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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 407

Date:  Monday November 22nd, 1999  8:41 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Jeff Jarrett entered the arena and said that he was the chosen one and
he would take matters into his own hands.

Bret Hart took center ring, reviewing what has happened to his life in
the last year, thanked the fans, and offered Goldberg a title shot for
Starrcade. The Outsiders then poked fun at the "Canadian Hero", and
challenged the Hitman and Goldberg to a tag team match later in the
night. After the Hitman agreed, Jarrett hit the ring, laid out Hart
with his guitar, took the belt, and said that he was the chosen one.

In the back, Curt Hennig said he would keep his word about retiring but
said the "Powers That Be" could not keep him from saying good-bye to
the friends he has in WCW.

Konnan told Kidman that he and Eddie Guerreroneeded to settle their

--Tony Marinara told two of his henchman that he wanted them to bring
the Disco Inferno's head on a plate.

--Elizabeth watched on a monitor as the Total Package told Vince Russo
(since Liz is under contract to him) that she would face Meng later in
the night. Luger later told Liz that she needed to learn a lesson.

Kidman/Konnan (c) versus Creative Control *Tag Team Championship*
Kidman left K-Dogg alone to attack Guerrero in the back, who was seen
on the Jumbo Tron having a little "hanky panky" in the back with
Torrie. Creative Control then took advantage, gaining the tag team
belts after a side suplex.
Winner: Creative Control (New Tag Team Champions)

--Bret Hart told Mike Tenay that he knew it was going to be tough when
he became the champ. Goldberg told the champ that he should take care
of Jarrett while he takes on the Outsiders. When Mike Tenay pointed out
that it would be a handicap match, Goldberg said "not necessarily."
Jarrett later told Tenay that he would win the world title tonight.

--Spice told new Nitro girl Sky that she needed to get used to the new
Nitro girls because the Nitro girl match would still happen.

--Curt Hennig and Buff Bagwell embraced as Hennig told him there were
no hard feelings and that he felt he would carry the business on his

--Norman Smiley (sporting the new WCW hardcore belt) was destroyed by
Fit Finlay when he was bragging about being the best hardcore wrestler
in WCW.

--The Outsiders told Tenay that the riot squad gimmick backfired, but
said that Goldberg must be nuts for wanting to face them in a handicap

--Disco Inferno wore a mask to avoid the henchmen who were buying gold
from Chavo Guerrero Jr.

--Much of what happened in the back tonight was accompanied by the
Maestro playing the piano.

Evan Karagias (c) w/Madusa versus Perry Saturn w/Aysa
During this match, Brad Armstrong, wearing 60s attire, walked around
the ring with a sign saying "Hell No, I wont go". He also insisted that
he be called Buzzkill. Karagias submitted to the rings of Saturn. The
women began fighting, but were restrained.
Winner: Perry Saturn via submission

--Kidman said Guerrero hitting on Torrie was going to far, and then
challenged him to face him in the ring.

Vampiro versus The Wall
The bodyguard was dq'ed when Berlyn interfered and hit Vampiro with a
chair. The two then almost got into it, but the Wall walked away. The
Misfits then challenged Steve Williams to get into the ring, who
destroyed the Misfits, but was knocked out of the ring by Vampiro.
Winner: Vampiro via disqualification

--Liz was shown locking herself in a cage.

Bret Hart (c) versus Jeff Jarrett *World Title Match*
Jarrett may have stolen the belt, but the Hitman got it back by pinning
Jarrett after Dustin Rhodes knocked Double J out with the world title.
Winner: Bret Hart via pinfall (Retains World Title)

--Tony Marinera yelled at his men, who were singing to the Maestro's
piano playing.

--Luger told Liz that if she did not get out of the cage that he would
have it lifted and put in the ring. Sting then refused to help Liz out
of her situation.

--Tony Schiavone announced that Arn Anderson had some cracked ribs and
was in the hospital. He then said that the "Powers That Be" were not
aware that Anderson was an agent for WCW and sent him his walking
papers in the hospital.

Kidman w/Torrie versus Eddie Guerrerow/Konnan
Torrie tried to stop this match from the get go. The Revolution
attacked Konnan, and slammed his hand between the steps and the ring
steps. Guerrero took the match with a frog splash while K-Dogg laid on
the outside.
Winner: Eddie Guerrerovia pinfall

--Jeff Jarrett interrupted (wanting to know why they were not there for
him when he got beat by the Hitman) the "Powers That Be" as the new tag
champs were being told to find Hacksaw Duggan and find out who was in
the limousine outside. Luger directed a forklift towards the cage Liz
was in.

--Against the better judgement of Sky, Spice said that she had to face
Tygress, because Tygress blames Spice for all of the problems with the
Nitro girls.

