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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 425

Date:  Tuesday December 7th, 1999  7:24 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
1st Hour: n/a 3.8
2nd Hour: 5.6 2.8
3rd Hour: 6.3 2.5
Composite: 6.0 3.0

ECW on TNN (12/3) 1.0
WWF Live Wire (12/4 1.3
WCW Saturday Night (12/4) 1.5
WWF Superstars (12/5) 1.7
WWF Heat (12/5) 4.1
Reported by Wade Keller at:
This coming Thursday night (12/9), WCW
personalities Roddy Piper, Sting, Madusa
& Bobby Heenan will be the featured
guests on Bill Maher's `Politically
Incorrect'. Shown late night on ABC,
all four guests will have the
opportunity to shine (and potentially
embarrass themselves). Roddy Piper may
be the one to watch…
Written by reader: Maddux4401
I just wanted to say that the WWF
changing the content in their program
is going to hurt their ratings more then
if it was the same. They are so big
right now that losing Coke and M&M
shouldn't mean that they should change
their approach to television.

I understand that they might want to
change for UPN because it is network
broadcasting but they shouldn't change
RAW. In school today I talked to a lot
of people who were upset with the
changes, like when the Road Dogg
changed his speech and when there was
no Val Venis joke, even the bleeps when
Triple H was talking about Stephanie.

I think if it is not broke then don't
fix it, and with the ratings the WWF
has been getting, nothing is broke.
I was very upset with the changes and
if they keep it up they will lose many
viewers, though not myself because I
am a wrestling fan no matter what. I
will say that the shows are more
exciting with the "inappropriate
Steve Appy responds:
The WWF really has little choice if
they want to retain a long-term
television presence. Advertisers
were falling like dominoes, and worse
yet, a few of them actually bothered
watching WWF programming! While the
"WWF attitude" comes off great on a
playground it usually comes off as
depraved in a corporate environment.

This could be a blessing in disguise
for the WWF; after all, if they really
are forced to bypass constant sexual
innuendos and bizarre symbolism they
will be forced to actually improve the
foundation of their storylines. Solid
stories can keep the WWF from joining
each year's collection of leftover
fads; becoming more and more outrageous
will (debatably) only quicken their

You don't really have to worry, though.
As soon as the WWF feels the focus
shifting elsewhere they will return to
pushing the boundaries of good taste,
and then act indignant when a critic
has the nerve to call them on it.
Written by reader: Paul Tringali (paulie_9@xxxxs...)
This reader is confused....Can someone
please explain to me why the Big Show
is even the champ???? The wave that
the WWF is riding now is unbelievable!!!
The way the Rock holds the crowd every
night in the palm of his hands. The way
HHH can make everyone chant the famous
A@##$^*& word whenever he grabs the mike.
Hell, even Mick Foley get everyone out
of the seats when you hear that car crash
when steps out. All of these guys are
worthy of the gold. All headline faces.
I could even think of a few more would
be champs that would be better right
now (can anyone say Chris Jericho??)

Instead, we are forced to see a man
who has nothing but size to him.
Granted, it is impressive to see
someone that size do some of the
things he does, but come on!!! Big
Show does not even headline Raw or
Smackdown!!! Last night on Raw we got
to see Viscera against The Big Show.
Wooppee!!!! Can anyone truly say they
are looking forward to Big Boss Man
and Paul Wight this Sunday at
Armageddon for the gold??? If you need to get a life.

So all this humble reader is saying is
let the People's Champ get back what's
his. Let the Big Red Machine have the
belt one more time. Anyone but the Big
Freak Show!!!!
Steve Appy responds:
Why was Paul Wight given the opportunity
at Survivor Series? Why not Test, or

Paul Wight is signed to a 10-year contract
with a $900,000 a year downside guarantee.
The Big Show will be pushed for years, no
matter what, because the WWF needs to
justify their investment in him. Pretty
basic, right?

