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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 421

Date:  Friday December 3rd, 1999  11:21 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
Dusty Rhodes returned to the wrestling
business when he debuted at the 12/2 ECW
on TNN taping in Atlanta. Early reports
are that he was involved in an angle with
Steve Corino which will eventually build
to a feud with longtime nemesis Terry Funk.

While Rhodes' in-ring time will likely be
limited, I would guess that a clever booker
(Paul Heyman) could build to something
productive with the very charismatic
"American Dream". Having Terry Funk
(even at this point) involved will give
Rhodes a chance to go out in style.

Meltzer revealed that Too Cold Scorpico
returned at the tapings as well,
alongside his new valet Jazz.
Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
As of the moment New Japan is still
recognizing Jushin "Thunder" Liger as
the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
The original plan was for Juvi to drop
the title to Liger at Thunder, a scenario
squashed when Guerrera injured his elbow
in Monday's match.

Since the belt was never shown on Nitro
(and there was no announcement made to
the crowd) it is believed that New Japan
will claim that the match was a non-title
affair; the only inference that this was
a title match was inferences made by the
WCW announcers.

Since Guerrera is slated to be out of
action for six weeks this may be the
only way to save the IWGP Junior
Heavyweight title match at the 1/4/2000
Tokyo Egg Dome show.
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)
This is in response to Egg1poppa's post
about minorities. I highly agree with him,
wrestling has been filled with stereotypical
gimmicks for years. You can go back and
find them throughout the history of wrestling.
Even now in the WWF we have the pimp
gimmick and the sexual beast gimmick.

But, I don't necessarily say that this is
out of racism. The bookers are playing to
the potential crowd response. If you look
back, whatever perceived crisis the United
States faces, whether foreign or internal,
wrestling has found a way to market it.
If the United States is at war or in conflict
with a nation, a heel supposedly from that
nation will magically appear to gain instant
heat from the crowd.

The booker's often use the common Americans
nationalist feelings or dislikes in order
to come up with these plots and gimmicks.
So in conclusion, the bookers will try to
get a response from the crowd by either
appealing to it or pissing it off.
Steve Appy responds:
Whenever a promoter uses the excuse that
they are "just giving the fans what they
want" it always seems like they are
trying to appeal to the lowest common

I can't think of a promotion that hasn't
used either race-baiting or stereotypical
characters at one point or another and
it's one of the more shameful aspects of
the business.
Written by reader: Todd O'Shea (poreresu@xxxxs...)
Let me first start off by saying that I
am a fan of WCW and have been even before
the two masters of script writing ever set
foot there. Benoit has always been one of
my favorite wrestlers and I watched the
horrible WCW programming that has gone on
TV in the past.

With the being said, I think I can start
the part where I bitch. I do like some
of the stuff that the two moneymakers have
written angle-wise so far. It has been
interesting. But, I am a long time fan
of Jushin Liger. I must say something
here. I can see (maybe) why an unclean
win for Juvi might be good. I know
certainly that on Japanese soil that
Juvi would have stood no chance at even
a title shot against Liger so damn quick.
This, like many others have said was an
immediate SHOT at the Japanese based New
Japan Pro Wrestling promotion, and if not
one at Liger himself.

In Japan, screwjobs are rare, and they
are certainly re-matched as quick as can
be booked, but they are never for a belt.
They let the talent speak when belts are
concerned, not the soap opera. That is
why I think that if the two in charge
have problems with one of the most
money-making promotions in the world
they are playing with something they
don't need to. I like Juvi, don't get
me wrong. Hell, I know that the bookers
don't like the Luchadors as well as the
Japanese people. They think that
American wrestling is the end to all.

The truth of the matter is, just like
real life guys, you must deal with
people of all races and types of
lifestyles different from your own.
This is where things like the public
degrading of Italians and many other
types of people like last night on
Thunder is just crap programming.
Paul Heyman didn't get where he is
calling people names, (Pillman did
that for him) and look at his

They don't need the dastardly duo
to make it. That's why I think that
all the Luchadors and NJPW needs to
sign with ECW like FMW did, and let
the United States be shown the same
great matches we miss that only happen
in Japan. In closing, all I hope
is that Liger gets his title back
and says the two most famous words
in the wrestling world, no, not SUCK
-Todd "Thunder" O'Shea
Written by reader: hill4455
I'm starting to get tired of everyone
complaining about what happened to Jushin
Liger and acting like the IWGP belt is
so prestigious and Japanese wrestling is
so great. Jushin Liger is not even that
good anymore. He is not better than Billy
Kidman or X-Pac. Also, he needs to take
off that clown outfit like Psychosis did.
Was he born in a circus?

I am a casual fan of Japanese wrestling
and I like some things about it.
However, it's not as great as some people
make it out to be. Japanese feds don't
compare to the feds we have over here.
All of their best wrestlers are wimpy
Cruiserweights. They wouldn't stand a
chance against a similarly sized
grappler like Rob Van Dam or someone
like Chris Jericho.

