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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 420

Date:  Thursday December 2nd, 1999  10:38 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Ken Shamrock is expected to receive medical
clearance to return to the WWF in mid-December,
probably in the weeks following Armageddon.

His actual injury was diagnosed as a soft tissue
sprain of the cervical spine; there is no word
as to whether or not he will return to the NHB

Wouldn't this be the perfect time for Shamrock
to finally get that main event push, possibly
against The Rock? Considering all of the
injuries there will never be a better time...

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer,
send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228
Torrie Wilson released the following
statement on her official website regarding
her future in WCW:

Courtesy of
"December 1- Hi guys! The rumor going around
town is that I have been released from WCW
as of late. All I can say is that WCW and
my agent have not been able to agree on much
in the way of a contract and that I hope that
things work out with them...but I also know
that everything happens for a reason and I
have a lot of options at the moment and, as
always, will just go with the flow of things!
I will be shooting with a fashion photographer
today in downtown Los Angeles and am looking
forward to it...this photographer is awesome!
Have ya checked out my profile on
.....Be sure to do so and I hope you like it!
(sorry, but no, I didn't shoot with them)
Later Gators!"
Written by reader: WHITEJMOD
I just want to share my memories about
watching Big Time Wrestling as a kid on TV
Channel 44 out of the Bay Area. I do remember
Jerry Monti. He had black hair and a mustache
and did wrestle Pat Patterson a couple of
times on TV. That is the same Pat Patterson
who is on the Monday Raw as a helper for
Vince McMahon.

Back to Jerry, I do remember that he did
wrestle Ray Stevens, who has passed away,
and he did team up with Tony Garea, who
works with the WWF. Most of all I just
want to wish Jerry Monti best wishes in
his recovery.
-Jonathan White
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Norman Smiley versus The Wall
*Hardcore Championship*
Screamin Norman got the three count after
Berlyn blasted Wall with the Hardcore strap.
Winner: Norman Smiley via pinfall
(Retained Hardcore Title)

--The Total Package entered the production
truck and had the technician rewind the tape
to find out that he would have to face Sid
in the main event. Throughout the evening,
Luger acted frightened, but agreed to the
match after finding out from the Powers
That Be that he would receive a title shot
on Nitro if he could defeat Sid. At one
point, Luger tried to escape, but his
tires had been flattened.

--Silver King challenged Dr. Death to a
match with the check Williams took after
the "Pinata" match on the line. Oklahoma
then volunteered Dr. Death to face Silver
King and some friends in a handicap match.

--Kaz Hayashi told Mene Gene that he does
his great (voice over) interviews with pure

--Mike Tenay announced that he has a meeting
with the Powers That Be, where he will ask
for an immediate suspension and large fine
be placed on Jeff Jarrett, who knocked out
Tenay with a guitar shot.

--The Bret Hart/Goldberg match at Starrcade
will be no DQ and there must be a winner.

Maestro versus Kaz Hayashi
The piano man ran for the back after seeing
David Flair whack the Kazmaster with a crowbar.
Winner: Kaz Hayashi via countout

--Big Vito and Johnny the Bull followed Disco
Inferno and Lash Leroux into the building.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. versus Buzzkill Buzzkill
was almost pinned early when he took one of
Chavo's for sell headphones and began
listening to music. He came back to nail
Chavo in the back with the briefcase for
the win. After the bell, Buzzkill took money
from the referee to buy a lamp from Chavo.
Winner: Buzzkill via pinfall

--Chris Benoit said that Jushin Liger is the
most technically sound wrestler in Japan,
but he would show him what "silent but
violent" was all about.

--Meng entered his dressing room. Lash Leroux
and Disco took Meng's sign off the door and
placed one with their names on it.

--In the back, Madusa promised to give
Karagias everything he wanted...and more.

Dr. Death versus Silver King/Villano IV/Villano V
Larry Zybysko walked away from the broadcast
booth, saying he would have nothing to do
with Oklahoma or his nonsense. Silver King
took the pinata check after Vampiro took
out Oklahoma. Williams put out one of the
Villanos with the Oklahoma Stampede.
Silver King jumped into a taxi that Luger
was trying to get into and took off.
Winner: Dr. Death via pinfall

Chris Benoit versus Jushin Liger
Juventud Guerrera, along with La Parka
and Psychosis, took the broadcast position.
Benoit was disqualified when the Luchadores
attacked Liger. Thunder and the Crippler
cleared the ring.
Winner: Jushin "Thunder" Liger via disqualification

--Buff Bagwell told Mene Gene that he would be
the man to take out Meng.

