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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 436

Date:  Wednesday December 15th, 1999  8:51 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the results for Thursday's WWF
Smackdown, taped Tuesday (12/14) in Tallahassee, FL., and Thunder,
taped in Mobile, AL. As always, if you would rather be surprised
please skip this section…
Straight Shooting
By: Fritz Capp
December 15, 1999
PWBTS 2000/Wrestling Fans Against Censorship

Quick Definition - "Slapnuts" - The feeling that Turner's organization,
WCW, has every time they think about Vince McMahon. (In other words,
they can feel Vince's nuts slapping off their chins when it comes to
the ratings and production quality)
The Ratings Are In (and it is not a pretty sight)
Vince Russo/Ed Ferrerra - definition - the supposed saviors of WCW as
far as ratings are concerned. Or are they? Not according to the weekly
ratings. These two touted themselves as being the two people who could
save the failing ratings of this once ratings leader. But what have
they done in actuality? Absolutely nothing. Each and every week the
WCW's ratings drop just a little more while the WWF's are starting to
go back on the upswing. What does this mean to WCW? It should mean that
they paid an awful lot of money to buy into Russo's lip service. While
it is true that Russo did have his hand in a lot of the WWF's booking
it is becoming more and more apparent that he was not the "end all" of

This can best be illustrated with WCW's recent Nitro broadcast. The
show opened with Jeff Jarrett and Chris Benoit battling it out in the
back. But where did they go next? To "The Artist" (formerly known as
Prince Iakea) vs. The Maestro? Give me a break...this was pathetic and
that is being generous to say the least. I saw a sign in the crowd that
read, "Hey change the channel to RAW" and I believe that half the
people in the audience wished they could. Let's not forget that great
match between Madusa and Spice. 5 stars in any given wrestling venue.
And as much as I hate to say it, even in the Benoit/Jarrett match you
could see Chris putting the rope around himself while he was up on the
ladder. Whether people realize this or not, that kind of thing does
matter if you are trying to present a credible product.

I will agree with Russo on one topic, with the current product that WCW
is putting out the show is way too long. It may even be in their best
interest to go down to an hour and a half as opposed to two hours that
are being proposed, but anything is better than 3 hours of this. That
would be the decent thing to do at the moment.
Vince Gives The Censors The Finger
I have sat back and watched to see the holier than thou WCW mouthpieces
go off on what happened Sunday night at the pay-per-view. Boy can these
hypocrites try to drum up support or what? Check out what one so called
"real" wrestling journalist had to say, "Forget the nonsensical
argument that parents are responsible for what their children parent could have fathomed that Vince McMahon would allow
something like that to happen." Is this guy just out to show how stupid
he is or is he that far out of the realm of reality? For those of you
who have been on a sabbatical in India, Miss Kitty exposed her breasts
to the live audience Sunday night at the Armageddon PPV. I have been
waiting for a year for that to happen. It's not like it should have
come as a shock to anyone. Vince has been headed in this direction for
awhile now. And even though another so-called journalist tried to say
that ECW started this trend 5 years ago, two times in 5 years does not
make a trend so my advice to him is to just cash his little paycheck
and shut up.

Anyway I totally loved it. Not because I got to see a pair of 34 "B"
breasts, but because of what it symbolized. Vince just told everyone
who had something to say about him to get screwed! He said it to the
PTC, to the sponsors who pulled their ads and to every Internet
moralist who thinks they know better how to run his company then he
Let's look at another out take of one ("ahem"...I use the term loosely)
journalists viewpoint: "that even his staunchest supporters must be
wondering exactly what his motives are." I swear this guy must have had
some bad crawfish. Motives are really
heat. For someone who is supposed to be "on the inside" this person
doesn't even begin to have a clue. In all honesty he does, but he has
to write what his bosses tell him to write or he'll get spanked. I
wonder what it's like to not be able to have your own opinion? (Does
this mean I'll be getting a letter saying I'm going to be sued now?)

Let me tell you people something, if you had your 6-12 year old child
up watching the PPV live when the next day was a school day then the
people who need some attention are not the people affiliated with the
WWF, it is YOU! I shouldn't even have to touch on children younger than
that, do I? Everyone has known for well over a year now that the WWF
has been marketing their product to a more adult audience. If you allow
your child to watch then go berserk because there is something on it
you do not like you have no one to blame but yourselves. You know
better. If you don't you need some psychiatric therapy because you are
not reality based. For those of you screaming about the teenagers get
real. These kids see more than that in school and if you do not think
they do you are only fooling yourself. I remember high school and it
had a plethora of things that was not supposed to be there and that was
in 1974. Do you really think it has gotten any better?

