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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 434

Date:  Tuesday December 14th, 1999  8:35 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (WrestleRic)

Stephanie McMahon (sporting a new hairstyle
and leather pants) and HHH were seen hand
in hand, kissing as they arrived at the

Chris Jericho (c) versus X-Pac
*Intercontinental Championship*
Y2J accepted the challenge of X-Pac, who
said he treats women better than Jericho
and that he does not know what he is
sicker of, Jericho's crap or the fact
that the fans are buying it. In the end,
while Y2J had X-Pac in the "Walls of
Jericho", Chyna nailed the referee,
giving Jericho the win by DQ.
Winner: Chris Jericho via disqualification
(Retains Intercontinental Championship)

--In the parking lot, Shane McMahon told
Stephanie McMahon that she only had one
family and that when she grows up, she
will realize what she did.

Godfather versus Mark Henry
Before the bell, GTV showed Henry telling
Mae Young that she provided him with the
most erotic experience of his life.
Young distracted the Godfather, which gave
"Sexual Chocolate" the opportunity to roll
up his Armageddon tag team partner for the
Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall

--Vince McMahon arrived at the arena
stalking around like a madman, with the
sledgehammer in hand. Although Shane tried
to calm him down, he broke down the
dressing room door of Degeneration X, but
no one was there. Shane reminded Vince that
he would not go to the ring with him and
that Stephanie was still his daughter. In
the ring, McMahon called out HHH, but got
Stephanie instead. Little Steph said that
she was not Daddy's little girl, and she
was enjoying doing things her way.

She also stated that she got butterflies
when HHH would stand up to her dad.
Stephanie McMahon reminded Daddy how he
had her abducted and locked in a basement
with no lights. She then reminded Vinny
Mac that he had her strapped to a symbol
and almost sacrificed to the Undertaker.
She went on to say that he was getting
what he deserved and that HHH "really
turns her on."

HHH then joined his wife on the ramp and
said he made a mistake by leaving Vince
unconscious because he wanted Vince to
see him seal the deal. He then kissed
Stephanie again. McMahon, and Shane both
left the arena. Vince said he could not
breathe the same air as HHH. Stephanie
and hubby realized that they were then
in charge of the company for the night
and began doing some booking.

The Rock/Mankind versus The Dudley Boyz
The Rock n Sock connection initially won
this match by DQ when Bubba Ray brought
a chair into the ring. However, the acting
honchos of the night, Mr. and Mrs. HHH had
different ideas. They informed the two that
the match was No-DQ, which restarted the
match. While the referee was down the
Helmsleys brought out another man in a
Vince McMahon mask. who pulled D-Von on
top of Mankind for the pin. After the bell,
it was revealed to be Al Snow, who was
pounded by Rock and Mick. The other ref
woke up, and counted Bubba Ray's shoulders
to the mat following the Rock Bottom.
Winner: Rock -N- Sock Connection via pinfall

--In the back HHH and Stephanie were
laughing with X-Pac, who was wearing a
scuba suit.

--Stephanie told the Mean Street Posse that
they never respected her before and because
of their past indiscretions, they would
have to face the Acolytes. She then told
Tori that if she did not face Miss Kitty in
the pool full of pudding, that she would
make it hard on Kane tonight.

Miss Kitty (c) versus Tori *Womens Championship*
Before the bell Miss Kitty told announcer
Lillian Garcia that she wished to be called
the Cat from here on out. In his wetsuit
X-Pac found his way to the pool. Tori
jumped on the back of the Pac, who flipped
her back in the pool, who was then pinned
by Miss Kitty. Kane then press slammed
X-Pac back into the pudding, which brought
out the New Age Outlaws, who attacked the
Big Red Machine. After the match, Garcia
announced the women's champ as Miss Kitty,
which infuriated the "Cat", who threw the
ring announcer into the pool of pudding.
Winner: Miss Kitty via pinfall
(Retains Women's Championship)

Acolytes versus Mean Street Posse
The Acolytes destroyed the Greenwich tough
guys and left them lying.
Winners: Acolytes via decision

The Hardy Boyz (w/Terri) versus Edge/Christian
*Steel Cage Match*
Matt Hardy and Christian both hit the floor
at the same time, so the referee ordered
the match to continue. Edge crawled out of
the door for the win while Christian kept
Jeff Hardy from escaping the cage.
Winners: Edge/Christian via decision

--The Helmsley's stopped Kane and Tori and
told Kane that he had to compete in a
Triple Threat match or he would be suspended
for thirty days.