Meng versus Elizabeth
Luger was put down with the Tongan Death Grip when he tried to offer
Meng the key to the cage (that was lifted all the way to the ring).
Liz was DQ'ed when Sting hit the ring and repeatedly smacked Meng with
the ball bat.
Winner: Meng via disqualification

--Goldberg was seen talking to someone in the back while the limo still
sat outside of the arena. Hacksaw Jim Duggan dropped the aluminum cans
he was carrying to sit down next to the Maestro to play "chopsticks."

Disco Inferno versus Lash Leroux
Leroux pinned Disco after the whiplash, who was distracted by Marinara
and his boys, who pounded Disco after the bell. Lash then cleared the
ring with a chair and put Marinera in the sleeper hold. They then put
him in a body bag, until the thugs chased them away.
Winner: Lash Leroux via pinfall

--As an annoying car alarm was going off, Creative Control were
explaining to security that they needed to find out who was in the limo.

--Russo told Duggan that he needed to clean every inch of his personal
bathroom with a toothbrush. Duggan used the "boss's" toothbrush instead
to clean the toilet.

Tygress versus Spice
After a mild catfight, Nitro girl Sky, who acted as if she was trying
to help Spice, knocked her out with a makeup kit. The referee had
already stopped the match, due to Spice being raked in the eyes. (She
could not continue.)
Winner: Tygress via decision

--Meng told Mike Tenay that Sting stuck his nose where it did not
belong and challenged the Stinger to a match.

--Curt Hennig told the fans thank you (to a standing ovation), but
could not say anything else, as he was so choked up.

--Roddy Piper hit the ring and said that the new writers wrote T+A into
the program because they can not get any. The "Powers That Be" then cut
off Piper's microphone, who went to the back and told Russo that he was
ruining his sport, and that Russo was a figment of his own imagination.

Russo then told Piper to join Flair and Hogan in the retirment home and
told Piper that he would fufill his a referee.

Buff Bagwell versus Booker T
Creative Control interfered, going after both competitors. Curt Hennig
then entered, acting as if he was going to hit one of the twins.
Instead, he struck Bagwell, pinned him with the fisherman's suplex,
while one of the twins counted Bagwell out. Midnight and Booker T then
cleared the ring.
Winner: No Contest

--As Sting was telling Mike Tenay that Meng was out of control, Liz
interrupted to offer her managerial services. Sting emphatically said

Aysa w/Perry Saturn versus Madusa w/Evan Karagias
Surpisingly, Aysa won this match with a leglock submission hold.
Winner: Aysa via submission

--Dean Malenko told Tenay that it made him sick that he had to watch
two Canadians fight for American Gold at Mayhem. He then said he would
set the Canadian flag ablaze.

Chris Benoit versus Dean Malenko *International Flag Match*
Malenko won the match when he captured the Canadian flag. The
Revolution then attacked and were about to burn the CANADIAN AND
AMERICAN flag when Bret Hart stopped them. Benoit and Hart then waved
Winner: Dean Malenko (Retrieved Canadian Flag)

--As Hennig and Creative Control stood by, Juventud Guerrera tried to
offer the boss some tequila. The boss tasted it, spit it on Juvi and
then ordered Creative Control to go get his TOOTHBRUSH.

Sting versus Meng
In what could be considered an upset, Meng put the Stinger down with
the Tongan death grip, after Sting turned his attention to Luger, who
was on the floor.
Winner: Meng via pinfall

The Outsiders versus Goldberg/Sid
Much to the surprise of everyone, Sid came out to be recognized as the
mystery tag team partner. In the end, Nash dropped an elbow on the back
of Sid's head, who was pinning Hall after a powerbomb. A mass of
security hit the ring to break up the melee.
Winners: The Outsiders via pinfall
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The 11/19 edition of ECW on TNN drew a .09 rating, with quarter hour
shares of 0.9, 0.9, 1.0 and 1.0.
Written by reader: Clarissa Yoon (clarissamyoon)
I have a few comments to make on the Jim Ross Parody that was done on
Nitro. I have taken particular offense to it since I have the same
condition as Jim Ross (Bells Palsy). I got it when I was thirteen and
I'm now twenty-two and I still have the side effects from it. For
example, I no longer have a full smile, I now have a crooked smile that
I don't like showing in front of a camera.

When I saw what they did on Nitro I was disgusted. I've been watching
wrestling for seventeen years and I've never seen anything like that
and I can't believe that they would go so low just to get ratings...

