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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 424

Date:  Monday December 6th, 1999  9:51 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

The New Age Outlaws (c) versus Too
Cool w/Rakishi Phatu
This match ended in a DQ when the
Holly cousins hit the ring and
attacked Too Cool. Hardcore planted
Rakishi Phatu with a DDT on a chair.
Winners: Too Cool via disqualification

--Stephanie McMahon was seen arriving
at the arena, followed by the clip
from Smackdown where she made her
father and brother promise that they
would stay out of her business with

--Mankind thanked the fans for making
his book number one. He then called
out Al Snow, who said that the fans
and the Rock did not care about him.
He also said that the fans only cared
about him "throwing himself off the
cage" in his Hell in a Cell match
with the Undertaker. Snow said that
as a friend, he could not stand by
and allow Mankind to become a suck
up to the Rock.

Mankind said that he liked being a
part of the Rock N Sock Connection.
Mankind said that Rock n' Sock was
better than he and Al Snow. Snow
then said he would find a partner
to beat Mankind and the Rock. Snow
also admitted to throwing his book
in the trash, and not the Rock.
The two then began fighting until
referees broke it up.

--Stephanie assured Vince that she
knew what she was doing as far as
HHH goes. She was then seen
standing outside the dressing room
of DX. Once in, she tried to
convince HHH to sign annullment
papers. Instead of signing the
papers, he just said that he would
look over them, and tried to
convince her to get in the shower
with him.

The Hardy Boyz w/Terri versus
Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman
Blackman cracked Jeff in the back
of the head with a stick, allowing
Angle to make the pin for the win.
Winners: Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman via pinfall

Val Venis versus D'Lo Brown
*Number One Contender For European Title*
The Possee and the British Bulldog
interfered, attacking both men.
Winner: No Contest

--The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young,
who will be at the Billboard Music
awards were in the back trying to
talk "cool."

Godfather versus Prince Albert
The world's biggest pimp put down
the Prince with the HO train.
Winner: Godfather via pinfall

--HHH said he knew how the fans felt
about him, but was confused how
they felt about Stephanie because
some people were calling her a slut
and whore. He then claimed to be
madly in love with her and he does
not like the fans ruining something
beautiful. He said Stephanie was not
a slut and said that he was torn up
about having anullment papers in his
hand. Stephanie came out and told
HHH that he was an insincere S.O.B.

HHH said that if he beats her dad at
Armageddon, he gets a title shot,
and if Vince wins, he will sign the
anullment papers. Stephanie agreed,
but HHH wanted to hear it out of
Vince's mouth. Because of the
restraining order, Vince had to
stay fifty feet away from the ring.
Vince agreed to the terms of the
match. HHH, instead of a handshake,
sealed his deal by kissing Stephanie.

--In the back, Mankind offered to
give Vince some tips of how to
wrestle an "Anything Goes Match".

Hardcore Holly w/Crash Holly
versus Rakishi Fatu
Fatu made easy work of Holly with
a Bonzai Drop off the ropes. Too
Cool and Fatu then danced.
Winner: Rakishi Fatu via pinfall

--Michael Cole introduced B.B.,
one of the four participants in
the four-way dance for the women's
title at Armageddon. Ivory came out
and insulted B.B. about the size
of her breasts. Jackie then came
out and reminded Ivory that she
beat her in the Gravy Bowl match
and could beat her again. Chyna
then came out and announced that
Miss Kitty would be the fourth
participant in the Evening Gown
match. Kitty was upset because
she revealed that she does not
wear underwear.

--In the back, the Big Show and
Viscera were battling, with
Viscera splashing the champion
through a table.

Kane (w/Tori) /Test versus HHH/X-Pac
Kane caught X-Pac in midair, who
was attempting the Bronco Buster,
and threw him halfway across the
ring. After a low blow, HHH hit
The Pedigree on Test for the win.
Winners: Degeneration X via pinfall

Big Show (c) versus Viscera
*WWF Championship*
Show retained the title after a
(lame) dropkick from the top rope.
After the bell, the Show watched on
the Titan Tron as the Bossman had
the Big Show's mother reveal to
him and the world that Paul Wight
is an illegitimate "bastard" child.
The Big Show then talked to his Mom
on the phone, telling her what this
has done to him.
Winner: Big Show via pinfall
(Retained WWF Title)

Mankind/Rock vs. Chris Jericho/Al Snow
The New Age Outlaws interfered, and
in the end, Al Snow slipped in and
laid Foley out with Head, screaming
that he was Mick' real friend and
not The Rock.
Winner: None Announced
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Jeff Jarrett told Mene Gene that he
was the chosen one and did not need
the Powers That Be or the Outsiders.
He then challenged Dustin Rhodes to
a Bunkhouse Brawl at Starrcade,
saying that Rhodes has screwed him
out of his destiny (the WCW World
Championship). He then challenged
anyone in WCW, including Mike Tenay.
Tenay came out and told Jarrett
that he would take matters into his
own hands.

