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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 418

Date:  Wednesday December 1st, 1999  10:20 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the results for
Thursday's edition of Smackdown (taped 11/30 in Anaheim,
CA). As always, if you would rather be surprised, please
skip that section.
Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
As of this past Monday Torrie Wilson has left WCW; Wilson
was working without a contract, and demanded more money
(whether this was for an actual contract or a per-appearance
fee is unknown).

Wilson is potentially the next gold mine in the wrestling
business; beautiful, charismatic, she has that intangible
"it" that leads to super-stardom. Unless Wilson's asking
price was exorbitant (and I haven't heard figures) WCW's
motivations are hard to understand.

I imagine that cooler heads may prevail & we will see
Wilson return to WCW; if not, I'm certain that the WWF
would be VERY interested in bringing her in.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Weekend & Monday ratings were delayed because of the
Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving (11/25) Smackdown!
did a 3.8 (the decline is obviously attributed to the
holiday). ECW on TNN (11/26) showed a slight
improvement (1.1).
Wrestling Fans Against Censorship Starts Newsletter
We have had great success with having websites show their
support, in fact we have 107 websites signed up right now
joining with the WFAC to go against Parents Television
Council. While we are seeing that more sites are signing
up each day, yesterday there was so much mail sent to the
mailbox it crashed. If you do not see your websites name
listed on our "Friends of the WFAC" page please resubmit
your url and website name as it must have gotten lost in
the crash. All mail should go to: pwbts

Now it is time to be able to show the individual support
that is necessary to help this cause grow into a force
that the sponsors will recognize. For that we have started
a newsletter simply called Wrestling Fans Against Censorship.
This newsletter will have two functions:

1 - It will allow us to accurately count the number of
individual supporters that we have.

2 - It will allow us to get out pertinent information
directly to the e-mail boxes of our supporters. This news
will include updated information on how the WFAC is helping
to get you letters to the sponsors, updated responses from
the PTC itself, update sponsor lists and much more.

If you feel that what the PTC is doing is wrong then this
newsletter is for you. We will be having guest columnists
in the near future from throughout the wrestling world with
their insight on the situation plus letters from you the
readers themselves.

Please take one moment of your time to subscribe. The PTC
boasts 300,000 members and if we are going to be taken
seriously by the sponsors we need to make the many into one
loud voice that cannot be denied.
To subscribe send a blank e-mail to :

Go to for all the up to the
minute news you need to combat group this and other groups
like them. There is also information on where you can go
to fill out a form where you can write to the sponsor and
it will be forwarded for you.

Thank you everyone for your support in this matter. I want
to make this the largest e-mail newsletter going today.
Remember, this is not about one particular federation as
this could also happen to your favorite fed also at anytime
some right-wing group feels like attacking.
-Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000/Wrestling Fans Against Censorship
I put out a daily newsletter on Wrestling about the events,
news, rumors and information on WWF, WCW, and ECW. If you
would like to join, please write back and let me know.
Send a E-mail to Grapplerwiz
-Ken South (The Grappler Wiz)
Round 4 of the Pro Wrestling Fantasy Tournament is well
underway. The opening field of 310 wrestlers from any fed
and any point in time has been narrowed down to 45. Go to
to cast your votes and be sure to check back regularly as
things are updated a couple of times a week.
GOOD, BAD, & the UGLY......
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)

1. Bret Hart.
It is a breath of fresh air to see a champion who truly
loves the sport. That isn't a knock on previous champions,
but you get the feeling that Bret cherishes the belt and
makes a proud champion.

2. Chris Benoit.
To see Benoit involved in the main event lately is a
definite plus. Hopefully this current push keeps him
within the upper echelon. Having Benoit run with the
big dogs for a few weeks and then getting pushed back
to PPV opening matches would be a poor decision.

3. A&E's Wrestling Week.
What a great piece of production. A quality look at
our wrestling heroes with a personal touch. Although
some were better than others, they were all interesting
television viewing.

1. Run Ins.
A part of wrestling I have a personal distaste for.
There is a time and place for a run in and sometimes
they are warranted. But, c'mon!!! Why can't a PPV
match or main event play out with a legit winner?
Instead of the companies trying to outdo each other
with gimmicks and angles, try having a major match
go start to finish without a run in. Hmmmmm....what
a concept.

