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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 439

Date:  Saturday December 18th, 1999  10:49 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported at:
(Contains SPOILER, skip if you would rather be surprised)
Masata Tanaka captured the ECW World Heavyweight Title from Mike
Awesome at the TNN tapings last night in Nashville TN.

The match will air on next week's (12/24) ECW on TNN program.
Reported at
"A Major Starrcade Announcement: learned on Friday afternoon that due to a knee injury, U.S.
Champion Scott Hall will be unable to compete this Sunday at Starrcade.
An announcement will be made during the Pay-Per-View in regards to a
replacement opponent for Chris Benoit."
Reported by Wade Keller at:
WWF Smackdown: 4.3
WCW Thunder: 2.3
Starman Newsletter. It covers WCW, WWF, ECW and more. It has reports,
news, columns and more. It comes out 3-5 days a week. To subscribe,
e-mail taylor2321
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WITH A LIST OF THE PTC'S SPONSORS
By Fritz Capp (afcpwbts)
It took us awhile but we now have a huge list of people who sponsor the
Parents television Council on the WFAC site. The list is too large to
have here and all are clickable on the site.

If you have wanted to contact the sponsors of the PTC here is your
chance. Please, these people ARE NOT the PTC. They are businesses and
should be treated as such. I am hoping that everyone will just express
their displeasure with them supporting the PTC and their actions and I
also hope that we will all stand together in boycotting these sites and
products until they stop supporting the one sided views of the PTC.
The Shawn Michaels owned TWA (Texas Wrestling Alliance) has unveiled
their semi-official website: check it out at:
(Thanks to TWA announcer Kevin Vargas for the info).
Written by reader: LEEINBLACK
After finally seeing RAW last night here in the UK, I was concerned
about the moment when Billy Gunn went over to see his kids in the
audience. Now, most people were concerned about the fact a "heel" broke
character to interact with the fans, even if they were his own kids.

However, what got me was the fact that Gunn's kids looked to be
considerably younger than the target audience that RAW is supposed to
attract. After all the WWF has done to convince the media that it's
product is not aimed at kids - Billy Gunn being one of them - can we
categorize this as a mere oversight or another example of WWF

Also, there has yet to be an official announcement concerning SMACKDOWN
in the UK by SKY TV......
Written by reader: J (FatesClwn)
This letter is in response to the numerous letters written recently
about Japanese wrestling, Asian wrestlers in US promotions, and the

Now I may be off step here seeing as to how I don't watch wrestling
anymore, except for RARE occasions, but in my lifetime I have seen very
few great things in wrestling. These include, but aren't limited to:
Hogan vs. Warrior (WWF), Flair vs. Sting, but the one thing that stands
out above all else is Hayabusa!

Hayabusa is, in my personal opinion, one of the greatest showman in any
sport. His daredevil style and life risking moves held me to wrestling
after I had already grown away from it. When I finally realized
Hayabusa would never be in WCW, WWF, or ECW again, I walked away. Until
I saw the
Hardy Boys, Super Crazy, Blitzkrieg, and the numerous high flying NUT
BAGS in the States.

In my not so expert opinion that style is what Japanese wrestling is
all about. And it sells! This past Monday I watched WWF, don't ask why
because I don't know, and I saw The Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian
in a CAGE! Oh boy, that Senton Bomb from the top of the cage was
absolutely beautiful. And to top it off, that segment was the highest
rated segment of the show.

Does Japanese style wrestling sell? Your damn right! You
don't have to be big, or buff, or even speak English, if you can do a
Corkscrew Moonsault from the top of the cage people will love you.
Hell, Sabu hasn't ever said a word and he's one of ECW's biggest stars.
Seeya in the air,
J (FatesClwn)
Written by reader: XoreoXguyX
This past week was possibly my favorite week of watching wrestling-err
excuse me, watching WWF on TV. I really enjoyed RAW, I thought it was a
strong program and I didn't turn it to Nitro at any time, I stayed on
USA during the commercials just so I would miss anything.

The first hour of Nitro was horrible and that just precedes how
horrible it probably was after that. RAW, in my opinion, was GREAT! It
was possibly the best RAW in the past year and a half. I loved it, I
have never been into it so much as this past Monday.

I normally turn to HBO, or play WrestleMania 2000 during RAW's and flip
back to check what's happening every now and then, but not this week.
Then Smackdown was the best Smackdown they have put on yet. I watched
Thunder before (I live on the West Coast so I see Thunder before
Smackdown!) and Thunder was horrible, but thank God I have Smackdown.

