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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 443

Date:  Tuesday December 21st, 1999  8:40 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
1st Hour: n/a 3.9
2nd Hour: 5.5 2.9
3rd Hour: 6.1 2.9
Composite: 5.8 3.2

ECW on TNN (12/17) 1.0
WWF LiveWire (12/18) 1.6
WCW Saturday Night (12/18)1.5
WWF Superstars (12/19) 1.5
WWF Heat (12/19) 3.4
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By Rick Phelps (WrestleRic)

HHH and Stephanie McMahon (with the Mean Street Posse as their
man-servants) said that the WWF was not in a very giving mood, so they
would have to give until it hurts so that all could enjoy a Raw

New Age Outlaws versus Test *Handicap Match*
The Outlaws put Test down with the Famoser for the win.
Winner: New Age Outlaws via pinfall

--Edge/Christian and The Hardy Boyz told HHH/Stephanie that they were
tired of wrestling one another. HHH agreed and said that Edge and Matt
Hardy versus Christian and Jeff Hardy would face each other.

--HHH told Kurt Angle he would have to face Viscera later in the
evening. Stephanie did not appear to be happy with the situation.

Edge/Matt Hardy versus Christian/Jeff Hardy
This battle of the brother's ended when Jeff Hardy hit his own brother
Matt with the 450 splash for the win.
Winners: Christian/Jeff Hardy via pinfall

--HHH/Stephanie McMahon informed Moolah and Mae Young that they would
face the Dudley Boyz and the Acolytes in a Triple Threat match. In the
ring the lovely couple asked J.R. to join them in the ring so that they
could give him his gift. HHH then unveiled huge pictures of himself and
his wife on both sides of the Titan Tron. Stephanie admitted liking
slapping Ross on Smackdown, and then they pulled the schoolboy trick on
him. As he was prepared to wrench on Ross's shoulder once again,
Mankind hit the arena. Foley asked HHH to pick on someone his own size.
Mankind began insulting HHH, trying to provoke him into a fight. HHH
then ordered Mankind to have a Boiler Room brawl with an unnamed
opponent. The Mrs. slapped Mankind at the end of the segment.

Kurt Angle versus Viscera
A fallaway fireman's carry slam followed a kendo stick shot to the back
of the head by Steve Blackman to give Angle the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall

Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young versus Acolytes versus Dudley Boyz
The Dudley Boyz won by DQ when Mark Henry hit the ring (striking
anything wearing tie dye) to protect his lady, Mae Young.
Winners: Dudley Boyz via disqualification

--Stephanie opened a gift, which was a minature Santa Claus. HHH then
said that is who Mankind would face in the Boiler Room. Mankind said he
would not prove anything as a tough guy if he were to fight Santa
Claus. The Mean Street Posse then attacked Mankind and threw him into
the Boiler Room. Mankind did run into St. Nick, whom he told to walk
away from the Boiler Room, telling Santa that he would put him over.
Mankind was attacked by countless Santa's, and three of them were the
NAO and HHH. Santa (HHH) won by leaving the Boiler Room first.

--Al Snow demanded a Brahma Bullrope match against The Rock and HHH

Chris Jericho (c) versus The Godfather *Intercontinental
While the referee was distracted with the hos, Chyna delivered a low
blow, allowing Y2J the opportunity to make the pin.
Winner: Chris Jericho via pinfall (Retains IC Title)

--HHH told B.B. that she would represent Val Venis, while Terri would
represent Hardcore Holly in the first ever Holiday Topless Tope Rope
Match. The idea is that every time a wrestler is thrown over the top
rope, his representative loses a piece of clothing. The winner is the
man whose opponents representative becomes topless first. The winner
also receives an IC title shot on Smackdown.

Val Venis w/B.B. versus Hardcore Holly w/Terri *Holiday Topless Top
Rope Match*
Venis touched the floor last, giving Hardcore the win and forcing B.B.
to take off her top. She did just that, but HHH was the only man who
could see the "goods" because he covered up her chest with his jacket.
Winner: Hardcore Holly via decision

The Rock versus Al Snow *Brahma Bull Rope Match*
After numerous interjections by the NAO, Mr. A$$ hit the Famoser on the
Rock, allowing Snow to gain the pinfall victory.
Winner: Al Snow via pinfall

Mean Street Possee versus Too Cool/Rakishi Phatu
Prior to the match, HHH told the Possee that they have to face Too Cool

Rakishi pinned Rodney after a "nail in the coffin".
Winner: Too Cool/Rakishi Phatu via pinfall

