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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 411

Date:  Friday November 26th, 1999  8:44 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF.Com posted an update regarding Steve Austin's condition that is
repeated below. Take it for what's it worth; the WWF is very capable
of misleading consumers (and stockholders) about the physical condition
of their biggest draw.

"Update on Austin
By Phil Speer
Nov. 24, 1999
While its way too early to say anything definite, there is good news on
the Stone Cold Steve Austin front.
The Texas Rattlesnake saw noted sports medicine physician Dr. Joe Torg
in Philadelphia today. Dr. Torg diagnosed that Austin has a bone spur
touching his spinal cord. As a result, Austin has been experiencing
pain and numbness in his hands, legs and arms.

"He felt very relieved today to finally get this diagnosis and finally
pinpoint what was wrong with him," said World Wrestling Federation
announcer Jim Ross, who accompanied Austin today and phoned in from the
bustling Philadelphia airport.

Because Dr. Torg also worked with Austin when he suffered a neck injury
in the summer of 1997, Torg was able to refer to medical records and
conduct a thorough examination, Ross said.

On a seemingly positive note, Dr. Torg encouraged Austin to stay active
and continue training.

Dr. Torg referred Austin to a physician in Cleveland, Dr. Henry Bahman,
for further testing. According to Torg, Dr. Bahman is the "best doctor
in the galaxy for this kind of injury."

Bahman will determine whether the Rattlesnake will require surgery. If
so, he will require 4-6 weeks for rehabilitation, and then he'll be
re-evaluated, Ross said.

"(At that point) we may find out that there are very limited
limitations, and we may find out there are severe limitations," Ross

Ross emphasized that it's entirely too early to make a prognosis for
Austin -- or even to speculate as to whether or not he can resume his
in-ring career. But either way, J.R. says that Austin will be a major
part of Federation television.
Austin was in high spirits today although "he's in a lot of pain, but
he's got a very high threshold of pain."

If surgery is necessary, Dr. Bahman in Cleveland will conduct it.
Bahman has performed these types of surgery often and successfully,
most recently on Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr.

Because of the Thanksgiving weekend, no appointment has been set for
Austin with Dr. Bahman. will pass on any information as it becomes available."
Visit Uncensored Wrestling Federation.Com!
For The Most Extreme E-Fed Action Today!
By Fritz Capp (pwbts)
All the info and e-mail addresses to combat Brent Bozell and the PTC:

Just click on the "Just Say No" banner on the PWBTS 2000 site
( follow the link to Major Media Outlets.....if you
want more than just newspaper information click on the "Contact The
Media Research Center" clickable link.....

Media Research's chairman is none other than Brent Bozell, the person
who is directly responsible for all of the attacks on the WWF. While it
is true that some of the PTC's e-mail boxes have been closed the list
that I have now is a plethora of e-mails and if they do not want to be
heard through the normal channels then we will go through the backdoor.

Please pass this info along to is time the wrestling
fans stand up and be heard. I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that
"Wrestling Fans Against Censorship" can attain a victory here against
the Stalinistic tactics that these people are trying to use against our

Join this grassroots campaign against the very people who are trying to
see to it that you cannot view your favorite programming. If they get
away with this now, there is no telling what they will try to censor

Please join the PWBTS 2000 site by putting this graphic on your site as
a sign of support for this cause. I will be compiling a list of ALL
websites that carry this banner and will forward that information to
the appropriate people in the wrestling organizations as I have done
with everything so far.

Don't just think this will fade away. Even Howard Stern felt the
pressure of these people as the WWF is right now. Take a moment to
support this by writing to your favorite newspaper and to the
advertisers/ affiliates/ licensees/ sponsors of your favorite wrestling
promotion and tell them how you feel.

If you do put this banner on your site please e-mail me with this in
the subject box "I joined the cause" and be sure to send your site URL
and site name so I can list you and link to you as someone who is
against censorship in wrestling.
Thank you for your time and support on this.
Jerry's column below is 100% pure satire, and obviously not a
reflection of his true beliefs (unfortunately, this warning really is


Visit My Home Page At:

An open letter to the Parents Television Council:

I agree wholeheartedly with your campaign aimed at getting SmackDown's
sponsors to cancel their commercials. I know from there you will take
dead aim at every other wrestling program, then on to every other TV
program that uses or has ever used an explicative.

