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Issue # 431

Date:  Sunday December 12th, 1999  8:15 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF Armageddon
Sunday December 12, 1999
Live from the National Car Rental Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
By: James Caldwell -

The Acolytes defeated The Hardyz, Dudleyz, Edge & Christian, 2 Cool,
Mark Henry & The Godfather, The Headbangers & The Mean Street Posse in
a Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles
The Mean Street Posse were eliminated first; the Headbangers were the
next team gone from the Battle Royal as Mosh was eliminated over the
top. Bradshaw took threw out Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and then both Acolytes
eliminated Mark Henry eliminating the team of Henry and Godfather.
Scotty 2 Hotty was pantsed in the ring and tried to recover from that.;
2 Cool was then eliminated by Christian.

D-von and Bradshaw went toe to toe. D-Von then pulled Edge off the
apron eliminating Christian and Edge leaving the Hardys, Acolytes, and
Dudleys. Bradshaw was on the receiving end of a DDT from Buh Buh Ray,
and then the Dudleys landed a combination headbutt slam to the groin of
Bradshaw. The Dudleys then hit a 3-D on Faarooq and then the Hardys
came out from nowhere and eliminated the Dudleys. The Hardys went to
work on what was left of the Acolytes.

Matt and Bradshaw then went over the top at the same time and the ref
was out of position and couldn't decide who was gone. The ref didn't
make any decision so the match continued. Bradshaw then gave Jeff the
Clothesline from Hell in the ring. Faarooq was then tossed over the
top, but the ref didn't see that. Jeff then hit a top rope dropkick on
Bradshaw then Faarooq hit a SpineBuster on Jeff. Jeff was then knocked
over the top rope by both Acolytes and the ref saw it this time giving
the Acolytes the win.
Winners: The Acolytes

Kurt Angle pinned Steve Blackman
Angle tried to talk about his three I's before the match, but Blackman
interrupted his interview time and landed some big kicks on Angle.
Angle came back with some technical wrestling holds, trying to take
over quickly. Angle then hit a Double Arm Suplex then a German Suplex
into Bridge for the three count and the win. Blackman then pulled out
some knuckles and dropped Angle with knuckle shots.

Miss Kitty defeated Ivory, BB & Jacqueline in an Evening Gown Match to
win the WWF Womens Championship
Special Refs: Moolah and Mae Young
All of them were in a pool wearing evening gowns. The fans chanted:
"Let's go puppies," and Lawler was going off on wanting bras and
panties. Jackie tried to drown BB in the pool. It was down to Miss
Kitty and Ivory battling it out. Ivory was trying to swim away from
Miss Kitty, who then ripped off Ivory's dress and won the match to win
the Women's Title.

Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated Rikishi & Viscera
Rikishi opened up on both Holly's and instantly squashed Crash Holly
and nearly won the match in about 10 seconds! Hardcore was then dropped
by Rikishi with a big belly to belly suplex. Viscera was then
accidentally laid out by Rikishi and Hardcore fell on top of Rikishi
and got the three count.

Val Venis defeated The British Bulldog & D-Lo Brown to win the European
Val and Bulldog opened up by double teaming D-Lo in the corner. D-Lo
came back with some high flying offense. Val was then double teamed by
D-Lo and Bulldog. D-Lo came back in and went to work on Bulldog. He hit
a spinebuster then went up top and landed a Frog Splash, but Venis came
off the top with a Money Shot on D-Lo and scored the three count for
the win.

Kane (w/Tori) defeated X-Pac in a Steel Cage Match.
This match was turned into a cage match on Heat. X-Pac had some
stipulations: Kane can only win by pin. X-Pac can win by leaving the
cage or getting a pin.

X-Pac tried to climb out of the cage but Kane grabbed him and went for
a chokeslam but X-Pac kicked Kane in the groin, knocking him down to
the mat. X-Pac then tried a pin, but only got a two count.

The New Age Outlaws then ran to the ringside area and tried to unlock
the cage door. When they opened the door, Kane came over and was
smashed in the head by the cage door. Road Dogg tossed a chair into the
ring then X-Pac dropped Kane with an X-Factor on the chair. X-Pac found
some handcuffs that were thrown in the ring by the Outlaws. X-Pac then
cuffed Kane to the cage wall and picked up the chair and cracked it
across Kane's head repeatedly. Tori then climbed into the ring and
X-Pac turned around and gave Tori the X-Factor.

