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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 441

Date:  Sunday December 19th, 1999  8:33 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric

Lash Leroux/Disco Inferno versus Big Vito/Johnny the Bull w/ Tony
Marinera's henchman were extremely impressive in the first few minutes
of the opening match at Starrcade. The Italians dominated the match
until Big Vito missed a top rope maneuver. Disco and Lash then gained
the advantage for a few minutes, using their speed to counteract the
strength of their opponents. In the end, Disco inadvertently hit his
partner Leroux with the "Last Dance", which allowed Big Vito to nail a
spiral DDT for the win. After the bell, Marinera forced ether in
Disco's face. The henchmen then took Disco out of the building in a
body bag. In the parking garage, they took Disco out of the body bag,
threw him in the trunk of their car, and drove away.
Winners: Big Vito/Johnny The Bull via pinfall

--Tony Schiavone announced that due to a knee injury and being
incapable of defending the United States title, Scott Hall was stripped
of the belt, and the championship committee forfeited the title to
Chris Benoit. The "Crippler" hit the ring and said that titles should
be won, not given. He then said he personally felt that the U.S. title
was vacant and laid out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room.

Evan Karagias (c) w/ Spice versus Madusa
*Cruiserweight Championship*
Karagias defended his title in this match against a woman that he was
once smitten with. Madusa began the match, by pounding her ex on the
floor. ON the outside, Karagias ran Madusa into the guard rail. After
each move they would execute, both competitors would begin jaw jacking.
As Karagias had the match firmly in control, Spice jumped on the ring
apron and distracted the champ. Following a low blow by Spice, Madusa
hit the German Suplex with a bridge for the win and to become the first
woman to ever win the Cruiserweight title. The two happy women left the
ring together.
Winner: Madusa via pinfall (New Cruiserweight Champion)

Norman Smiley (c) versus Meng
*Hardcore Championship*
The "Screamin' One", clad in football pads, hit the ring knowing he was
in for the fight of his life. The fight continued to the back area,
where Smiley hid behind a table while the two man militia of Brian
Knobbs and Fit Finlay brutally attacked Meng with kendo sticks, chairs,
and trash can lids. It took several shots, but the mighty Meng finally
fell. Smiley, crawled out from behind the table and pinned Meng to
retain the title. After the bell, Meng rose and put referee Nick
Patrick down with the Tongan death grip. Winner: Norman Smiley via
pinfall (Retained Hardcore Championship)

Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn/Aysa/Shane Douglas versus Hacksaw Jim Duggan/
Three Mystery Partners
The provisions of this match stated that if team Duggan won this
contest, the Revolution would have to take control of the janitorial
duties of WCW for 30 days. If the Revolution won, the patriotic
"Hacksaw" would have to denounce his loyalty to the United States the
next night on Monday Nitro. Duggan announced his tag team partners as
being the Varsity Club: Mike Rotunda, Kevin Sullivan, and Rick Steiner
(accompanied by cheerleader (former ECW mainstay Kimona Wana Laya)) and
then took the ring to support Duggan in his quest to stand up for the
good ol' U.S.A. Sullivan returned to WCW by introducing Aysa to the
tree of woes. Then, in an unprovoked attack, the Varsity Club turned on
Duggan, attacked him, (and the Revolution) and left him lying, which
gave Douglas (who was at the broadcast booth) the opportunity to jump
in the ring and make the pin.
Winners: The Revolution via pinfall (Hacksaw Duggan must renounce his
loyalty to the U.S.A.)

Vampiro versus Steve "Dr. Death" Williams
The Misfits pushed a cage holding Oklahoma to ringside, to ensure that
Oklahoma could not escape, in the instance that Vampiro would win,
which would give Vampiro five minutes alone with the "Okie." This match
went back and forth, with the Misfits attempting to interfere. However,
Dr. Death destroyed them. In the end, referee Charles Robinson tried to
pull Williams (who was using closed fists) off of Vampiro. Williams
pushed Robinson down, which forced the DQ. Oklahoma, who was in the
cage (and once again commentating a match) begged to be let out of the
cage so that he could spend his five minutes with Vampiro, who was down
on the mat. Oklahoma executed a DDT, and then continued to beat on the
vampire man. The Misfits then interjected themselves, and the five men
beat on Oklahoma. After a nail in the coffin, Vampiro pinned Oklahoma.
Winner: Vampiro via disqualification (against Dr. Death) Vampiro via
pinfall (against Oklahoma)

Creative Control/Curt Hennig w/Shane versus Booker T/Midnight
This match was to determine the number one contenders to the tag team
titles. In a pre-match interview, Stevie Ray told his brother that he
would not be there to watch his back, and cited that they have done
everything together and did not have any problems until Midnight came
on the scene. Booker and Midnight had control of this match for the
first few minutes. The pendulum swung in the direction of Creative
Control when Hennig nailed Midnight over the top rope. Stevie Ray came
to the ring, but was told to leave by Booker T. Ray stayed at ringside
as Booker T was nailed by a pair of brass knuckles by Hennig and then
pinned by Gerald and/or Patrick.
Winners: Creative Control/Curt Hennig via pinfall

Dustin Rhodes versus Jeff Jarrett *Bunkhouse Brawl* Jarrett asked for
this match against Rhodes, whose father, Dusty was the master of it.
As Rhodes was being interviewed, Jarrett attacked, starting the "come
as you are, anything goes" match-up. Jarrett began the match by using a
wheelbarrow as a weapon, by ramming it into the knee of Rhodes. Once in
the ring, Rhodes took advantage by breaking pieces of wood over the
back of Jarrett and pounding him with a cowbell. Aggravated by the
referee, Rhodes used duct tape and bound referee Billy Silverman to the
top rope, also putting a piece over his mouth.

