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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 427

Date:  Thursday December 9th, 1999  6:04 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported at:
After briefly leaving WCW when
contract negotiations reached a
standstill, Torrie Wilson has
announced that she has signed a
two year contract with World
Championship Wrestling.

Wilson did contact the WWF to
gauge interest and was offered
a lower money offer than WCW had
already offered. Below is Wilson's
official statement, direct from

"December 8- It's official! I have
signed a 2 year deal with WCW and
couldn't be happier! SO.....if you
are a fan of WCW you are stuck with
me whether you like it or not, and
if you are not a fan of WCW then
hopefully I will get a chance to
make you change your mind sometime
in the near future! Talk to you
George Mayfield be in Tokyo, Japan
from 12/30 thru 1/12, and will
attending the following shows, very
limited space is available for
Japanese Merchandise orders. If you
might be interested contact him
a.s.a.p. at: gmayfield

Jan. 2 - All Japan - Big Japan
Jan. 3 - All Japan - A. J. Women
Jan. 4 - A. J. Women - New Japan Dome
Jan. 5 - F.M.W.
Jan. 6 - Neo Lady's
Jan. 7 - Arsion
Jan. 9 - JWP - I.W.A.

He will also be dining at "Mr.
Danger's" & The World Famous
"RIBERA's" Steak Houses, if you
might be interested in any
merchandise item.
To join a PHAT fed, where we come
through week in and week out with
the best action, go to the oWa web
page. Trust me, in 33 Days you will
feel the best Fed alive once again!! or
Written by reader: RuffRyda883
For the last time, stop saying that
the WWF should change it's content.
I could see maybe changing it from
a commercial standpoint but
wrestling is entertaining with it's
adult humor.

Real young kids shouldn't be watching;
the WWF shouldn't have to cater to
certain audiences. If the WWF puts out
more adult programming adults should be
the ones to watch. I think the parents
should be blamed, not good old Vince.
Steve Appy responds:
I don't have an objection to the WWF
using adult themes in their programming;
I have objections to the fact that the
WWF TARGETS children as one of it's
prime audiences.

Stop manufacturing children's toys; don't
let anybody under 14 attend a live event.
If the WWF ever took those steps my
personal objections for their programming
would disappear. Once children are out of
the picture many (almost all) of the WWF's
harshest critics would be silenced as well.

The WWF is ADULT programming and should
have the exact guidelines as any other
form of adult entertainment.
Written by reader: Yuriy Kleyner (kleyner)
It is not very logical to say that
WWF's toy line indicates that they
market their staff to children. In
recent years, Sleepy Hollow and Spawn,
both of which were by no means aimed
at children, came out with their own
toy lines. Many of my friends, none
of whom are under 15, collect WWF

The truth is that the kind of
elaborate action figures WWF produces
are more appealing to the older kids,
who are great fans to the WWF or to
mature collectors, both of whom enjoy
looking and not playing with them.
These kind of beautiful, high-priced
dolls do not make for good play toys.

Now, of course, whether WWF markets
to children or not, is a different
-Yuriy Kleyner
"Remember what the Doormouse said:
'Feed your head'" -Grace Slick, "White Rabbit"
Written by reader: Cris Justin (CDCJ)
I like drinking, swearing and sex.....
I even had fun with Satanism as a
kid, but I knew it was B.S......
If kids are to become "normal
adults", it may be a good idea to
teach them, as minors, that such
things may one day be a normal
thing or 'desired' thing in their
lives and allow them to open up to
the 'rights and wrongs' of such
behavior. Much better than just
yelling "SURPRISE" and leaving
them on their own on their 18th
or 21st birthday.....

Wrestling is well-known as "fake"
by even the most ignorant 5 year
old. If not, then PLEASE do not
blame me or society for the failure
of the parents.........AND "NO!!!!!"
we are not responsible for fixing
that problem. I don't know about
you, but I refuse to be
responsible for some other idiot's
mistakes. The system will clean
those up fast enough, without my
involvement. We do still need to
"live and let live'.....Control
Written by reader: TetraShiva
A lot of people are starting to
doubt that Test and Chris Jericho
will go anywhere. Many actually
think that they are being punished
for not living up to expectations.

First of all a push has to be
gradual. Just look at early Rock or
Warrior segments to see what a sudden
push can cause.

Second, losing doesn't make you any
less of a (potential) main eventer.
Test has lost all but maybe one match
since he started, but is still
considered a potential main eventer.
Yes. Why? Because all his matches
are with main eventers. He is showing
us he has the potential to hang with
the big kids, even if usually loses.

Jericho is another good example.
Everyone wants to know why he is after
the Intercontinental belt and not the
World Championship. Well, he needs
build up. If we see everything he
can do now, then he loses his value
in a few months. Shawn Micheals was
a main eventer ever since he got the
Intercontinental belt, but he didn't
get the World Heavyweight Championship
for years after. During that entire
time he entertained every single one
of his fans. Besides, if Jericho
gets the World Heavyweight belt now,
everyone in the back would beat his

Finally, some people doubt how well
current champions carry themselves.
HHH, being one of them, has barely
won any of his matches. Well, if
you remember the first time Rock
had the belt the same thing happened.
I remember the night Chyna turned on
Hunter that Rock got Pedigreed 3
times. He cheated (badly) to win
yet people still loved him.

As for Big Show, well, lets see him
in a feud with Rock or Undertaker
before we pass judgment. Not even
Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match
could carry the Big Bossman. 'Nuff
-Paul Andersen, Jr. (TetraShiva)
Written by reader: TaDow1010321
I have a quick comment on the Hardy
Boyz. I was at Survivor Series and
I noticed that no one cheered or
booed the Hardys. Edge/Christian
got a handful of cheers, and the
Hollys were pulling some good
heat from the crowd... but it was
like the Hardys weren't there.
Maybe it's because the card was
disappointing and the crowd just
couldn't get into it.

I noticed something during the
famous Ladder Match vs.
Edge/Christian. I don't think anyone
likes the Hardys... or hates them --
they are just waiting for the next
Big Spot. People are proclaiming
that match to be the best ever, but
I thought it was boring between
spots. Yes, they pulled out some
GREAT moves... but once a good move
was done, it seemed like everyone
thought, "Ok... where is the next
big move?"

They need to find a way to keep the
fans interested in their matches
between the Senton and the Suicide
Dive, or they'll be the One-Trick
Ponies for their entire careers.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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