The New Age Outlaws versus Kane
This was not the traditional Triple Threat
match considering that the NAO stayed on
Kane like white on rice. After many two
counts, the NAO finally put Kane down
after a Spike Piledriver.
Winners: The New Age Outlaws via pinfall

The Big Show (c) versus Prince Albert/Big Bossman
*Heavyweight Championship*
The Big Show retained the strap after
putting the Bossman down for the second
night in a row with the Chokeslam.
Winner: Big Show via pinfall
(Retains Heavyweight Title)

--In the back, Stephanie told NAO that
she wanted them to defend the tag team
titles. They said they did not want to do
it. She told them that they would wrestle
and HHH said that if she says to do it.....
it will be done. Stephanie then told NAO
that they would face HHH and Test.

New Age Outlaws (c) versus HHH/Test
Stephanie stood at ringside to cheer on
her ex and her current. As expected, it
was a setup as DX destroyed Test.
Stephanie also repeatedly slapped Test.
As the show went off of the air, DX was
standing over a fallen Test, with even
Stephanie doing the crotch chop.
Winners: No Contest

Ricks Comments:

--In all of my predictions, I said that
Stephanie would attribute her joining HHH
to Vince having her kidnapped, and I was

--As I have said all along, Stephanie
McMahon is the most beautiful woman in
the WWF, Tori running a close second.

--Speaking of Tori, she needs to have
that Women's title. She is the best
wrestler in the WWF.

--Chyna is the pun intended.

--Sad but true, but I would bet money
and say that 99% of men who saw that
Pudding Match said to themselves
afterwards that they would do anything
to eat the pudding out of that pool!!

--Like him or not, overrated or underrated,
Raw is just not the same without SCSA.

--Speaking of mistakes that I feel the WWF
is making, why is the Rock not in a more
prominent angle than one involving Al Snow?!?

Visit my home page at:

The battle rages on. WCW vs. WWF. Russo Inc.
is now firmly entrenched running the show at
WCW (note to The Canadian Crybaby*: It's
"WCW," not "The WCW"). What have Russo Inc.
accomplished thus far? The scorecard says
they have turned WCW into their version of
the WWF. They have alienated WCW's core
constituency, the traditionalists. While
it's still too early to see if they will be
successful, they haven't improved NITRO's
ratings and attendance at their shows still
sucks. They are still giving away tickets
just so the arenas wont look like Sunday
Services in Peking.

They are recycling ideas previously run, or
are still running, by their old employer,
the WWF. Recycling angles is common in
wrestling and the practice has gone on since
the days of The Roman Coliseum, where Old
Baldy first faced The Ancient Piper. However,
they are not usually done in such a blatant
manner. Not wanting to bore you by going over
a list you have seen 1,000 times in the past
few weeks, I'll just move on. As I have said
before, Russo Inc. will never Out-McMahon
McMahon. They may have written much of the
material in the WWF, but Emperor Vince went
over it with a fine tooth comb, changing,
fine tuning, dumping, etc. They are going to
have to come up with a fresh approach.

Look at some of the more sterling ideas they
have tried/are trying:

They ran an angle that had Dirtbag Doophus
Page getting into a fight in the locker room,
supposedly over another wrestler putting the
moves on Kimberly while he was playing nice
making a film in LaLa Land. They tried to
fool the other wrestlers in the locker room
into thinking it was a shoot. That's a
no-no. You don't pull that crap on the people
you work with, and it has caused some heat in
the locker room. Not to worry Dirtbag, you're
so popular with your peers they'll easily
forgive you.

They are raising the dead by bringing back
another bunch of Ancients. In a sure ratings
grabber, they are putting together "The Way
Over The Hill Gang." So far we have seen
Paul(a) Orndorff, Old Arn and Larry Loser.
Guess we can look for Nick Bockwinkle or Stu
Hart next. Instead of fully utilizing the
talents of crowd pleasers like Kidman and
Buffy Bagwell, they are giving us refugees
from the glue factory. While the WWF has
continued its youth movement, WCW is going
the other way. Consider the matches that The
Hardy Boyz have had against Edge and Christian,
including last nights wild cage match. I don't
think we'll be seeing much of that out of The
Resurrected. A Rocking Chair Match, All False
Teeth Must Be Removed Beforehand Match, with a
Stipulation that the losers go without Viagra
for a month, is more likely.

Yeah I know, the WWF has those two old ladies
running around, sometimes in their drawers.
The difference is they are a comedy relief.
Who didn't laugh their @$$ off last night
seeing Sexual Chocolate basking in an
afterglow with Mae Young last night. Either
you laughed, got sick or both. It was a Kodak
moment. Then again, maybe you preferred Mumbles
staring at Madusa's Plastic Enhancements/
Blue Eyes.

Speaking of Larry Loser, last we heard of him
was he was banished (along with The Old Perfessa)
to Thunder. Russo Inc. has brought this crowd
favorite back to NITRO, their showcase program.
He has less of a chance of getting over then a
one legged man in an @$$ Kicking Contest.