Curt Hennig came to the ring and untaped the ref. Rhodes attempted a
sidewalk slam, but the count was disrupted by Hennig. Rhodes hit his
field goal kick in the corner on Jarrett, but once again, Hennig
stopped the count. Hennig then received one of his own. As Rhodes was
attacking Hennig on the floor, Jarrett jumped off of the ladder with a
guitar shot on Rhodes for the win.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall

Diamond Dallas Page versus David Flair
*Crowbar On a Pole Match* It is real simple....the first man to reach
the crowbar on a pole was allowed to use it. David Flair attacked DDP,
who was already in the ring, with a gold plated crowbar that he had
received as a gift earlier in the night. David Penzer started to
announce that DDP could not continue because of the pre-match attack
but Page would have none of it. Flair was able to retrieve the crowbar
from the pole. However, when he swung it on DDP, Flair fell prey to the
Diamond Cutter, giving Page the win. After the bell, Page was on his
way to beating Flair with the crowbar, but was stopped by the female
fan, from Peoria, Illinois who had sent in a videotape showing a shrine
to David Flair in her bedroom.
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall

Sting w/Elizabeth versus The Total Package
This match would determine the fate of Elizabeth's future. These two
longtime friends have met many times before, thus, both men knowing
each other's every move. Before the match, Sting had Liz throw away her
can of mace, and provided her with his own concoction. Luger started
aggressively, kicking and punching the Stinger to the mat. The Total
Package must have felt like a "pinball machine", because three times,
Sting would punch Luger, who would turn right around into a slap from

Miss Liz then attempted to spray Sting in the eyes with what she
thought was mace. However, Sting turned the tables and handed Liz a can
of silly string instead. Sting took control of the match, and even
stopped Liz from hitting him with a baseball bat. As the Stinger went
for the Scorpion Deathlock, Liz clocked Sting in the face with the
baseball bat. As he was unconscious, Luger placed Sting's wrist under
a chair and pounded the chair with a baseball bat. Winner: Sting via

Kevin Nash versus Sid Vicious *Master of the Powerbomb* The first man
who could execute the Powerbomb would be declared the winner of this
match. These two big men would use their power in this match. After
being pounded in the corner by Nash, Sid attempted the first Powerbomb,
but was the recipient of a low blow. The action then spilled to the
outside where Sid dominated, working on the lower back of Big Sexy. Sid
powerbombed Nash first, but the referee was down in the corner. Jeff
Jarrett then hit the ring and nailed Sid with a guitar shot. Nash
attempted twice, while the referee was down to powerbomb Sid twice, but
his back gave out both times. Big Sexy then pulled the referee to his
feet and told the referee that he powerbombed Sid. The ref bought it
and awarded the match to Kevin Nash. Winner: Kevin Nash via referee's

Chris Benoit (c) versus Jeff Jarrett *U.S. Title Match*
Jarrett accepted Benoit's open challenge for this ladder match, saying
he had already beaten one a$$ and that he might as well make it two.
The Crippler and Jarrett began the match on the floor and fought all
the way back into the ring. Benoit grabbed the ladder from the floor,
but Jarrett baseball slid the ladder into the face of Benoit. The
Crippler began bleeding profusely as Jarrett repeatedly used the ladder
as a weapon. Over the next several minutes, both men would attempt
scaling the ladder to reach the U.S. title, but each were stopped short
by the other.

At one point, Benoit was on the top of the ladder when Jarrett
dropkicked the ladder from the top rope, which sent Benoit on a
spinning flight through the win. Benoit, on top of the ladder, instead
of grabbing the title belt, dropped with a headbutt from the top.
Benoit then rescaled the ladder to grab the U.S. title.
Winner: Chris Benoit (Retains U.S. Title)

Bret Hart (c) versus Goldberg *World Championship* Goldberg began the
match by showcasing his strength. Bret attempted to turn Goldberg's leg
submission hold into the sharpshooter, but the strength of the "Man"
was too much. This no disqualification match saw referee Billy
Silverman go down early on the outside, which brought in Charles
Robinson, who went down after getting in the way of a suplex. Hart, who
avoided the spear, put Goldberg in the figure four around the ring
post. Once back in the ring, Hart worked on the legs and knees of
Goldberg, softening him up for the sharpshooter.

Referee Johnny Boone watched on as Hart continued to wrench the knees
of Goldberg with the figure four. Boone then went down when Hart
mistakingly hit him. Goldberg hit the spear, and the new referee
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper hit the ring. Bret Hart applied the Sharpshooter,
with Piper calling for the bell, before Hart even had Goldberg fully
turned. Hart, looking puzzled, followed Piper and retrieved the belt as
the program went off of the air.
Winner: Bret Hart via referee's decision (Retains World Championship)
Written by reader: NashBDC
I agree with the people who are skeptical of The Warrior. What has the
man done to earn another shot with a major wrestling organization? How
many times must he reappear for 3 months, then run off into seclusion
again before the promoters just give up on him?

I know that if Vince Russo does decide to bring back The Warrior, my TV
set will stay tuned in to RAW (unless The Revolution is on).
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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