I have personally done a study of how women in wrestling are being
exploited and abused. In fact, I am sending Jerry Springer a copy of
this letter. I am sure he will find enough material for several shows.
I am especially appalled because as caring, responsible adults, we know
that everything shown is real, no matter what the promoters and
millions (.... and millions) of fans say. Here are some of the things I
have noted over the past year.

A pretty young girl named Torrie is carrying on with a man aptly named
Kane, who dresses in red and black, and wears a mask to cover his
horribly scarred face. His face was burned in a fire started by his own
brother. Their parents were killed in the fire. Would you want your
daughter marrying into a family like that?

The brother goes by the name of The Undertaker. As well as maiming his
brother and killing his parents, he has become The Lord of Darkness,
the very incarnation of evil. It would take volumes to list the evil he
has done. Can you just imagine how he would treat his nieces and
nephews if Kane had children?

A woman named Debra comes to the ring wearing low cut clothing and
inciting the crowd to chant "We want Puppies." Gosh, I remember going
to the movies and cheering when Popeye saved Olive Oyl from Bluto.
Debra used to be the valet for a wrestler who took pride in smashing
guitars over people's heads and abusing females. The sight of him
abusing Debra had the little woman all upset. To my ever lasting shame,
I must admit in all honesty I didn't close my eyes nor turn away when
the Puppies were out for a stroll.

A pretty young thing named Terri, who used to manage a wrestler who I
think may have been - how do you say - gay, also smoked cigars. Now I
ask you, is that any way for a lady to act in public. Now Terri manages
"tag teams" (I think that's what they call them. It's two wrestlers
that are sometimes related and sometimes not. When she comes out now,
she wears low cut tops and high cut bottoms. I have to peel my youngest
boy's tongue off the TV when he sees her. I'm afraid he getting some
wrong ideas.

There are two elderly ladies who appear from time to time. Once I saw
one of them stripped down to her unmentionables. Criminal, I say,
criminal. They almost always get into fights with other women or each
other. I have seen them drink right out in public. Can you imagine what
our mothers must think of goings on like that?

Just so we are on the same page, I always tracked some other wrestling
programs and found them no better. In the first one, here's a sample of
what I saw:

Their women are always fighting. The announcer calls them "cat fights"
and says they are part of "Cat Wars '99." It's just shameful because
they almost always end up in their undergarments.

There is one named Francine, who wears the shortest dresses I have ever
seen. Now get this: She is the girlfriend of the wrestler she manages.
Some time back, he made another valet named Beulah pregnant. At that
time, Beulah was another wrestlers girlfriend and the sworn enemy of
Francine. Can you believe that?

There are other young ladies named Tammy, whose name used to be Sunny,
and Dawn Marie. They also wear very revealing clothing and are always
fighting with the other women. They also get involved in the men's
matches and are hit by the men quite often. Can you imagine what it's
teaching my son?

They had still another one by the name of Angelica. She was the
girlfriend of one of the wrestlers. She fought with the other women,
but has since left. I was glad to see her leave because she had several
large tattoos and I was afraid my daughter was going to ask for a
tattoo for her birthday.

The other group I monitored was no better:

They have several women running around in the skimpiest clothing, as
well as a group of dancers who are dress and dance with the aim of
stirring up things in men.

There is one named Torrie, who runs around with a group of Dirty
Animals. That's what they call themselves and I think it quite
appropriate. She has been seen kissing several men. She has also
seduced a young lad, who now runs around with bats and tire iron
chasing women.

The former leader of the dancers was being stalked by the youngster
with the tire iron. She tried to put an end to it by running him down
with her car. Now I ask you, should our children be taught they can
solve problems this way?

They have a female wrestler named Madusa, who seems to wrestle men
only. After watching her, my eldest son wanted me to teach him a few
holds he could try on his girlfriend. Disgusting

I could go on and on. We must do something to stop this before
civilization as we know it begins to crumble. Don't let those millions
(.....and millions) of fans who have written you deter you from you
goal. They may use words like Freedom of Speech, the right to choose
for themselves, but rest assured that you know better. Only low class
hicks watch wrestling. After all, who else would interested in
something everyone knows is fixed.

I also firmly support the woman who complained to Walmart about the
wrestling figure with a severed woman's head. That only indicates the
depths to with the promoters and fans will stoop to.

I recommend we adopt as our battle cry "We shall overcome." My wife
thinks she read some place that it's been used before, but if it was, I
surely would have heard.

M. Thorton Armpit
Lower Dudleyville, USA
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)
Who has been the wrestler of the year in America? In my opinion that
honor can only go to one man - Jerry Lynn.

