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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 412

Date:  Saturday November 27th, 1999  8:59 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Highlights from Jim Ross's 11/26/1999 "Ross Report" at
Ross mentioned that the fate of Steve Austin's career is unknown,
though it could certainly be in jeopardy. Ross insisted that Austin
will be a part of WWF television one way or the other; Ross claimed
that D'lo Brown has 1˝ years remaining on his WWF contract; Foley's
book will be #1 on the New York Times Bestselling list on December 4th.

Ross confirmed rumors that Foley will be reducing his in-ring schedule
in January and stated that "Mick is already thinking of writing a
children's book and, perhaps, a book about Christmas." He claimed that
Foley will "continue to be a huge and entertaining part of all we do on

Fitness queen Trish Stratus (who is said to be gorgeous) was confirmed
as signing with the WWF; Ross boasted about the WWF outdrawing WCW in
Toronto; The Godfather has extended his WWF for three years; Ross
claims that Bob Holly never seriously considered jumping to WCW.

Former ECW valet Miss Congeniality (Amy Dumas) "may debut before the
end of the year, depending on storyline development." Papi Chula will
soon be repackaged, though Ross stated "The young performer from Mexico
must learn to speak some English in order to go where he wants,
however. Papi has a ton of potential, in my view."
To check out a web page devoted to Stone Cold Steve Austin, check out:
Visit WICN to get all the latest news from your favorite reporters:
Mikey G., George Epstein and many more. We are for sure to have your
fix for wrestling news.
Visit Figure Fans Website:
The Place To Be For All Your Wrestling Figure Needs
Hey, check this web page out:
Written by Lee Relph (LEEINBLACK)
Regarding the WWF marketing toys to children:
Absolutely. It's always slayed when the WWF have rated their shows to
adult viewing status, yet you will always see kids in the audience. :-)

I was at the CAPITAL CARNAGE UK PPV almost a year ago and I was at next
to a kid who couldn't have been more than 10 or 11. He was with his
mother and two other boys of the same age. I tell you, he was joining
in on all the rude chants in the arena ("A**hole", "Suck It", You Fat
Bastard", the Referee's a Wanker" etc - and even shouted "Don't Piss me
off!" when Jeff Jarrett came out).

I remember turning to this kid and saying "I bet your mum's proud of
you!" and he just laughed! Anyway, I digress.... My original point was
more on the fact that a minority group of individuals are effectively
on course for depriving the adults of their television habits which
just isn't right. There is apparently no objectivity in the PTC's
thinking - just subjectivity and the fact they are getting away with it
is quite alarming.

I don't think, however, that it is entirely fair to chastise the WWF
for making toy figures of their wrestlers as I understand that ECW have
done the same - and there is no way you can class their product as
family entertainment.

Anyhow, that's my opinion and I am sure that you and the WBS readers
have many interesting ones of their own. Thanks for your time.
Steve Appy responds:
At one time I defended the adult content of ECW's product by pointing
at that it truly wasn't marketed towards children. When ECW developed
action figures of their wrestlers (and despite the growing collector's
market for figures, the vast majority of sales are to children) my
argument was shot out the window.

Both ECW & WCW are also targeting their product at children, and they
are no better (or worse) off than the WWF in this particular ethical
Written by reader: LGBH94
I have been a WWF fan for 40 years, long before it was the WWF. As the
wrestlers got bigger, more athletic and more entertaining the content
of the language, gestures, and story lines have sunk to an all time
low! The message sent to the younger generation (the ones who have
their parents buy your products, spending millions) is repulsive to me
at times, so what can it be but damaging to the kids!!

So instead of pushing voters to vote for more filth change your views
and help clean up a great sport (entertainment). Open your eyes and
wake up!!!!!!!!!
Written by reader: Mike Bogen (BronxBmbr2)
It takes a certain level of intelligence and maturity to understand the
concept that even something like censorship is not black and white.
Unfortunately, most of your readers are lacking the maturity to
comprehend that. The WWF pushes the envelope (I hate that expression,
it has no real meaning in the language) and continues to stretch the
boundaries of taste and responsibility. Because I feel that the WWF
still unquestionably targets children as part of its audience, I, too,
hope a kick in the butt will make it decide to do a better job of
-Mike Bogen
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Written by reader: Blake Carter (BLAKEC14)
I have sat back over the last year and a half and not responded one
time in this newsletter, choosing to read other people's opinions on
certain subjects instead of voicing mine. But the censorship in
wrestling subject seems to be a big deal right now so I figure I will
just go ahead and throw in my two cents worth.

