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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 442

Date:  Monday December 20th, 1999  9:24 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (WrestleRic)

Madusa w/Spice versus Buzzkill *Cruiserweight Championship*
Madusa laid out the open challenge, saying that women were starting to
dominate WCW. Madusa retained the title after a loaded punch and a
German Suplex with a bridge.
Winner: Madusa via pinfall

--Vince Russo told Creative Control to deliver Roddy Piper to his
office and for Curt Hennig to wrestle Hugh Morrus and make sure that it
was Morrus' last match. In the back, Shane was beaten down by a masked
man. In the office, Russo told Piper that just because he brought his
kid with him he would not receive any sympathy. Russo than called
himself an a$$hole and told Piper to tell the people that he sold out
and that Russo had nothing to do with the screwjob ending to Starrcade.

Curt Hennig versus Hugh Morrus
Morrus, distracted by his father's (who was wearing a hospital gown)
appearance, fell victim to a Fisherman's Suplex, courtesy of Hennig.
Winner: Curt Hennig via pinfall

--Kevin Nash took center ring. Big Sexxy said that when you break into
the business the veterans sit you down and teach you the codes of
conduct in the business. The cardinal rule, Nash said, was that the
"boys" don't screw each other. He then said that promoters will screw
the wrestlers to make a buck.

He also said that Bret Hart screwed Goldberg, and that Bret Hart was a
piece of sh*t. He also said that he doesn't give a damn about
Goldberg, but what happened last night was "bullsh*t." He said that the
wrestlers were a fraternity and that they needed to stick together or
the "office" would take and take, and then throw them to the curb.

--Creative Control said that someone needed to shut Kevin Nash's mouth

Tank Abbott versus Jerry Flynn
Security broke up this match after the referee was taken down. Many
guards went down before restraining these two men.
Winner: No Contest

--The Revolution attempted to force Jim Duggan to renounce the United
States flag. When Duggan refused, the Revolution attacked and were on
the verge of burning the flag when the Filthy Animals (minus Eddie
Guerrero) hit the ring.

--Roddy Piper hit the ring and said that he sold out. He then said that
he would have nothing to do with what the Powers were doing, did not
want to be part of the dog and pony show, and then quit. Goldberg
stopped him on the rope to tell him that he grew up respecting him, but
he lost all of that respect last night. Bret Hart stood on the ramp,
said it was nobody's fault, that Goldberg's heat was with the office
(and reminding everyone that he knows what it is liked to get screwed
by the office) and then threw the title down and declared it vacant.

Hart then took the title to Russo and told him to shove it up his a$$.
Russo then stated that what he did last night was for Hart and that
Hart would face Goldberg in a rematch tonight.

Meng/Norman Smiley versus Fit Finlay/Brian Knobbs
The match began with Smiley being attacked by Meng. Smiley was the
victim of a swirly, a bathroom stall door thrown on him, and then being
pinned on the floor of the bathroom.
Winners: Fit Finlay/Brian Knobbs via pinfall

--Paisley informed crew members in a music studio that the Artist would
not perform until the music was as beautiful as his soul.

The Maestro w/Symphony versus Evan Karagias
Symphony "plucked" on the heartstrings of Karagias by faking a knee
injury, which allowed the Maestro to roll up Karagias for the win.
Winner: The Maestro via pinfall

--In the back Piper was reciting wrestling history as he tore apart the
office of the Powers. After Chavo Guerrero Jr. tried to sell Karagias a
book on how to "pick up chicks" he was pounded to the floor by the
former Cruiserweight Champion.

Chris "Champagne" Kanyon w/Mr. Biggs versus DDP versus Bam Bam Bigelow
DDP hit both men with the Diamond Cutter and left the ring. Kanyon then
smashed a champagne bottle over the head of BBB for the win.
Winner: CCK via pinfall

Kevin Nash w/Scott Hall versus Creative Control
Hall, on crutches, joined Big Sexxy for this handicap match. In a match
where there was no referee, Scott Hall, with no limp, whacked both
members with his crutches, sending Creative Control running.
Winners: The Outsider via...hell...they were the last two in the ring!