So I applaud Vince and his stand. Vince is reselling the spots he lost
at twice the premium they used to go for. If I was Vince I would get
all the advertisers who do spots on Howard Stern. You know damned well
they won't pull out because of content and they are willing to pay the
bucks to get their product out there. In a world where Internet based
companies have pushed a 30 second commercial for the Super Bowl to over
$2,000,000.00 there are plenty of them who will pick up spots lost by
Coke and the Army.

Even Raw was a shot at everyone. I got a kick out of that too. Once
again, if you had your kids up watching only you are to blame. One
person at the PTC mocked the statement that the parents should just put
their kids to bed. This person acted like that was unheard of. What the
hell is that all about? Do not the parents control the kids anymore?
Obviously not. I am glad that rule DOES NOT apply in my house. But then
again I am one of the few who like to deal in reality aren't I?

The pudding match was great. No, it wasn't a wrestling purists dream.
No, it won't go down in the history books as a 5 star match. (I don't
really think it rated a 1, did it?) But it was another way of telling
everyone that Vince has two words for ya...and that nothing is going to
change the way he does his show. Sure he'll tone it down on Smackdown.
It's broadcast television and Thunder needs all the help it can get
right now. But when the smoke clears Vince will be standing on top of
the heap and the rest will be ummm...smelling was Vince is cooking.
While either not being here to update or as I have been battling a
nasty bug lately, the Wrestling Fans Against Censorship campaign still
goes on as Corey Hickman is getting ready to mail out the first round
of letters to the sponsors. Here is the letter I received:
The interview I did on Wrestling Radio Review is now online at
Piledriver Press in the interviews section. You can plug it if you
want, since there's some good information being put out, IMO.

Also, I'm just about ready to fire out the first copies of the
e-petition messages to sponsors. It wouldn't hurt to have some more to
send, which brings me to my next point: we really need to get folks to
write and thank those who've stuck by the wrestling programs and those
who've come on board.
Let me know what you think,
Corey Hickman
Piledriver Press
So if you haven't written any sponsors and would like to you still have
a chance. Go to the Piledriver Press site and tell the sponsors that
you appreciate their support.
And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than
it appears to be.
Written by reader: Ralph Harkey (RALPH.HARKEY)
In response to Glenn Binder's comments on the sex appeal in the guise
of wrestling...There are organizations out there which believe in the
traditionalism which brought the current rage to the dance.

I am a ring announcer on the independent circuit in the Carolina's.
Fortunately, I have been able to align myself with some groups which
observe this traditionalism.

This statement is a testimony that fans want some of the past
resurrected. Also a good tribute to the indy's!
-Ralph Harkey
Written by reader: stardog_99@xxxxs...
While I agreed with some of the comments in Steve's sheet, I have to
ask you what 3 stars in the WWF that are Asian do you feel have been
pushed since Russo's and Ed. F.'s WWF departure? Surely not Taka
Michinuoku or Funaki.

The only one that seems to being doing slightly well is Rashiki Fatu.
As for Vince and Ed and their lack of appreciation for the Japanese
style or wrestling, you can hardly state that for Terry Taylor, who is
a big fan, and who is also employed by WCW
Written by reader: Shannon Amely (puert13@xxxxs...)
I just wanted to make a few comments about people complaining about the
impact of Ms. Kitty and her "flash" on the Pay Per View. Are these
people so absent-minded/blind to realize that there was a "TV14" symbol
shown before the PPV even kicked off? If they think it's wrong for
kids, they are right, but, kids under 14 aren't SUPPOSED to watch it.

That's what ratings are for, kind of like movies. I would consider a
parent ignorant to take their 10-year-old kid to a PG-13 and then
complain that it was unsuitable for them. That's the whole point with
ratings, to provide the opportunity of parents to turn the show away
from their young kids.

I think the outpour of people upset is ridiculous. I am 22 years old
myself and was surprised to see that happen, and was a bit disappointed
that my friend had allowed his little sister to see it, but to us, it
was unexpected, and irresponsible to let her watch it considering the
rating. I consider that our fault, I don't blame it on the WWF. They
warned us, we didn't heed. Simple facts.
Shannon Amely
Written by reader: Chuck Mullen (CMBHV1)
When I was working in the NWA at one point, I believe it was early this
year, Stacy Carter, then just known as Stacy, was with Jerry Lawler.
She just had her breast implants in and she was on the apron and she
exposed herself then as well. This was for a Bill Behenrs show in Tenn.