Jarrett said he did not need a
lawsuit and wanted to chalk up
last week as a misunderstanding.
When Tenay turned around, Jarrett
attacked, putting him in the
Figure Four until Goldberg made the
save. Big Vito and Johnny the Bull
promised Tony Marinera they would
get Leroux and Disco tonight.

Curt Hennig talked Vince Russo
into hiring Curly Bill (at
minimum wage). Rhonda Singh then
busted in and wanted to know who
to talk to about getting an

--In the woods, Fit Finlay made
Brian Knobbs take off his clown
suit and told him even though he
crippled him that he would show
him (Knobbs) the way.

Norman Smiley versus Rhonda Singh
*Hardcore Championship*
Singh answered an open challenge
that Norman made, only to be put
down after being put through a
Winner: Norman Smiley via pinfall

--David Flair forced the piano
lid of the Maestro down on his
head when the music man was
tuning his instrument. The
Maestro then frantically looked
for Symphony.

--Vince Russo told Psychosis
and La Parka that Jushin Liger
is entitled to a return shot
at the IWGP Junior Heavyweight
title, and since Juventud
Guerrera was out with a broken
arm that Psychosis and La Parka
would fight in the office, and
whoever walked out would face
Liger. The two were still
fighting when the show went to
a commercial.

--Elizabeth hesitantly allowed
Lex Luger into her dressing room,
where the Package was explaining
to Liz that they were better as a
team. Liz agreed and then poured
champagne on Luger.

--Tony Marinera answered his door,
thinking he was answering to a
pizza man, but instead Disco
Inferno and Lash Leroux entered,
and proceeded to tie and gag
Merinera before tar and
feathering him.

Johnny the Bull and Big Vito
were trying to convince Fyre and
Tygress to play strip poker, who
were cheating to gain the upper
hand on the henchman.

Psychosis versus Jushin "Thunder" Liger
*IWGP Junior Championship*
Liger regained his strap after
rolling Psychosis up. After the
bell, La Parka smashed Psychosis
with a chair.
Winner: Jushin "Thunder" Liger
via pinfall (Regained IWGP Junior

--Mona told Mene Gene that she
was more than just T&A, and
wanted to prove that she could
compete in a man's world.

Evan Karagias vs. Madusa vs. Mona
Karagias left the broadcast
booth to help Madusa, who
was on her back, only to be
rolled up by his girlfriend,
propelling her to face Karagias
at Starrcade.

Jarrett then hit the ring, and
took out Madusa with a chair shot
before challenging Goldberg to a
match for later in the night.
Winner: Madusa via pinfall
(Earned shot for Cruiserweight
Title at PPV)

--Vampiro and Jerry Only told
Mene Gene that the nightmare for
Oklahoma (who would be calling
his own play by play during the
match) and Dr. Death would begin

Oklahoma/Dr. Death versus Jerry Only/Vampiro
Vampiro was hit by a boot, courtesy
of Oklahoma, two standing
clotheslines by Dr. Death, and then
put out by a elbow drop off of the
bottom rope by OKLAHOMA.
Winners: Oklahoma/Dr. Death via pinfall

--Scott Hall told Mene Gene that
he would put Sting in the trash.
Hall also said that he invented
the ladder match, but felt he would
have a night off at Starrcade
because Chris Benoit would not make
it through Kevin Nash tonight.

Bret Hart versus The Total Package
*World Heavyweight Championship*
Liz came to ringside, but left
with Sting when the Stinger told
her to choose between himself and
Luger. She left with Sting as the
Hitman forced the Package to
submit to the Sharpshooter.
Winner: Bret Hart via submission
(Retained World Title)

--Russo told La Parka that his
only job was to hit people with
a chair at his command. Russo
then told Harlem Heat that they
would receive a shot for the Tag
Tites at Starrcade. La Parka
and Creative Control then
attacked the brothers.

--David Flair had a psychotic
episode in the building while
holding Symphony hostage.

Jerry Flynn then laid out
another open challenge for
anyone to face him in the

Aysa w/Revolution versus Midnight
The Revolution rolled up the
American flag and unveiled the
flag of the Revolution (who
were all wearing all-black
S.W.A.T. team type of outfits)
blaming America for turning
their back on the Revolution.
There was a DQ when the
Revolution interfered. Hacksaw
Duggan tried to help but was put
down and the Revolution flag was
draped over him.
Winner: Midnight via disqualification

--Roddy Piper entered the arena
and went on his usual rants. Larry
Zybysko asked Mike Graham if he
knew why he was to meet the Powers
That Be.