Do I think complete censorship in wrestling is wrong? Yes - a hundred
percent. Do I think that the WWF, WCW, and ECW should take steps to
tone down their programs a bit? Yes as well. Do I think that if they
don't tone it down a bit they should be forced too? Finally, the answer
is yes for a third time. And here's the reasons why…

Many people have said and will continue to say...."What's wrong with
sex, violence, and satanic angles in wrestling when they are on
regularly on soap operas and shows such as ER and NYPD Blue?" Now,
about soap operas, as a kid growing up, how many soap operas did you
watch? None, because they are on during the day when kids are at school
and adults are the only ones who have the opportunity to watch them.
There is a reason for that and that reason is the show is aimed adults.

As far as ER and NYPD Blue, how many kids tell their parents - "Mom, I
want to watch NYPD Blue tonight, is that okay?" Probably none, because
neither of those shows interests kids. But wrestling on the other hand
fascinates kids and probably always will. It's like's all the sudden
turning something like Pokemon - that kids elementary age to middle
school have liked for a good period of time - into a show the has one
of the monsters making out with other male Pokemon, women Pokemon
dancing around on top of each other, and Pokemon putting people on
crosses. Granted that is a silly example, but if you look closely that
is what is happened in pro wrestling.

A show that has traditionally been for kids is suddenly thrust into the
adult spotlight yet it is still marketing to children. And don't tell
me that selling millions and the Rock means millions of toys and other
wrestling related things in stores such as the WWF is not considered
marketing to children. Stay with me now - one more point and I am
stepping off the soap box - :)

What about the fact that parents should take responsibility for what
their kids watch? I couldn't agree more, but unfortunately, some
parents are not doing that and I believe it is time for wrestling to
change whom it markets to or be forced to make that change. If kids
grow up without their parents placing guidelines on them and they
believe such things as drinking, swearing, sex, and satanic acts are
cool, then we have a much bigger problem on our hands. When those kids
grow up - the ones who think all those things are cool - our country is
in serious trouble. It may not be a big deal yet, but if something is
not done soon then we could really have a big deal on our hands.

Finally, the conclusion. Is it unfortunate that parents will not
monitor what their children watch? Yes it is. Should we be punished be
seeing censored programs? No we should not, but unfortunately we
morally have no choice. Either the wrestling promotions need to stop
marketing to children and take steps to make it a more adult show or
someone needs to make them. Would rather watched a toned down show or
have the next generation and the generation after that thinking things
such as drinking, swearing, sex, and satanic acts are cool? You
-Blake- (BlakeC14)
PS - Wouldn't it be a good idea if someone (Are you listening Vince?)
would start a smaller promotion to be aired on Saturday mornings with
the traditional wrestling background aimed at kids? It would get some
people of our back, provide a training ground for indy wrestlers, and
more importantly help you watch whatever you want to in America....
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)
I myself am pure wrestling fan, so seeing women in the ring isn't a
problem for me. There are some great women wrestlers out there who are
better than most men, but many people do not get to see them.

The greatest wrestling card I have seen was a all-womens card -
DreamSlam 2, while the greatest wrestling match I have ever seen was a
tag match involving four women. (Meaning it was special as I have seen
the great Misawa v Kobashi matches, the Misawa v Kawada matches, Beniot
v Sasuke, Liger v Sasuke, and others). What I am trying to say is, if
wrestling Promotions in America actually started a womens division with
wrestlers (not models, or exotic dancers showing loads of T&A), it
would add to the product.

There are many bad wrestlers out there at the top i.e. Rock, Nash,
Hall, Sid, HHH, Austin etc, who haven't got anywhere near as much
wrestling ability as some of the women wrestlers out there (mainly in
Japan), but still there portrayed as great.

Also, seeing Chyna in the ring as a wrestling Champion is a joke. This
women isn't even good, but beats a great wrestler in Chris Jericho. If
Jericho would of lost to a world class women wrestler it wouldn't have
been so bad, but making him lose to Chyna is nothing short of
-Kevin Bryce, London
Written by reader: Dabigmoo
Just wanted to drop a line. I went to Wal-Mart recently and they
finally pulled the Al Snow figures off the shelves. The Wal-Mart by my
house had them up for a while.

