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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 429

Date:  Saturday December 11th, 1999  12:38 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Steve Appy
There is one issue that can't be argued:
Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara have radically
changed the way WCW is presented on
television. They call it "Crash TV",
critics have other terms for it. How
are they doing so far? In my opinion,
not well at all.

I'll ignore my primary complaint (the
destruction of the actual wrestling
matches). Vince Russo claims that
modern day fans have little interest
in wrestling itself, and he doesn't
even pay lip service to the idea of
a product with a balance of
wrestling and "sports

Instead we'll look at the numbers,
courtesy of Wade Keller at
"Since Russo began booking Nitro
eight weeks ago, it has averaged a
3.0 rating. In the eight weeks
before he entered WCW, it averaged
a 2.7 rating.

In the eight weeks since Russo left,
Raw has averaged a 5.8 rating. In
the eight weeks before Russo left,
RAW averaged a 6.2.

If the trend weren't working against
Russo over the last few weeks, his
numbers would look strong. The
numbers say overall he has improved
Nitro's ratings 0.3 and Raw has
suffered a drop of 0.4."

The last Monday saw NITRO's ratings
on the decline; while Russo claims
that six months would be needed to
turn the tide, he did foresee a
gradual improvement along the way.
That improvement is not happening.

Are there differences in the Russo/
Ferrara booked Nitro as opposed to
the Bischoff/Nash/Sullivan/Rhodes
version? Definitely. Russo's
version is quick paced and does have
thought behind it. Performers show
up Monday and immediately know their
itinerary, as opposed to learning
their roles ten minutes before
their match.

In fact, NITRO has become so fast
paced that nothing stands out when
it ends. Dramatic angles that can
be built into money are played out
in three hours. Russo takes the
controversial concept of a man vs.
woman match (which can be effective
if used with caution) and kills it
by booking three such matches on
one show.

The idea behind WCW's television
shows involves far more than simply
increasing the ratings. Television
is supposed to build to PPV's, live
events and merchandise sales. Is
WCW doing that at all? Starrcade,
WCW's traditionally largest PPV of
the year, is 8 days from now. Bret
Hart faces Bill Goldberg in the main
event, and has any of the television
the past month been built on this
match. We've seen Hart & Goldberg
tangle with the Outsiders, Jarrett
& Creative Control (with Sid, Piper
& Benoit as the supporting players).
How could the main event have been
neglected, upon which the majority
of the buyrates of the show will

Russo claims that he doesn't write
TV based on his own preferences,
but instead on giving "the people
what they want". I disagree, Russo
is booking television based on his
own preferences/fetishes/biases.
Does Rhonda Singh have a role to
increase ratings? Was an American
flag stuck up Duggen's behind
because "the people" wanted to see
it? Russo loves pushing buttons,
but he's not pushing the right ones
yet. Vince Russo is writing WCW
television for himself, and
apparently not enough of the
audience relates to his pet
For any webmasters/editors out
there who are looking for a columnist,
please contact Legacy at:
LegacyLA69 or through
ICQ at 20492997.
Written by reader: Egg1poppa
What should be under their
Christmas tree:

1) For Ric Flair- WCW allows him to
wrestle a loser leaves WCW match with
either Chris Benoit, Goldberg or Bret
Hart, and that this match would be a
classic with no run-ins and screw jobs.
Flair loses cleanly to his opponent,
they shake hands, and Flair is released
from his contract and allowed to go to
the WWF and put over Chris Jericho,
Matt Hardy, and/or the Edge. Then,
when Flair believes he gave all he
could for the sport he loved so much,
bring him and Dusty Rhodes back to
WCW, have them give it a go one last
time, then give him the Presidency of
the WCW.

2) For Chris Jericho- A much deserved
title reign as Intercontinental
Champion, then a memorable fued against
Triple H. I believe this feud would be
as memorable as Flair vs. Steamboat.
Jericho could completely put HHH over
as either a heel or face. Jericho is
the Ric Flair of the new Millennium.

3) For The Rock- A better wrestling
repertoire. Perhaps the best mike operator
in wrestling, The Rock lacks true wrestling
skills. I know it's sports entertainment to
many, but wrestling is still the game. And
for The Rock to truly be a legend of the
sport, he must first learn a few more
wrestling holds and moves.

4) For Chris Benoit- The WCW Heavyweight
Title. The best worker in the sport, he
sells the moves of other wrestlers better
than the true man himself, Ric Flair. Makes
stiffs such as Rick Steiner look really
good. Since his arrival in WCW, Benoit has
been screwed much too often. Better yet, he
never complained! From Kevin Sullivan to
Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff, Benoit's
talents were never utilized to its potential,
and his potential is greatness.

