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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 416

Date:  Monday November 29th, 1999  9:09 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

There was a three-bell salute to Hiro Matsuda, who recently passed away.

Goldberg said he was in Denver to put a stop to the childish games of
the Outsiders. The Man said that he would put Hall down if he came
near the ring when he is wrestling Kevin Nash. A fight then broke out
between the three and
Sid (who aided Goldberg) until security intervened.

Tony Schiavone announced that the three main events would be no DQ and
no countout.

Roddy Piper was seen showing two hefty women where the buffet was. Lex
Luger was seen in a suit walking around. Big Vito and Johnny the
Bull told Tony Marinera that they would take care of Lash Leroux and
Disco Inferno.

Buff Bagwell/Booker T versus Creative Control w/Curt Hennig *Tag Team
Bagwell had one of the twins in a pinfall situation after the
Blockbuster but was nailed with a chair as the ref was dealing with
Hennig, allowing the other twin to make the pin. The three attacked
after the bell, but Midnight cleared the ring.
Winners: Creative Control via pinfall (Retain tag team title)

--Vince Russo told Juventud Guerrera that if he could beat the
"Japanese Clown" Jushin "Thunder" Liger, that he would take care of all
of his visa problems.

Lex Luger told Liz that he was going to sue her for breach of contract,
but reconsidered when she said she would do anything to avoid
litigation. Former WWF wrestler Bertha Faye and her equally large
friend were discussing what they should wear tonight. (Fishnet

Symphony (Alicia Webb, aka Ryan Shamrock) was seen receiving flowers
and other gifts.

--Jeff Jarrett told Mike Tenay that he was the chosen one and does not
care about Dustin Rhodes or his games. When Tenay remarked that he had
lost favor with the "Powers that Be", JJ whacked Tenay over the head
with his guitar.

--In an impromptu kendo stick match (Norman Smiley refused to fight and
hid under a table when he saw Fit Finlay), Finlay destroyed Brian
Knobbs and then cut off ALOT of Knobbs' hair.

--Vince Russo was yelling at Creative Control for being beat up on by
Midnight again, with Hennig agreeing with Russo. Russo told Hennig that
he would face Midnight later in the night to show Patrick and Gerald
how "that woman" should be dealt with.

--Big Vito and Johnny the Bull were trying to convince Mene Gene to
hang out with them. They took him to a strip club, where Gene went
nuts, dancing and having fun.

Jushin "Thunder" Liger versus Juventud Guerrera *IWGP Junior
Heavyweight Championship*
Buzzkill joined the broadcast booth for this match. Juvi nailed Liger
with a Tequila bottle to gain the IWGP junior heavyweight championship.
Winner: Juventud Guerrera via pinfall (New IWGP Junior Heavyweight

--Chavo Guerrero Jr., subbing for Mike Tenay and the absent Mene Gene,
interviewed Dr. Death (while plugging his items that he is selling) and
Oklahoma. Good Ol' Oklahoma said that Vampiro would not interfere in
the match between Williams and the Misfit. Williams was tasting BBQ
sauce while Oklahoma was talking. Chavo later spoke with the
Outsiders, who threw away the television title when asked when Hall
would defend it.

--The Revolution disassociated themselves from the United States, upset
that the crowd has been cheering for Canadians such as Chris Benoit and
Bret Hart. Dean Malenko then said he would be referred to as Python,
Douglas as Rattler, Aysa as the Boa and Saturn named himself "Trouser",
the most sought after snake. Hacksaw Jim Duggan then hit the ring,
destroying the Revolution with
his 2x4. The numbers were too great, as Hacksaw was being attacked
until Benoit cleared the ring.

--Jerry Flynn told Chavo Guerrero (who was still plugging his jewelry
and other items for sale, and continued to do so for the entire night.)
and laid out an open challenge to anyone in the building.

Roddy Poper told Curt Hennig (after telling him that he was a great
wrestler and now a butt kisser) that he was pleased that he could be
seen by the "powers", but he was cramping, needed to go to the bathroom
and take a "Vince Russo." Russo later told Piper that he would be the
referee for a mud wrestling match between the big women.

