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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 408

Date:  Tuesday November 23rd, 1999  9:06 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

The show opened with Test and Shane McMahon telling the Stooges and
Slaughter that they needed to find Vince McMahon, who had "lost it",
because the problems with DX had gone too far.

Mankind/Al Snow versus Hardcore/Crash Holly
Holly blamed Snow for Wal-Mart for pulling the Hardcore Holly dolls off
of the shelves. Holly said Snow could not be forgiven for causing a
negative effect on the sales of his dolls. Hardcore dropkicked Crash
in the back (who was in the SnowPlow) for the win. Mankind wore the
Holly's out with a chair.
Winners: The Holly's via pinfall

--After talking on his cell phone in a limo, HHH informed DX that Vince
had flipped his lid, and they were coming up with reasons for it
happening, such as Test getting his nose broken, Shane and Stephanie
"falling down the stairs" and the Stooges getting beat up.

--Shane and Test finally found Vince, in a car with a baseball bat in
hand. They tried to get him out, but Vince yelled at his son and
future son-in-law, telling them to get ready for their tag team title
match, because he just wanted to get some fresh air.

Kurt Angle versus Mark Henry
Angle began the match by pointing out that he won gold at the Olympics
while, Henry did not. Angle took the match with a suplex with a bridge
for the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall

--In the back while yelling, "Let's play the game", Vinny Mac rammed
the DX limo with his car and then began busting out the windows of the
limo with a ball bat.

The Godfather versus Chris Jericho
The conscience of the WWF held a sign that read WWF=PORN at ringside
during this match. The ho's attacked Jericho during this match. Jericho
won the contest with the Lionsault.
Winner: Chris Jericho via pinfall

--Vince was arrested in the back. While on the ground and in handcuffs,
HHH kicked Vince while he was done. The camera crew followed Vince
through every step of it, including the booking room, fingerprinting,
Vince saying how humiliated he was and how the backseat in the squad
car smelled like urine. With his one phone call, Vince called Shane and
asked Shane to give HHH a special message.

Edge/Christian versus Dudley Boyz
While Christian sat on Edge's shoulders, Christian suplexed D-Von from
the top rope for the win.
Winners: Edge/Christian via pinfall

--The Rock told Mankind that he did not throw away his book and then
told Al Snow that he was not giving out autographs (he did not "know"
who Snow was). The Rock then told Snow somewhere he could put Head. The
Rock also commented that in Chapter 37, Mankind said he carried the
Rock in their Royal Rumble 99 match. The Rock said that it was the
other way around.

--Clips were shown of Stephanie McMahon in the bridal gown shop.
Throughout the evening, the bridal shower was being shown. Mae Young
presented Stephanie with a leather outfit, accessorized by a whip. Mae
then whispered to a shocked Stephanie what she needed to do on her
wedding night. Moolah then got onto Mae for drinking so much, and to
quit embarrassing her. After Linda announced that she was chartering a
plane to Vegas for a party, Moolah kicked Mae into the cake. Mae then
threw cake on Stephanie and Moolah.

Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy/Terri versus X-Pac
Billy Gunn press slammed Hardy right into the X-Factor, giving PAC the
win. After the bell, DX attacked the Hardy's.
Winner: X-Pac via pinfall

The Big Show versus Kane
The Big Show won by countout when Kane left the ring to handle Viscera,
who was giving Tori a hard time. The Big Show hit a thunderous slam on
the big man.
Winner: The Big Show via countout

--HHH showed footage of Vince McMahon ramming the DX limo and implying
that Vince was the one responsible for running over SCSA. HHH said it
was his civic duty to put McMahon away. Shane came out and said that
Vince will wrestle HHH at Armageddon. He also said that Vince ordered
that HHH will wrestle the Acolytes tonight in a handicap match. HHH
then goaded Shane into the ring, who was then attacked by DX. However,
the Hardy's, the Acolytes, Test, and the Stooges hit the ring, clearing
out DX.

--In the back, Mr. A$$ was seen being tended to, who hurt his knee
during the last altercation.

