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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 433

Date:  Monday December 13th, 1999  9:04 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

The show began with Jeff Jarrett
and Chris Benoit battling in the
back, with the Crippler getting
the best of Jarrett.

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
Iaukea (w/Paisley) versus The
Maestro (w/Symphony)
The artist took the piano man with a
rollup after both valets smacked
their men's opponents. Jeff Jarrett
hit the ring, and laid both men out
with guitars. He then challenged
Benoit to a Bunkhouse Brawl for
later in the night.
Winner: The Artist via pinfall

--In the back, referees and Evan
Karagias had to restrain Madusa from
attacking Spice, who was engaging in
mutual flirting with Karagias.
Madusa later told Gene that she
would wrestle Spice later tonight.

--Bret Hart, after saying he had
nothing but respect for Goldberg,
made a guarantee that his hand would
be raised after their match at
Starrcade. Goldberg hit the ring and
told the Hitman that he was next and
that he would be the winner at
Starrcade. The Outsiders then
challenged the two to a tag team
title match, which the champions

--Lex Luger was taken aback when
Terry Taylor informed him that he
would have to face Sting and Diamond
Dallas Page with David Flair as his
tag team partner. Flair was then
seen receiving a package to his
dressing room. Luger later found
Flair's dressing room and tried to
discuss strategy with his partner,
but young Flair was more interested
in giggling with his headless
stuffed tEddie bear.

Madusa versus Spice
Karagias hit the ring and refused
to hit Spice upon orders from Madusa.
After sandwiching Karagias and Madusa
in the corner, Spice jumped on Madusa
for the quick upset. After the bell,
Madusa nailed her man with a German
suplex and kicked him in the ribs.
Winner: Spice via pinfall

--In the back, Vince Russo told Shane
to go find Piper (and the remote
control) and he told Rhonda Singh that
he will not talk to her on her level,
and that she needed to start making

--As Jim Duggan was telling Mene Gene
that he would defend the American flag
until the day he died, the lights went
out and someone attacked Duggan. A few
seconds later, Russo was heard telling
Curt Hennig how great the "power of the
remote" was. He then told Piper he
would be the referee for the Curt
Hennig/Buff Bagwell match, and it would
be in his best interest (and to protect
his career), if he did "the right thing."

Curt Hennig versus Buff Bagwell
Piper, who was obviously biased towards
Bagwell, "did the right thing" by
punching Hennig to the mat, who was then
covered by Bagwell. Piper then made a
fast three count for the win.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

Jeff Jarrett versus Chris Benoit
*Bunkhouse Brawl*
Dustin Rhodes attempted to interfere but
was cut short by a guitar shot. Benoit
attempted to fly off the ladder but
Rhodes hit the ladder, knocking Benoit
off the ladder and allowing Jarrett to
make the cover.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall

--Wielding a bat, Piper told Russo that
he hated him, and was then attacked by
Hennig and the other stooges of Russo.

Tank Abbott versus Meng
Nick Patrick called for the bell when
the two men just began fighting and
took it to the floor.
Winner: No Contest

--Chris Kanyon arrived at the arena in
a white Porsche, accompanied by two
lovely ladies.

--Roddy Piper was escorted away from the
Powers That Be's locker room by security
as he was trying to get in with a fire
extinguisher. He later interrupted an
interview with Lex Luger (who said Liz
would not come out with Sting tonight,
because she is under contract to him)
to say that he would face Hennig in
the ring later tonight, and they could
beat each other "silly" with chairs.

Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn/Aysa
versus Harlem Heat/Midnight
Midnight mistakenly ran into Stevie
Ray, allowing Dean Malenko to make the
cover for the win. Midnight also
appeared to hurt her knee during a leap
frog. Stevie Ray berated his brother
for the loss after the bell.
Winners: The Revolution via pinfall

--Tygress, Sky, and Fyre all jumped on
the back of Rhonda Singh, who
interrupted a Nitro girl skit and began
dancing. (Singh earlier received a
dance outfit from the peddler Chavo
Guerrero Jr. after asking the man
formerly known as Clarence Mason in the
WWF, and now Kanyon's agent/ attorney to
represent her.