Scott Hall (c) versus Sid Vicious *United States Title*
This was one of the three matches that was stated to have to be won by
pinfall or submission. Sid powerbombed Hall when Nash interfered. Nash
was about to be powerbombed when Jarrett nailed Sid with a guitar, then
pulling Hall on top for the win. Goldberg hit the ring, speared Jarrett
and helped Sid to his feet.
Winner: Scott Hall via pinfall

--Russo informed Piper that he would referee the match between the two
ample women, who would face each other later in a mud wrestling match.
Nitro Girls Fyre and Tygress got into a food fight in the back, with
security "breaking it up." Juvi then tried to give the hiemlich
maneuver to one of the large women, who was choking. Russo later kicked
Juvi out of his office for helping the big girl.

Dr. Death w/Oklahoma versus Jerry Omly w/Vampiro and Misfits *Steel
Cage Match*
Vampiro and The Misfits stomped on Oklahoma, pouring BBQ sauce all over
him. The Misfit took the win when he escaped the cage.
Winner: Jerry Omly via escape from the cage

--Bret Hart said that Meng was a great competitor, but never faced the
excellence of execution.

Bret Hart (c) versus Meng *World Title Match*
The referee went down and the Outsiders interfered, with Hall being on
the wrong end of a Tongan death grip. The Outsiders wore Meng out with
a kendo stick until Benoit retrieved it and gave the treatment back to
Hall and Nash. The Hitman rolled in and applied the sharpshooter for
the win.
Winner: Bret Hart via decision (Meng was OUT COLD)

--Evan Karagias and Madusa were in a compromising position on a couch,
kissing, when Madusa said that the only thing she wanted was a title
shot at Starrcade. Of course, he agreed.

--Lex Luger requested a meeting with Vince Russo and offered one of the
twins fashion advice. He then offered Liz to Russo to take the place of
the big woman, who choked in the mud wrestling match. Liz then pleaded
her case to Sting, who did not seem to care. The evening also saw a
food fight between members of the Nitro Girls and other fights that
would carry on throughout the program.

Sting versus Chris Benoit versus Jeff Jarrett
The winner of this match would go on to become the number one contender
after Starrcade. Liz came to the ring, pleading with Sting once again.
Luger hit the ring, smacked Sting with a chair and left with Liz over
his shoulder. Jarrett nailed Benoit with a guitar, but was then
knocked out by the ring bell, courtesy of Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes then
pulled Benoit on top of Jarrett for the win.
Winner: Chris Benoit via pinfall (Number One Contender)

--A psychotic David Flair, wielding a tire iron, forced Symphony to
open the lid to the piano, where the Maestro was unconscious and gagged.

Goldberg versus Kevin Nash
Sid was locked in his dressing room while the Outsiders double-teamed
Goldberg. Sid then broke his door down and began fighting Hall, while
Nash and Goldberg finally made it to the ring. Hall then leveled
Goldberg and the ref with the chair. Bret Hart then entered and whacked
Nash with a chair. Goldberg then put Nash in the jackhammer for the
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

--In a serious mood, the angry Outsiders said they wanted the cage
lowered again with Sid and Goldberg in it.

--Elizabeth refused to wrestle in the mud wrestling match. In the mud,
Piper, Rhonda Singh (Bertha Faye), and Creative Control all ended up in
the mud, with Piper giving himself the win.

--The Henchmen were at their place fixing dinner for two women they
picked up at the bar. The women then tied them up, allowing Lash Leroux
and Disco Inferno to pour pasta and sauce all over them.

--Arn Anderson told Russo and Curt Hennig that he would not be crap on
anybody's shoes like everyone else that has worked for WCW in the last
10 years. Hennig told him he did not care about his problems and told
him to "hit the bricks."

The Wall versus Jerry Flynn
This unsanctioned fight took place in the basement of the arena. There
was no winner as Berlyn hit Flynn with a metal pipe. The Wall then
chased Berlyn with the pipe.
Winner: No Winner

--Roddy Piper told Chavo Guerrero Jr. not to bow down to the Powers
that Be. He then attacked the Outsiders and had to be restrained by

--Luger told Vince Russo that (even if it meant dragging her) he would
face Elizabeth himself in the mudring.

