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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 432

Date:  Monday December 13th, 1999  11:19 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The WWF crossed a new line last
night when Miss Kitty showed the
crowd her breasts (and there
wasn't mud covering them this

The nudity itself doesn't bother
me a whole lot (and as an adult
I didn't mind seeing it). If
it's going to happen pay-per-view
is the proper forum.  McMahon's
ethical error was not the nudity
itself but the fact that the
nudity wasn't ADVERTISED.

Promote the hell out of it and
promise that one of the participants
will be "showing her puppies" before
the night is over. Don't hint,
because we've all been burned so
many times by both promotions that
a hint is easily disregarded.

Don't give us your traditional
"accidental nudity" that takes parents
(and their sometimes gleeful children)
by surprise. Really give people the
choice; we always hear the rallying
cry "let the parents decide". "It's
the parent's choice, they need to
decide themselves what content is
suitable for their children".

The WWF didn't give parents the choice
this time. released an official statement
on the "accidental nudity":
"One second too much
During the World Wrestling Federation's
TV-14 rated Pay-Per-View event, titled
Armageddon, on Sunday, Dec. 12, 1999,
an overzealous Miss Kitty flashed her
breasts for less than one second in the
Four Corner Evening Gown Pool Match for
the WWF Women's Title. WWF censors
immediately placed a towel on her chest.
The WWF apologizes for this unauthorized
Written by reader: Lee Relph (LEEINBLACK)
I wonder how many of the WWF's sponsors
were watching the PPV last night? You
know what I'm talking about - where
Miss Kitty.......erm...... Anyway, it
was a surprisingly strong PPV despite
looking naff on paper.

It was great to hear such a great pop
for the Hardy Boyz but I have to know
this : were the boos for the Mean
Street Pansies real "They're heels so
I shall boo them" heat or "Oh no, not
these idiots!" heat?? And did I really
hear Too Cool and the Acolytes getting
face pops? I have to say that Kurt Angle
seems to bring the best out of his
opponents. He had a great match with
(the now departed) Shawn Stasiak and
even Steve "Someone get me a
personality" Blackman looked good last
night too.

Am I the only one wondering if Mae
Young has ever visited planet Earth at
all? Kane should be in the running for
"Most Improved Wrestler of the year"
and I liked the double standard
stipulation of the cage match too. I
hope all the Jericho-holics will stop
bleating now he has the IC belt.
Actually, I think he and Chyna really
clicked in this match and definitely
surpassed their last outing.

I feel sorry for Mick Foley. Once he
was in the ring, he didn't get a single
pop until he went to tag the Rock. I was
surprised to see the "Great One" work the
body of the match - perhaps Foley's work
ethic has rubbed off on the Rock. Perhaps
the Rock will be the next one taking a
dive off the top of the Hell In A Cell
.......and NITRO will win the ratings
before the Millennium.... :-).

The main event was sloppy, intense,
comedic, brutal and the WWF at it's
story telling, swerve ending best. But
I can't help thinking that Stiff-anie
is just too "sugar and spice" to be a
heel. I wonder if this will lead to a
love triangle scenario with HHH,
Stiff-anie and Chyna now she has no
belt to defend?? I was surprised that
the announcers didn't try and put two
and two together when HHH charged Vince
with the car that he may have been
involved in the Austin incident. There
again, Austin is out of the picture.....
for now.... Oh well, I'll leave you with
this thought: Imagine what it is going
to be like around the McMahon dinner
table for Christmas lunch this year!?!?!
Written by reader: Outlaw_Ben
On the last newsletter there were talks
of Jose and Shawn no longer being
together. That is true but the reason he
is no longer with Jose is not because
Michaels mistreated the WWF superstars.
In fact, not many stars were around
here in the first place.

LOD did three Shows with The Texas
Wrestling Alliance. The Godfather did
one show and Tiger Ali Singh did one
show. Sho Funaki did multiple shows
here and in fact was pretty good with
lots of guys here. Although he didn't
speak much English he liked it here.
Sho now has a bigger role on Jakked
and Heat so he is no longer down here
in San Antonio.