All of you who cite his uninspired workrate
and rapidly expanding waistline as evidence
that his push is unwarranted are absolutely
correct; you'll also have to get used to it.
Written by reader: Brett1227
This is in response to the guy mad that
the Hardyz got booed for not having Terri
with them Saturday in Madison Square Garden.
I wrote the report and they actually only
got booed for a few seconds and the Terri
chants were only a minute long. The Hardyz
were cheered throughout there match and
the place was standing when they did there
high flying moves and the place cheered
when they won.
Written by reader: Nikolai Moose (khabby)
My two cents worth on this whole deal (the
Hardyz getting booed at MSG) is that
frankly I never liked the Hardy Boyz either
way. There are going to be fans who boo
certain wrestlers no matter what, heel or
face, or if they have a hot chick with them
or not. There are some wrestlers that won't
get over with some fans. Granted I was not
at this MSG event, but I'd join in the boos
of the Hardy Boyz, for my reasons. I don't
like the Hardy Boyz. I don't like their
gimmick at all. Ditto to Prince Albert.
Don't like his image/gimmick either.

To give a pop simply cause they entertain
us is crazy. If you use the basic definition
of entertaining, every wrestler would get a
pop. Would you give a pop to HHH simply
because he is entertaining in his own way?
Yes, I find HHH sadistically funny, since
he is a darker comedy and his actions, like
his blatant insincerity, are funny (at least
I think they are funny). Doesn't mean I'm
going to give him a pop.

Take Rob Van Dam from ECW back when he was
a heel... RVD is one of the best entertainers
in the business, and he got heat big time
(granted now, he's a face, but, the idea was
there for a long time). Owen Hart was
entertaining, but he didn't get the pop.
Chris Jericho (in my mind at least) puts on
one GREAT show every time he goes out there.
He's VERY entertaining... though a bad
example, since he's one of my favs, even
though he's supposed to be a heel.

The BEST tag team in pro wrestling??? I
wouldn't go that far. Edge and Christian
are certainly up there, with the classic
ladder match and the series of fights. NAO
are the champs, like it or not, and to many,
that symbolizes the best tag team. How about
Rock & Sock? The biggest face with the (new)
Hardcore Legend (Sorry, Terry Funk's the
original Hardcore Legend)...

Harlem Heat from WCW, Creative Control, most
any two Luchadors are in my mind up there.
How about from ECW? The ECW style puts their
bodies for punishment any match... example:
Sabu. If you haven't seen Sabu, I suggest
you get a tape of his, he outdoes the Hardy
Boyz with one hand tied behind his back.
When he and Van Dam were a team, they were
simply awesome... put Sabu with anyone, and
they'd make a run at "best in pro wrestling".

How can we forget Japan? They've got many
high flyers out there who outdo the Hardy
Boyz. Maybe it's just that I don't like
them, but I say the Hardy Boyz CANNOT be
the best tag team in pro wrestling today.
I can't go out on a limb and say who, since
I haven't seen too much from Japan lately,
but there are better than the Hardys.
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)
How anyone can even dare to question the
ability of Jushin "Thunder" Liger is
beyond me. You see, Liger is a great
wrestler and you need to watch his
matches in Japan to really judge him. I
think WCW wanted to make Liger look bad,
however us wrestling fans who watch
Puroresu know how good Liger is.

We have seen the classics vs. Sasuke,
Kanemoto, Ohtani etc. If American wrestling
fans broaden their horizons they would of
seen these matches as well. How many
people in the WCW arenas actually knew
who Jushin Liger is? I would say no more
than 10%. There are too many un-educated
wrestling fans who watch the WWF and WCW.
In ECW great wrestling gets pops, no
matter who it is.

On Thunder, Liger and Benoit did a short
mat spot and then both pulled away staring
at each other. In Japan this would of got
a pop and a round of applause, in ECW the
crowd would of clapped. What did the WCW
crowd do? Nothing!!! I could not believe
it, and I know Liger expected that
applause. Then again, when Benoit
wrestled Hart, Guerrero and Malenko both
complained that the crowd heat and
reaction wasn't as good as it should of

I'm afraid this people are not wrestling
fans and are just "Sport Entertainment"
fans. Why did WCW change Liger's music?
Very stupid!!!