2. Nitro Girls.
I know I am not in the minority with this one. Like
a good heterosexual, I like looking at the Nitro Girls.
But having them engage in food fights or trying to get
into the ring are bad ideas. A cat fight now and then
is fine, but they are not wrestlers. If WCW feels they
must include the Nitro Girls more, find a better way.

1. Rhonda Singh.
Ohhh the HORROR!!!!! Go away.......pig!

2. Jeff Jarrett.
Let's see?? When you were in the WWF you couldn't get
a reaction, even with the large chested Debra. Now, he
comes to the WCW with his guitar and is involved in main
storylines? Decisions like this are why WCW lags in
the ratings.

Visit My Home Page At:

As we all know, the "marriage" between Miss Sweetness
and Light (Stephanie McMahon) and Test (Andrew Martin)
this past Monday on RAW was brought to a screeching halt
by HHH. HHH ran a tape showing his "marriage" to Miss
Sweetness at a Drive-Thru Marriage Mill in Las Vegas
the night before, apparently after her Bachelorette
Party. There had been much conjecture in the weeks
leading up to the scheduled marriage on what would
happen at the ceremony.

I have seen many ideas of what would happen to stop
the wedding, but never saw any that covered what took
place. Virtually every one I saw revolved around Test
being caught "cheating" on Miss Sweetness and the
wedding being called off for that reason. What happened
came as a complete surprise and shows that there are
still some creative minds left in the WWF with
Russo, Inc. now writing for WCW.

The "marriage" between HHH and an obviously unconscious
Miss Sweetness was a masterstroke. Already there are
reports that the scheduled match between HHH and Emperor
Vince at the next PPV will have a Stipulation (What else)
added. The Stipulation will be that if HHH wins, they
stay married; if Emperor Vince wins, HHH will agree to
a divorce.

Thinking back to earlier this year, you may recall that
The Undertaker "married" Miss Sweetness in one of his
dark ceremonies. For such an innocent maiden, she has
already been married twice. When he comes back, a
natural angle between The Undertaker and HHH is already
in place. Win or lose his match against Emperor Vince,
HHH will still have to face the wrath of the Lord Of
Darkness. The possibilities are many and varied, and
all would seem to be interesting to the fans. Does
the WWF miss Russo, Inc.? Undoubtedly. Will they
flourish without them? Definitely.

Consider a couple of Russo, Inc. angles this past
week on NITRO. They had one of Japan's finest wrestlers
and international stars, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, lose a
prestigious belt to Juventud Guerrera. Bad enough that
he should lose to Guerrera, (good, but certainly not
in Liger's class), but by being hit with a bottle of
Mexican Horse P*ss (I never could understand how anyone
could drink something from a bottle with a dead worm at
the bottom)no less. The belt traditionally changed hands
in a match with a clean ending. They did a major
disservice to the Belt, and I suspect lost a lot of fans
in Japan.

Another of their angles had Flexy Lexy throw Miss
Elizabeth (who, like a good wine, gets better with age)
into a mud pit. Weren't we all surprised and shocked that
Flexy would get thrown in after her, wearing his "$3,000"
(per Fat Tony, who we all know speaks only the truth)
off-the-rack Sam's Wholesale Club Special, suit. The
big shocker was that it was Stinger that shoved him
in! Come on Vince, you can do better than that.

One thing Russo, Inc. has gotten right (IMHO) is the
angle they have Chavo Guerrero in. He showed a talent
for humor some time back with his One Stick Pony routine,
and the more I see him hawking everything from Amway
Products to Elvis Felt Paintings to Toilet Seat Covers,
the more I like him.

Speaking of Chavo (The 3,756th wrestling Guerrero), we
got some indication just how old The Ancient Piper is
when he told Chavo he had wrestled his father and his
grandfather. Showing his age more and more in the ring,
methinks it's time for The Kilted One to head out to

Lastly, the cage match with the entire 7th Calvary in
at one time straight out turned me off. As a Main Event,
it just didn't cut it. Watching six men (seven if you
count JJ, along with Guitar No. 4713, Unofficial Count,
and eight if you count The Referee [the aforementioned
Ancient Piper]) doing little more than shoving each
other around is in a word ... Boring.

As an aside, the WWF has said they are toning their act
down due to the loss of a couple of their advertisers,
brought on by the Self Appointed Public's Conscience,
the PTC, applying pressure to all of the WWF's sponsors.
Amazing how a couple hundred thousand (the PTC's number)
can force their will on the more than six million fans
who watch the WWF. It's interesting that the PTC singled
out SmackDown (and obviously the WWF), and said nothing
about WCW.