Jerry Lynn has had a fantastic year, he has been in so many ***3/4+
matches and really deserves credit. I know he didn't get the TV title
when many people thought he should of but in my opinion he doesn't need
that belt yet as another match (and hopefully a victory) with RVD for
the title will be a great way to start the year 2000. The matches v RVD
were amazing and the 2nd match at Hardcore Heaven really was a classic.
Jerry took a really stiff bump but still got up and continued, even
though he didn't have to. However not only did he continue, he still
managed to carry RVD to a ****+ match.

The amazing thing about Lynn is that the WWF and WCW had this man on
their rosters but misused him. They did not know what an unbelievable
talent they had, I mean he is alot better than the Rock, Austin, Nash,
Hall, Sid, Hogan, HHH, Paul Wright, and Goldberg. However, once again
Paul Heyman saw genuine talent which the "Big 2" always seem to miss!!!
-Kevin Bryce
P.S. I accept all people's opinions so e-mail me if you wish
Written by reader: Beth Bajema (Bajema)
In regards to the letter condemning the WWF for having Chyna wrestle
I find wrestling at best to be a little more than entertainment, and
care little for the debates or endless chatter over the fine details.
So there are few times that I'm even moved to respond. I have to
respond to this though.

While I found most of this commentary to be thoughtful enough, this
tidbit made me sigh wearily: "but having anyone job to a woman wrestler
is downright degrading". I'm not to go on a tirade about just how
degrading most angles regarding women in wrestling are.

It's a simple fact that most fans want to see some of that stuff, male
and female. Men for obvious reasons, women --though some won't admit
it-- enjoy the sexual overtones of these men over the women. It's
something me and my girlfriends get a giggle out of when we watch. We
don't take it very seriously or believe the world as a whole grades the
female of the species by an evening gown match set up, or that we
should start referring to our chests as "puppies".

I think most of the women's matches in the WWF are downright pathetic.
I'm getting a wee bit irritated with having to watch the Fabulous
Moolah and her crony come down and start beating on Ivory every chance
they get. Give the fellas a little T&A if they want, that's fine by me.
And that's all I see most women in wrestling meant for, T&A. Chyna is
the exception.

While I somewhat agree that I don't find this angle with Jericho and
Chyna very good, I can still think of worse people for him to job to.
Some of these wrestlers aren't even near the physique this woman has.
The first time I saw her participate in a regular match, I believe it
was with the "Stooges" and thought it was funny, but horrid. Not to
mention they made sure to expose her breasts. For some reason women in
the WWF can't keep their breasts in their tops, but you don't see many
men pulling down the backs or fronts of those speedos to give the women
an ooh and an aww. She has gotten better however.

I didn't see the match (Survivor Series 1999) to give an opinion on her
performance in it, but I've enjoyed the weekly shows. I think turning
Jericho into a mad, thumb mashing, male egotist is ridiculous. He's
much better running his mouth off in jester fashion. But I'd be more
outraged to see him jobbed to a lightweight like X-Pac. He's a little
guy with "a lotta heart" I know, but he has absolutely no body to speak

Chyna is the size and shape of half the mid-weight wrestlers. Maybe I
just take exception to the fact that it's such a crime to have a woman
in there. It's not a feminist thing (I'm sure you've guessed I'm a
woman by now) it just seems extreme to call it degrading. It would be
more of a crime to have a woman in there who was just a normal sized
woman, like having Sable beat up her hubby in the ring. That's somewhat
absurd to watch. Not a woman who obviously is in top form and only
falls into the female category by one breast job and the missing

I'd like to see Chyna continue on. I could care less if Terri Runnels
wasn't around to flash that upscale chest of hers. I could honestly
care less if the women's division went away altogether. I've watched
wrestling since I was a kid for one reason, and that is to be
entertained. And most of those women just aren't entertaining. But if a
woman wants to go that extra mile and look like a realistic contender,
I say more power to her, and Chyna has most certainly done that. And
even if you do find it a tad degrading, boo hoo. I've sat through much
more degrading scenes regarding my own gender and didn't get my hackles
up over it too badly. That's my piece.
-Beth Bajema
Written by reader: Tina J Jones (edgeluvr)
I must admit I'm sick and tired of everyone saying they're not willing
to watch wrestling anymore. Come on people, why stop watching just
because something offends you. I seem to remember an angle where Rick
Martel sprayed Jake Roberts with Arrogance and blinded him. From that
point until the blindfold match Jake was made fun of. Being visually
impaired myself I found that offensive but that didn't keep me from
watching the WWF.