Val Venis/British Bulldog versus Too Cool
As the Bulldog was swinging Scotty "Too Hottie" around for the running
powerslam, Taylor's feet clipped Venis in the face, which left the
Bulldog in the ring. The Mean Street Posse then hit the ring, forcing
the DQ. Rakishi (Fatu), wearing a a sensuous leather outfit (NOT!)
cleared the ring and danced with Too Cool.
Winners: Too Cool via disqualification

Road Dogg versus Test
Due to the injury of Gunn, this became a singles match with Shane Mac
as the referee. Test beat the Road Dogg with the Dogg's own pump handle
Winner: Test via pinfall

The Bossman/Prince Albert versus The Rock/Mankind
Mankind joined this match in progress to help out his old "friend."
Mankind pinned the Prince following the People's Elbow by the Rock.
Winners: The Rock n Sock Connection

--The police released Vince, but told him not to go back to the arena.

HHH versus The Acolytes
The Acolytes dominated HHH, but the "Game" got away when Bradshaw
mistakingly kicked Farooq. As HHH was heading up the ramp, Vince nailed
him in the back with a chair and threw him off the ramp through a table.
Winner: None announced

Visit My Home Page At:

WCW's new creative team, Russo, Inc., have been in place long enough
for us to take a look at the impact they have made so far. When they
first took over, I said their first, and maybe their second, NITRO
would produce a spike in the ratings and then things would fall back to
where they were. It appears that is just what has happened. I saw an
article last week that said the average spread between RAW and NITRO
had actually widened a bit. Why is this? I think the answer is pretty
obvious. Russo, Inc. has turned WCW into a knock off of the WWF. In
doing so, they have alienated many of WCW's "traditionalist" fans. Many
who said they are so PO'd, they have/will quit watching WCW.

In converting WCW, they have changed its TV Rating to PG-14 to match
the WWF and allow them more leeway in their use of language and
apparel. These changes are very obvious. We are hearing words never
used before, the women are showing more skin, with Puppies being
showcased, the matches are shorter with many ending in a screw job, and
they are using more backstage bits.

In short, they have turned NITRO (and Thunder) into "Crash TV." I have
read several Articles and readers comments saying WCW has gone further
than the WWF. Some have gone as far as to say WCW is starting to look
like the WWF and the WWF resembles WCW of old. I don't think I would go
that far ... yet. The CEO of Russo, Inc., Vince Russo, has sworn to
overtake and beat the WWF on a regular basis. We can expect more of the
same, and most likely he will push the envelope even further.

Like most new bosses when they take over, Russo was open to suggestions
from all and said he had an open door policy. Like most new bosses,
that policy quickly evaporated. Like most new bosses, other priorities
begin to consume his time. Reports are that there is grumbling in the
locker room that Russo isn't interested in input from the wrestlers
about the direction their characters might go. Known as a workaholic,
Russo is said to be "too busy." Russo, Inc's. next-in-command, Ed
Ferrara, is now their principal point of contact. After having said
that he and Ferrara will not appear on camera, we have already seen Mr.
Ed make his debut as "Oklahoma," doing what many consider a tasteless
imitation of Jim Ross.

We hear the words "Power That Be" in what seems like every other
sentence mumbled by Fat Tony and Booby The Brain Dead. Note to Russo,
Inc.: I think we get the idea. Then we have The Creative Control Twins,
who went from Outlaw Bikers in the WWF to Corporate Enforcers for The
Power That Be in WCW. So we don't forget their names, they were blessed
with Jerry and Pat. So familiar? Emperor Vince has his Stooges and now
Russo, Inc. has theirs.

A look at the first PPV that Russo, Inc. had control of from cradle to
grave is in order. This past Sunday they staged Mayhem, at the Air
Canada Center in Toronto. So that the number of empty seats wouldn't
show on TV, Captain Dillinger of the WCW Gestapo, treated the plebeians
in the cheap seats to the empties close to the ring. He was also nice
enough to pass out WCW shirts and signs to the aristocrats seated
ringside. Usually Captain Dillinger is busy confiscating signs he deems
inappropriate (Read: Anti WCW/Pro WWF) as fans enter the arena. It
should be noted that the WWF put on a near sellout show the previous
night at The SkyDome in Toronto. Some have said that is why Mayhem had
so many empty seats. They rationalize that Toronto is "WWF Country." I
think that is just a small part of it.