--Lex Luger, clad in Sting outfit and makeup, accompanied by Elizabeth,
stood in the rafters mocking Sting.

Chris Benoit (c) versus Jeff Jarrett *United States Championship*
This return ladder match from Starrcade saw Jarrett feign a knee
injury, Chris Benoit fall through the steps of a rigged ladder, Jarrett
nailed the Wolverine with a guitar, and then climbed a working ladder
to snatch the title to become the new U.S. champ. After the match,
Jarrett was explaining to Mene Gene how he got his payback on Benoit
when Curt Hennig interrupted and told Jarrett that the Powers wanted to
see him in the limousine. In the limo, Jarrett was told that "tonight
is the night."
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via decision (New United States Champion)

Sid Vicious versus The Wall w/Berlyn
As the Wall was preparing to Chokelsam Sid, Berlyn nailed his own man
with a Missile Dropkick. Sid then Powerbombed mean
Berlyn. The Wall and Sid then shook hands in a sign of mutual respect.
Winner: The Wall via disqualification

--The father of Tony Marinera told Glenn (Disco Inferno) that he had
two choices in life, one, to do his son's bidding, or spend the rest of
his life in a coma.

The Varsity Club w/Kevin Sullivan versus Harlem Heat
Sullivan, Rotunda, and Steiner took turns wrestling in the ring.
Midnight appeared and thanks to her distraction, Rotunda rolled up
Stevie Ray from behind for the win, which started an argument with
Stevie Ray, Booker T, and Midnight on the outside. After the bell,
former USWA tag team champions and WWF Nation of Domination rappers,
PG-13, hit the ring, attacked the Varsity Club and ran.
Winners: The Varsity Club via pinfall

--In the back, David Flair's "disciple" was approached by Jerry Only
and the Misfits about letting them put some new tattoos on her body.
She responded by putting a knee into the groin of Only and biting his

David Flair w/Daphne Unger versus Vampiro
Flair and his new girl attacked ring announcer David Penzer before the
bell, hitting him with the crowbar and then repeatedly kicking him.
Vampiro then hit the ring and after telling the two that they were
freaks, was also used for batting practice by Flair and Daphne. One of
the Misfits tried to help but was also put down.
Winner: No Contest

--Mene Gene interviewed Buff Bagwell. Buff said that the only thing
missing in his career was single's gold and that he would capture some
in the new millennium. Bagwell then became aggravated and told Gene
that it was bullsh*t for him to ask him about his relationship with
Kimberly. After some grilling Buff finally said that they were
friends, and that he would not kick her out of bed if the opportunity
presented itself. DDP then attacked Buff, starting a brawl which had
to be broken up by security.

--After saying good-bye to Sid Vicious, Roddy Piper told a group of
young WCW athletes that they were great, had a future and not to let
the "Powers" turn them into clowns. He also told them to form a union
and make the "Powers" take care of them.

Bret Hart versus Goldberg *World Championship*
While the ref was down, Hart put Goldberg in the Figure Four. The
Outsiders hit the ring, acted as if they were going to hit Hart with
baseball bats, but instead hit Goldberg. Piper tried to protect
Goldberg but was also battered. Hart also used the bat on Goldberg.
Although Piper was on top of Goldberg the ref counted the three, giving
Bret Hart the championship. After the bell Jeff Jarrett whacked him
with a car, and both men were spray painted with the letters NOW as
Hart, Jarrett, and the Outsiders embraced. After the smoke cleared,
Kevin Nash informed everyone that the band was back together.
Winner: Bret Hart (New World Champion)
The 12/17 edition of ECW on TNN drew a 1.0 rating with a 1.8 share
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and spread the word! To visit the Unofficial site go to this address:

Visit my home page at:

It is virtually impossible to open and read a newsletter these days
without reading an article, or a barrage of readers responses and
comments, related to L. Brent Bozo and his PTC Crusade to "encourage"
the WWF's sponsors to hide under their desks if anything worse than a
"gosh darn," is heard on SmackDown.

