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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 426

Date:  Wednesday December 8th, 1999  10:28 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The Thursday spoilers of both Smackdown
& Thunder were taped Tuesday (12/7) and
are presented at the conclusion of this
issue. If you would rather be surprised
be sure to skip those sections…
UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling), based
in Huntington Beach CA, may have the
next great big man in their camp
training. Paul Kingi from New Zealand,
all 6'4, 340 pounds of pure muscle,
is training with the UPW group.

Big Schwag, the manager of champions
says, "Kingi is the biggest mass of
pure muscle I have ever seen". "Not
one ounce of fat on him". Paul Kingi
is a power lifter and known as one
of the strongest men in the world.
He holds almost every power lifting
record in New Zealand. Should not be
that long before the WWF and WCW are
knocking at his door. Watch out for
this scary man to take the wrestling
world by storm shortly.
Written by reader: Kshi8762
I will make this short and simple.
This is directed towards the reader
who says that since the WWF ratings
are so high, they should not change
their content because advertisers
are dropping them.

Ratings are only important in so
much as how much advertising dollars
they bring in, without the advertising,
the ratings are pointless. After all,
advertising pays bills, not ratings
Written by reader: StarSaucer
In response to UltraViruz's
article about the WWF:

To say that WWF is for adults and older
kids is all well and good but the fact
is that the WWF markets toys. How can
we say that it's not for children when
Toys R Us is crammed with WWF

I am a huge WWF fan; I attend RAW
whenever it comes to my city and I am
going to Royal Rumble at Madison
Square Garden in January. I see tons
of kids there, and I don't think it
would kill Vince to get rid of a few
expletives, the Godfather's ho's and
"roll a fatty" comments, middle
fingers, gravy/mud/bikini matches,
references to poontang pie, and
DX/HHH alluding to the fact that
they commit assaults against women.

I mean, really, that stuff is so
freaking stupid. The funniest, most
entertaining stuff is the clean or
semi-clean stuff anyway. Why
wouldn't they want as many viewers
as possible?
Written by reader: Flynn316dx
Why don't you lay off the big guy
(Paul Wight)? Have you ever watched
Kevin Nash? That is evidence of what
wrestling does to a big guys body. It
just seems to me that The Big Show is
not very comfortable or confident
when he performs.

You still need to think about many 500 pound people
do you know? Well, Viscera is a big
guy but he looks like a marshmellow
rolling around in the ring. Paul is
very athletic for his tremendous
size. I can feel it, The Big Show
will soon find his niche and many
of you will change your mind about
Written by reader: Richard Lopez (RIZZDAWG)
While I understand your point
regarding Paul Wight being pushed
whether we like it or not, I don't
think the push itself is what everyone
has the problem with. It is the way
he is being pushed.

By this I mean several things. First,
who exactly is his character? A common
man in mourning over his fathers death?
Inspired to strive to be champ? A
bastard? What? The WWF has rarely
made such a huge mistake in misusing
talent (what little Wight has). This
is something that WCW has perfected.

The WWF has always given us a reason
to care about their wrestlers,
especially the World Champion. The
build up to earning that title has
always been so huge. From Bret Hart
to HBK to Mankind to HHH, earning the
title has become an emotional moment
between wrestler and the crowd. Who
will forget HBK winning his first
title? Or Mankind? Or HHH? Even
if you dislike the wrestler, you
react. Not with Wight.

Second, the WWF has made their own
World Title into a mid-card belt.
Since Wight won the belt, has he
had one main event? Non-title
tag team matches get main event
status over a world title defense
now. Has he, or will he headline
a pay per view? Not anytime in
the near future.

For Armageddon, is anyone talking
about who will walk away with the
World Title? No. If the WWF is
trying to push Wight, they are
doing a terrible job, and are
instead tarnishing the status
of their own World Title.
Written by reader: Dan Murray (murraydan)
I've seen a lot of the comments
about the PTC, and I think I can
sum up what it comes down to. I
can put this whole thing into
11 words:
"It's not what the kids watch. It's
who's watching the kids."
Dan Murray
Written by reader: KMAx319
I would like to give my opinion of
the push that Test has received in
the past couple of months. In my
opinion Test did not in any way
deserve such a large push. His
storyline with Stephanie McMahon
was one that was based on emotion.
Test seems to have a hard time in
front of the camera and just can't
seem to sell an angle. Seeing him
team with Kane against HHH and
X-Pac this past Monday was a
perfect example.