I mean I've heard the stories about Jim Ross about he's a brown-noser
and a backstabber. If any of those rumors are true so be it but to get
back at a man through his disability is just wrong...If I were Jim Ross
I would sue the WCW for allowing that to be shown on Television....
Clarissa Yoon
Steve Appy responds:
I agree with you that including Bells Palsy in the parody was mean
spirited and in poor taste (and it reflected badly on all involved).
From a legal standpoint, though, satire & parody are legally protected
forms of expression. For better of for worse (and I think its better)
cruelty, negativity, and being a rotten person is not grounds for
Written by reader: Joe Cheng (mr_joe_cheng)
I went to WCW Mayhem at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Here's some
interesting tidbits.....

Let it be known before hand that Canada for the most part is WWF
Country. The Air Canada Center was not sold-out. They brought down
some fans from the nosebleed sections to fill the seats. On that note,
the WWF was in town the night before and nearly sold out the Skydome.

Doug Dilinger and of his workers were handing out various shirts and
ready-made signs to the people near the front row.

Goldberg seemed somewhat annoyed during his I OUIT MATCH. I don't
think he's used to getting booed so much by the fans (if you heard any
Goldberg cheers they were dubbed in). Speaking of which, I don't think
the "I OUIT" match went according to plan. I was expecting a good
match to rival the AUSTIN/HART match at WM but it only lasted a few
minutes. From what I saw, I believe SID did actually pass out. I think
Goldberg might have goofed on his submission hold because SID looked
hurt after the match. It took SID a while to get up and when he left
the ring, he walked back hunched over.

Curt Hennig got one of the most surprising receptions of the night.
The fans in Canada still remember Henning's glory days in the WWF as
Mr.Perfect and gave him a nice standing ovation at the end of his
match. The crowd chanted "PERFECT PERFECT" during and after the match.
I honestly don't think Mr. Perfect errr..Curt Hennig has been cheered
this way since he left the WWF. Henning looked pleasantly surprised.

Norman Smiley was surprising over. The crowd really got a kick out of
Smiley's shrieking and wiggle.

That whole bit with the FAKE J.R aka "Oaklahoma" was stupid. The fans
didn't really appreciate it. After Dr. Death destroyed Vampiro, he
climbed the ringpost a-la Steve Austin and tried to drink Oaklahoma's
special sauce like it was a can of Steveweiser. Pretty dumb.

The crowd went silent on two occasions (don't ask why):
1) When Bret Hart had Lex Luger in the sharpshooter
2) When DDP came out to rescue Kimberly. No one gave a hoot about DDP.

Loudest chants during the PPV you might or might not have heard on
television (in no particular order):
-Many ROCKY chants before and during the show. Pretty funny.
-WE WANT BRET and BENOIT chants for obvious reasons.
-BORING chants during the Disco match.
-GOLDBERG SUCKS and "SID SID SID" chants during the I OUIT MATCH.
-PERFECT chants during Curt Henning's retirement match.

Hot matches the crowd was really into....
-Benoit vs Jarret
-Hart vs Sting
-Hart vs Benoit
-Parts of Smiley's Hardcore Match

Restroom break matches:
-Disco vs Karagias
-Luger vs Meng
-Vampiro vs Beryln (Chain Match)

Loudest Cheers/Pops:
1) Bret Hart
2) Curt Henning after his match
3) Benoit
4) Scott Hall tied with Norman Smiley
5) Kimberly tied with Sable???

Former WWF Stars the crowd really wanted to see but weren't there:
1) Ric Flair (a lot of "Whoo's from the crowd)
2) Hulk Hogan
3) Randy Savage

While it wasn't a WWF experience by any means, Mayhem was a cool
experience. It was great seeing Bret Hart win the WCW World Title for
the first time.
Steve Appy responds:
I've actually been pleasantly surprised by the Goldberg/Sid series of
matches. Prior to their Halloween Havoc match I can only recall one
singles match involving Sid that I even enjoyed (the HBK/Sid 1996
Survivor Series title change).

While I wouldn't call the Goldberg/Sid matches "good" I would say that
they exceeded expectations, which has to be enough.

I will say this: the day that Sid is ever involved in a singles match
as remarkable as the Austin/Hart's Wrestlemania 13 "I Quit" match is
the day that the little I understand about this business is proven to
be wrong.
Written by reader: CJK1073
I must admit, I was torn between who I would have liked to see win the
WCW Heavyweight title. The creative team couldn't have picked 2 more
deserving wrestler's. Once again we were treated to a fine match with
technical skill and determination by two of the finest wrestlers in
federation ... EVER!!!

I know some people may disagree with me. You don't have to like either
of them...but you have to respect both of them. Bret Hart and Chris
Benoit have always brought both class and professionalism to this
sport that we love, even when the angles and scripts seem to be getting
slightly out of hand.