5) And last but not least, I wish upon Bret
Hart an inner peace. Though his demeanor
may suggest that his latest championship
reign may have tempered the loss of Owen,
I still see a man seething with pain and
anguish. The man still hurts from Vince
McMahon's screwing and then he loses his
best friend and brother. I wish McMahon
would admit that he was truly wrong from
his actions at Survivor Series '97, and
that Bret would then let it go. He may
have reconciled himself to Owen's loss,
but the man seems to be forever scarred
by SS '97. Vince, admit your guilt and
perhaps then Bret would be able to move
Written by reader: RanmaSolo
With Austin on the verge of retirement, whether it be his neck
re-injury that has him out now or just a need to retire, the WWF will
need a new tough guy to raise hell. (Rock will take Austin's place as
the biggest draw.)

Who could take his ::dramatic pause:: Spot? (Sorry, lol, The nWo 4
Horsemen parody was one of the few wrestling parodies that was any
good, in my opinion.)

Why, none other then most miserable SOB on the face of the planet!
(Gotta love Joey Styles.) The man himself, Taz. And with Austin
probably retiring soon, and Taz debuting soon... What better way to
make him main event after a solid push through the mid-card then to be
the man that sent "Stone Cold" Steve Austin packing for good! And with
Taz's neck destroying arsenal, who better to be the man to retire
Written by reader: Vincent Tabulka (dropspeed)
Why do so many people not like Jericho? Sure he's childish and annoying
but that's why he is so great. It's a pretty original act that he has
and people should give him respect for that. I mean, the temper
tantrums he used to throw in WCW were great.

I also hear people calling him a less entertaining wrestler than say
the Rock or any other superstar in the WWF. Thing is, he is a great
technical wrestler and high flyer. He is better paired with someone who
can keep up with him like the Japanese wrestlers, which in WWF is very
rare. He isn't just a simple slug it out and do a trademark move kind
of guy. Look at some of his old work in WCW with Rey or Juvi. Or go
back even farther to his Japan days against some of the greats. I have
seen him VS. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) and seen them work half hour
matches which you could never see in WWF.

What I'm just trying to say is that WWF just can't use him to his full
potential without matches like that. So if you find him boring look at
some of his old stuff in ECW and WCW. If your too lazy to do that then
just don't complain about him.
-Vinny (dropspeed
Written by reader: NoDoubt297
I have not watched wrestling for about 4 months. Yesterday I tuned into
Smackdown and after that turned on Thunder. Thunder was basically a
comedy act. I was laughing so hard at what was supposed to be their

WCW has gotten so much worse since I stopped watching it. If I want to
see wrestling I'll watch WWF. If I want to see something that will make
me laugh I'll watch WCW.
Written by reader: Mike (MNR1118)
I'd like to add my two cents in on the merchandise debate. The reader
who said that toys were originally made for adults is dead wrong. This
is not the 1960's where everybody played with slinky's and Hula hoops,
The toys being sold on the market are aimed at small young children. I
tell you what, the only toy you'd better buy for anyone over age 12 is
a video game.

Toys aren't the problem with wrestling, it's the adult content and easy
catch phrases. My three year old son watched WWF one night with his
older sister, and for the rest of the week he walked around the house
yelling " If Ya Smelllll What The Rock Is Koooking." I'm just glad he
didn't pick up something like "Roody Poo Candy Ass" or worse. I think
the bottom line is that kids would not want the toys if they did not
see the shows on television.
(Mike) MNR1118
Steve Appy responds:
I see your point, but just to head off another debate: there are
collectors (over the age of twelve) who buy toys as well. While they
make up a small percentage of the sales, they do exist (and I don't
think that they play with the toys either).
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)
I agree with many of the posts about the Action figure debate. The WWF
is using toys to market to kids. To say it's for the collectors is a
cheap way to put it. The TV commercials aired during afternoons on
Children's TV shows are not intended for adults. The toys with cool
accessories are cool for collectors but the vast majority of the sales
are for children.

There is no marketing blitz for MacFarlane's Spawn line. The only TV
show it had was on late nights where little children should be asleep.
No commercials for the figures. I happen to like WWF figures, because I
was hooked on wrestling since I was really small and never had any
figures as detailed as these current Jakks figures. They look good on a
dresser stand, but that isn't its intended purpose. The commercials
show children at play holding these figures, not adults admiring how
they are collectable.
Written by reader: Michelle S. (XPacGirl33)
After reading several of your comments on how the WWF is "adult themed"
and what you think they should do about that, I have finally decided to
speak my mind a little bit.

First of all, the parents that let their children whom are under the
age of 14 attend the WWF shows are the only ones that know how their
child will react and respond to the happenings in the WWF. It is no
one's responsibility except the parents to make sure that children
under 14 attend or don't attend.

