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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 422

Date:  Saturday December 4th, 1999  4:37 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported at:
Ross claimed that Trish Stratus turned down "a very lucrative deal"
from WCW before signing with the WWF; Ross once again stated that D'lo
Brown has another 18 months on his WWF contract; Ken Shamrock has
received clearance to return to the ring on December 17th.
Reported by Wade Keller at:
WCW is planning on bringing back the Varsity Club, a second string heel
stable from 1988/89 WCW. Managed by the "evil Taskmaster" Kevin
Sullivan, the VC originally consisted of Sullivan, Florida Champion
Rick Steiner and TV Champion Mike Rotunda. All of the stable members
were billed as All American collegiate athletes, complete with the
letter jackets of their respective alumni.

After Sullivan booted resident whipping boy Rick Steiner from the group
he was replaced by Steve "Dr. Death" Williams & Danny Spivy. Although
the VC consisted of some solid workers (at the time), the gimmick never
really caught on (their top victory was a NWA World Tag Team victory
over The Road Warriors).

WCW is planning to bring the group back with Steve Williams, Rick
Steiner, and a returning Kevin Sullivan (making him the third WCW
performer this year to return from an advertised retirement). Keller
speculates that Hacksaw Jim Duggen will be worked into the picture as
well (oh no!).
Reported by Dave Meltzer & Vince Russo at:
After earlier speculation that the Liger/Guerrera title change would be
declared invalid, Psychosis has stepped into the picture.

Plans call for Psychosis to substitute for the injured Juventud Guerrera
Jr. this Monday (12/6) on Nitro, leading to Liger regaining the strap.

While Psychosis is as good a substitution as any, this is a
controversial move as it concerns the lineage of the IWGP Junior
Heavyweight Championship. New Japan appears to be sticking their heads
in the sand, as there has yet to be an official announcement/statement
on their part concerning the situation.
Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
*Kakihara & Marufuji d Shiga & Kanemaru
*Honda dIzumida
*Fuchi & Eigen & Kikuchi d Kimura & Momota & Hashi
*Albright d Inoue
*Omori & Takayama & Shigab d Ace & Burton & Hawkfield *Vader & Smith &
Mossman d Misawa & Ogawa & Asako

*Kobashi & Akiyama b Hansen & Taue to win the annual tag team
tournament when Akiyama pinned Taue with the Exploder
Live in Salina, Kansas
Reported by Jake & Curt Creighton at:
Curt Hennig defeated Disco Inferno
- Lots of boos for Hennig. He won pretty convincingly with the Hennig

Even Karagias over The Maestro
- Evan won this non-title match with a twisting splash from the top
rope. Both guys received nice reactions.

- The Barbarian defeated Prince Iaukea
- "Boring" chants rang out in this one. The Barbarian won with his big
boot to the face.

Jushin Thunder Liger over Psychosis
- I was blown away that Liger was there. He got the win in this fast
paced match.

Jeff Jarrett beat Dustin Rhodes
- Jarrett was nearly booed out of the building. The crowd was throwing
things at him the entire time. Dustin hit the Shattered Dreams kick at
one point, but caught hit with the Stroke as the ref pulled a chair
away from him.

Creative Control over Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Chavo Guerrero Jr.
- The suits won with interference from Curt Hennig. The crowd was
solidly behind Duggan's team.

Chris Benoit defeated Ric Flair
- Big pops for both guys, but Ric turned into the heel and had the
crowd booing him. This was a really good
match that ended when Benoit hit the headbutt off the top for the pin.

Bret Hart over Sting
- Curt Hennig and Creative Control did a run-in early, but the match
was restarted. Sting's leg was injured during the
attack and Bret capitalized by hooking on the Sharpshooter.

- A pretty good show. The building was nowhere near sold out, but the
crowd was really into it.
Written by reader: Mike Lano (WReaLano)
Dr. Mike Update: Sorry to have to report this-Jerry didn't even last
that long. Jerry Monti passed away, at only age 57, this morning
(12/3) at 5 am from liver cancer.

By Kaiser, to clarify, I mean Kaiser HMO/Hospital, who the family may
sue because they refused and put off necessary tests last spring when
cancer might've been detected and something done. By stalling to
contain costs, they allegedly caused Jerry to suffer and get too far to
save with conventional means (radiation, chemo, etc).