Midnight versus Curt Hennig
The lights went out three times, with Stevie Ray appearing to attack
Hennig. Curly Bill attacked Stevie Ray, and then Arn Anderson appeared
to attack Curly Bill.
Winner: Curt Hennig via disqualification

--As he promised, Luger carried Liz and threw her in the mud. Sting
made his way out, and threw Luger in the mud, followed by his leather
shoes and expensive suit.

Outsiders versus Bret Hart/Chris Benoit versus Sid Vicious/Goldberg
A muddy Roddy Piper was the referee for this cage match. Jarrett
entered the cage and hit Piper and Goldberg each with a guitar and then
gave the Outsiders handcuffs, who shackled Hart to the cage. Benoit hit
the Flying Headbutt from the top on Hall to gain the win for his team.
The Outsiders and Jarrett then took control by attacking the other four
Winners: Chris Benoit/Bret Hart via pinfall

Ricks Comments:
--For those of you who did not know, when the Revolution stood over
Duggan with the flag posted in Duggan, that was there attempt of
reconstructing the shrine of the men who stood for the United States in
Iwojima. Again, it is my opinion, like it or not, but it is not funny
or amusing. I find it disrespectful...and you all know why.

--Hacksaw Jim Duggan got a huge pop. That was great!!

--I have to say it....I have always liked Meng....he is WCW's version
of one tough S.O.B.

--I love the Nitro Girls.....who couldn't or wouldn't.....but their
little "war" is lame....they do not even make it look good. I mean, if
you paid attention during the food fight, Tygress and Fyre were smiling
and trying not to laugh.


--Either WCW has a new makeup crew or Tony Schiavone has lost alot of
It's November and you KNOW what that means!...No it's not turkey
time...It's time for DieHard Derek Gordon's annual interview, on the
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There Was...The Best There Ever Will Be...Bret "The Hitman"

This Tuesday, November 30th at 8:00pm EST, DieHard continues what has
become one of the great holiday traditions in the Wrestling Industry by
welcoming back one of the Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time...The
One...The Only ....The GREAT Bret Hart!!!!! This show promises to be
one of the highlights of the year for the true wrestling fan! Enjoy!
If you want a free wrestling newsletter with plenty of information, as
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Written by reader: Brady4721
I think that you people who have been writing in are not true wrestling
fans. I am shocked at the criticism that comes from you "fans." I very
rarely see people write in and comment on the previous RAW or NITRO. I
am a wrestling fan of 10 years now and I love the sport to death. I am
not an "insider" or an "expert", but I am a true fan. I have liked the
WWF my whole life and I just started watching WCW about 2 years ago
when they were on top.

I have seen the change from WRESTLING to SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, and
honestly I have nothing to complain about. Yes, it may be slightly
inappropriate at times, and maybe a bit offensive, but people, RELAX!!!
I like to watch the show and enjoy it, not analyze it to death!

I don't let the bad or offensive angles bother me, instead, unlike most
of you, I get into the really well written angles and turn the channel
during the boring ones. I do think the Big Show and Bossman angle did
go a little too far but yet it (in the end) ended up developing into a
good angle. Yes, there are plenty of other ways to develop an
effective angle.
If you are not happy with the content or quality of a RAW or NITRO use
that all so useful REMOTE CONTROL and turn it to Monday Night Football.

I do not consider critics to be fans, and you negative people out there
are critics, not fans. As for the people who think Austin "isn't a
great worker", wow, you need to do some research!!! Yes, arguably the
Rock is the top star now but
Austin (in my opinion) is the biggest name in the sports history (Hogan
a close 2nd). I myself have never been an Austin fan but I need to
respect the man and give him credit where it is due.
Written by reader: HNolan5613
I have watched pro wrestling for many years. However, I will not
anymore until it has been cleaned up. The vulgar acts, language, etc.
is an insult to this great Nation. NEVER forget that this nation was
founded on God and his teachings.

What you promote is against all that God has given us. I will continue
to seek all of your sponsors to drop your trash. One way or another
the God loving, God fearing of this nation will rid us of trash like
you. May God bless Coke for taking that stand.
-Hartwell Nolan, LCDR , USN, ret.
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