After HHH had ruined his wedding
day, don't you think Test would
have been extremely angry at him.
You would think that he would have
come at HHH with a ton of rage and
emotion. I know I would try to
cripple HHH if he did that to me.
But no, Test wrestled as if nothing
was wrong. This made me become
completely disinterested in Test's

Besides he doesn't belong in the
ring with main event wrestlers,
because his in-ring skills still
leave a lot to be desired. I think
that the WWF should have gone with
someone else for this angle and
given Test more time to develop.
I'm sure he will improve and one
day be a good wrestler, but as for
now, he just doesn't seem to get
the job done.
Taped 12/7 in Boston, MA
Reported by Joe, Dennis & Curt Creighton at:

Sunday Night Heat Results
To air Sunday, December 12th, 1999.
- Gangrel d. Papi Chulo
- Superman Steve d. Mideon
- Headbangers d. TAKA Michinoku & Sho Funaki
- Godfather w/ hoes d. Local Worker

SmackDown Taping Results
To air Thursday December 9th, 1999

Road Dogg d. Chris Jericho.
Jericho pinned Road Dogg and won until
Chyna told the ref that Road Dogg's
foot was on the rope. Road Dogg
secured the win when Chyna shoved
Jericho's leg off the rope.

- Vince McMahon was shown in the back
with Test, who was coming in to talk
with Stephanie.

- Dudley Boyz d. Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman

- There is a Test segment with Stephanie,
which builds up to a match with X-Pac.

Bossman & Prince Albert NC Hardy Boyz w/ Terri.
The Big Show's interference attacking
Bossman and Albert. Taz's symbol
appears during entrance.

Mankind defeated Al Snow via DQ
Snow beat down Mankind with a chair.

Vince and the family come out for the
contract signing for Armageddon. He
calls out Triple H, who gets an ok pop,
plus that infamous chant. Triple H asks
for Stephanie to retrieve the paper for
Vince to sign. Instead Shane goes and
gets it. Vince signs the papers and
notices that Triple H hadn't signed.
He then sends Shane back, Triple H
signs and then cheap shots Shane.
Triple and DX beat on him as Vince
watches in the ring in despair. He
then throws Shane off of the runway
and 15 feet down to the ground.
DX music hits and they leave.

X-Pac d. Test.
The Rock d. Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

Kane w/ Tori NC. Triple H.
Triple H comes out to a good pop
& the infamous chant. Kane and Tori
come to a big pop. Earl Hebner is
beat up by Triple H and a referee
with a Vince mask comes out. A
couple of referee's in Vince masks
come out after Triple H beats them
up as well. Kane hits a Chokeslam
and Triple H ends up outside the
ring. The 3 refs corner him at
the top of the ramp and someone
(possibly Vince) in a Vince mask
and clothing hits him with a bat.

DX then comes out to be hit by bats,
and the Vince's leave. DX then heads
back to the ring to fight Kane.
Chokeslams and finally a Tombstone
on Triple H leaves DX on their backs
as Kane leaves.
Taped 12/7 in Madison WI
WCW Thunder Taping Results
for the 12/9 broadcast
Reported by Tracy Thom & Curt Creighton at: &

The show starts with Hall and Nash
coming down to the ring. Hall is
carrying a ladder. Hall conducts
the interview sitting on the ladder.
He tells Chris Benoit to go watch the
WWF's Greatest Matches and see him
and Shawn Michaels in a ladder match.
Nash gets on the stick and calls out
Sid. Nash said, "I am the only badass
in town." That brings out Sid, who
comes out and knocks Hall off of the
ladder. Nash takes over on Sid, which
brings out Dustin Rhodes, and Jeff
Jarrett. Jarrett hits the el kabong
guitar shot on Dustin. Out comes
Chris Benoit; The Outsiders & Jarrett
dominate the faces and leave them

Next, Madusa came out wanting to know
why Rhonda Singh was scheduled to get
a Cruiserweight title shot when Rhonda
hasn't been a cruiserweight since birth.

Next up, they introduce Mike Tenay's
partner in the broadcast booth,
JUVENTUD GUERRERA!! Juvie gets on the
mic and says, "Finally, the Juice has
come back to Milwaukee." Ah Juvie,
Milwaukee was yesterday, you are in
Madison tonight.