The only problem with WCW, WWF and
even ECW is the idiot bookers.
Steve Appy responds:
I would agree that at this point in
their careers that X-Pac is better than Liger (give Kidman some time). With the destroyed
ankle Liger is not the worker he once
was (a high impact style will do that
to you).

At the same time there are still very
few performers in the world that
consistently pull out **** matches on
a semi-regular basis. While Liger's
matches are enhanced by his opponents
(Kanemoto & Ohtani are two of the best)
he is still consistently involved in

Dave Meltzer remarked that X-Pac is the
best wrestler around that never seems to
have good PPV matches; while I realize
that working with Kane doesn't make for
a classic, the fact remains that X-Pac
is not yet in Liger's league. He's good
enough to be and in the ring he often
looks better, but he's still the classic
Written by reader: Kelly Monro (KellyMonro)
Censor-An examiner of printed or other
materials, who may prohibit what is
considered objectionable.

Prohibit-To forbid by authority.

Most pro wrestling newsletters you may
read concerning the WWF losing major
sponsors related to their offensive
content want you to believe that some
"right-wing" group is censoring the
WWF. That just is not the case.

All of us are censors to some extent.
However, from Webster's Dictionary,
not all of us fit that mold, nor do
"right-wing" groups. We all examine
things in our lives on a daily basis,
from newspapers, to music, movies,
television and other media/cultural
/religious perspectives. What most
of us do not have, however, is the
authority to do much about it when
it comes to censoring.

Sure, we can choose not to read the
paper, listen to particular music,
not buy tickets to a theater, etc,
but overall what have we changed by
our own censoring? Newspapers
nowadays purchase other newspapers
from the same town, city and suburb.
If you choose not to read a particular
slanted media outlet, most times you
are out in the cold because there are
no other voices that speak to you from
like-minded individuals in your city.
That is from a simple way of looking at
things. Then when lines are crossed that
you know are wrong, what recourse do you
really have? Changing the channel can
only do so much and that in itself
doesn't change a single thing
content-wise on some program you may
find objectionable.

When "NYPD Blue" first aired there
were major protests and many TV
stations around the nation refused
to show it. Even today in some
markets "NYPD Blue" cannot be seen.
The objectionable material people
protested against was the use of
crass language and naked butt-shots
from male and female cast members.
If people did nothing, if there
was no outcry, then those in
authority, those who know it is
a business and try to operate
their stations with positive
cash-flow, will air stuff that
they themselves may not watch,
nor even know what kind of content
appears in the show.

The protesters themselves had the
freedom to assemble and have their
views aired, BUT they did not have
the freedom nor the ability to change
the content, they had no authority.
So, in Webster's description of what
a "censor" is, they do not meet that
criteria. Only those in authority
can censor. The people can complain,
protest or support something, but
the people cannot themselves censor.

PTC, the "right-wing" activist group,
has no ability whatsoever to censor,
for they are not in authority of the
UPN network, nor sponsor the
programming. PTC is doing what we as
Americans have done, and will continue
to do until that freedom is taken away,
and that is to speak out. I applaud
them for doing so.

For the longest time it must be rightly
admitted that Mr. Vince McMahon, the
head honcho of the World Wrestling
Federation, has looked down in contempt
at those who dare to speak ill against
him or his business. He has been very
argumentative in the past and has done
nothing less than ridicule his detractors.
Why such a position from a powerful man?
Well, that speaks for itself, because he
is all-powerful, and can dictate to people
and arenas around the country how things
will be if you want to have a WWF show.
He has no one to answer to, except to
those that fill his wallet with millions
of dollars annually-no, not the fans that
purchase the posters and WWF merchandise,
but the sponsors themselves.

The WWF is a business. They now readily
call it "sports entertainment", and as
every business created, the only way for
it to remain is to make money. That means
making deals, contracts, and even allowing
others some access or suggestions, in some
instances in lieu for their continued support
of the business. Fans of the WWF cannot
censor the WWF. Your only role is to put
more money in McMahon's back pocket by
buying lot's of WWF stuff when you attend
a show, etc.

If you decide not to buy a certain product,
does that worry Vince & Co? Of course not,
he will order different products that you
may want to buy and stop the production of
items that for some reason just haven't caught
on with the buying public. That is some mild
form of censorship, however it is the only
authority given to you, the consumer. The
major sponsors have the authority to change
things in storyline content, but not you nor
I. All of the pay per views have a primary
sponsor that spend millions of bucks just for
the exposure, hoping you may be swayed to
pick up some M&Ms, or a case of pop on your
next visit to the concession stand and
grocery store.

At a PPV in England this past year it
was rumored that the WWF wanted to have
some "accidental nudity" on the program
by having a top ripped off a chick in
view of those whom paid to watch it live.
You did not see it, however, because the
sponsor--M&Ms--nixed that storyline. They
refused to pay their money for such content.
Vince listened to them and there was no
"accidental nudity".

The PTC, YMCA, Boy Scouts, or the Royal
Family themselves could have protested
against the created storyline, however
they would not have been in authority
to make sure such a thing didn't occur.
Only M&Ms had that authority to censor,
and censor they did.