I figured on another disappointing Thursday in wrestling but Smackdown
was just awesome! Great program all together and the crowd was great.
Why couldn't WWF put on this good a Smackdown when they came to the
Pond two weeks ago!
Written by reader: Dave (psychobob)
I've subscribed to this newsletter for about a year now, and lately
I've been reading a lot about "The Kat" flashing the crowd at
Armageddon, the terrible Big Show/Big Bossman angle, which promotion is
better, etc. Now, I don't know about the rest of you people, but I
didn't sign up for this newsletter to hear people complain about what's
going on in the wrestling world. I joined it to get the results I
missed, find out what's going on with my favorite wrestlers, get the
inside information on wrestling in general.

I know that all of you have opinions. You have every right to have
them. In fact, I'm glad you do. But the thing is, there are going to be
things in life that you don't like. There will be wrestling angles that
you will think are "evil" and are a disgrace. Things will happen in
wrestling that will be "taboo" to our culture. Get over it. It's Shock
TV. It's what draws in the ratings. If you people can't stop whining
and complaining for 15 minutes about how a woman exposed her breasts on
Pay-Per-View TV, I'd like to be the first one to welcome you to the
real world.

Things WILL happen that you don't like. Get over it, life goes on. One
little incident like that will not corrupt your children. To tell you
the truth, if they're not already corrupted, they will be by the time
they reach high school. (trust me. I'm 15, I should know.).

Now, I know this letter will probably piss of a bunch of people. Don't
waste Steve's time and space by sending
e-mail to him about it. If you have a problem with my opinion, send ME
the e-mail. Thank you for your time, and welcome to reality.
Written by reader: Icesto4596
I am a huge WWF fan, but I must say that the storylines are going way
crazy and are a little out of control. First off, dead or alive, you
should never portray that someone's family member is dying and then
have a "fake" funeral and have someone hook the casket up to a car and
drag it away! That is just sick and whomevers bright idea for that
story line was on something very out of this world that day.

Second off, Stephanie can not act if it bit her in the butt, she would
not know what it was. She is so clueless and she looks like a idiot,
period! Maybe she needs some acting classes and then she should try it
again! I still watch WWF and I am sure that I will never stop, but
come on people, it is crazy and I really can't even get into the story
lines because they are so far fetched.

The whole wedding thing just broke my heart, really! But to be honest
with you I am sure if I was getting paid as much as them I would fall
for the storylines and play my part as well.
Written by reader: Josh91896
I just read a letter from a reader about the possible Warrior comeback
and his opinions on how he should be used. For some reason it didn't
sound all that bad. I know what all of you are going to respond with:
the Warrior sucks, no talent, bad worker, blah blah blah, but just hear
me out.

Sting has lost some interest. While his original turn was nice and a
change of pace, most wrestlers eventually go back to their roots (i.e,
Hogan, Flair, Savage, Hart, etc.), because they know what the people
enjoy. They know why
they became popular and why they were successful, so they drop the
formula for a while and make people get use to this new image, then
they come back as their old character, and people think, "oh yeah, I
remember that, this was so cool."

Now, even though some of us were fortunate enough to go through the
boom in wrestling back in 87-91, most fans don't know what the Warrior
was like, or even the old Sting was like. I keep reading things about
how his last stint was a bomb because the ratings for the Havoc PPV
were not a 1.5, or whatever astronomical number they were expecting.
If memory serves, it did do about a .8 buyrate, right? I know it is
not that high, but it is a lot higher than what WCW has been pulling in
lately. What was Mayhem, a .4?

As far as the turning the Warrior into a tag team with Sting, it may
actually work. Like I stated earlier, Sting needs a refreshment. He
can stay face and hopefully at the same time help to get the Warrior
over. In the meantime, the Warrior can establish himself as more than
just some chest
beater and spewer of random, meaningless words, but instead as someone
who will show up for shows, and play to the crowd.
Written by reader: poreresu@xxxxs...
One word. Vader. He works in America and he is completely crapped on
by us. He goes to All Japan and he becomes a GOD. This is because
Japanese wrestling fans are WRESTLING FANS, and are not marks to some
beer drinking moron who happens to say the word "ass" in every other

I am a citizen of the United States, but I must say that we have no
respect for people unless they think they are the greatest thing on
earth. The Rock is over with wrestling fans here because he believes
that he is the greatest man alive. Sure, the Rock Bottom and the
People's Elbow are fun to see when the fans jump up on their feet and
go nuts. But hey, those two moves were originally done by Japanese
wrestlers. The Rock Bottom, also known as the S.T.O. was done by Naoya
Ogawa. And the people's elbow, patented by Muta, known as the Dragon's

I know that Poreresu came from a mixture of American wrestling styles
and martial arts but the moves that we look at here today as NEW or
ORIGINAL are really just moves that people have already perfected. To
say that Japanese wrestling is crap is to say that people like Dr.
Death or Gary
Albright are weak. I doubt that seriously, because it was Austin who
feared the deadly Dr. Death's backdrop driver....hell, it would have
killed the man. It would have shattered his neck quicker than Owen
almost did not too long ago.