Roddy Piper versus Creative Control
Since Piper reffed his own match,
and he insisted on patting both men
down and then telling them that it
was an I Quit match with no rules,
after he kicked one in the groin
and poked the other in the eye. In
the end, after Goldberg put one of
the men down with the jackhammer,
Piper forced the other to say "I
Quit" (Piper was choking him with
a belt). After the bell, Goldberg
told Piper that they were even.
Winner: Roddy Piper via decision

Dustin Rhodes versus Meng
Meng took the win by DQ when
Jarrett interfered. Rhodes tried
to kick a field goal in Jarrett's
crotch, but the Outsiders hit the
ring and Rhodes was powerbombed
as Jarrett nailed Meng with a guitar.
Winner: Meng via disqualification

--Larry Zybysko told Vince Russo
that Thunder was bad because none
of the stars like Goldberg or Sting
were on the show. Russo said that
would change this week. Zybysko
then bad mouthed Hennig. Russo
responded by telling Zybysko he
would face Hennig in the ring
tonight with the stipulation
that if Zybysko wins, Russo goes
back to where he came from, and if
Hennig wins, Zybysko loses his
job as an announcer and will be
out of WCW altogether.

Larry Zybysko versus Curt Hennig
w/Shane (Curly Bill)
While the referee was down, Arn
Anderson nailed Shane and Hennig
with a baseball bat. Zybysko won
the match, but Creative Control
forced Charles Robinson to watch
the replay. Robinson reversed the
decision, giving the match to Hennig.
Winner: Curt Hennig via reverse decision

Chris Benoit versus Kevin Nash
Scott Hall, who was doing commentary
from atop a ladder at ringside,
interfered, just as the referee was
calling for the bell, after Nash was
tapping to the Crippler Crossface.
The Crippler held the Outsiders off
for a short time, but was then beat
down until Sid made the save.
Winner: Chris Benoit via disqualification

--Sting told Mene Gene that he was
not sure about Liz, but was sure that
he has always been one step ahead of
The Total Package his entire career.

--Big Vito and Johnny the Bull
challenged Disco and Leroux to come
to the ring. Instead, the two dancers
that set them up last week came to the
ring. Disco and Lash then attacked
from behind, but were put down by
Marinera and his steel pipe. Johnny
and Vito then left the arena with
Disco and Lash over their shoulders
while the theme music from "The
Godfather" played. While
celebrating that they finally got
the two, Disco and Lash took off in
their car.

--While looking for Symphony, Maestro
walked into the "block" and was
destroyed by Jerry Flynn. David
Flair then opened the door, layed out
Flynn with the tire iron and let
Symphony see her man unconscious
on the floor.

--Nick Patrick said that due to
the abuse that the referees have
been taking that everyone would
be barred from ringside unless
they have legal papwerwork.

Scott Hall versus Sting
w/Elizabeth (who had legal paperwork)
Nash was ousted from the broadcast
position after he choked Sting with
the microphone cord. Sting took the
match with the Scorpion Deathlock
after Liz sprayed Hall in the eyes
with mace.
Winner: Sting via submission

--In midring, David Flair told
Maestro to come and get Symphony.
Instead, Flair got DDP, who put the
Diamond Cutter on him. He then
denied rumors that he wanted out
of his contract so that he could
go the WWF. He said it was about
loyalty and even though some
close to him have not been loyal,
he would be.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Sid Vicious
This match ended when the
Outsiders, Chris Benoit, Jeff
Jarrett, Creative Control and
Bret Hart all entered the ring.
A fight ensued until security
intervened. Nick Patrick then
grabbed an interview and said
that he, the other referees and
security were gone, so he
suggested that they make the main
event a lumberjack match.
Winner: No Contest

Goldberg versus Jeff Jarrett
*Lumberjack Match*
Goldberg ran to the ring because
the prior fight was still going on
after the commercial. Jarrett
tried to leave the arena, but
Green Bay Packers Jermaine Smith,
Gilbert Brown, and Santana Dodson
blocked the rampway while Dustin
Rhodes threw Jarrett in. Roddy
Piper, the only ref left in the
building, became the enforcer on
the inside. As expected, the
lumberjacks battled on the
outside. After Bret Hart hit
Jarrett with the title belt,
Goldberg hit the Spear and
Jackahmmer for the win.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

Ricks Comments:
--I could have gone the rest
of my life without seeing Oklahoma
in tights, let alone all of that
hair on his back.

--Jushin Liger still is and always
will be one of the greatest.

--It was great to see Larry Zybysko
and Arn Anderson standing side by
side again.

--I really miss the Nitro Girls

--Meng looks better with the braids
.....that afro sucks.

--Piper was entertaining tonight
.....for the first time in awhile.

--My aunt is a therapist....I might
forward her number to David Flair.

--Sting has never needed anyone by
his side, I dont know why of all
people to have with him he would
choose Liz.