Double J, Jeff Jarrett, JJ. Wrestling's favorite
Guitar Smasher, the man who changes Feds more
often than he changes his skivvies, is still
smashing guitars over "unsuspecting" heads. This
didn't work for him in any of his past 250 lives.
What makes Russo Inc. think it will work now?
When will Russo Inc. get the message? Let JJ
wrestle. That's what he does best. Part of the
reason he left the WWF was he felt he wasn't
being used to his fullest capability. What has he
done since returning to WCW, the same old tired
guitar smashing routine.

We were all amazed when America's favorite toilet
bowl cleaner smashed a few people over the head
with his trademark 2X4, and instead of breaking,
it bent. Talk about selling an angle. If you are
going to sell using a 2X4, at least have the prop
man make it out of something other than sponges.
I wonder if Russo Inc. were absent the day the
WWF held Props 101 For Beginners?

All those that predicted the demise of the WWF
when Russo Inc. defected for "artistic" reasons
(money never entered into the equation). That
is two steps behind the Tooth Fairy and three
behind "You can't get pregnant the first time")
need to look again. While Russo Inc. have been
pulling their Phoenix Rising Act, the WWF just
put on arguably the best PPV of the year
(Armageddon). The card was a winner, even with
the WWF's "slim" talent roster.

Virtually every match was a crowd pleaser. The
main event between Emperor Vince and HHH for the
fate of Miss Sweetness and Light was outstanding.
Maybe I should start calling McMahon The Emperor
Of Bumps. The swerve was a winner. Most people
had predicted that Test would be the one that
had strayed. From reading many Newsletters and
readers responses, web sites and E-mails I've
received, very few saw Stephanie becoming Miss
(or is it Mrs.)? Nasty B*tch. Even those that
saw it coming had to be somewhat surprised at
how it was pulled off. Kudos to the WWF.

Then it was followed up perfectly last night on
RAW. Mrs. Nasty Bitch came out completely made
over to look the part. No more skirts and frilly
blouses for our heroine. No more Pony Tails and
Bangs. She has arrived. The possibilities of
where this will go are endless. As I wrote a
short time ago, The Undertaker is due back soon.
He has a tailor made angle, since he "married"
Mrs. Nasty B*tch earlier this year.

Last and for sure not least, Miss Kitty aired out
The Kittens at the PPV after winning the WWF
Women's Championship. The WWF was quick to pull
a Pontius Pilate and deny all prior knowledge.
It was merely a coincidence that Old Pointy Chin
was there to cover her up in a New York second
(Calling The Tooth Fairy again). All I can say is
The King lives right. To follow up, Miss Kitty
changed her name to The Cat on RAW last night and
then successfully defended the Title vs. Tori in a
first ever Chocolate Pudding Match. The match was
delicious (pun intended). The two of them are
certainly a pair to draw to. I have already read
several comments about the actions of America's
favorite feline at the PPV, both pro and con. It
is certain to be talked about for some time to
come. There is a picture taken of Miss Kitty after
she dropped her top on the Internet. I debated
whether I should give the address out or not. Since
I have seen it printed elsewhere, I am going to
provide it. If you want to see Miss Kitty, here's
where to go:
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Written by reader: ChrisShamrock
I just got done reading Issue 432 and I saw
the statement the WWF gave out. I KNOW that
it is a bunch of BS. If she wasn't supposed
to take it off they would have done a few
things different. They would have made it so
the stuff wasn't see through and they wouldn't
have had Slaughter standing right there waiting
for her to take it off and then cover her.

Hell, I'm not complaining, but the WWF needs to
stop hiding behind lies. I know that there is
going to be some stuff going on now. I bet the
WWF will lose a sponsor or two from this as well.
Steve Appy responds:
If Miss Kitty bared her breasts without
authorization there would have been one
consequence: she would have been fired.
It's almost insulting that the WWF would
even claim otherwise; if your going to
bother "breaking the rules" at least be
defiant enough to proudly stand by your
Written by reader: SlicedHam
I am writing in response to Lee Relph's
letter in WBS #432. I was at Armageddon
in Sunrise (not Ft. Lauderdale), Florida.
The Mean Street Posse was booed, because
nobody wanted to see those two (err...
three) goofs in a match determining a #1
contender, much less a PPV match.

Too Cool and The Acolytes did actually get
MANY cheers when they entered. I believe
that the duo of Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand
Master Sexé are hysterical and the Acolytes
sort of come off as Tough SOBs (ala Steve
Austin). Being a Jerichoholic, it WAS
INCREDIBLE just too see him come out on
Heat, nevermind WINNING the title!

As for Mankind, there were actually many
FOLEY!! chants. It was an awesome event
(my first PPV). I was surprised that
they did not announce to the crowd that
the WWF will be back in Miami on January
3rd (tickets went on sale today 12/13).
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