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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 435

Date:  Tuesday December 14th, 1999  6:37 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Wade Keller at:
1st Hour: n/a 3.6
2nd Hour: 6.1 2.3
3rd Hour: 6.1 2.6
Composite: 6.1 2.8
Reported by Wade Keller at:
ECW on TNN (12/10) 1.1
WWF LiveWire (12/11) 1.2
WCW Saturday Night (12/11)1.9
WWF Superstars (12/12) 1.8
WWF Heat (12/12) 4.3
Written by reader: Duke Richardson (ddrichardson)
If you recall on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, Stephanie told Vince
& Shane not to interfere w/her problem w/Triple H. She said she would
handle things "her way."

Hmmm...I smell a possible double swerve in this angle. Steph stays w/
Triple H, even aids him in winning the World Title, then costs him the
title at Wrestlemania. Think about it.
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)
This is in response to the guy who reasoned that LiveWire is an
alternative for kids. I am not sure if I posted it here or somewhere
else, but that argument doesn't wash with me.

Jakked or Metal would have been a better argument but still wouldn't be
reasonable. LiveWire as Steve says is no more than a highlight show.
Kids want to see some action, not clips and short versions of their

If you turn WWF LiveWire into a Metal or Jakked type of show but with
their favorite guys (sans the cursing and adult content) then they
would still watch, and the hated PTC would have no ammo for their smear
campaign weapons.
Written by reader: Glenn Binder (Zhair)
I believe that the WWF's statement concerning Ms. Kitty's breast show
was again a WWF propaganda statement. The flash was something to feed
the ego's of the male audience and to send a subliminal message to all
that there's could be more to come on other PPV's, Raw, and a little
taste on Smackdown.

Vince knew what he was doing, and shame on Ms. Kitty for going along
with it. Shame on her for giving the children a preview of what will
be available to them when they get older or perhaps what they might
want to have now.

I'm very glad that I did not order the PPV. I could have just seen the
look on my 10-year-old son's face when her breast was shown. I think
yes, his eyebrows would have moved up and down, and a grin would have
been on his face. Once again, its true, it's not wrestling, its sex
appeal in the guise of wrestling.

If I want to view nudity then let me decide beforehand if I want to
watch it or not. I just wish we could go back to the days of wrestling
like in the 70's and 80's, when it was fun to watch clean wholesome

Viewers need to be pre-warned with the correct rating of the program,
then I can decide as a parent if I want my children to view the content
of the program that I choose.
-Glenn Binder
Written by reader: Mishudog14
Live Ms. Kitty Notes:
I visited Florida the same week as Armageddon, so I decided to check it
out. I was sitting above two boys who had to be no older then 12 years
old. When Ms. Kitty flashed the crowd, myself (being the 18 year old
kid I am), started cheering, but the two 12 year old kids in front of
me were cheering louder then me.

Their father was sitting right next to them, and he was cheering right
along and laughing. This just shows that as much as you, Steve, think
the WWF is bad for kids, that the adults don't think so at all.
Steve Appy responds:
I make no claims as to what percentage of adult wrestling fans find
wrestling unsuitable for children (though it would be interesting to
find out!).

I can only speak for myself and I can state pretty clearly that a
brief glimpse of "puppies" is not the most disturbing aspect of the
WWF's programming (to me).
Written by reader: Busta12uss
While the lack of respect for Paul Wight's title reign may be deserved,
it is not because he is champion but the character he portrays that
makes the title seem so worthless. McMahon is obviously passing on the
"unstoppable giant" gimmick which seems fit for Wight.

While I think it was bold of McMahon to try something new and break
away from the stereotype he himself invented for anyone weighing over
400 pounds. The past proves perhaps the most repeated storyline in
wrestling is a good guy (face) underdog vs. a bad guy (heel)
unstoppable giant, in which the good guy always somehow comes out on
While it has been used many times before it seems almost stupid to not
place a 7'4, 500 pound man in this role.