Kane then kicked the chair into the face of X-Pac. Kane then broke the
handcuffs and X-Pac tried to slide out but Kane stopped him and put him
on his shoulders and then smashed X-Pac's head into the cage door. Kane
then climbed all the way up top the cage then leapt off the top of the
cage with a clothesline!!! Kane then picked up X-Pac and Tombstoned
him straight into the mat and covered X-Pac for the three count and the

Chris Jericho defeated Chyna (w/Miss Kitty) via submission to win the
Intercontinental Title
Chyna was hung up in the ropes and then Jericho smashed the injuried
thumb of Chyna with a dropkick. Chyna tried a roll-up, but Jericho
turned it into the Walls of Jericho and Chyna tried to withstand the
pain and reach the ropes. Jericho then synched the hold, bringing the
hold into the middle of the ring. Chyna then finally had to tap out
giving Jericho the win and the gold!!!

The Rock & Mankind defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions New Age
Outlaws via disqualfication
No speech from The Rock. Mankind dropped Gunn head first into the mat
then dropped the referee on accident and then hit a piledriver on Road
Dogg. Mankind then hit a Double Arm DDT on Road Dogg and pulled out
Socko and shoved it down Road Dogg's throat. Al Snow then came in and
smacked Mankind with Head and Road Dogg fell on top of Mankind. The ref
came to and counted, but Rock broke up the three count. Rock went after
Snow and had him. Back in the ring, Mankind was smashed by a ring bell
and Road Dogg went for the pin, but Mankind found a way to kick out.
Gunn taunted Rock then there was a dog-pile of Outlaws and Mankind in
the ring. Mick made the tag and Rock came in and went to work on Gunn.
Rock dropped Gunn with a Spinebuster, then a Rock Bottom and then made
the cover, but Al Snow came in and broke up the count, which DQ'ed the
Outlaws. Rock was infuriated and gave Road Dogg & Al Snow a Rock
Bottom. Rock then dropped a People's Elbow on Snow.

WWF World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show pinned The Big Boss Man
Boss Man got on the mike and said that Big Show's fake daddy is dead
but his real one could be anywhere in the arena.

Big Show came into the ring and wanted to take Boss Man apart piece by
piece. Big Show then chokeslammed Albert through the Spanish announce
table and then turned around and found the ring steps right in his face
from Boss Man. Big Show was out cold on the outside. Boss Man decided
against winning by countout and grabbed Big Show and tried to shove him
into the ring then finally did and made a cover, but only got a two.
Big Show then came to life once again and chokeslammed Boss Man and
covered him for the three count.

Triple H pinned Vince McMahon in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
If HHH wins, he gets a World Title shot; if Vince wins, the
HHH/Stephanie marriage is anulled.

Stephanie came down ringside before anyone came out to get a good look
at the action. HHH dropped Vince with a sandbag to the head. HHH then
ran over Vince with a shopping cart. (Mankind brought the weapons to
the ring in the cart.) HHH sent Vince into the steel door of a truck
backstage. HHH left the camera shot for a few seconds and Vince asked
where HHH went. No one knew where HHH went for a few moments. Vince
went outside the arena looking for HHH. No one could make heads or
tails where HHH was.

...We then heard the horn of a vehicle, then a car driven by HHH tried
to hit Vince...and almost did. HHH hopped out and sent Vince into the
hood and sides of the car repeatedly. HHH sent Vince into a limo head
first. Then an 18-wheeler met Vince's head. HHH climbed a tower and
Vince climbed up the tower after HHH. To the top of the tower they went
and Vince fell off the tower and smacked into a scaffold and then fell
into a bunker down below. HHH climbed down and smashed Vince with a gas
can. Vince was busted wide...and I mean wide open. HHH left the area
and went inside the arena to ask Stephanie what she thought of Vince
getting his butt kicked. Vince then came to and HHH told Steph that she
doesn't have to ask who's her daddy because he is. HHH saw Vince coming
after him and went after Vince again. HHH picked up a big lead pipe and
went after Vince.

HHH laid into Vince with the pipe right in front of Steph. HHH measured
Vince's head then decided he wanted to use a sledgehammer instead of a
pipe. HHH measured Vince one more time and HHH went to smack Vince with
the hammer but Vince got a low blow in. Vince picked up the pipe and
smacked HHH. Blood was all over the ring. Vince went to hit HHH with
the sledgehammer but then Steph stopped Vince and told Vince she wanted
to hit HHH with the hammer. Steph couldn't hit HHH with the hammer and
HHH came to and stole the hammer then planted it into the gut of Vince
and covered him for the three count and the win! HHH then went to hit
Steph with the hammer, but the two embraced instead and Steph smiled
down at Vince and left with HHH turning her back on her dad and making
her heel turn with HHH. LOL...what a turn of events!!! What a match!!!
What a night!!!
Winner:Triple H by pinfall
WRESTLING'S REAL DEAL WEB PAGE. If you would like to see a good
wrestling web page, then there is only one web page for you to see it
is WRESTLING'S REAL DEAL WEB PAGE, made by Matthew King. Go to:
now!!! You will not be disappointed. Thank you.
Written by reader: KFITZPATI
I have to agree with you and SAMJERRY 100% on what Russo has done with
WCW the last couple of months. The simple fact is this: when I try to
watch it, I think a lot about the WCW that came about in 1994, and I
see too many similarities. I'll explain a little further with a couple
of points:

1) THE OLD WWF ICON BECOMETH THE WCW ICON. Those who think to 1994 know
exactly what that means. In 1994, one of the Internet's most hated
wrestlers rolled in and in one match took over WCW's path: one Hulk
In one summer Hogan defeated Flair, making WCW yellow and red- for a
couple of years, anyway. In 1999, while it's not as apparent, Mr. Bret
Hart, former WWF franchise man, is finally given a World title reign
after being as misused for a two-year period as perhaps any wrestler in
the sport's history.

We have NO idea as of this weekend if we will get the heel Hart that
hung with the nWo for awhile in 1998. But we do know that he's in the
WCW title picture now, and that brings up point 2:

2) OHHHH YYEEEEAHH> Remember in 1994, when Savage showed up to hang
with Hogan as the MegaPowers and feud with Flair over Elizabeth and the
World title. Never mind both had been done in the WWF YEARS BEFORE, Pro
Wrestling Illustrated loved it, WCW brass (as dictated by young
Bischoff) loved it, and when Nitro first rolled in a few years back,
the ratings loved it.

As 1995 saw Paul Orndorff do stupid skits with a talking mirror, a
Warrior ripoff (Renegade: debuts in early 1995, gets a TV title
reign), Beefcake/Barber/Leslie/whatever the hell his name is this week
getting main events and so on-translation, WWF reruns become WCW
booking- well,
1999 sees Jarrett hitting everyone with guitars and threatening
non-wrestlers and Sid in every damn TV main event as the unbeatable
monster who always gets beat.

3) RAW IS NITRO. It can be a given that Russo is doing one important
thing: him and his boy Ferrara have made WCW go from a Nash-booked
crappy soap opera to something that is ALWAYS talked about,
particularly here on the Internet. It's been said that the New Yorker
basically goes off of Internet opinions, and he's getting a hell of a
lot of airplay and hits on it. But is he improving anything? If you
want to go by ratings, the argument can be made, yes.0.3 points
according to Wade Keller, but there's been improvement.

It can also be said-correctly- that he is pushing Hart and Benoit well
too. And it can also be said that he did a necessity- he got the men
who think they're rock stars in the ring to actually WRESTLE. I'm
talking about the Internet's Nash and his sidekick Hall. While I'm no
longer admittedly too keen on these two, I will admit they make things
entertaining, and again if they go to the bathroom, there are enough
NITRO fans in these arenas to run and flush the toilet for them:
translation, they get the reaction.

BUT- and here is where Steve, SAMJERRY and Mooneyham have made valid
points: what Russo has done is basically said this: "I don't give a
damn about the 3 million fans or so who were watching this. I don't
give a damn about the past. I don't give a damn about what happened
before, or any of the tradition from the past. It's my show, I'll run
it my way, so be it."

That means less wrestling, more Kidman the sex man, more T&A, more soap
opera, more insulting a man with a health disorder situation (that
jackass Ed Ferrara goofing on JR) and basically the end of the WCW/NWA
ties and roots as we know it.

And again, here's the deal folks: Russo to me is trying to out McMahon
McMahon. Bischoff had his shot, and his ego took him down for the
count. Russo trying to be the "Power" can be handled in 1999: after
all, we've seen Mr. McMahon wrestle main events and Eric Bischoff get
pay-per-view victories over Ric Flair during the last 12 months. But
Russo-simply put- still looks to be reinventing the wheel with his
version of the WWF that HE can run and control. And with all due
respect, we've already got one WWF, and Russo trying to make another
WWF is a risky gamble. Especially if we get more Luger-Sting matches
and damn Bertha Faye coming out....

As for me, I have just one recommendation: WCW has a man who makes NBA
locker rooms, JCPenney merchandise shelves and Nitro crowds go off.
That's their man Goldberg. If you're going to make Goldberg your
franchise, get the job done. Get him the strap, or at least get him the
opportunities where he is not stuck in the middle of the HEYYYYYY YO
phenomenom standing in a ring looking at Hall act like a drunk down in
a South Beach while on the mike.

From what the word is out there, Russo understands this and is getting
ready to make this man the franchise. Like him or not, Goldberg is
over. If Russo is smart and understands this, WCW will benefit. If
not, well, I'll put it this way: I'm not going to watch TNT to watch Ed
Ferrara wrestle......
Written by reader: TetraShiva
This is in response to poreresu@xxxxs... in WBS #430.