You don't suppose that Coke pulled their ads from
SmackDown because their headquarters is in Atlanta, do
you? They are still supporting WCW, whose Headquarters
coincidentally happens to be in ... Atlanta. With WCW
getting more risque each week, why doesn't Coke pull
their ads from WCW? Then there's the big hit Monday
Night Football has been taking in the ratings with
the WWF's popularity. I guess what's good for the
Golden Goose isn't so good for the Turkey.

Remember this, fans, SmackDown is only the beginning.
A small bunch of dedicated people like the PTC can
cause a lot of headaches for the majority. The squeaky
wheel gets the grease, and these people are doing
a lot of squeaking.
Written by reader: Gattie0621
Is the WWF is such a great need for wrestlers/female
wrestlers that we need to call in an EMD such as
"Barbara Bush?" What is up with that? Now I am a very
loyal WWF fan, but this angle is pointless and will end
up in the gutter faster than the Too Hot/Too Cool gay

The only reason B.B. is even remotely staying alive is
for the exact reason Ivory said. Not that I am calling
the men in the audience perverts, but they did get
just a tad bit aroused by Miss "B.B."

Is the WWF just in search of a few more good women?
If so, do they all need to be a 36, 34, 36? How about
a few more women like Chyna!? Experienced, not
necessarily the prettiest flower in the meadow, but
entertaining to watch.

By the way, get rid of those damn old foggies!
Moolah and Mae Young have got to go!!!!
~It is spoken
Written by reader: SCSAUSTI9
Well, as I am not a viewer of international wrestling
and I watch little of WCW. I have never seen Jushin
Liger before Monday. I heard very good things about
him and as I was reading Nitro previews online and
watching the first hour of Nitro I got excited to hear
that Liger would be on the program.

As I was watching Nitro, I got even more excited when
they stated Juvi would be facing him because I am a
big fan of Juventud. During the match I was not
impressed by Liger as Juvi was getting much of the
offense. When Juvi hit Liger with the Tequila bottle
I got very disappointed that it had to end that way.
I was looking forward to a long great match-up. The
title also changed hands, and from what I hear it
is a very prestigious title and for it to change
hands on that note is a disgrace, I think.

All in all, I was not impressed with Liger, but I
am not going to hold that against him because I
don't think it is his fault. I think it is WCW's
fault. I don't think it gave justice to Liger to
put him in a short match that ended up the way it
did. But, you know the next time Liger will be on
television in America, I will definitely watch it
because I'm still not satisfied on my short
viewing of Jushin "Thunder" Liger.
Written by reader: MNR1118
Just a few thoughts about last nights Nitro. Jim
Duggan should've gotten himself a better 2 x 4,
because in my opinion the board he used on the
Revolution looked fake as hell.

Whoever came up with the idea of the recreation
with the flagpole in Duggan's rectum really needs
their a$$ whipped, that was disgusting! I really
enjoyed the cage match at the end though, especially
when Goldberg almost knocked the whole cage down when
he threw JJ into the side of it, that was cool.
It's finally here. A wrestling web site that won't
insult your intelligence!! UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling),
brings you, the smart fan a look behind the scenes of
the wrestling world. Everything and anything you ever
need to know about what it takes to be involved in
pro wrestling comes to you from an organization that
has had six of it's students signed to a WWF contract
this year!!

So explore this up and coming promotion and feel what
it's like up close and personal with the stars of UPW
WBS Is proud to support: The Pro Wrestling-Millennium
Chat Commemorating a millennium of professional
wrestling. Coming December 30th!
New Dimension Wrestling will be invading Laredo,
Texas this Sat. night, December the 4th, with a huge
championship wrestling show at Veterans Field,
8:00p.m. belltime (C.S.T.).

In the main event, former WWF, WCW, and ECW Tag Team
Stars The Public Enemy (Rock -o- Rock & Johnny Grunge)
will square off against a mystery tag team opponent.

In other matches, Bambi will collide against Peggy Lee
Leather for the ladies world title. You will see three
lucha libre matches involving former WCW Star Hector
Guerrero plus Mr. Nuclear, Magnetico, Triton, and
Amenaza Del Norter.

Plus you will see Brute Shooter, Chilly Willy, Nemesis,
Lazarus, seven all-star matches in all.