Wight's body suggests he should be in this role, and his mike skills
limit him to it. If Wight had been the mammoth who Chokeslammed every
opponent and seemed obviously invincible no one would be complaining
about his title reign. A man that big is begging to be a heel, while
he may get face pops for big moves. It's just too hard to sympathize
with a man who could trip and kill someone.

Andre the Giant debuted the gimmick, Vader mastered it, and Paul Wight,
when given the opportunity, should perfect it.
Written by reader: Osiris (RebNan)
This is in reply to Samjerry`s article; I hate to disagree with him, as
I consider him a friend, but I must disagree relative to his comments
about the use of ``veteran`` wrestlers in occasional matches.

I've been watching this show of ours for 40 years and it does this
ancient heart good to see some fond memories come to life again!
Wouldn't it be good to see Steamboat again? I do agree with the idea
put forth, relative to the proper use of the rising crop of new stars,

Oh yes, one thing we've never agreed on: I happen to like Larry
Steve Appy responds:
Vince Russo's style of talent management is to find an effective role
for EVERYBODY on the roster. While it can have its benefits (Bob
Holly finally found a role that suited him) it has one obvious
drawback: not every performer in the company deserves precious TV time
to get themselves over.

WCW is featuring several veterans who (through age or injuries) are
only semi-active in the ring. Larry Zybysko, Arn Anderson, Roddy Piper
& Paul Orndorf have all earned accolades, along with my respect. They
can all deliver compelling interviews (though Piper & Zybysko would
sometimes benefit from a muzzle).

The only one of the four that I would give a television role to is Arn
Anderson. Arn's delivers some of the more compelling interviews in the
business and his delivery lends credibility to his programs. Wouldn't
a pairing with the super talented Chris Benoit be a natural?
Written by reader: Jonathan Harrison (jonnyd33)
What's the big deal? I know Miss Kitty's "exposure" was totally
unexpected, but if anyone has seen it, Capital Carnage in 1998, had
Jaquelene's breast's for about 8 seconds. I know it wasn't live on
American PPV, but it's just as easily accessed by little ones.

My 10 year old cousin had his mom rent it and there were no warning
signs what so ever, believe me if there were any, this kids mom would
of found it. Not even Blockbuster knew the difference between it and
regular WWF programming. Bottom line. it's not the first time, and it
won't be the last we'll see this kind of thing. I hardly think the
younger fans are scarred for life.

Written by reader: Ansel Mcpherson (Helll_razor)
Taz is wearing an all orange suit (the same style as his old one) but
with black being the minor color in the trim in this months RAW
magazine. He still has FTW on his wrist tape. and you get a good view
of the tattoo that the Taz promo shows, of course.

This was timed well considering that Taz's promo had "Survive If I let
you" on it this week. We can expect more possibly in his promos up
until his debut. My only fear is that the WWF only marks (fed fans)
will call Taz's character a knock-off of Stone Cold Steve Austin's.

In his article he mentions that size would matter in his case. To take
the quote from WWF Raw magazine. "If ECW and Paul Heyman could market
and push me as a killer and a nasty bastard at 5'9' ,248, I'm sure that
Vince Mcmahon can do the same thing." He makes mention of HBK and X-Pac
being small stars in the WWF. Reading this article would give the
non-ECW fan a chance to get to know Taz a little better.

I would recommend you buying the Raw magazine. It also has and article
on the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian (they are on the cover) that I
haven't had the chance to finish as of yet.
Written by reader: MCGSTO
In response to SamJerry's column in WBS #434, I agree with what was
said, Russo and Ferrara have done little to nothing to improve the
quality of WCW programing. In fact, they have taken the only element
away from WCW that I and many of my freinds found the most
entertaining, the Cruiserweights..

It has been proven over and over again that Russo does not find the
Mexican or Japanese wrestlers to have any value. Just look at how the
WWF started to push there young Japanese talents once Russo left.
Maybe WCW should start pushing there Cruiserweights instead of putting
them in ridiculous angles. But hey, I'm just one fan, what would I
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