I realize that both these warriors have been in this sport for a while,
but after seeing the match at Mayhem...I know they both have plenty of
fight in them. I look forward to many more great matches like that in
the future, and I know that the "Hitman" and the "Crippler" will never
let us down.
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)
Once again WCW have another run-in finish to a WCW Heavyweight Title
match. The WWF and WCW Titles do not mean anything, and there is
absolutely nothing prestigious about them. I know there are certain
wrestlers out there who refuse to JOB clean because their ego's are so
big, but I know Benoit would never refuse to JOB clean.
This means Russo and Ferrara are doing what they do best – killing off

These 2 clowns are going to make WCW smut TV, and personally I do not
like it. There is no way I am going to watch Juventud Guererra
participate in a sick immigration angle, see him date a Trans-sexual.
This is sick stuff and should have nothing to do with wrestling.
Unfortunately this is just the start of things, and worse is to come!!!
There is only 1 major Wrestling Promotion in the States, and that is
-Kevin Bryce, London
Steve Appy responds:
While the Hart/Benoit match could have done without any outside
interference, the finish was clean. All of the interference occurred
earlier in the match and was not a factor in the finale. Hart & Benoit
were the only participants in the outcome and it was handled fairly
well (the time constraints being my only objection).
Written by reader: Leo Burke (grandprixwrestle)
DDT stands for Drop Dead Twice. Jake Roberts and I met when he was a
part of Legion of Doom, consisted of Hawk, Animal, Buzz Sawyer, Paul
Ellering, and of course, Jake Roberts (the most feared and respected
member of LOD) in Georgia State. He won the National Heavyweight
Championship from Abdullah the Butcher, thanks to Buzz Sawyer. It was
bloody but excellent.
Written by reader: Wizard516
'Hello, our names are Ed Ferrera & Vince Russo..' ...and this week on
the 3 hour Nitro, we'll be feeding our egos.

Apparently, I, along with the rest of the wrestling fans in the world,
were under the wrong assumption that WCW would actually improve with
the ouster of Eric Bischoff. What fools we must be. In the couple of
months under the new regime, and several weeks into 'Crash TV', let's
take a look at what we have. Russo & Ferrara are in charge. And to make
sure we don't forget, Eddie & Vinny have the WCW personel nicely
reminding us of such with about 200 references to the 'Powers that be'.
Of course, that isn't enough. Hell, they have 3 full action packed
hours to gorge themselves in the spotlight. So, we also have a pair of
never-have-beens playing the role of Creative Control, representing the
almighty 'powers that be'. Pure genius.

I may be a little off base here, but I strongly feel that the Oklahoma
parody of JR is one of, if not the most classless, low, petty & cheap
attempt at drawing heat I have ever seen. It ranks right up there with
Bret Hart (who may very well be one of the most selfish people in
wrestling, of all time, other than Hulk Hogan) making his good bye
tribute to Owen at 8:58 pm. Isn't this the kind of useless drudgery
that made WCW viewership disappear in the first place?

Watching Ed Ferrera rip JR in an attempt to not only be funny, but as
an obvious ego trip (remember when they said they wouldn't appear on
camera? RIGHT!) makes me long for the Hall & Nash skits of early
October; of which, the only humor in them was the utter lack thereof.

Maybe we all jumped a little too quickly when we praised Russon &
Ferrara as the mastermind's behind the WWF's resurgence. Perhaps this
whole time it was in fact Mr. McMahon. After all, the WWF seems to be
following the same formula that has brought them this far. And WCW
seems to be spinning it's wheels with lousy rip-off's of the WWF
formula for success. One thing we all forgot to keep in mind, is that
WCW may have new writers. But you can't make a gourmet meal when your
only ingredient is horse manure.
the Hobart Bingo Hall, corner of Hwy 51 and US 6. Bell Time 7:30 WWF
Superstar Marty Janetty will headline this super main event of
Hard-core Professional Wrestling. Marty Janetty, former tag team
champion of Shawn Michael's, will make his debut in the NWWA.

Also headlining this night of superstars will be NWWA Heavyweight
Champion Rex Hart, JT Sexxy, Chuckie Smooth, Devon Fury, Billy Joe
Eaton, Axl Future, and Hott Stuff Rod Bell.

Tickets for this Super Main Event: Limited Ringside $12, General
Admission $10 Tickets available at Novel-Tees in Merrillville and The
NWWA Hard-core School in Lake Station. This year end battle of Titans
will be the finale in Hobart for 1999 and NWWA has already announced
that NWWA will be promoting Hobart every month starting in January of
2000. This is the last time to see the NWWA Superstars this year in
Hobart. For Info Call the
Hotline 219-641-5914
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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