If everyone who has voiced an objection to L. Brent and his My Way Or
No Airway campaign had taken the time to write a courteous, repeat
courteous, letter to the WWF's sponsors, we would be in pretty good
shape. Of course if you are a Bozoette and agree with L. Brent, by all
means write to him. It's high time we stop giving this yo-yo any more
of our time. Let's get those letters going and get back to talking
about wrestling.

Some of the things you might want to factor into your thinking are:

1. When L. Brent came out of the dark, he said he was directing his
efforts toward SmackDown because it was on Broadcast TV, not on cable.
This little subterfuge save him a safe haven if anyone asked him why he
hasn't gone after WCW as well as the WWF. After all, WCW has gone in
the same direction L. Brent has accused the WWF of. With NITRO and
Thunder on Cable TV (TNT and TBS, which for those having just left from
Lower Dudleyville for the first time, just happen to be part of The
Turner TV Empire).

2. Speaking of Terrible Ted, he recently appeared on the Larry King
Live program. We all know that Dear Larry is a bastion of journalistic
integrity, who has never fawned over his guests, nor asked them
softball questions. Do you think the fact that Marrying Larry works for
CNN, which coincidentally just happens to be yet another part of The
Turner TV Empire, and therefore works for Uncle Ted, has anything to do
with the questions asked? Nah. What could I possibly be thinking?

During this "interview," Matrimony Larry asked Uncle Ted, with due
reverence of course, what he thought of the current state of wrestling.
Uncle Ted then went on to expound on the Evil Empire and it's
Malevolent Emperor, Vince McMahon. He was quite emphatic in his
denunciation of the direction the WWF has taken and that his Wrestling
Empire (WCW) was family oriented. Husband-To-Many Larry was obviously
well prepared and never asked about WCW's new direction. We can't
expect that a man of Uncle
Ted's stature would be up on things, and possibly know that WCW is
becoming a clone of the WWF. Gosh darn, if Ted only knew, head would
roll. But then again, his programs are all on Cable TV and L. Brent was
only studying Broadcast TV. One could hardly blame Find-Me-A-Preacher
Larry for not mentioning anything about Russo Inc. and what WCW is
doing. Would you bite the hand that feeds you ... alimony?

3. Being that L. Brent is only concerned about Broadcast TV, it is
understandable that he hasn't mentioned WCW. But wait a minute. L.
Brent must have had nothing to do a week ago Sunday, so he sprung for
$29.95 and ordered Armageddon. Horror of Horrors, Miss Kitty gave The
Kittens a breather. After being revived from swallowing and choking on
his bubble gum at the sight of The Kittens, off to his computer to
spread the gospel about what he had just witnessed went L. Brent to.

What's wrong with this picture? L. Brent is concerned about SmackDown,
yet he complains about the WWF's product as a whole. The Flagship
Program of the WWF is RAW and it too is on cable. When L. Brent "urges"
the WWF sponsors to review what they are paying for, all of the WWF
sponsors are involved, not just those on SmackDown. There seems to be a
little inconsistency in his motives and just what L. Brent is after.
WCW continues on their merry way unscathed, the WWF has toned down
their product, yet L. Brent continues his crusade against them. One has
to wonder just what the true motivation behind L. Brent and his
followers is. Far be it from me to suggest that something other than
altruism drives L. Brent, however, if it quacks like a duck, etc., etc.
Worse case is that the WWF is first, the others will follow.

I am dead set against anyone telling me what I can watch. As a parent,
it is my responsibility to monitor and, if necessary, control what my
children watch. I don't need L. Brent, The PTC, The ROTC, The NYPD, The
ASPCA, or anyone else telling me what I can watch. I have the ultimate
weapon to prevent my children from seeing something they shouldn't:
Parental Responsibility. It is backed up by the Parental Control on my
Cable Box and my TV's Remote Control. Amazing job these things do when
applied right. Just a hunch, but I think these The Ultimate Weapon
resides in every home.