I can't think of a single WWF fan who said they would watch Nitro if
Russo got on it. Right now, Nitro isn't even like Raw. Raw could do
Crash TV and still have a plot and build ratings. Nitro can't. I
actually watched Nitro in January and enjoyed it. It was like Raw
without the cussing. However, I still watched Raw because I cared for
the characters and had developed a bond with them. It will take more
than "Boob TV" to get people to like WCW. It will take original,
believable (*achem* Goldberg) characters and a FLUID, good plot. And
even then it will take months to shift audiences away.

Heck, do you really think WWF marks want to see fat women in a mud
wrestling match? I don't think so.

I think you are just mad that people don't like Nitro anymore.
Why else would you say." What would get you marks to finally give WCW
credit...Sable?" (For the record, WWF marks would love to KILL Sable).
I know how much it sucks to love a product and not have anyone else
agree with you (NJPW rules, dang it!). Heck, I'll be the first to
admit that WCW has great wrestlers (Bret, Benoit, Malenko, La Parka,
Liger) but so does the WWF (Jericho, X-Pac, Hardys, Edge, HHH, Taz).
But sadly, you are going to have to accept it, WCW isn't popular right
now. Sometimes we don't get what we want. Peace, out.
Written by reader: Barry Stulberger (bigbarry)
I just wanted to let you and all the Ryan, Symphony fans know, that she
was indeed at the Toms River South H.S. show last night (12-11-99), and
she will keep her promise to appear at the Jan-Feb NWA shows that she
was asked to do.

I showed her the article that I submitted to your newsletter, about her
being rumored to be going to WCW and not knowing about it, and here is
what she had to say. She really did not know about the offer at the
time I had spoken to her. When she arrived at her home, she discovered
to message from WCW on her answering machine. Once again, the Internet
knew about the offer before she did. Yes, she was asked to keep working
for WCW, until they can iron out a contract for her, so keep looking
for her in the weeks to come.

From what I can understand, WCW did NOT want her to work the NWA shows
for Jan-Feb, but Ryan, Symphony, Alicia said that she gave her word to
appear on these shows, and she does NOT go back on her word. So, anyone
coming to our Jan 29 show in Toms River and Feb 5 in Holmdel will
indeed SEE Ryan-Symphony-Alicia. I cannot say enough about how sweet,
kind and considerate she is to her fans and to others in the wrestling
world. She never speaks badly about any Wrestling org. past OR present
that she has appeared in, and the Fans still love her.

At our Show last night (12-11-99) she spent more time signing
autographs (for free) than taking polaroids (which were $5.00). This
alone should tell you that FANS COME FIRST with her. IF anyone out
there has seen Ryan-Symphony-Alicia and would like to send me an E-mail
about meeting her, I would be more than glad to pass them to her.

Last month, JOE sent me a letter about meeting her at the beach, and I
showed her the letter. She immediately remembered him and said how kind
he was to write to her. (PS. she sends JOE a big Kiss).

My E-mail is: bigbarry and I will happily pass her your
E-mails at our Jan 29 show.
Thank you,
Barry Stulberger aka Big Barry
Written by reader: PaulPac316
In response to the article in your most recent issue (TEST & SCRIPT
DEFECTS), you seem to be forgetting one important thing - Test is still
a rookie. The idea behind the whole 'marriage' angle was to put Test in
a long term televised angle and give him that much needed exposure to
the fans. And who else to help him get over with the fans than with the
McMahon family. Test only made his debut for the WWF approximately a
year ago, and before his debut had no real experience in a wrestling
ring, except for his brief stints in indy feds thanks to his WWF Dojo

I think you are expecting too much, too fast from the big man. Vince,
in my opinion, is doing the best for Test's career. He has provided him
with the exposure, given him an angle to get himself familiar with the
fans, and I'm sure that the year 2000 will be the make or break of
Test. He's been given the ball, and next year we will be able to see
if he can run with it.

Remember, not everyone are instant hits. Take Kevin 'Diesel' Nash for
example. It took a year by the side of Shawn Michaels to prepare him
for the big time. The same can be said for the Rock, who had to bide
his time next to Faarooq to gain that oh important exposure. Neither of
them were labeled by the 'smart' community as main event caliber
athletes, but sure enough they achieved it.

Hell, Test has no 'Diamond Cutter' style quick fire finisher, or catchy
catch phrases, but he seems to be doing quite well for himself on ring
presence and ring style alone. And as for Vince pushing himself, its
called story advancement people. Thanks to Vinnie Mac, Triple H is the
no.1 despised bad guy in all of wrestling. All stars at some point or
another have used Vince's unlimited charisma to get themselves utterly
over. Stone Cold has done it, The Rock has done it, Triple H has done
it, and I'm sure many more will. It makes for good television.
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