As far as attendance at the TWA, well,
attendance is in fact up. The have had
a couple shows on television and more
and more people have been showing up.

As far as Shawn's students go, they are
extremely good. These guys are some of
the best high flyers I have seen. The
two students that are at the dojo are
most likely two guys that go by the
name of "The American Dragon" and
"Spanky". Spanky and Dragon are
extremely good. If you ever seen their
high flying skills you would most
likely compare them to the Ultimo

Many people that started out with
Shawn have in fact left the TWA and
his wrestling school, but these guys
were overweight, beer drinking slobs
that didn't really entertain the
crowds yet they still wanted to be
the main events. These guys egos were
hurt that people other than them were
getting the headlining match.
Written by reader: Anrchy666
In response to Mike Mooneyham's article
on HBK, I'm currently a student at his
wrestling school and must say that
whoever sent you a lot of that info is
real wrong.

First off, my friend did not break his
neck (I will not go into detail about
this accident out of respect to both
Michaels and my friends family).

Next, Michaels' shows at the Far West
for the TV tapings are always sold out
and his wrestling program is rated #1
in San Antonio. According to Michaels
as he explained at the beginning of
class, him and Jose did not see eye to
eye on training. Jose wanted to bring
students in and shoot them out in 10
days, whereas Michaels would rather
send out a great wrestler, not some
half-ass, which is why his school
classes are 3 months.
Written by reader: Newton E. Calkins (mr.gray)
To anyone out there who thinks that
Russo was the only good writer I say
"ppppttttthhhhhhttttt". Maybe it's
just me, but the Stephanie heel turn
has me riveted. I can't wait for Raw
now! And that's the true testament to
the power of the current writers and
the likability of Test's character.
I actually CARE about this angle!

I only hope that it turns out to be
a result of the amnesia (how like a
soap opera is that?). I can't believe
I'm actually "marking out". Reminds
me of the early days, when I cared
about the characters...
Written by reader: JP0379
I just wanted to drop a line after
reading your latest issue.
RobSammy wrote in and stated
that he owns a collectibles shop and
that all but one of his customers in
the last year and a half who bought
wrestling-related products were over
15 years of age. It's obvious that
this is an attempt to insinuate that
the majority of the people who buy
these toys and figures are not under
15. His point holds no water, however.

How many kids under 15 shop at
"collectable" shops? They shop at Kmart,
WalMart, Kay Bee Toys, Toys-R-Us, ect..
If someone is going to defend something
one of the feds do, at least they should
do it using a reasonable example.
Written by reader: Stephanie Antonoglou (BUFFDADDYfan99)
I was there and it was great!!!!!!!!!
Every match was worth it! The Chyna/
Y2J was one of my favorites! Still can't
believe Steph and HHH !?!?!?! It will
make some storyline. It was my 1st PPV
and I loved the entire experience. I
can't wait to see RAW at American
Airlines Arena in 3 weeks. I have to
say that the Armageddon between Vince
and HHH has only just begun.
-Stephanie Antonoglou
Written by reader: Tom Guttenberg (tgutefunk)
Where was the Undertaker? All the
"insiders" had him coming back for
Armageddon. My prediction going into
the night is that HHH and Boss Man
would each win their matches, and
the Undertaker would come at the
end and reveal each still part of
the Ministry. With Stephanie turning
heel, my prediction might just come
true on Raw tomorrow night, except
Big Show will have to lose the title
some other time.

Remember when Undertaker kidnapped
Stephanie? She could have been made
secret allies with the Ministry at
that point. And to think I've been
calling her just another McMahon
family bad actor this whole time.
It probably makes sense that if
Undertaker is going to reveal a new
Ministry, Raw is the more appropriate
place, where more fans will see it,
and the WWF will be able to get a
good twenty minute peak ratings
segment out of it.

Will this make Test the main-eventer
that people have been discussing here?
How long will he feel betrayed and
pissed off at HHH and Steph, and the
Undertaker, and whomever else might have
been involved? I doubt that story can be
carried all the way to Royal Rumble,
unless Test pairs with another strong
face, like the Rock or somebody.