While the WWF has been to Toronto many times, they put on a House Show
v. a WCW PPV that showcased all their top talent. Included were the
semifinals and finals of the WCW Championship Tournament, with two of
Canada's favorites, Chris Benoit and Bret Hart involved, and Hart
expected to be crowned Champion. He was. Thankfully, The Powers That Be
allowed the match to end cleanly, despite run-ins by several during the
match. WCW's No. 1 Son, Goldberg was booed and piped in cheers of
"Goldberg" were used. They both had the same amount of time to

What I think it shows is people are looking for something new out of
Russo, Inc., not Son Of WWF. Good King Eric (RIP) tried (and for a
while succeeded) to beat the WWF by signing all their talent. Russo,
Inc. is trying to beat the WWF by emulating it. I fear they are going
to end up the same way Good King Eric did if they keep heading down
this road. I doubt they will be successful trying to out-WWF the WWF.

We have all heard that Russo, Inc. were the brains behind the WWF's big
comeback. More likely they were a part of a team effort, headed by
Emperor Vince, as many have suggested. Based on the plusses and
minuses, I think The Powers That Be rate a "C" on their Report Card. I
would hate to see The Powers That Be become The Powers That Used To Be.
By Fritz Capp (pwbts)
This is the site that was being talked about on RAW last night. It is
the same site that has targeted Howard Stern and now they are going
after the WWF. Below are some of the things you will see on their
front page.
PTC Unveils 1999 Family Guide
Smackdown! Treats Young Viewers to Sex
E- Alerts: PTC's TV Picks
Bozell's Column: Again, Rage Tilts at Windmills
Smackdown! Features Rape and Funeral Fun
U.S. Army Sponsoring Trash TV Aimed at Children
Medved: Hollywood again makes drug use seem hip
Report Shows Howard Stern TV Show A Failure
PTC Releases New Report on Family Hour
Join Our National Ad Campaign (Steve Allen Ad)
Now everyone, it is not smart to just whip out flaming e-mails at these
people. What is smart is to arm yourself with the necessary
information in order to combat this form of censorship.

These people have NO RIGHT to try to pick and choose what you are able
to see on television. That is your choice, not theirs.

Contact all of the WWF's advertiser's and tell them how much you
support their choice to advertise on the WWF's programs. Support the
WWF's advertiser's by using their products.

This is not just going happen in the WWF. This will spread to WCW and
also ECW if we allow this infection to take hold. The ultra moralistic
people who are a part of this and other movements like these feel they
are doing a needed service and thus can justify in their minds that
what they are doing is right.

If you do have the urge to write these people (or others like them)
then please do it in an intelligent and thought provoking manner.
Written by reader: Tim Wan (TWAN)
Regarding Steve's contention that cruelty & negativity are not grounds
for litigation: Ah, but it is. There is a common law tort (civil claim)
which is called Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. (IIED for
short.) IIED is often a joke in the legal profession, as many
frivolous lawsuits arise under it. But the basic idea is that if…

1. Someone intentionally does something,
2. That is considered offensive to an objective reasonable person,
3. Which causes emotional distress, and
4. That act was meant to cause the distress to the given person, the
person can sue for IIED, and win lots of money.

So in essence, Ross could sue if he could prove the above four factors.
And I sure know that the only real difficult issue is factor #4.
- Legal Analysis from Tim Wan, Attorney-to-be
Written by reader: darrylthedude
After reading Clarissa Yoon's letter (WBS #407), I felt I had to write
about my own experience with Bell's Palsy. I was about the same age
Ms. Yoon is now when I began to notice a slight paralysis and loss of
feeling on one side of my face. My family suspected I might've had a
"slight stroke". I was a bit scared, needless to say, but I wasn't
going to panic before getting it checked out.

Well, the Neurologist I saw told me I had Bell's Palsy and explained
the condition to me. She also said not to worry, it will go away
within a week or so; and it did. So, I had fun with it. My friends
made fun of me and I laughed along with them. I thought Bell's Palsy
was funny... until I learned of how it was affecting Jim Ross.

