiavone's remarks about Mick Foley when he won his first World
Title was to some people appalling. Suffice it to say though, Mick "did
put asses in the seats", making Schiavone's remarks reveal to everyone
what a horses ass he is.

What Russo and Ferrera have done, though, is exactly what they wanted
to do, they have everyone talking about WCW. I remember an old adage
that Paul Heyman said, "Publicity is publicity!" It doesn't matter to
Russo and company whether or not it is good publicity or bad, all that
matters is that people are talking about their product.

What did the WWF do when they were getting beat week after week in the
ratings? They resorted to "Crash TV". The WWF put it's product over the
edge so people would hear the buzz and tune in to see what was
happening. The same thing is going on right now in WCW.

Questions and remarks have been thrown around about the WCW fans and
their acceptance of the new format in WCW. They are being taken to task
because while they trashed the WWF week in and week out about the
content of their programming they seem to be okay with what WCW is
doing right now, although it is basically the same type of programming
that the WWF does.

Well let me ask this, "After getting beat for almost a year straight in
the ratings and having to endure the product that WCW was force feeding
them for that time, doesn't it make sense that they are now elated with
being able to see a show that is actually interesting to watch?"

Sure the WCW fans are going to eat this up right now. What else are
they going to do? Are they supposed to turn their back on something
that finally is decent? It is not the fans that are fickle. The fans
want what all fans want, a good show. No, it is the upper management
that are the hypocrites. It is also the webmasters who trashed the WWF
for it's content but now "giggle like little school girls" because WCW
has a product that is becoming competitive.

They can and will justify the format in WCW while trying to distance
themselves from their previous comments. You also cannot blame the
likes of Mark Madden and Bob Ryder for their sudden change in their
morality. Their morality is bought and paid for by WCW and thus they
must do what the company wants them to do for fear of losing their
cushy little paychecks. The majority of you would do the exact same if
in their position. Those of you who wouldn't would never have a
position in the company to begin with because your scruples and morals
are not for sale and thus you would never put yourself in a position to
have to compromise what you really believe in. People like Madden and
Ryder have no moral fiber and live for the paycheck, something which is
their right to do. It takes all kinds to make up the world we live in
and we must even allow the morally challenged to have their place.

All in all I believe that the shot at Jim Ross and his medical
afflictions were only the tip of the iceberg. Given the chance I
believe that Russo and company will sink further down the ladder to
create interest in their product. They have shown that in the WWF and
will now show it in WCW. The bottom line is that the lower you go the
more appeal there is. That is not their fault, that is the fault of our
society, which will accept and even revel in this form of

It will not be until the wrestling fans themselves show the bookers and
promoters that this form of entertainment is not wanted by not
purchasing or viewing their product that these people will finally "Get
It". Only then will they understand that it is once again time to
change the way they think because they will be noticing the only the
really matters to them, a lighter bank account. Believe me the only
time they notice anything is when you hit them in their pocket.
And now...although I usually don't do "shameless plugs" I have to for
this one event coming up:
You have all heard the hype surrounding the new CD-ROM, "WWF
EncycRAWpedia Volume One. Well folks you may not have to run out to
your local mall to pick one up.
PWBTS 2000 and Ken Goldstein have reached a promotional agreement so
that PWBTS 2000 will have a few of these soon to be "hard to find"
CD-ROM's to give away to you, the Internet wrestling fans.

While we are not sure as to the exact number of CD's we will have to
give away you can be sure we will have a contest so that everyone will
have an equal chance at winning one.

I will be talking with the other PWBTS staffers to see exactly what
kind of contest we will be having.
As soon as all the particulars are worked out we will announce the
Stay tuned to PWBTS 2000 for further announcements on the contest.
And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than
it appears to be.
Written by reader: Bill Battershill (belfour)
I have been hearing a lot of people criticizing Bret Hart for not
complaining about the "Trash TV" that WCW is putting on. First, people
criticized him for complaining too much. Now people are upset now
because he is not complaining at all. Did it occur to anyone that he
might be conducting himself like Owen did?

Maybe he say that complaining did no good, and now he is just trying to
stay true to himself, and his family. Just like Owen did in the WWF. I
hate to say this, but I hope Bret is just going to work until this
contract is up, then retire, or appear only for Stampede Wrestling.
Bret is not meant for Trash TV.
-Bill Battershill
Written by reader: Peter Thirkettle (ptherket)
My earliest recollections of wrestling were as a child in the U.K.
watching it with my Dad. I have been a fan of professional wrestling
since the 1970s when I would go to see some of the past stars such as
King Curtis, Mark Leuwin, Dick 'The Bulldog' Brouwer, Tiger Singh,
Haystacks Calhoun and local legends Mario Milano, Spiros Arios.
There has been some renewed interest in Pro Wrestling in the last 12
months here after only periodic TV exposure since the late 70s. early

Wrestling merchandise has been a hit over here for about 18 months with
a lot of NWO stuff and more recently WWF (especially SCSA).

I can sympathize with a recent comment from a Canadian fan about
delayed telecasts. In Oz we only get opportunity to get WCW PPVs on
Foxtel cable WWF.

In addition, WWF Raw is two weeks behind by the time we see them...its
thanks to The Wrestling Booking Sheet that we actually get to keep up
to date with what is going on.
WCW Nitro is a little better...Monday Nitro is shown on the following
Saturday evening.

While I enjoy the 'sports entertainment' and improved athleticism of
today's wrestlers, I do get a little tired of the 'sameness' of a lot
of the storylines and matches and wonder what would happen if the
instruction was to "go out there, and may the best wrestler win."

I am not impressed with what I see as the inappropriate attention on
degrading women and those with disabilities in favor of promoting
storylines and attempting to grab ratings.

It seems a shame to me that the only way some wrestlers can win matches
or avoid defeat is to have an army of colleagues interfere in the
matches and this happens with regular monotony. I guess that's why I
enjoyed the Brett Hart/Chris Benoit match so much.
Peter Thirkettle
Queensland, Australia
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