If the Ministry comes back, and includes
HHH, where would that leave DX? Without
a leader, that is unless Shawn Michaels
comes back. Possibly a DX defection will
be a partner for Test. This is one of
those exciting times in the WWF coming
up to the Rumble, which always decides
the contender for Wrestlemania. The
storylines are infinite, so these are
just my guesses. Hopefully Austin will
be healthy, and WM 2000 will be blowing
Written by reader: HJA21
Everyone is saying how this angle with
Test-Steph-HHH-Vince is so wonderful
and how the heel turn by Steph Sunday
night was great entertainment. Is
anyone else sick of this angle already?
I was ready for it to end as soon as
this whole Steph-Test thing heated up.

Wrestling fans want to see feuds with
pro wrestlers: not the 53-year-old boss
and his daughter. At least use the
talent that is on the payroll, not the
boss's family. That's just my opinion.
I think HHH needs a push...but not a
push involving beating the crap out of
the 53-year-old boss and running away
with his heel daughter.

But look at who has the WWF world title
...doesn't say much for the script
writers. Don't get me wrong... I think
the WWF does a great job at times...but
they took a wrong left turn somewhere
with this ridiculous angle. Thanks for
Written by reader: RanmaSolo
First of all I have to say the Jericho
vs. Chyna match was awesome! Jericho
won of course, which is WHY it was
awesome. (Especially since he made
Chyna tap out!) Also, I think the
handshake in the back was pretty cool.
Now why I'm really writing...

A lot of people I've been talking to
since watching the WWF PPV said that
the heel turn by Steph was too
predictable. I say it was too
predictable... But it made WAY too much
sense NOT to do it. This is the same
"Daddy's Little Girl" who was
sacrificed to the Undertaker BY Daddy!

Also remember that Test/Andrew sure was
quick on the trigger to give up on
Stephy when she was drugged and forced
into wedlock with Triple H. So... Who
was left for Steph to turn to but the
Game himself, Triple H, for support?
Written by reader: KNashsGirl
I wanted to add to all the stuff about
the WWF aiming its product at kids.
They don't just make toys. They also
have shirts with wrestlers and their
sayings on them for kids. If the WWF
wants it to be total adult content
then McMahon really needs to make so
you have to be over 18 or 21 (I say 18
or 21 because any kind of adult product
sold you have to be over one of those
ages, depending on the company, to be
able to buy and sort of adult products)
to see them live and to stop the
selling of kids shirts and toys.
Written by reader: UMWChris
There is another group trying to stop
violent toys, and problems in wrestling
is once again on the list. Their website
is The stupidest thing
they are concerned about is Bret Hart,
when his outfit is made the way it is
in the Ringmaster set, to symbolize his
gimmick, just like the other 3 figures.

Okay, I'm going to post you up the 2
wrestling items that made their "Dirty
Dozen" for violent toys, and you can
check out the website. It might help
advance the debate on the action
figures being marketed for children,
as they have the recommended ages
showing 4+, but I don't like the way
they are taking things, too far.

<<Brawl 4-All Steel City, Jakks Pacific, $18
Recommended age: 4+
Description: A plastic replica of a
wrestling ring complete with four
WWF wrestling figures, a "body
slammin‚€™ chain-link fence" and a
"pulverizing push broom."

Why we chose it: This set encourages
young children to "bash and dump
opponents senseless with an array of
street-fighting accessories" and
"slam opponents against (a) bloodied
chain-link fence."

Ring Masters, Toy Biz (Marvel Enterprises), $8
Recommended age: 4+
Description: This line includes four wrestling figures ‚€" "Collect
Them All!" ‚€" including Bret, "the Hitman" Hart.
Why we chose it: Bret, a WCW figure,
comes complete with a gatling gun,
a rifle, and a pistol. "Load missiles
into front of gatling gun," children
are instructed, "Turn knob in rear of
gun for rapid fire action." This
figure combines two types of violence
in one.>>
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