You see, the Neurologist didn't tell me that Bell's Palsy was not
always temporary. Looking back, I realize that I was blessed (I say
blessed because I don't believe in luck). I know how Ross must feel
about the parody of his condition, because I know how I would feel if I
still had Bell's Palsy and my "friends" were still making fun of me.
Written by reader: Paul Stefanowicz (psflair@xxxxs...)
I tend to agree that the new creative team is going a bit far in trying
to combat the WWF. This may actually be one of the problems - their
focus is on outdoing their former employer, rather than putting on a
quality wrestling show.

I guess some of the backstage skits are a necessary evil - Monday being
"ratings night" and all. The best thing WCW has going for them is their
wrestlers. They have a lot of stars capable of putting on good matches.
I am a long-time viewer, so I do appreciate the appearances of Ric
Flair and
Curt Hennig, as well as Bret Hart. But I also enjoy
some of the younger guys, such as Benoit, Vampiro,
Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, Juvi, Guerrero, and so on.
Harlem Heat is a good tag team.
Fit Finley's appearance was very impressive last night on Nitro, and
matches with Norman Smiley should create excitement.

My point is that WCW has the talent to drive a good
show. People talked about that Malenko - Benoit cage match for what it
was. Let these guys perform, and give them a chance. This means "Powers
That Be" as well as viewers!

As a 20-year fan, I still think that the "house show" is an exciting
thing (and Nitro really is a fancy house show!). Keep the emphasis on
the wrestlers - they provide the best action!
-Paul Stefanowicz

Xtreme Pro Wrestling
Internet Update
Volume 1 - Issue 5 - 11/22/99
I. Quickie Results 11/20/99 at the Majestic Ventura Theater in
Ventura, CA
Carlito Montana defeated Dynamite D. / Cybil beat Dollaz (of the West
Side NGZ). / "The Tall Cool One" Jake Lawless (of The Hierarchy) pinned
"White Trash" Johnny Webb after XPW World Champion "The Real Deal"
Damien Steele
attacked Webb with a steel chair. / Michael Modest (of the Hierarchy)
and Donovan Morgan wrestled to a draw due to a double pinfall. / Nicole
Bass pinned The Blunatic after a chokeslam / The West Side NGZ defeated
Felony and Carlito Montana. Felony's partner, Pancho Killa, no-showed.
Montana, who has feuded with Killa and Felony
since his XPW debut, entered the match. Felony was eventually pinned
by the West Siders, and then attacked by Montana. / Supreme pinned
Phenomenal Phil.

XPW World Heavyweight Champion and Hierarchy leader "The Real Deal"
Damien Steele (w/ Nicole Bass) beat Kid Kaos to retain the XPW World
Title. Highlights of this one included over a dozen near falls and
Steele piledriving Kaos through a table.

XPW Returns to the Majestic Ventura Theater on Friday, December 17.

II. XPW RANKINGS as of NOVEMBER 21st, 1999



w/ The Hierarchy - Nicole Bass, Jasmin St. Claire, Jake Lawless &
Michael Modest vs.Challenger: KRONUS

West Side NGZ vs.The Pit Bulls
Nicole Bass vs. The Blunatic
"White Trash" Johnny Webb w/ Missy Hyatt vs. "The Tall Cool One" Jake
Supreme vs. Donovan Morgan and Michael Modest, "Mr. 80's" Dynamite D,
Phenomenal Phil, Kid Kaos, Jimmy, Cybil AND A VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW

At Halloween In Hell, Dick was burned by a fireball thrown by "Queen of
Xtreme" and Hierarchy member, Jasmin St. Claire. The result, Dick's
elimination from the Battle Zone match, which was later won by
Hierarchy leader "The Real Deal" Damien Steele, and temporary
blindness. The bandages are still on, but Dick is showing up to clear
his mind!

Lizzy Borden, Kristi Myst, Jasmin St. Claire, Missy Hyatt, Nicole Bass.
. .


XPW HOTLINE (818) 779-6475
Coming Soon: "Hardcore Conception" XPW's first home video!
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