The WWF obviously does not have an obvious target for any predominant
audience. The Rock is the number one guy in the business right now
because he has the look that attracts the women and the guys just like
his slogans. How in any way has the WWF made their target noted to
younger children? And why should that become our concern? It is the
parent's concern...the wrestler's and employees are just doing their

Secondly, is it a crime to have a little fun? Godfather with his Ho's,
Val with his porno's, DX with their "Suck It", Rock with his "poo-tang
pie"'s all just fun. I mean, God forbid we enjoy ourselves
anymore. Instead of ridiculing and pointing fingers at the WWF and the
various wrestlers above, we should be thanking them. In a world where
so much tragedy is surrounding us, these guys and girls help us escape
that and enjoy ourselves-and life-a little bit more.
Thank You,
Michelle S.
Written by reader: Monica Graves-Brown (jmbrown)
In response to the editorial titled, "If you are going to market to
children...", professional wrestling isn't the only adult entertainment
field that has toys available to children. South Park, an ANIMATED
adult show, has tons of toys and paraphernalia that is exclusively
marketed to children, and the next aisle has shot glasses and adult
merchandise. South Park has Kenny and Cartman dolls that cuss. Austin
Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me had a good deal of merchandise that
children could buy. Sailor Moon and Pokemon are Americanized shows
based on adult entertainment shows from other countries. I could go on
and on.

It isn't their responsibility to limit what children buy, it is the
parents. I don't let my kids watch Raw. But they do watch it Saturday
morning when it is edited and programmed from a more general audience.
And the toys don't cuss. I haven't seen any "ho's" with the Godfather
doll. Just because it is adult on Monday night, doesn't make it an
adult only field. People need to stop expecting the entertainment
industry to parent their kids and do it themselves.
Announcers: Joey Styles and Joel Gertner
Taped from the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA
By James Caldwell -

We opened up by seeing Sabu standing on top of a balcony on crutches,
being held back by security as RVD insulted him in the ring. We cut to
another clip of RVD shoving Sabu off a ramp through a table onto

We saw Bill Alfonso telling the camera that he was going to settle the
feud between RVD and Sabu one way or another. Francine then came out
from the locker room behind Fonzie and said Raven has gone nuts. Tommy
Dreamer then came into the locker room and told Raven he did the right
thing and tried to console him.

After the regular ECW intro, we went to Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in
the ring. Joey welcomed us to the show and Joel did his usual
introduction, referring to himself as the real Santa.

We took a look at the Corino/Limp Bizkit footage from last week; we
then saw Corino in the ring with Jack Victory, Joey, and Joel. Corino
said hardcore wrestling and music stink. Corino said there are a lot of
good musical groups: The BackStreet Boys, N'Sync, and of course, my
favorite, Britanny Spears. Corino then said he hates the man who
started the hardcore revolution: Dusty Rhodes. We then saw Dusty in the
stands. Corino bagged on Dusty and then Dusty strode to the ring after
Corino called him an old fossil.

Corino and Dusty went to nose to nose and Corino told Dusty it isn't
his time anymore. Corino told Dusty that he has not had respect for him
and never did. Corino then slapped Dusty and Dusty busted out with some
old school bionic elbows on Victory and Corino. Dusty then dropped
Corino with a scoop slam and warmed up the elbow real good, then
dropping a monster elbow drop right to the heart of Corino.

Joel ran down tonight's ECW Hardcore Hotline Stories: Shawn Michaels
could be going to ECW; A WWF wrestler has been suspended
indefinetely(Stasiak); and Austin's career may be over.

After the commercial, we came back into the ring where Dusty was
saluting the crowd.

We went to the back where the Impact Players were gathered together.
Justin Credbible said he's the only true Hardcore ICON and said he will
beat Sandman like he did already once before.

Uganda vs. Little Spike Dudley
Another Giant Killing in the process. LSD ducked a clothesline from
Uganda, ducked another, and landed a kick to the gut then dropped
Uganda. An Acid Drop followed by the pin and the three count for the
Winner: Spike Dudley by pinfall

Rob Van Dam was on the streets with Fonzie. RVD said he carried the
team of Sabu and RVD during their Tag Title reign. RVD said it was a
big load off his back when he sent Sabu packing and injured. Fonzie was
a little questioning about RVD.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Mike Awesome(c) w/Judge Jeff Jones vs. 2 Cold Scorpio w/Jazz
Awesome knocked 2 Cold to the mat with a shoulder block then the two
locked up again. 2 Cold landed a big sidekick to the gut sending him to
the floor. 2 Cold landed a corkscrew cross body splash then hit a
moonsault splash off the top turnbuckle onto Awesome. 2 Cold went for a
splash on the ropes but Awesome caught him in mid air and dropped him
onto the outside over the top rope. Awesome was then sent into the
guardrail and he back body dropped 2 Cold into the stands. Awesome then
leaped over the guardrail and dropped 2 Cold with a Missile
Clothesline. The two continued to brawl in the stands and Awesome used
a chair on the back of 2 Cold repeatedly.