--Vito and Johnny the Bull entered what they
thought was Disco and Lash's dressing room, only
to get tossed around by Meng.

Buff Bagwell versus Meng
Meng took out Bagwell with the Tongan Death
Grip after interference by Vito and Johnny
the Bull, who were attacking both men.
Winner: Meng via pinfall

--Mona said she wanted to prove that she
deserves a title shot. Jarrett said that
he was the chosen one and that he would
finish what he started with Goldberg and
Dustin Rhodes on Nitro.

--It was announced that there would be a
three way match on Nitro between Madusa/Mona/
Evan Karagias on Nitro. If either one of the
women win, they get the Cruiserweight title
shot at Starrcade and if Karagias wins, he
does not have to defend the title.

Jeff Jarrett/Mona versus Evan Karagias/Madusa
Jarrett never wrestled in this match, instead
sitting on the outside. After being pinned
following a twisting corkscrew splash by
Karagias, Mona was laid out by Jarretts' guitar.
Winners: Evan Karagias/Madusa via pinfall

--The history of Bret Hart in WCW, culminated
by his world title victory at Mayhem, was shown.

--The Revolution once again stated why they
hated America and why the Revolution was better.
Saturn added his bit by saying they have two
Christmas' per year, and that happy hour is 10
hours long.

Disco Inferno/Lash Leroux versus Dean Malenko/Saturn w/Revolution
Douglas began by insulting Italians/New Yorkers,
which brought out Vito and Johnny the Bull, who
battled the Revolution until security intervened.
In the end, Malenko forced Leroux to submit to the
Texas Cloverleaf.
Winners: Revolution via pinfall

Sid versus Lex Luger
Bret Hart joined the broadcast booth for this
match. Liz tried to spray mace in the eyes of
Luger, who took the mace and sprayed it in Sid's
eyes. Luger then rolled up Sid, gaining a world
title shot on Nitro. However, Sid powerbombed
Luger after the bell.
Winner: Lex Luger via pinfall
Written by reader: Egg1poppa
Perhaps with ECW as the lone exception, WCW,
the WWF and professional wrestling in the United
States have been lacking in the promotion of
minority wrestlers. The Rock is the lone minority
exception that the major feds have to offer.

Latino wrestlers are doomed to mid-card status
due to the perceived language inferiority, while
Asian wrestlers all seem to suddenly turn Japanese
with an unbridled hatred of all things American.

It's a shame a Juvi/Liger matchup was ended with
an anti-Mexican stereotypical ending. Heck, even
the Rock's Samoan family background is stereotyped
as "savages" (the Wild Samoans). Talents such as
Chavo Guererro are ridiculed and relegated to
non Main Event status. Even a superstar such
as Taka Michinoku is turned into a buffoonish
anti-American heel.

When will these rascist promotions realize that
not only do they make these talented wrestlers
look bad, but by doing these disgusting angles,
they make all Americans look stupid,
shortsighted and naive.
Written by reader: Paul Haeckel (phaeckel)
Just a thought concerning the title change
in the match between Liger and Juvi....

Which scenario would be less preferable to
the Japanese organization and fans: that
Juvi is not able to beat Liger in a clean
match and resorts to the dastardly use of
the tequila bottle and Liger subsequently
rises above this and cleanly regains the
title against this underhandedness)

OR that Juvi cleanly wins against Liger,
proving that he is at least his equal. If
it's a given that the title change had to
take place because of various agreements
with all parties involved, it sounds to
me like Liger's, and the belt's reputation,
is tarnished much less (and perhaps even
bolstered) by the first scenario.

Certainly I have a lot more respect for a
wrestler who can win the belt cleanly
(which is one reason I dislike constant
run-ins and foreign objects so much).
-Paul Haeckel
Steve Appy responds:
The funny part is that Juventud Guerrera
would be a HUGE addition to the New Japan
Junior Heavyweight division. Juvi really
is that good, and potential matches against
Kanemoto & Ohtani would be tremendous. Any
of the three can have good matches with a
broomstick (to borrow a description once
used with Flair or Funk).