Watching Liger get jumped was pretty
sick. It looked like he didn't know
what to do and I really felt sorry for
him. This doesn't happen in NJPW so he
isn't used to that rubbish, what must
he been thinking!!! This has all
happened and Liger has only been in the
WCW for a short time, I dread to see
what will happen next.
-Kevin Bryce, London
Written by reader: Clint Blankenship (dxheartbreakkid4)
This weekend I attended, at the Bell
Air Auditorium in Augusta, Georgia,
the greatest wrestling card I have
ever witnessed. Now I have been to
Raws, I've been to Pay Per Views, I've
been to other house shows, but none
compared to ECW! That's right I finally
lived a dream and was at an ECW event.

Let me say this much, ECW wrestlers love
their fans. There were not that many
people present, but GOD did they put on
a show. Before the event I got wrestler
autographs (Sandman, Jerry Lynn, Spike
Dudley, Balls Mahoney, and even Bill
Alfonso), and was chilling with Balls
Mahoney before the event as well. Once
inside we (the hWo) ruled the crowd.
Ever wrestler noticed our "clique".
Nova, talking to us at ringside (due
to the fact of us chanting bWo-his
response of we don't do that no more-
and F*ck im up Nova F*ck im up-and
his response of "I will").

Jerry Lynn & Sandman giving us
recognition; Tracy Smothers and Jack
Victory hated us, due to the FrEddie
Joe Floyd and wannabe Sandman chants.
My friend Cevallos *aka Taz* and I
got Super Crazy to laugh by doing
the F' him up, Super Crazy, f' him
up in Spanish. The best of the night
is Rob Van Dam. He LOVED our Whole
F'N Show chants. Always pointing to
us when we did. At one point when he
was layin' the smack down on Rhino
outside the ring, he walked back into
the ring to our side got on the
turnbuckle and pointed to us so we'd
resume the chants.

This was not it though. Each match was
done exceptionally well. There was not
one, I mean not ONE bad match that
night, a rarity today. The biggest
pops? Sandman, Rob Van Dam, Tommy
Dreamer and Raven, but surprisingly
one of the biggest was the Impact
Players. Mike Awesome got a real
kick out of us by our throwing Spike
here chants, and Dawn Marie and
Francine looked absolutely beautiful.

I think the show could be summed up
by what one wrestler said to us. Are
the Rob Van Dam fans going home happy
tonight? All we could respond is,
AH HELL YEAH! It was also a great
place to pick up videos. RF Video
had a booth and I picked up the Best
of Chris Benoit and the IWA Death
Match Tourney (the infamous one with
Cactus and the Funker). The Benoit
tape is the real stealer. It's four
hours long. The second match is Wild
Pegasus vs. Owen Hart!!!

I'm on a match of Wild Pegasus and
Jushin Liger vs. the Steiner Bros!
My advice is to get a RF Video
catalogue and begin a collection of
these tapes. In other wrestling world
news, WCW still sucks. Dusty in ECW?
I LOVE IT! He was Extreme before there
was Extreme. Look at his forehead if
you don't believe me. I believe a feud
with Terry may be a good way to end
BOTH their careers.

One last thing before I run. Vince,
PLEASE form the bWo again. You have
Stevie, ya got Meanie, use them! The
bWo was a HIT, I mean a HIT!
New Dimension Wrestling Show Results
Texas, 12/4/99, Attendance: 583
New Dimension Wrestling, Laredo, at
Veterans Field, Lazarus pinned
Nemesis...Mike Gunner defeated Brute
Shooter by disqualification...Universitario
pinned Triton...Bambi defeated Peggy Lee
Leather...Mr. Nuclear pinned Amenaza Del
Norte...Hector Guerrero defeated Karla
Maria...The Public Enemy (Rock-o-Rock &
Johnny Grunge) defeated The Illegal
Aliens (Senor Shooter & El Ghetto).

New Dimension Wrestling did not announce
a return date.

