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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 428

Date:  Friday December 10th, 1999  6:39 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Highlights from Jim Ross' 12/10 `Ross
Report' on WWF.Com:

Ross confirmed that Steve Austin's
surgery date will be on January 27;
Ross claims that "I won't be surprised
to see Steve right back in the hunt
and better than ever some time next
year." It's really too early to
speculate on Austin's future , NOBODY
knows if Austin will return, and they
won't know until at least 6 weeks
after the surgery.

Ross put over the late Hiro Matsuda
and mentioned his matches against Danny
Hodge; Ross stated that the WWF have
not had negotiations with DDP or Torrie
Wilson (though he mentioned her
potential); Ross dismissed rumors
linking Eric Bischoff to the WWF, but
finished the subject with "But remember,
sports fans, never say never in this
business"; he wished the recovering
Gordon Solie the best.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
WWF Smackdown!: 4.3
WCW Thunder: 2.3
Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
Tenryu beat Muto today (12/10) in
Osaka, Japan, to win IWGP World
Heavyweight championship in 26:32.
A surprising result; Muto was
scheduled to defend the championship
against Masa Chono at the 1/4/2000
Tokyo Dome.
Written by reader: Suptman
In response to the letter about the
Hardy Boyz in WBS #427. the fans were
thinking "OK, where is the next big
move?" because that is all the
majority of fans think about. When
is the last time you watched a show
and more than a handful of fans
cheered for anything other than a
high spot?

They could do every wrestling move
imaginable between the Senton Bomb
and the Suicide Dive and the fans
still wouldn't be interested. Almost
every wrestler today is a one-trick
pony, because that is what the fans
Written by reader: JDSmithWCWF
I was at the live RAW in Worcester,
Massachusetts on December 6th, and
the Hardyz got a very, very loud pop.
The Rock got the loudest pop of the
entire night. Jericho also got a
substantial reaction when he came out
as Al Snow's partner. Kane too
received a decent pop. But the Hardyz
pulled off one of the loudest pops for
tag teams all night.

Even though the Hardyz didn't get as
loud a reaction as the Outlaws, I
think people are beginning to realize
exactly how great the Hardyz are.
They have tons of potential, and they
are getting over with very little mike
time. They have a gorgeous valet, and
that always helps, but they're also
getting over on sheer talent. It's
great to see.

Too Cool is another team that got a
decent pop on Monday. They too are a
very entertaining team. Their moves
are great, and their charisma is almost
untouchable. They have a great
chemistry, and I think they held their
own against the Outlaws. At some point,
the Outlaws will have to step aside and
let Edge/Christian, the Hardyz, Too Cool,
the Acolytes, and the Dudleys all feud
for the tag belts. I think we'd see
some pretty good matches. Give those
teams 20 minutes, and I think we'd see
special things.
-JD Smith
Written by reader: HoLZODB
I agree that by the WWF producing toys
that they do target the younger
audience and I know that toys are for
children now. I just wanted to add a
little tidbit of information: cartoons
AND TOYS were originally made for

So do you think that the WWF is taking
toys back to their roots and producing
them for adults??? Naaaaah, I don't
think so either. Hey WWF, drop the
kids merchandise and keep the type of
Mike (HoLZODB)
NPW-- Next Phase Wrestling People in the
Danville, IL area. The newly opened NPW
has just completed construction of its
very own wrestling ring and is looking
for recruits into this brand new
Backyard Wrestling Federation. Contact
for details.
Written by reader: Nick Cochran (cochran10)
I've been a WCW fan for quite a
while. While I occasionally watch
a WWF show or PPV, I always tune
into or tape WCW shows. But as of
late, something has bothered me.
Where are the wrestling matches
like there used to be?

Since Russo and company have been
in WCW, clean finishes are rare.
Great technical matches turn into
run-ins and guitar shots. The whole
match seems lost and the fans are
left to sit and watch a senseless

Sometimes run-ins and a dirty
finish are called for to set up
storylines, but they are highly
overused now. Since the Russo and
Co. shows, I would rather tape the
show and fast forward to a match
than sit and watch them make fun
of a wrestler. It's getting old.
And who is getting the short end
of the stick? The wrestlers.