--Meng and Tank Abbott's fight continued
into the "block", where Norman Smiley
and Jerry Flynn were battling. Meng
fought out the door with Smiley as Abbott
and Flynn hooked it up. Meng then
searched for Smiley for most of the night,
but Norman was busy cowering in the dark.

--Vince Russo fired Paul Orndorff since
he is the one that trained the "thorn in
his side" Midnight. When Orndorff refused
to leave, Russo demanded that he face
Creative Control in the ring.

--Sid Vicious, along with a young fan
with Down Syndrome named Seth, said that
he would take out Dr. Death.

--Still in the woods, Fit Finlay was seen
putting Brian Knobbs through a rigorous
physical workout.

Sid Vicious w/Seth versus Dr. Death
(w/Oklahoma) *Suplex vs. Powerbomb Match*
Vampiro chased Oklahoma around the ring,
providing enough of a distraction to let
Sid nail the Powerbomb for the win. Sid
chokeslammed Oklahoma after the bell. The
Outsiders hit the ring, with Nash
Powerbombing Sid.
Winner: Sid Vicious via Powerbomb

--In the back, Sid was showing signs of
pain in his neck as EMT's checked him out.
The Outsiders told Mike Tenay that Sid
was attacked for talking trash.

Sting/Diamond Dallas Page versus Total Package/David Flair
Sting laid out young Flair with a Stinger
Splash and after tagging Page, attacked
his own tag team partner. Luger then took
Flair's tEddie bear, and threw it, which
sent Flair on a mission to find his
headless stuffed friend. In the meantime,
Luger wore Sting out with a crowbar. Liz
stopped Luger from doing further damage.
As Luger went to hit Sting with a chair,
Flair reentered the ring and popped Luger
with the crowbar. Liz then pulled Sting
on top of the Package for the win.
Winners: Sting/Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall

--Bam Bam Bigelow was welcoming his
friend Chris "Champagne" Kanyon back to
WCW, when Kanyon's agent Mr. Biggs,
stepped in front of him. When Bam Bam
grabbed the agent by the tie, Kanyon
attacked his former Triad brother from
behind. In this exchange, the agent also
had security take Rhonda Singh away, who
was bothering the agent for his services.

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Chris "Champagne"
Kanyon (w/Mr. Biggs)
A distraction by Mr. Biggs allowed
Kanyon to hit the "That's a Rap"
(Flatliner) for the win.
Winner: Chris Kanyon via pinfall

Big Vito (w/Johnny the Bull) versus
Lash Leroux (w/Disco Inferno)
*Body Bag Match*
Leroux won in front of his hometown
after stuffing Vito into the body bag.
After the bell, both henchmen attacked,
leaving Disco lying and stuffing Lash
into a body bag. They left the arena
with Leroux over the shoulder of Johnny
the Bull. Once in the parking lot,
Leroux was able to escape because the
henchmen forgot where they parked their
Winner: Lash Leroux via decision

Paul Orndorff versus Creative Control
Larry Zybysko and Arn Anderson made their
way to the ring. Zybysko hit one of the
twins with a swinging neckbreaker, while
AA kicked the other in the gut, allowing
Mr. Wonderful to hit a picture perfect
Pildriver for the win. However, the
Powers That Be sent out another referee
who reversed the decision.
Winners: Creative Control via reverse decision

--Norman Smiley was found by the
henchmen hiding in the body bag that
Leroux had escaped from.

Roddy Piper versus Curt Hennig
*Chair Match*
The match Piper demanded (and said he
would only use one hand) ended with
Piper nailing Hennig to the outside
and Hennig not returning to the ring
by the ten count.
Winner: Roddy Piper via countout

--In the back, Bret Hart was being
attended to by trainer Danny Young
after being attacked in his dressing

Goldberg/Bret Hart (c) versus The
Outsiders *Tag Team Championship*
Goldberg took the ring by himself to
defend the tag titles. As Goldberg
was being double teamed, Bret Hart,
finally made his way (limping) to
the ring. As all four men were
battling in the ring Nash pinned
Hart, whose knee gave out as
Goldberg had Hall up in the
Winners: The Outsiders via pinfall
(New Tag Team Champions)

Ricks Comments:
--Jeff Jarrett actually did something
I appreciated...he laid out the Artist
and the Maestro.