Once again I urge you to write to the sponsors, or the PTC if you agree
with them, to express your feelings. Do so in a polite and courteous
way. Let's turn our attention back to wrestling. L. Brent has had more
than his fifteen minutes of fame. Let's not make him bigger than he is
by rehashing the same old stuff, day after day. Talking about it won't
get the job done, action will. A complete list of the WWF sponsors can
be found at: http://PWBTS.Com/Censor/HTML
Written by reader: Dr. Mike Lano (WReaLano)
For any old-time fans (60's and 70's) who want to send a card to the
distraught family of the late, 57-year old Jerri Monti, who worked for
many promotions out here on the West Coast and was a tag team champion
in Vancouver in 1973 with European star John Quinn-please send to:
The Monti Family,
11718 Los Ranchitas Ct
Dublin, CA 94568.

They were concerned that few in wrestling cared, and I told them that
was not the case...but that today's wrestling may have turned off many
of the gentler, older class fans.
-Dr. Michael Lano (Happy Holidays to Everyone)
Pro Wrestling Photojournalism since Time Began
Written by reader: RanmaSolo
After watching the Benoit vs. Jeff Jarret match at Starrcade I must say
that Benoit is the new king of the singles ladder match. Imagine if
that had been Scott Hall in there with him? It would of been match of
the year no doubt (It may still have been one of the best matches of
the year).

While Scott Hall is a lazy worker, with a man like Benoit, who can make
dead fish look good in a match, and it being a ladder match, a type of
match in which Scott Hall always seems to rise to the occasion, you
would have had not one but two amazing workers in a match with a
stipulation known for making classics happen.

All in all the match, with or without Hall, made what normally would of
have been three hours down the tube all worth it. In fact, Joey Styles
(I think it was Styles.) said if God were a wrestler he'd be Rob Van
Dam. Well, if that's true then is Christ were a wrestler he'd be Chris
Written by reader: DynDen
I wanted to comment on all this WCW talk. I know that everyone
expected to see WCW either rise to God like status or fall to garbage
level in a matter of weeks. The fact is it takes a lot to rebuild.
Baseball, Football, and Basketball teams sometimes suck for two or
three years after starting
to rebuild.

If you watch closely with an open mind and discard all the hype you
will see that all this back and forth mud slinging that the new writers
have started is just shock TV. They have doubters tuning in to see
them fail and wanters tuning in to see them revive the WCW. Thus the
SHOCK value. keep your eye open over the next month and watch how
things begin to mold and take shape as they bow out of this hidden
power angle and actually bring back the NWO power to confront the Old
School wrestler,

Oh it is also great to see the Varsity Club back. And as for Duggan
this is a bigger push then he received under Eric Bischoff.
Written by reader: Lee Relph (LEEINBLACK)
Having been laid out with the flu for the past few days, today was the
first day I was able to get back online.

In my mailbox were a number of angry E-mails about my last piece
featured in the WBS about Billy Gunn's kids on RAW.

I was, to say the least, a little nonplussed at the reaction my piece
caused. However, having reread it, I can see why and I can also see
that I didn't make my point clear enough (I guess the flu does that to
you :-) ).

So, as a man who is big enough to admit when he is at fault, please
allow me to correct myself.

The piece wasn't meant to be an attack on Billy Gunn in any way. I
appreciate that he doesn't get to see his kids due to his hectic work
schedule so I have absolutely no problem with him bringing his kids to
the arenas where he is working. I never have had any problem with this
and I never will do -
I appreciate how important families are in life. I certainly wasn't
condemning Gunn for having his kids there, but I was questioning the
wisdom of the WWF for showing them in the crowd (which obviously was
not Gunn's idea), especially as this was just 24 hours after the Miss
Kitty incident, which again was defended by the call of "not aimed at

I hope that clarifies the matter. Anyway, I apologize for not making
myself clearer and for upsetting all you Billy Gunn fans out there and
we can now consider this matter closed.
Thanks for reading.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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