--You dont really think of that
often...but there are alot of HUGE
men in why not
find some referees that are little
bit bigger?!?!?!?

--Since when did WCW start relying
on instant replay?

--I have always said Jeff Jarrett
has alot of talent...but I just don't
feel he is main event material.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
WWF Smackdown!: 4.6
WCW Thunder: 2.0
Written by reader: HBKFan75

This from the MSG results from WBS #423:
"The Hardyz came out to boos and 'we
want Terri' chants..."

This is just sad. Matt and Jeff Hardy
go out there nearly every night of the
week and put their bodies on the line
with their crazy, high-flying moves and
people won't cheer them because they
don't have a hot chick accompany them
to the ring. Give me a break!

If people are going to call themselves
wrestling fans, they need to start
recognizing talent when they see it!
When the Hardyz come to the ring, with
or without Terri, the place should
explode for no reason other than the
fact that these guys are the BEST in
tag team wrestling.

It just doesn't get any better than
the Hardy Boyz. They should be getting
pops bigger than any other team in the
business! Give the Hardy Boyz the
credit they've worked so hard for!
They deserve a huge pop just out of
respect for what they do every night to
entertain us. As the late Owen Hart
used to say, "Enough is enough and
it's time for a change!"
Steve Appy responds:
I think the Hardyz actually are over
with the fans far more than their
positioning would suggest. Should they
have been booed at MSG? If the fans in
attendance really didn't like them, why

Fan reaction in wrestling is often not
related to actual ability (I daresay it
rarely is). I would like to think that
the reaction the Hardyz received may have
been the exception since there are
plenty of other indications that both
men are huge fan favorites.
Written by reader: MJenk32306
Why is the Rock treated like a demigod?
I mean, the Rock may be popular, but
I'm sick and tired of hearing the Rock's
catch phrases. The Rock's Internet
praise-team and the like. I mean, does
anyone know four moves that the people's
jobber can do BESIDES The Rock Bottom,
Elbow, Samoan Drop, DDT. (Please E-Mail
me back with a response.)
Steve Appy responds:
The Rock gets his response because he's
the most charismatic performer to hit
the business in years. You're right,
he doesn't have a huge arsenal of
maneuvers (not that it really matters
these days.).

While I personally enjoy Steve Austin's
character more than the Rock's there is
no denying that he's the next (or already)
big thing. If the "next Hogan" has to
be The Rock it doesn't bother me a whole
lot, we've seen worse in the spot.
Written by reader: WildManFan
This is in response to the things that
hill4455 has said about the Japanese
style of wrestling. First of all, I
think that you should be a lot more
exposed to the style that the Japanese
do as well as all types of professional
wrestling in order to be called a true
"wrestling fan." Never limit yourself
as far as wrestling is concerned. Watch
everything you can get your hands on.
I think that you have grown up in the
90's style of wrestling. Personally,
the Japanese style is the best because
it is shown and proven through the
performance in the United States.

If the Japanese style wasn't the best,
where do you think moves like the Asai
Moonsault came from? What about moves
like Power Bombs, Senton Splashes,
Frankensteiners, kicks, Missle Dropkicks
and the Shooting Star Press comes from?
They comes from Japan.

Also, almost every single pro wrestler
that is American goes to Japan to train
and learn moves. You don't see them go
to Mexico. Top American stars like
Kidman, X-Pac, Chris Benoit, 2 Cold
Scorpio, Bradshaw, Tajiri, Rob Van Dam,
Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn, Sabu, Vader,
Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris
Jericho, DDP, Goldberg, Scott Norton
and Sting go to Japan to get experience,
training, and learn skills. Even the
Hardy's use the Japanese style in their

Then you say that Japanese wrestlers can't
beat American wrestlers. Look at Kensuki
Sasaki, Masahiro Chono, Hiryoshi Tenzan,
Great Muta, Hayabusa, Mitsuharu Misawa,
Kenta Kobashi, Nobuiko Takada, and Antonio
Inoki. All of these men are greats that
are over 6 feet in height, very skilled,
built and can destroy any American
wrestler anytime. If you don't know who
these people are, your ass better call
Steve Appy responds:
While I agree that tours in Japan can be a
huge asset for the training/seasoning of a
wrestler I wouldn't call it a magic potion
that transforms a performer into a capable
worker. For every Chris Benoit that
graduates from the New Japan dojo we also
see a Bryan Adams. The workrate in New
Japan/All Japan is far superior to any
promotion in the United States, and the
main reason is that emphasis is placed
on presenting compelling matches.
Written by reader: Kevin Cooper (bootsy5)
Usually when I write to the newsletter,
I try to have a lot to say. However, I
just have a question I was hoping one
of the readers could answer. What kind
of world do we live in where Viscera
gets a title shot on RAW, six days before
a PPV where the Big Bossman is fighting for
the title. I am left without words.

Kevin Cooper
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