You want to know why? I'm not going to let some angle that some goof
decided to carry out keep me from watching talent I tune in to watch in
to watch in the first place. I have one question for those who have
decided not to watch wrestling: Aren't we giving the people who want to
ban the WWF exactly what they want?
Steve Appy responds:
If someone makes the personal decision that they really can't stand to
support the WWF, I don't think that there is anything wrong with it.

The fact that ultra-conservatives are trying to convince UPN to drop
Smackdown doesn't disguise the fact that there is material on WWF
programming that is arguably very objectionable. While we can all slam
the messengers (aspiring censors are instantly hard to like), that
doesn't justify the questionable content of WWF programming.

It's even possible that this strange collection of misfits can
positively influence the WWF product; this could be the warning that
will spur the WWF to change their own product before a truly
influential group forces them to do it. The WWF should heed the
lessons learned by UFC, which offended some very influential (and
misinformed) public figures. It was political pressure that forced UFC
off most PPV systems; the WWF may wish to scale back their product
BEFORE it's too late.

It's easy to laugh off "zealots" like The Parent Television Council; it
might be harder to shrug off an inspired Sen. John McCain.
Written by reader: TWOD
IN DEFENSE OF THE WWF, a commentary written by reader Chris Davis
(cd7890) states "Isn't it funny that people aren't willing
to take responsibility for themselves and just throw it on some other
person or group?" I could not agree more. We all have our opinions on
the current WWF storylines, but the issue here is not the WWF or WCW.
The problem is that the spotlight has turned to professional wrestling
and illuminated it as the current scapegoat.

If you are an adult, and you find any programming objectionable, it is
your right and within your ability to switch the channel. Is that not
sensible and responsible? There are many shows out there, bound to
offend someone in some way. If the censors and standards and practices
"suits" bowed to the demands of every incensed viewer, there would be
very few programs left on TV.

As a child, I was forced to ingest newsreels of the Vietnam War with my
dinner on the news. Offensive? Yes. Did people have a right to see it?
Yes. Were my parents watching with me? Yes. Parents should utilize the
services of a nanny or babysitter if they choose to not monitor a
child's viewing. They are missing out on important quality time and
opportunities for education.

When I was of that allegedly impressionable age, the "in" show was Dark
Shadows. My parents were aware of my interest and would come in and see
what was on the screen and ask me about it. I was never banned from
watching, but my viewing was monitored. Other parents ranted and raved,
but never understood the appeal of the program. Recently, the story had
a short-lived return as a series during primetime hours. Hmmm, no
parents complained. In fact, I personally believe it was too milktoast
for the taste of today's TV consumers. Tastes change. Barbara Eden's
belly button was once taboo, and now we do not even flinch at several
more inches of flesh exposed in either direction.

Whether is be an allegedly "satanic" ministry, prostitution, sexual
problems, or alcoholic behavior, these plots are also seen on Saturday
afternoon in movies, and throughout the week in the soaps and sitcoms.
Do we care? Sure we do, any fan or intelligent human being cares about
what children are watching. I was a little taken aback while floating
through my favorite toy store and seeing action figures from the latest
Mummy movie marketed to kids. I did not think that was the most
appropriate storyline for children, but I am not about to jump up and
make noise. That is up to each individual parent - and they make their
vote known by choosing to have the child view the movie/video and
buying the toys.

I would urge everyone to take action on this matter and address the
PTC. Tell your friends and colleagues who are not wrestling fans. The
bottom line is that this is not a defense for wrestling per se, but a
defense of one's right to choose their particular entertainment. If
wrestling can not help these groups prove their personal agendas, the
soap operas, cartoons or situational comedies will become the groups'
next great cause for alarm. We live in a time, unfortunately, that
overlooks personal responsibility, in order to discover legal
liability. Very sad, if you think about it.
Saturday, November 27, 7:30
At the Wrestleplex, North Versailles,Pa
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NWA World Jr Heavy Weight Champ Vince Big Time Kaplak vs Paul Atlas
PWX Heavyweight Title Match, Bad Boy Brian Anthony Vs Crusher Hansen
Guido Corleone vs Lou Marconi
Cory K Vs The Millinium Kid w/Superstar 2000

Plus much more excitement, Bubba the Bulldog will be in the House. For
Tickets call 412-678-4290 and check out our web site at:
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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