New Dimension Wrestling Daily News/Gossip
Tuesday, December 7, 1999
-After the New Dimension Wrestling show
in Laredo, TX, NDW Wrestler Brute Shooter
crossed the U.S. border over to Mexico and
got into a bar room brawl over some women.
Brute Shooter held his own for a few minutes,
but it was a 5 on 1 situation. Brute
Shooter was rescued by 2 other NDW Wrestlers
and the fight was broken up by local police.
All 3 NDW Wrestlers spent the night in jail
together. The next day, NDW Owner Chris
Plano had to bail all 3 wrestlers out of jail.
Due to the extent of the incident further
names cannot be released at this time. All
three wrestlers are scheduled to appear in
court in mid-January in Mexico. More details
will be released as New Dimension Wrestling
gets more information on this developing

-New Dimension Wrestling will debut in the year
2000 in Lynchburg, VA on Saturday, January 22nd,
with a huge wrestling show. Already confirmed are
Gillberg, Doink The Clown, Ricky Morton, Jimmy
Valiant, and more. There is also a strong rumor
that Barbarian, from the Faces of Fear, will
appear on the show as well. Make sure you catch
the first show of the new millenium for New
Dimension Wrestling in Lynchburg, VA.

-The debut of the New Dimension Wrestling
Worldwide Website shall take place very soon,
the site has been under construction for a
while and is now ready to be put up on the
internet, stay tuned for details...or keep
hitting the site at

-Finally, the New Dimension Wrestling Wrestlers,
Management, and Staff would like to thank all
of the wrestling fans that attended this years
NDW wrestling shows both near and far. Without
the support of you the fans New Dimension
Wrestling would not exist. New Dimension
Wrestling would like to wish all a Happy
Holidays and prosperous New Year.

New Dimension Wrestling Rankings:
(as of December 7, 1999)
Champion: Mike Gunner
1. Brute Shooter 6. Toad
2. Nite-Stic Eddie Brown 7. Ricky Morton
3. Dirty White Boy 8. King
4. Nite-Stic Eddie Brown 9. Big Slam Vader
5. Chilly Willy 10. Viper

New Dimension Wrestling Schedule
(thru April 2000)
Sat., Jan. 22, 2000, Lynchburg, VA
Lynchburg City Armory, 8:00p.m.

Mon, Jan. 24, 2000, Palmetto, FL
Manatee County Fair, 8:00p.m.

Sat., Jan 29, 2000, Thomasville, NC, National
Guard Armory, 7:30p.m.

Sat., Feb. 5, 2000, Hope Mills, NC
Hope Mills Middle School, 3:00p.m.

Sat., Feb 19, 2000, Thomasville, NC
National Guard Armory, 7:30p.m.

Sat., March 4, 2000, Bluefield, WV
Bluefield Auditorium, 8:00p.m.

Sat., March 11, 2000, Thomasville, NC
National Guard Armory, 7:30p.m.

Sat., March 18, 2000, Manteo, NC
Manteo High School, 8:00p.m.

Sat., March 25, 2000, Lynchburg, VA
Lynchburg City Armory, 8:00p.m.

Sat., April 8, 2000, Bluefield, WV
Bluefield Auditorium, 8:00p.m.

Sat., April 15, 2000, Thomasville, NC
National Guard Armory, 7:30p.m.

New Dimension Wrestling Roll Call of Champions
NDW Heavyweight Champion: Mike Gunner (11/13/99)
NDW U.S. Heavyweight Champion: Brute Shooter (11/13/99)
NDW Light Heavyweight Champion: Vacant (10/9/99)
NDW Tag Team Champions: Vacant (6/3/99)
NDW Women's Champion: Bambi (4/3/99)
NDW Hardcore Champion: The Missing Rick Link (10/16/99)

New Dimension Wrestling Hotline: 336-882-4921
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

NDW Wrestling Worldwide Website:

For all of the latest news, results, rankings,
upcoming shows, merchandise, and wrestling
school visit the hottest independent wrestling
website on the web today!!!!

Or write to:
New Dimension Wrestling,
P.O. Box 10211,
Greensboro, NC 27404-0211

New Dimension Wrestling Merchandise, We now
accept Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX,
Discover, Debit Cards), or mail payment
(check or money order) to the NDW P.O. Box address,
e-mail at CPlano or call
336-882-4921 for more information on ordering
and payment options. T-shirts, hats, and
videotapes, calenders, pens, are all for
sale at reasonable prices!!!

That's all for today!!!!
Chris Plano
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
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