Great actress/comedian Madelyn Kahn, died of cancer today at the exact
same age. And former lady wrestling legends, Mary Jane Mull and Mae
Weston died recently too.
Written by reader: John Pelan (jpelan)
Regarding hill4455's critique of Jushin Liger in WBS #421:
I usually don't bother responding to letters, but Steve was far too
conciliatory... Jushin Liger is still one of the best workers in the
world. The ankle injury took away a lot of his high-flying but he
adapted his style to a more mat-oriented approach and has excelled at
it. If you don't like the costume, this simply demonstrates a lack of
appreciation for a great tradition in Japan and Mexico...

Steve jumped in with a well-meaning, but wrong-headed defense of
Waltman and Kidman, two very talented grapplers that have yet to really
rise above theCru Scale of "8". Here's why, what Kidmen does, he does
very well, but it's a very predictable move-set that hasn't had any
degree of innovation for months.

Waltman has yet to show that he can successfully carry an inferior
opponent to a **** or, if given an opponent of comparable skill, take
it up a notch to *****. One can make the argument that the format of
WWSE doesn't really allow for him to do so, but we have to go with what
we've seen him do, not what we think he CAN do.

As for "wimpy" cruiserweights, I suggest that our Web-TV friend try
watching one of Liger's matches with El Samurai and ask himself how
"wimpy" these guys are. This is not to take anything away from either
Jericho or Van Dam, but neither man has attained the Liger level of
excellence as yet.
-Old School John
Workrate Cru
Written by reader: JKASMULDER
As far as Jeff Jarret is concerned, he has all of the characteristics
of a main-eventer. His problem, in my opinion, has always been his
gimmick. When they brought Jarrett back into the WWF this last time
around, he interviewed as a normal guy who was tired of gimmicks like
the "country singer" and the like.

The gimmick it appeared they were going for on that occasion was a real
grabber. I personally was excited about Jarrett for the first time
ever. Then, he came out in that pro-NWA persona, and that killed my
buzz (almost permanently). His bit in the WCW now isn't much better
than the one he left the WWF with, and I wasn't crazy about that one,

What the WWF needs, and what Jarrett could have pulled off with no
effort at all, is another "white-hat" in the same tone as Bret Hart was
before he became anti-American.

It's funny, but I keep reading reports that the WWF needs more heels,
but it appears to me that is all they have is heels. It's just they
are fan favorites because of their heel qualities. They all cheat,
they all disregard the rules, they all do really low things to get
their opponents...and that's fine. I like the WWF very much, but their
personalities need a counter, because they are all starting to blur
together. Jarrett could have been that counter.

So, I guess that I am saying that I don't think that Jarrett's problem
in getting heat comes from who they pair him up with, or any problem
that he has personally in the charisma department, but it is the
gimmicks that completely suck. As Steve so aptly pointed out, on
paper, he is a sure bet. Put some effort into his character and there
is no telling how far he would go.
Written by reader: UltraViruz
I can not take it anymore! People are downing the WWF, WCW, ECW,
whatever it is! People have to be so uptight! People don't like the
sexual content, the language, this and that. SPARE ME! All I read now
is complaints about wrestling, but quit complaining, wrestling is
perfectly fine. It's bigger than its ever has been.

People get the idea that just because people have good interviews that
they can not wrestle. Specifically a post from some guy writing from
London saying "The Rock" is not a good wrestler. Well, The Rock is one
of the best wrestlers in the WWF. He wrestles and puts electricity into
it. Trademark moves by Rocky would be DDT, Samoan Drop, Peoples Elbow,
and Rock Bottom. And that new short-arm Spinebuster is awesome!

Even you, Steve, said that using characters race-baiting is shameful.
Well, it is all part of the show. People take wrestling too serious. If
you think it is shameful, why watch it? Oh, and this PTC is
ridiculous. If they are so worried about their children watching it, or
other children, suggest buying that program that blocks the show out.
There are other ways to stop a show from being profane than trying to
take it off the air! Give me a break! I have never seen so many big
sponsors leave the WWF in such a long time. Especially I don't think
they would be doing this if the PTC wouldn't have spoken up.

This is a ratings war. Why people have to get all serious over
wrestling is beyond me. It is no longer a show for little kiddies. This
is for mature teens and up. If parents bring or let their kids see a
WWF Television show knowing what the T.V rating of it is, than the
parents should be blamed.
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