Anyway, right there in the same aisle that contains the wrestling toys
was a Spawn toy that comes complete with bendable vertebrae and
dripping entrails. I think it just goes to show that people aren't too
concerned w/ what's on the shelves in the toy depts. as much as they're
concerned w/ what's on top and that happens to be wrestling.

If wrestling didn't garner high numbers I don't think people would care
too much about the toys.

Announcers: Joey Styles and Joel Gertner
Taped from the Aragon in Chicago, IL
By James Caldwell -

Joey and Joel introduced us to the show from the ring. Joey brought out
Jerry Lynn for an interview. Joey asked the big question: Is Lynn
associated with Tajiri? This ticked Lynn off tremendously and prompted
him to tell Joey F*ck you and walked off, leaving the interview.

Joey and Joel were on the balcony and then Rhino, Chris Candido, and
Tammy Sytch joined Joey and Joel. Rhino said that he wanted wrestlers
to beat up on. Candido and Sytch promised Rhino plenty of wrestlers in
ten minutes and then Sytch would, well, that's between Rhino and Sytch.

On the streets of New York, we caught up with New Jack, who was looking
for the Baldies. He was cussing out the Baldies and then hopped on a
subway and started his lookout for the Baldies, hoping to get it on.

Joey told us what we can find out about on the ECW Hotline: Arnold
trying to get into ECW...ECW invades a Limp Bizkit concert...a Sex
Symbol is trying to get back in ECW.

Joel plugged the ECW upcoming events. ECW Show in South Philly
tomorrow. Don't forget to give Heyman money and buy his ECW catalogue.
Don't forget about the ECW Magazine.

Match 1:Television Title Match
Rob Van Dam(c) w/Bill Alfonso vs. C.W. Anderson
Anderson opened up with some big right hands in the corner and then RVD
came back with a sunset flip off the top rope. RVD ducked a few
clotheslines & then dropped Anderson with a big dropkick. RVD hit a
spinning heel kick & then hit a cartwheel backflip splash on Anderson.
RVD missed with a kick off the ropes, then Anderson hit a stiff
sidekick knocking RVD down to the mat. Anderson dropped RVD with a
scoop slam and then went up top but RVD kicked him down to the apron
and then drove Anderson off the apron into the guardrail and down to
the concrete floor.

RVD hung Anderson out to dry across the guardrail and then hit a
corkscrew leg drop from the apron. RVD continued his assault on the
outside and then took Anderson back into the ring and dropped a split
legged leg drop over the top rope from the apron. RVD missed a spinning
heel kick and then Anderson hit a Spinebuster and got a two count.

Fonzie tossed a chair into the ring and Anderson caught it and RVD
dropkicked it into Anderson's face. RVD then went up top and hit a Five
Star Frog Splash for the three count and the win.
Winner:RVD by pinfall and still TV Champ

After we saw New Jack still searching for the Baldies, we went back to
the arena, where Sabu confronted RVD and Fonzie tried to seperate the
two, but both shoved Fonzie aside and a match was on between the two.

Match 2:Television Title Match
Rob Van Dam(c) w/Bill Alfonso vs. Sabu w/Bill Alfonso
RVD hit a spinning kick with Sabu leaping into the air for a kick of
his own. RVD hit a corkscrew legdrop and went back on the attack. RVD
went up top but Sabu caught him and dropped him across the turnbuckle.
Sabu then hit a Huricanrana from up top and made a cover, but only got
a two count. Fonzie tossed a chair into the ring. Sabu smashed it
across the head of RVD. Sabu then hit a triple jump moonsault using the
chair! To the outside the action went and Sabu was sent into the
stands. RVD then leaped off the guardrail with a front flip splash onto
Sabu, prompting Joey to go wild.

After a commercial, we were back to see RVD on his back on a table.
Sabu leaped off the top with a splash through the table sending both
down to the ground. Sabu climbed back into the ring with RVD lying on
the cracked and broken table.

After yet another commercial, we came to see Sabu attempt another
Triple Jump Moonsault but the chair gave way and Sabu's knee caught in
the chair. RVD capitalized and stomped away on the chair and Sabu's
knee. Candido and Rhino then came to the ring, but were instantly
cleared to the outside by Sabu and RVD. RVD leaped over the top with a
somersault plancha on Candido and Rhino. Sabu could hardly stand and
the EMT's came into the ring to check on Sabu. RVD cleared them off
then went to help Sabu up, but RVD instead kicked the knee and
continued to destroy the knee. RVD hit a Five Star Frog Splash on
Sabu's knee and the chair, sending the chair hard into the knee of
Sabu. RVD then pulled back on Sabu's knee with an Indian Knee Lock.
Fonzie then threw in the towel giving RVD the win forfeiting for Sabu.
Fonzie checked on Sabu and RVD and Fonzie had a little argument while
Sabu hobbled to his feet. Fonzie isn't winning any popularity contests
with either Sabu or RVD.
Winner: RVD by forfeit

In case you might have just joined the program, Joel reminded us of the
upcoming ECW shows.