As long as the favor was returned I can't
imagine that Liger would have had any problem
putting Guerrera over clean. Did Russo really
feel that he was clever when he used a
Tequilla bottle as a gimmick?
Written by reader: JefJarrett
Finally Jeff Jarrett and Chris Benoit are
getting what they, and so many workers like
them deserve: A DECENT PUSH. So many times
Jarrett has been pushed to the brink of a
notable push to only be buried back in the
mid-card ranks. The problem so often cited,
Jarrett gets no Heat! Part of the problem
stemmed from who he was involved in feuds
against. Blackman, Venis, D-lo...the list
can go on and on, the point is WHO CARES!
Jarrett VS. Blackman would have anyone
running for the bathrooms or refreshment

What would it have taken to have Jeff bash
Austin over the head with a Guitar just
once? Even when (you know it would happen)
Austin gets revenge and beats the snot out
of him, Jeff would finally get some fan

The problem in my mind really didn't lie
with the bookers, they tried and tried to
get Jarrett over. Granted, the Aztec outfit
really wasn't my idea of instant stardom,
but it was well known that a Jarrett/Austin
or Jarrett/Rock feud was brought about only
to be shot down by the respective counterparts.
This left Jarrett mired in the life of a
mid-carder, fighting Blackman, Val Venis,
and such. True, Jarrett was given the IC
title, and was beginning to get heat, but
was not allowed to progress any further by
certain individuals with pull in the company.

Not that I don't agree with making your stars
happy, but that brings me to another topic.
Remembering where you came from.

Wrestling makes superstars, superstars (with
the exception of Hogan) do not make wrestling.
It is too obvious that many superstars think
they are bigger than the business. It can be
seen every night with an increasing number of
run-in endings, stories of who won't job to
who, and the list goes on. It seems that the
wrestlers who understand that wrestling made
them don't get too far until recently.

Look at Jarrett, and Benoit. Benoit has been
a consistent worker his whole career, never
complains, always does his job. He is JUST
finally beginning to become a main eventer.
And why, because no one ever wanted to put
him over. Jarrett was the same way, he knew
he was not bigger than the business. Case
in point, Unforgiven.

Jarrett was in no way obligated to wrestle that
show. He could have easily gone to WCW and
never have lost the IC championship. Instead
he wrestled the show and put Chyna over. He
has since gone to WCW and prospered. He is
getting involved in feuds with reputable people,
and for the first time on a consistent basis,
he hears what is music to his ears, the crowd
booing. A direct result of who he is matched
up against. Notice it never hurt the popularity
of Sid or Goldberg to be bashed with a guitar,
but it helps Jarrett tremendously. I commend
the entire WCW company, (this coming from a
WWF mark) it is nice to see those hard working
individuals, such as a Benoit or a Jarrett
finally start to get what they deserve. If
more wrestlers make an example of Benoit and
Jarrett, and remember what made them, maybe
wrestling will become more enjoyable for
Steve Appy responds:
I have mixed feelings about Jeff Jarrett's
potential. On paper it's a no-brainer.
Jarrett's a good worker, both experienced
& young (32 years old), not a bad talker
& doesn't use drugs.

At the same time I've rarely seen less reaction
for somebody that the audience SHOULD react to.
As good as anybody feels that Jarrett is, history
has shown that the audience just doesn't connect
with him. He's been given some pretty strong
pushes over the years and the end result was
always fan apathy. How many times did he hold
the Intercontinental title, five times? While he
got a strong heel reaction during his women
beating escapades, it seemed that the vile acts
were more responsible than anything Jarrett did

While I really hope that Jarrett will make it to
the next level I'm still skeptical. With Russo's
backing he'll never get a better chance.
Written by reader: Paul Stefanowicz (psflair@xxxxs...)
To respond to several inquiries as to the
sponsors "picking on" the WWF for removal
of their ad time, I would like to say
something. If someone (Vince McM) wants to be
considered the leading forerunner of a certain
kind of entertainment, then that party will
take the brunt of any flak toward that business.

Vince has stated in the past that (for sometimes
legal purposes) his show is not real, and is pure
entertainment. WCW has yet to do that. WWF has
made a public reputation for being raunchy at
times, WCW has not (YET). I have heard that
Coke will not pick on WCW since it is
Atlanta-based, but I don't necessarily agree
with that, being that revenue of WCW is
relatively small in the total Time Warner mix.
It is true that Atlanta companies would benefit
by other Atlanta companies doing well - goodwill
for the city, as well as a sharing of tax burden
- but I don't think that WCW proper is big
enough to warrant preferential treatment for this

I think WWF is paying a little now for their
reputation, and if WCW continues in this direction,
then they will pay the piper someday as well.
-Paul Stefanowicz
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