Owen Hart is another fine example of someone gone to Japan and become a
legend. The Blue Blazer was a horrible gimmick over here, over there
he was a champion. Now, we look at Chris Benoit. Everybody is buzzing
how the Crippler is such a great athelete. NO CRAP!! He was a
champion in New Japan long before he ever even earned a TITLE SHOT over
here. Same with Jericho and Mysterio, and so on.. and so on...

In conclusion, to say that Japanese wrestling is crap is to say that
all wrestling is crap because all wrestling is a hybrid of many things,
shootfighting, martial arts, grappling, boxing, and many more. TWO, not suck it...VADER TIME!!!
Every Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm on the Sunshine Network (in Florida),
Outlaw Championship Wrestling featuring the likes of Terry Funk,
"Genius" Lanny Poffo, Sultan, Flex Armstrong, Rusty Brooks, El Lobo,
and many more future stars of professional wrestling.
Written by reader: howdoesitfeel69
Let me start off by stating that I am a 13 year old Australian, I have
been following wrestling since I was 7. Down here there has been no
controversy over the PTC's boycott of the WWF and the resignation of
sponsors. The worst thing I have ever seen in the media over the last 5
years involving the WWF was when the tragic news of the death of the
late, great, Owen Hart came through. A couple of DJ's starting joking
about it, one even commentated that it was a fitting name for the PPV
(Over The Edge).

My dad refuses to let me watch it, thinks it's utter s**t. He thinks
he's onto something because he refused to let me watch Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles and didn't let me drink Coke or Red Cordial (well he
tried) and I turned out gifted. But it doesn't really matter as my
parents are divorced. My Mom on the other hand lets me watch it
because she watched it when she was a kid, although I doubt she has
really knows just what's on PPV's now-a-days.

Well, I've watched 2 PPV's where there's been non-accidental nudity on
it (and I'll probably get Armageddon), not that my Mom noticed. But on
the other hand I've also seen Species 1 and 2, and a heap of other
movies that have pretty much full on nudity and aren't that hard to get
access to. Once you think about it, there's no real difference between
accidental nudity on WWF TV and some of these documentaries on the
human body, pregnancy, sexuality etc. But think about these 3 examples:

If some 10 year old geek saw the episode of RAW where DX "raped"
Stephanie, you think his reaction would be "Hell, I can't get a
girlfriend in school, I'll just find someone I like and rape her" But
on the other hand if a 30 year old male who had mental problems also
saw the episode, and decided pretty much the same thing, who would have
more luck? The adult or the child?

I'd also just like to tell some people about something that happened in
Australia about 3 years ago. At a town called Port Arthur, this guy
just came out of nowhere and shot dead 30 people, he injured a heap
more and took a few hostage. The day after, police went to his house
and found at least 200 tapes of horror films. So my first point is
that, it's not just kids we should be looking out for, it's people like
Martin Bryant (the man who was responsible for the Port Arthur
massacre). But on the other hand, it's kids who turn into the Martin
Bryants of tomorrow.

My 2nd example is that, if say if I came down for breakfast one morning
and found my younger brother had eaten my breakfast, if I called him
"slapnuts" and told him I had "stroke" and to move over, I guess it
would be lame but no harm in it. But if I also added smashing a guitar
over his head, and said that I should sit at the front at the table
because "I'm The Chosen One" and I'll do the same thing to my parents
if you don't comply. That's just insane. I think it's OK to say to a
kid in the school yard to suck it, but to say it to your teacher after
you failed a maths test is a bit different (Still wouldn't stop me, if
I was upset or annoyed!)

If the kid you hated the most father died, if you just didn't say
anything to him it would be cruel at best, but pissing on his grave,
and totally dissing his Dad is just sick. One last thing- if there are
any parents out there who have kids who watch or watched WWF/WCW/ECW...
CHILDREN HAVE WAYS! I've heard my friends (my age) quote sites
which all have free access to naked women, celebs etc. Relatives porno collections aren't that hard to get access to. Trust me...
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