2 Cold brought a chair into the ring and tried to hit Awesome but
Awesome leaped off the top and double axe handled the chair into the
face of 2 Cold. Awesome dropped 2 Cold with a shoulder block then
stomped down on 2 Cold. 2 Cold came back with some kicks to the chest
then a roll throw monkey flip followed by a swift kick and a top rope
splash and a cover, but only got a two count. 2 Cold then gave Awesome
a side belly to back then, and then leapt off the top with a Moonsault
and a pin attempt, but only got a two count.

Awesome caught 2 Cold in mid-air when he tried a spinning heel kick and
dropped 2 Cold with a power drop. Awesome hit a German Suplex then
called for the table. Judge Jeff slid a table into the ring and set it
up in the middle of the ring as 2 Cold tried to recover. Jazz then came
in and tried to attack Awesome, but he promptly put her up for a
Powerbomb but 2 Cold splashed Awesome preventing a Powerbomb through
the table. 2 Cold then put Awesome on the table and went up top.
Awesome hopped off the table and knocked Scorpio down across the top
rope. Awesome climbed up and 2 Cold tried a suplex from the top rope
through the table but Awesome fought that off and dropped Scorpio
through the table with the Awesome Bomb from the top rope!!! Awesome
made a cover and got a three count for the win.
Winner:Mike Awesome by pinfall and still World Champ

Joel Gertner ran down the upcoming events and plugged the ECW
Merchandise Catalogue and ECW Magazine.
We saw Justin Credible in the ring with Jason and a Singapore cane.
Justin said there's only one man in ECW who carries around the big
stick in ECW. Jason said he stole Sandman's Singapore Cane and then
called out The Sandman.

The Sandman vs. Justin Credible w/Jason
Sandman came through the crowd drinking a Sandweiser, wielding a broom,
and smoking a cigarette. After a commercial, we saw Sandman and Jason
going at it on the outside. Credible then picked up Sandman and sent
him into the guardrail on the outside. Credible was tossed a chair by
Jason and he sent Sandman head first into the chair. Credible was then
sent upside down into the turnbuckle in the corner , and then Sandman
chased after Jason looking for his cane.

Sandman came back wielding a ladder. Sandman then scaled the ladder and
drank a beer up top. After having a drink, Sandman went back into the
ring and found a fury of kicks and punches. Credible then brought the
ladder into the ring and wedged it in between the second and top
turnbuckles. Credible landed a few punches to the head and then picked
Sandman up and chopped down on him.

Sandman then reversed a whip into the corner and sent Credible back
first into the ladder in the corner. Sandman then picked up the ladder
and placed it on top of the top turnbuckle then sent Credible head
first into the ladder. Sandman scored a near fall then picked up the
ladder and dropped it across Credible's body then hit a slingshot
legdrop across the ladder driving it into Credible.

Sandman then brought a table into the ring and landed some left hand
jabs to the head of Credible. Sandman put the table against the corner
and then Credible slapped on a sleeper hold. Rhino then came into the
ring out of nowhere and speared both men into the table. The two
slugged it out on their knees then Jason came into the ring with a
Singapore cane and missed Sandman.

Sandman then stole the cane and dropped Jason with a Russian Legsweep
using the cane. Sandman then ducked a chair shot from Credible and went
for a Russian legsweep on Credible but Credible fought it off and Lance
Storm leaped off the top rope out of nowhere and dropkicked Credible on
top of Sandman. Credible then got the three count for the win.

Post-Match, Credible and Storm beat up on Sandman, and then Francine
came in and brawled with Dawn Marie in the ring! Rhino came in and put
Francine under for a Powerbomb but Tommy Dreamer smacked Rhino with a
chair shot to the head and turned around and found a dropkick from
Lance Storm off the top sending the chair into his face. The Impact
Players then aligned in the ring as it seems like they always do and
did their usual speech as Dreamer and Sandman recovered on the outside.
Winner: Justin Credible by pinfall

We saw Tommy Dreamer confront Raven in the back about not helping out
himself and Francine. Raven said he won't help out Sandman and Dreamer
said he's sick of his mind games. Dreamer then stormed off, but
Francine was a little slow to go and told Raven she understands and
then slowly followed Dreamer. Raven then walked out of the backstage
area to end the show. Could Francine be on Raven's side?
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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