--I loved how Gene was staring at
Madusa's two big beautiful...BLUE EYES!!

--Granted, the man is a legend, but I
could care less about seeing Roddy
Piper's "grand" entrances into arenas
week after week.

--My girlfriend's mom wanted me to let
everyone know that she really likes how
WCW actually listed the matches for the
night at the beginning of the program...
and I agree with it may help
WCW with their ratings...problem.

--Sid showed alot of class tonight by
bringing that young man to the ring with

--It is really sad that some of the older
wrestlers in WCW can still perform better
than guys half their age.

--The tag team champions defending the
gold the week of the PPV....hmmm....that
sounds familiar?!?!?
Reported by Wade Keller at:
The Dec. 10 show drew a 1.2 rating with
quarter hours of 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.
By Kevin Vargas (TWA play-by-play announcer)
Clarification #1: The Texas Wrestling
Alliance has had steady attendance at
the regular San Antonio cards.
Attendance regularly ranges from 400-500.
The last card was down because many people
knew Shawn wouldn't be appearing due to
his Japan commitment, and assumed no Shawn,
no major angles. Tomorrow might be
difficult due (schedule conflicts) to a
Spurs road game on free TV, and a Rage
Against The Machine concert with a
projected attendance of 12,000.

Clarification #1 1/2: The TWA has its best
attendance at shows in San Antonio's
satellite markets outside the metro.
There haven't been any recently due to a
combination of the fact the member of the
organization who booked these events has
left, and Shawn has not yet hired a "road

Clarification #3: "TWA Total Impact" runs
Saturday's at Midnight on local CBS
affiliate KENS-TV, the same time
"Smackdown," (which with us being a market
without a UPN affiliate, this is first run
in SA) and WCW's syndicated show run on
other channels. Despite competition from
the 2 majors, "TWA Total Impact" is the
market's second rated show for the time
slot, beating WCW's programming for every
week since week 3 (we have just run our
9th episode.) The show is a fast-paced
action-packed 30 minutes of wrestling,
interviews, and angles.

It is produced locally by KENS-TV. Many
involved with the TV show have no
previous pro wrestling experience, but
improve with every week as we are
committed to evolving the best
presentation of our product possible
(I always remind myself Joey Styles
wasn't built in a day.)
Kevin Vargas
TWA play-by-play announcer
Written by reader: Erik Perez (nwoman1)
I live in San Antonio, and I have been
attending the TWA cards every two weeks,
and I am pleased with how Shawn can run
a great federation, he has proved that
he can give a great show, at a
reasonable price.

Some of the wrestlers I really enjoy to
watch wrestle are Spanky, American Dragon
(My favorite), Shooter Schultz, Lance
Kade, F.A.G., and all the rest of the
TWA stars. I was thinking about creating
a TWA website, but I haven't gotten
started on it. I plan to go to the
Academy as well in about a year and a
half, but for now me and my friends just
show up to the events each two weeks.
Most of the crew and workers there are
pretty nice to the fans, especially Ray
the ring announcer, and the wrestlers
are pretty cool when they give autographs,
and they are friendly and not stuck up
like the so called "REAL" wrestlers in
the WWF and WCW.