New Jack was still looking for The Baldies.

Match 3:Little Guido w/Big Sal E. Graziano vs. Super Crazy
Guido put on a cross arm breaker on Super, trying to wear him down.
Super hit a wrist hold flip over then the two went back and forth off
the ropes and Guido hit a dropkick in the crotch of Super as Super went
for a dropkick of his own. Sal tripped up Super Crazy then went for a
somersault splash on Sal, but Guido tripped him up and shoved him down
to Guido. Sal held Super and Guido for a splash off the apron but Super
ducked and Sal caught Guido. Super then hit an Asai Moonsault on both
men sending them down to the mat.
Guido tried to climb back into the ring but Crazy met him on the apron.
Guido went up top then Super met him and Guido shoved Super down. Guido
then hit a Top Rope Legdrop on Super. Super was sent to the ropes and
climbed onto the ropes. Guido came up from behind and hit an Italian
Legsweep from the ropes. Guido got a two count on the cover. Guido
caught Super off the top with a version of a top rope powerbomb.

Guido then missed a double axehandle and Super hit a Tornado DDT from
nowhere. Super went up top and hit a front flip splash. Super only got
a two count after a cover. Super took Guido up top and hit diez punches
up top on Guido. Big Sal came into the ring and splashed the referee
instead of Super. Sal went for a powerbomb on Super but Super turned it
into a huricanrana. Tajiri then came into the ring and was downed by
Super. Jerry Lynn came in and accidentally clotheslined Super. Tajiri
then hit a DDT on Super and RVD chased Tajiri off to the back.
Meanwhile, Guido made the cover on Super for the three count.
Winner:Little Guido by pinfall

New Jack was still looking for The Baldies; then a subway with the
Baldies on it passed by and New Jack chased after the subway train with
no luck.

Match 4:Tommy Dreamer/Raven/Sandman w/Francine vs. Lance Storm/Justin
Credible/Rhino w/Jason and Dawn Marie
Dreamer was attacked by all three when he came out first. Raven then
ran down to the ring and it was 2 on 3. Raven was dropped by a super
kick from Storm. Storm went for a chair shot on Raven but Rhino took
the blow when Raven ducked. Raven dropped Storm into the chair with a
drop toe hold. Dreamer took Rhino in the corner and Raven took Storm
for ten punches each. Dreamer and Raven then collided into each other.
Credible worked over Raven on the outside, leaving Dreamer the victim
of Rhino and Storm in the ring. On the outside, Credible landed a
splash on Raven through a table.

Dreamer was a victim of a spinebuster by Rhino. We heard Sandman's
music and then we saw him up on top of the arena with a cigarette,
Singapore cane, and a Sandweiser. Sandman chugged one down then tossed
the can into the crowd. Sandman made his way to the ring and smashed
Rhino with a beer but then found a sidekick from Storm sending him to
the outside. Rhino went to work on Dreamer and Francine came into the
ring and jumped on Rhino.

Dreamer pulled Francine down the speared Rhino. Dreamer hit a
piledriver on Rhino and Dawn came in and low blowed Dreamer after
Francine low blowed Storm. Francine and Dawn Marie went at it!
Catfight! Sandman tried to hit Dawn
Marie with a cane but she ducked and then Dreamer and Credible tried to
cane each other. Sandman got the best of Credible with a Russian
Legsweep using the cane. Utter chaos was in the ring and then Dreamer
hit a Spicolli Driver
on Storm then Sandman dropped Raven with a Dreamer DDT. Credible then
covered Raven for the three count and the win. The Impact Players
assembled on top of the arena while Francine tried to regroup with her
men in the ring.
Winners:Storm/Credible/Rhino by pinfall

On the Subway system, we saw New Jack once again looking for the
Baldies. DeVito was a good 20 feet away from New Jack on the platform.
New Jack went to confront him and Angel came up from behind and clocked
New Jack across the back. The two Baldies hovered over New Jack
promising the audience that the streets will now be owned by the
Baldies. We ended the show on that note. Terrific show.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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