For more information call the City of Laredo Parks and
Recreation Department at 956-795-2350, or call the New
Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921, or at
Don't you dare miss it, Be There!!!!
Thank you,
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
Reported by Ian Stone & "Spammy Sosa" at:
Taped Tuesday, 11/30/1999 in Anaheim, CA

HEAT (For the 12/4 broadcast)
Papi Chulo defeated an unknown preliminary worker.

Val Venis vs. Prince Albert:
Match wasn't anything special, except for the
'shave your back' chants. Val polished it off with
a money shot and got the pin.

TAKA Michinoku upsets Mark Henry.
Good match with Mark DESTROYING Taka for the whole
match. Weird ending with TAKA suddenly winning with
a back brain kick? Was the boot loaded? I don't know.

Godfather vs. Bossman
Prince Albert came out and harassed the ho's.
Godfather was obviously distracted, which gave Bossman
a chance to get his nightstick and knock out Godfather
long enough to get the 3 count.

Acolytes vs. Mean Streat Posse:
Not really a match; Farooq and Bradshaw demolished the
Posse in no time, and without really breaking a sweat!
Posse didn't get off a single move.

SMACKDOWN (For the 12/2 broadcast)
Stephanie comes out and asks Vince and Shane to come to
the ring. She begs Shane and Vince to PROMISE that they
won't interfere with her HHH problem. Shane obliges with
no struggle -- Vince spaces out with a bat in his hand
before he hastily promises that he'll let Stephanie
handle it in her own way.

HHH gets a whole bunch of gifts from his DX brothers.
HHH gets lingerie, 'invisible' lingerie and other stuff.
The best gift was this cheesy 'cut-from-various-RAW-magazines'
family portrait with HHH and the McMahons. HHH cracks
a hilarious joke about how he couldn't believe that his
head looks bigger than Vince's.

The GAP Posse beat down on Acolytes in the beginning of
the show.

D-Lo and Bulldog brawl until Val Venis interferes to
make it a DQ brawl.

Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman defeat The Headbangers.
You can smell the future friction between Angle and
Blackman. Mosh has a GREAT new Karate Kid-style,
D-Lo-esque leg drop.

Viscera defeats Kane via countout.
This match ends when X-Pac cuts a promo at the stage.
Kane leaves and gets counted out. Viscera wins but
Kane comes back for his chokeslam

Acolytes LAY WASTE to the Posse in revenge. Double
Powerbomb. Period.

DUDLEY'S defeat Edge and Christian.
Edge goes for a top rope Hurricuranna but his leg
gives out. D-Von hooks Edge's injured limb in a la magistral
type roll up.

Stephanie McMahon waits for TEST to come to the Pond.
Test gets there & Steph apologizes and gives him a big
hug. TEST doesn't hug back and doesn't know what to
think anymore. Steph cries and runs to Pops and Big Brother.

Rikishi destroys Crash Holly.
He and 2 COOL did their victory dance again -- much to
the crowd's delight. Rikishi does the 'freak', 2 Sexay
kicks down the 'Roger Rabbit', and 2 Hotty busts the
good ol' Kickworm!!

Mankind gets on the mike and plugs his new #1 ranking
on the New York Times bestsellers list. He then begs
AL and ROCK to stop fighting. 5- 4 - 3 - 2 - 1. BOOOOM!
Jericho comes out to a HUGE HUGE pop and rags on Mick
and his book. Says that the only reason why people
bought it was because the wanted to see Mick die at
the end of the book. Jericho challenges Mick. Mick
accepts and the match is on.

Y 2 J upsets MANKIND. (Chyna and Kittys' interference
backfires) Great match. Jericho pulls off alot of great
moves, including a springboard dropkick to Mankind on
the sideskirt.

Rock beats Al Snow in a good match. Rock utilized his
new short-arm Spinebuster, followed by the ever so
graceful PEOPLE'S ELBOW.

DX (Pac, BA and Road Dogg) defeat The Big Show + The
Hardy's. Big Show and the Boys almost win after Jeff's
Senton Splash from BIG SHOW'S SHOULDERS!!! Big Bossman
comes in and lays the nightstick down on the babyfaces.
DX takes over and get the pin. DX then start doing ol'
fashioned heel work on the faces till Rock, Mankind and
Kane make the save. The Peoples' Main Eventers clear the
ring to end the show.
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