Booker T vs. Dean Malenko
Prior to the match, Shane Douglas cuts
an interview that states if Duggan's
team loses to the Revolution at Starrcade,
Duggan will have to renounce his
citizenship to the U.S.

Early on in the match, Saturn and Stevie
Ray battle their way backstage. This
leaves the ref distracted and Douglas
hits Booker with the cast. The Texas
Cloverleaf is applied and Malenko wins
in less than 3 minutes.

Next up was the debut of The Artist
Formerly Known as Prince... Iaukea.
TAFKA Prince Iaukea ring entrance was
filled with purple light and the
illusion of rain. His song was a
cheap rip-off of Purple Rain. TAFKA
Prince Iaukea wa escorted to the ring
by his new valet, Paisley. His opponent
was Vampiro, with Jerry Only. Oklahoma
joined the broadcast team. TAFKA Prince
Iaukea spent most of the time flirting
with Paisley. He did take a sweet bump
over the turnbuckles onto the ring
steps. Chants of "You still suck" rang
out. Towards the end of the match
Paisley slapped Oklahoma. Distracted,
Vampiro hit a side kick on TAFKA Prince
Iaukea for the pin. Following the match,
TAFKA Prince Iaukea attacked Oklahoma
until Dr. Death Steve Williams made
the save and back suplexed TAFKA
Prince Iaukea. Williams has yet to
really kill anyone with his backdrop
driver since coming to WCW.

Next up was a promo where the Powers
That Be fire Mona. Rhonda Singh jumps
in and guarantees ratings. They then
cut to an interview with Roddy Piper
and Nick Patrick where Piper states,
"The referee's decision is final."

David Penzer announced that it was
going to be Rhonda Singh vs. Evan
Karagias, but Madusa took Evan's
spot. Another short match that
Madusa won after a roll-up after
Rhonda hit Evan after Madusa and
he was kissing.

After the match, the lights went
out and static appeared on the
screen, and Rhonda was attacked
by someone in a black trenchcoat
and blonde hair, probably Mona.

In the back, Stevie Ray and Saturn
continued to fight.

David Flair vs. Jerry Flynn in the
boiler room. Buzzkill was also in
the back room, doing who knows what.
Flynn dominated the match, but it
was interrupted by Tank Abbott, who
called Flynn a "martial arts moron."

Creative Control vs. Bret Hart/Goldberg.
Piper came down midway through the
match and tossed out ref Mark Johnson.
2 spears and a jackhammer and sharpshooter
later, new WCW tag team champs, Bret Hart
and Goldberg.

Next up was a promo where the Powers That
Be ordered Shane to go get Roddy Piper.

Stevie Ray and Saturn continued to fight 3
and they eventually made it to the ring.
A minute or two in, the ref went down,
allowing Creative Control to interfere
and Saturn rolled up Stevie Ray for the
pin. Booker T cleared the ring.

Promo with Piper and the Powers That Be.
Russo told Piper that "he ripped the
titles off his boys." Russo threatened
that he would kick Piper out of the

Total Package vs. Buff. DDP was in for
commentary. About 2 minutes in, Buff
confronted DDP, and they went at it.
They were fighting pretty stiff, and
Terry Taylor, Arn Anderson, and Van
Hammer came in to break it up.
No Contest.

Jim Duggan was then interviewed by the
Powers That Be. Russo asked Duggan if
he thought that this country cared about
him. Russo then asked him when the last
time was that he saw kids carrying foam
2x4s. Duggan said that he has faith in
people, to which Russo replied "that
these people could care less if you are

The Revolution's music came on, and Asya
was introduced. Then they played Hacksaw
Jim Duggan's music. Before Duggan could
even lock up with Asya, Creative Control,
Shane, La Parka, and Curt Hennig jumped
Duggan. The Revolution then shoved apple
pies in Duggan's jumpsuit. Harlem Heat
made the save. Duggan is WAY over.

Next up was DDP vs. Sting. About 30
seconds in, the ref went down. The
Total Package came in and hit Sting
with the bat. DDP followed with a
Diamond Cutter for the pin on
Sting in less than 2 minutes.

Final match-up was Outsiders/Jarrett
vs. Dustin Rhodes/Sid/Chris Benoit.
Nothing really spectacular happened
in this match. Sid was going for the
Powerbomb on Nash, and Jarrett hit
Sid with the guitar, and Nash got
the pin. The faces were left laying,
and that was it.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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