Sting is looking like a fool with
Elizabeth and Luger. They always
interfere and Sting always gets
screwed. It's time that WCW puts
wrestling back in the business
like they used to. In my opinion
the WWF has turned into a cheesy
soap opera and WCW is following
right behind it.
-Nick Cochran (cochran10)
Written by reader: jawaswag
Reading your thoughts about the WWF
in reply to RuffRyda883, I hear
you man. I would love this, as it would
open the gates to a full fledged WWF
Hardcore championship, and I don't mean

Evening gown matches are great now,
but imagine if children weren't allowed
near the live show, PPV's would be SOOOO
much more worth watching. Remember how
fast the Sable issue of Playboy sold?
This shows that there is a market for
this, but what about the Nitro Girls
PPV, you say? That sucked, they were
in SWIMSUITS!, this isnt worth paying
upwards of 20 bucks for.

I would gladly pay the PPV price each
week for UNCENCORED WWF action, but I
hope it will never happen. I realize
this pastes me as a hopeless Internet
geek, but this is the obvious next step
in WWFs evoloution. Wrestling action,
with REAL T&A, hey, who can say no to
that? Swag out.
Written by reader: Jessica Morse (JMorse)
I have a 6 year old son. I personally am
not one of the people complaining about
the content (I have been watching WWF
since I was 7). But it is up to the
PARENTS... not the WWF. If I feel that
something inappropriate is on the screen,
I then tell my son to leave the room.

I buy the toys, the cards, the videos, the
whole nine yards. My son knows that it's
fake and that they are actors. He treats
the show as any other cartoon that he
watches. The only times I really send him
out of the room is during some of the
scenes with the women. He is simply just
too young.

I just took him to the Smackdown taping in
Boston and he told me it was the most fun
he had ever had. Who am I to take away
that kind of joy? I don't want anyone else
judging what I watch, therefore unless it
is something that is going to be dangerous
to his little mind (which I feel some of
the women scenes are) then he has the
sense to know what I do and don't want
him to emulate.
Written by reader: StarSaucer
About WWF toys; I am a toy collector and
my boyfriend has every wrestling figure
ever made, so I understand the "collector"
angle. But you can't tell me that the
WWF's stuffed toys, costumes,
walkie-talkies, talking wall hangings and
things OTHER than figures are not aimed at
kids. The fact is: Toys R Us and Kay*Bee
are children's stores. You can't put
something in TRU and say "that's not for

I agree that most McFarlane figures are
definitely not conducive for "playing"
the way children play with toys... they
are delicate and very breakable. I don't
find the WWF figs to be NEAR the detailed
quality of a McF, they are pretty
standard action figs, and not too
beautiful to play with, IMO.

The more "adult" themed ones are not
(supposed to be) available at TRU and
Kay*Bee (remember the Austin Powers flap?).
I also find it funny that the new
McFarlane Headless Horseman fig comes
with SEVERAL severed human heads, complete
with dripping blood!! I wonder if
Wal-Mart will sell those? It will be
interesting to see if a severed human head
is OK, but Al Snow's mannequin head is not.

If the WWF wants to be "adult" programming,
then it can be. But it seems to want the best
of both worlds; adult content and "kid
appeal", and it dances on the line between

P.S. Please, no hostile, insulting e-mails
from adolescent boys this time. I am a WWF
fan. I am on your side, dudes. Don't act like
the stupid idiots at the PTC want you to act,
so they can say "See?? Wrestling makes our
young kids violent and disrespectful!" Prove
them wrong. Show them you know the difference
between TV violence and real life. Later!
Written by reader: GbergAustn
I would like to reply about the Chris
Jericho comments made in your recent

First off, Jericho came and ran his
mouth that he was the alleged savior
to the WWF...In fact he came on
television during a live RAW filming
and called the ROCK's lines boring and
downright dull. In case he hadn't
noticed, lately every time he comes out
and starts a match he does exactly what
he called the ROCK boring for.

Let's face it, Jericho was a great
wrestler in WCW because he could fall into
the mix in their storylines. However, he
is now, as I would say, in the land of the
big boys now. He has great potential and
his storyline of gaining the title from
Chyna will be realized this Sunday.
However much I hate Y2J's style of acting,
I can't take away from the fact that he is
an outstanding athlete.

I see that Y2J will make a big explosion come
2000. Since Stone Cold may be facing
retirement the WWF is going to need someone
who can be a bad a@@ SOB so as to fight with
MR. McMAHON. Test is just going to disappear
into the dark, probably over to the WCW. He
is not really a great athlete and he doesn't
have one of those finishing moves like the
Rock or Austin or KANE, or even the

I find that both these men will eventually
rise to become big names however, I feel
that TEST will be gone and in the distant
future, Y2J may become a human wrecking
machine for the WWF. This will remain to
be seen.
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