I have to get to Far West Rodeo at 4:30
just so I can get a closer seat, and the
show doesn't start till around 8:00, and
the crowd does get packed. Plus the TWA
TV Show Total Impact is pretty good too,
in fact they beat WCW's show that runs
at the same time! So before anyone starts
to say anything bad on the TWA or HBK I
suggest you turn up at one of the events
and eat your words.
Written by reader: ArSoN83
All right, all right, I believe it.
Stephanie and HHH set this all up from
the beginning. Stephanie and HHH
purposely set up GTV so it would see
her and Test kiss, she'd purposely get
engaged, then get hit by a trash can by
The Bulldog, fake amnesia, get engaged
again, have two bachelorette parties,
then had the bartender at one "slip
her a mickey" so HHH could take her
away and marry her. Then she'd be
all mad and hug HHH a week later.
All right, I'm down with that.
Written by reader: Scott Brown (badass247)
I recently read your newsletter where
you stated that the WWF markets to
kids. True, they do. But, RAW and
Smackdown aren't kid's shows. The
WWF has programming on Saturday and
Sunday mornings that is edited to be
appropriate for children. I just
thought that this should be pointed out
and was overlooked. Otherwise, I thought
you were very fair in what you printed
about the subject.
-Scott Brown
Steve Appy responds:
Live Wire & Superstars seem to have the
exact same segments from RAW & Smackdown
with a few more words bleeped out. While
they do seem to skip some of the REALLY
raunchy segments, whenever I watch one of
the weekend shows it comes off as a
highlight film of the two main shows.

Then again, I rarely end up watching either
Live Wire or Superstars these days. Do the
Godfather & Val Venis ever appear? Do the
Road Dogg & DX ever deliver their catch
phrases? The answers to these questions
may signal the intent of the WWF when
putting together either show.
Written by reader: StarSaucer
I think that Stephanie is merely tricking
Hunter and the rest of DX by pretending
to turn heel, and then she will find a way
to get even.

This may be what she meant by "Let me
handle things MY way." I adore Steph
and I hope she does something really
nasty to HHH (whom I also like, but
come on - he deserves it!).

I think this would be a great angle
and also a way for Stephanie to improve
her acting skills (hey, she's not THAT
Written by reader: ADR31
I live in Miami, FL and I attended
Armageddon. I have to say, it was a
very strong PPV with great matches,
and no screw job endings. I really
enjoyed myself. Now, there is a lot
of controversy over the whole Miss
Kitty thing. I was watching the Titan
Tron (it was real small). She reached to
open her bra. I look down for a split
second to adjust my binoculars, I look
up and she's wrapped in a towel. My
friend then informed me of the flash.
I didn't see, but it must have been a
split second.

When she reached for her bra, I saw
SGT. Slaughter running down as if being
chased by an assassin running to cover
Miss Kitty. I truly do think we weren't
meant to see any flashing, I just think
WWF messed up their timing.

I was shocked, considering I had a 6-year
old next to me, and I saw many young kids.
I'm 14, but I've been watching WWF since
I was 4, and I never thought they would
stoop so low. Now, as for all the cheering,
let me make some corrections. First, there
were a lot of Acolyte fans (including
myself), and yeah, they received a pretty
decent pop.

A lot of people were chanting "TAZ" with
the same expectations, but to no avail.
Too Cool, the Hardyz, and Phatu got
extremely good pops. The best pops of
the night were:

1) Miss Kitty flashing (which quickly
turned to boos when Slaughter covered
her up, and then Moolah started stripping

2) Rock and Sock

3) Jericho (there were some "Chyna" chants,
but Jericho clearly had more fans) and

4) Vince McMahon

Extra Notes: I thought Bulldog was paralyzed
after being double hip tossed by Venis and

-D'lo was having troubles pulling off the
Sky High. He twisted the arm and then couldnt
pick up Bulldog. When he finally did, it came
out as a Spinebuster.

-The Big Show / Bossman match got "Boring"
chants more than any other match, even the
Angle and Blackman match didn't get as many
"Boring" chants
Written by reader: Jcblanks
I wanted to make a quick response to the
columns written about pro-wrestling
related products being aimed at children.
I own and operate a retail store
completely dedicated to professional
wrestling (the majority of my products
focus on the WWF). I would like to admit
that I do get many children under 10
years of age in my shop.

However, I also get many young men (ages
15--25) in my store along with the fans
that watched in "the good old days" (ages
50 and up). Certainly, the WWF and other
organizations target children, but they
also license many products that target
other age groups.

If you would like to see some of these
products, please visit our web site:
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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