Most if not all of the sponsors of the
WWF have no idea whatsoever what goes
on in the various shows it produces. I
am sure the USA network and UPN have a
better idea since for sure they must
watch every show before they air it, and
until individuals stand up and complain
loudly about what they are seeing, the
sponsors will believe that everything
is A-ok.

In the past month during a regular
afternoon soap opera, "Bold and the
Beautiful", an actress said the word
"goddamn" and it aired uncut across
the nation. The networks own censors
claimed they didn't hear the word and
they watched the show THREE times before
it aired but did not catch it either time.
Well, the viewers did, and the network was
flooded by thousands of complaint calls,
and CBS made a vow that such a "mistake"
would never happen again. The callers did
not have the authority to change content,
only CBS and their sponsors do. I am sure
they acted quickly so they would not lose
any of the valuable sponsors, and
rightfully so.

Contrary to most diehard wrestling fanatics
out there, the majority of those whom watch
television do not watch wrestling. They are
not fans of professional wrestling. And if
you honestly believe that most Americans
would stand beside you against the alleged
"censorship" from the PTC, you are quite
delusional. If Americans saw a program which
aimed itself at their kids, and heard Stone
Cold Steve Austin call himself the "baddest
son of a bitch alive", or see him flip the
bird at opponents and swig beer like some
neighborhood drunk in the middle of the ring
at the cheers of his "fans", there would be
more of an outrage.

If American's viewed The Rock, regardless
how charismatic he is, talk about "puntang
pie" and his mantra about "shining up the
sumbitch and shoving it sideways" up some
person's ass, there would be an outcry.
If America saw some dumbass black guy walk
out calling himself a Pimp, and following
behind him were a few "ho's", and everyone
in the arena recited his familiar lines
and cheered about joining "the ho' train"
there would be major complaints.

If America watched the WWF, WCW and ECW
nowadays, they would see grown adults acting
in the most immature of ways. No, not the
wrestlers or the valets, I am referring to
the fans, and all of this in full view of
children in the arena, and of course TV. When
guys scream out in a chant that reverberates
off the walls, "Show your tits!", and other
lewd obscenities that are not acceptable
behavior in society, then there should be
more of an upheaval of disgust. The only
recourse that we as a people have when crap
like the aforementioned is displayed is to
write the sponsors. We have no power to
censor. The sponsors do. And for some
dimwits who will lie and tell me that
the WWF is not aimed at children, all
I have to do is point at the advertising.
For Smackdown, the majority of commercials
are from video game makers. In one
commercial, The Rock even tells Santa
(while both have their pants around their
ankles, sitting in stalls on a toilet),
that he was going to shove something up
Santa's ass. And this is for some WWF
video game.

Clearly some sponsors don't give a damn
about what we call decency anymore, and
even the children are exposed to
objectionable material in commercials! If
America viewed the bleeped words, such as
"asshole" and worse, there would be an
outcry for a change. If American's saw
Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry's
"sex-addiction" skits, where he claimed
he lost his virginity at the age of 5
or so to his own sister, and that he
is still screwing her today, it would
infuriate the public.

There would be more protests made
concerning a "porn star" as a wrestler,
whom always makes ridiculous sexual remarks,
even his finishing move is called the
"money-shot", a term used to describe
when a man pulls his penis from a woman
in porno's and ejaculates somewhere on
her body. Foam hands can be bought for
the little kiddies too that already have
the middle finger erected in case they
don't know how to do that yet! How

Skits that involve oral sex, rape, other
abuses of women by men, cancer, some guy
whom is supposed to be dead, and satanic
in nature, etc. would alarm most people
if they saw it, and such things are
commonplace in the WWF now. But of
course the true wrestling fan defends
that, however, I am sure they would
scream loudly if the WWF decided to
have a real casket match, with fake
Owen Hart and Andre the Giant caskets
put in the ring, and the winner would
be whomever made noise first or something,
or if a skit involved Big Boss Man taking
a leak on Owen's headstone. None of that
stuff comes close to the offensiveness
which Vince has allowed over the airwaves
in the name of "entertainment".

Yes, the channel can be turned. But if
stuff like the WWF produces is not
protested against, then another show on
another network will push the envelope
even further, to where pretty soon, there
would be nothing that is NOT offensive
on TV to watch. Fox could decide to air
porno movies, and I am sure it would be
the biggest draw in the history of American
TV, but to say to "just turn the channel"
is not good enough. Some things are just
plain wrong. Period.

It's time to clean up wrestling to the point
where it is once again something which can
be viewed by grandparents and kids alike.
I have read many accounts where wrestling
fans are now turning away from the sport,
simply because of everything I have brought
up. The WWF does not need to be offensive to
be good. And I feel unless Vince makes the
moral choice of toning some things down that
we will begin to see the decline of a sport
we all love. The NFL is not offensive, and
they draw bigger numbers than the WWF does.
Less offensive does not mean boring
television, does it?

I support the PTC for standing up and protesting.
Coke can stay and sponsor the WWF if they like.
That is their right. But it is our right also
to buy Pepsi if Coke supports programming we
don't believe needs to be as offensive. And that
babe is the bottom line. Write me if you so wish.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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