I hope you don't think this was the first time she did it. I haven't
seen anyone make mention of it, so I figured someone should say
something about it, plus your newsletter seems to be boiling with
debate over this issue.

Well honestly, the exposure is good exposure for the business, and with
angles rushed and HOT SHOTTED left and right every week to get that all
important 6.0 or better rating, this is just another good idea wasted
on a non-meaningful show.

HOT SHOTTING is what made Nitro hot , and 2 years later they are fresh
out of ideas. I see the WWF heading in that same direction sadly, and
that is what will spell the end of the business' hot run at such
levels. NOT someone dying or whatever , over hot shotting.
Thanks ,
Chuck Mullen
Owner of
Written by reader: PicaboLyxx
I think the whole issue of partial nudity being censored is ridiculous.
It would be one thing if Kitty engaged in hardcore sex in front of the
camera, but to merely show something that all mammals have should not
be an issue.

Only the stupid humans, better yet, only us stupid Americans have
declared these certain body parts to be objectionable and not
appropriate for children under age 18. This whole country should
lighten up and step back and think about what exactly it is what we are
trying to hide.
Reported by Bob-O & Curt Creighton at:

WWF Sunday Night Heat and SmackDown Taping Results from Tallahassee,
Florida - December 14, 1999

Sunday Night Heat Results to air December 19, 1999
- Val Venis d. Steve Blackman
- D'Lo Brown d. TAKA Michinoku w/ Sho Funaki
- Headbangers d. Gangrel w/ Luna & Mideon
- Dudley Boyz d. Godfather & Mark Henry w/ Mae Young

SmackDown Taping Results to air Thursday December 16, 1999

- Triple H & Steph are having a board meeting. Vince & Shane will not
be there tonight, they are in charge and they announce matches for the
night at the meeting and throughout the show, but here are the

Chris Jericho d. Prince Albert.
Chris came out during a Bossman segment, which led to the match up.
Chyna & The Kat watched the match.

Kurt Angle DQ Test.
Steph does announcing for the match. DX ends up destroying Test.

- Matt Hardy d. Jeff Hardy

X-Pac d. Tori
Supposed to be Steph v. Tori but you know how that
goes..... Kane gets beat up in the back by the Posse and
comes out after to carry Tori away.

- Mankind d. Al Snow

- Acolytes d. Mean Street Posse

- Too Cool & Rikishi Phatu d. Holly Cousins & Viscera.

- New Age Outlaws d. Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco.

The Rock NC Big Show.
Lumberjack match that has a lot of involvement from DX but the Rock and
Sock connection prevail, with Steph holding back Triple H at the end.
Reported by Allen T & Curt Creighton at: http://www.ultimowrestling.c
om/rwin/index.shtml &

WCW Thunder Taping Results from the Civic Center in
Mobile, Alabama - December 14, 1999

Buff Bagwell d. Vampiro

AFKA Prince Iaukea w/ Paisley d. Evan Karageous w/
Spice. Madusa helped Prince.

Jim Duggan & Midnight w/ Booker T DQ Saturn & Asya
w/ Malenko & Douglas. Aaron Neville (the pop singer), with a 2X4, ends
up making the save when the Revolution gets the upper hand.

Norman Smiley NC. David Flair. Meng got involved.

Sting vs. The Total Package.
Ending comes with the Package having the bat about to hit
Sting and Liz gets in the way to stop it from happening.

'Dr. Death' Steve Williams d. The Wall.
Berlyn mistakenly hits the Wall allowing Williams to get the
pin. Oklahoma announces.

Dustin Rhodes DQ Curt Hennig.
Jeff Jarrett guitar shot on Rhodes.

Kanyon d. DDP.
Post-match Bam Bam Bigelow & Kanyon fight.

Sid & Benoit in a handicapped match vs. Creative Control, Curt Hennig,
Shane & LaParka. No contest, big mess, Sid and Chris left in the ring.

Kevin Nash vs. Bret Hart & Goldberg in a House of Pain Match. Roddy
Piper is the outside ref for the match. Scott
Hall was not in the match because he was knocked out in the back. All
three men go at it BUT Jeff Jarrett and all of
the Creative Control run out soon after the match starts,

Jarrett has guitar shots for Goldberg and Hart. Eventually Goldberg and
Hart are cuffed to the cage and everyone leaves.
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Columnist: Fritz Capp
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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