Big Show (c) versus Kane w/Tori *World Championship*
The stipulations of this match said that if Kane did not win the world
title Tori would have to spend the holidays with X-Pac. This no DQ
match was observed by HHH/McMahon from a lounger on the ramp. The Big
Show retained the title after Powerbombing Kane through one of the
broadcast positions. Tori is now forced to spend Christmas with X-Pac.
Winner: Big Show via pinfall (Retains World Championship)
Written by reader: Nincrew
Ted Turner, Disney and Rupert Murdoch own almost every TV station
(non-public) you will ever watch (besides Telemundo). That is why
Turner gets no heat on TV (from the PTC). Just like Disney gets no
heat on TV, they own it and they don't want to see their names dragged
through the mud.
Steve Appy responds:
Over the past couple weeks I've checked out the website for the PTC

Something that may surprise many of you is that the PTC doesn't like
Ted Turner at all; they consider him a radical liberal and would
possibly welcome the opportunity to attack WCW and include his name in
the conversation.

Any of you that would like to learn more about the PTC (for better or
for worse, usually worse) can find their website at:
Written by reader: Matt McDermott (Matt.McDermott)
A quick note as sidebar on Samjerry's latest column: Entertainment
Weekly, which happens to be a Time Warner company, has featured WWF
stars on its covers and stories several times in the last several
weeks. The vast majority of these items were positive, with them being
ranked # 5 for
Entertainer of the year. After all the talk of having to battle a
Billionaire's company, and how that company did all they could to hurt
the WWF, how about giving them a little credit here, and call a spade a
Written by reader: XoreoXguyX
I watched the first hour of Nitro last night and was surprised at Kevin
Nash's "tough guy" profanity. While he was blabbing away with his
not-good mike skills I thought back to when I read how WCW would not
sink to the low of
WWF. How they wouldn't have to use profanity, or busty women to win

I know that WCW has the sell out bookers, but I'm sorry last night was
a bit too much. People complain about WWF shows and the kids live in
attendance, well boo hoo! I'm sure there were some unhappy parents last
night that were at Nitro. Kevin Nash used a bit much profanity just to
prove that he was mad. I'm sure parents weren't too happy if they were
with their kids at home watching Nitro, the censors were asleep last
night so you could pretty much hear Nash repeatedly say sh*t cause he
is so tough.

Even though the bookers claim that they were working on this angle
since they got in WCW, claiming this would be the big break, will it
really work? Haven't we seen enough nWo? They went too far last time
forming the Wolfpac and all that BS. I'm guessing once again Russo and
Ferrera are going recycle their WWF storylines that they wrote and
model the nWo after DX, hopefully they do right and split the nWo up
before it gets lame again.

It's ironic how WCW is getting "raunchier" while the WWF is slowly
cleaning up their act. I have a feeling by Christmas 2000, I still
think WWF will have the ratings and WCW will possibly be getting 3.5's.
Written by reader: kleyner
NWOh, No, Not That Crap Again

Just as WCW was starting to develop a somewhat interesting group of
heel wrestlers and it seemed like the outlook was set for the near
future, the Powers That Book decided that that outlook should look very
much like the near past.

Goldberg gets screwed at Starrcade. NWO reforms. Let's not even talk
about the fact that Russo has totally failed to convince me he had this
angle booked more than one week ahead of time: even if he did, the
crowd has no reason to believe so and no reason to care.

Pissing off the crowd of one of the biggest arenas that WCW still has a
contract with was probably not the smartest move. Last year Starrcade
was sold out. This year MCI Center was near empty. Are we to believe
that the angle that was royally screwed up last year will be done right
this year?

Uh, sorry, why should I think that this NWO will last longer than the
last's two months? Why team Jarrett and Bret, two characters who have
little prior association with the nWo and who had well-known problems
with the Clique, with the Outsiders? Because those were the only four
heels big enough?

Why continue to denigrate the Flair name, one of the few market values
WCW has left? How many more shoots does Piper have before not even one
person in the arena cares? Is Kimona Wanalaya's cleavage really going
to make up for bringing Mike Rotundo and Kevin Sullivan back to
television in a gimmick that nobody remembers and that was never
particularly hot to begin with?

How can we take any angle seriously when it follows the Hugh Morrus
hospital-gown father angle? Do Tony Schiavone or Mike Tenay have any
idea how to make the WCW product more appealing to the fans? When did
Tenay become indistinguishable from every other announcer? The
Maestro? The Artist formerly known as
Prince Iaukea? Buzzkill? Chris "Champagne" Kanyon? They seem more at
company with Manotaur and TL Hopper than WWF's New Attitude.

Will every important PPV match now have a rematch the next day to make
sure the fans who paid 30 bucks will be less tempted to do so again? I
predict a huge drop in the next month as the few fans who continued to
watch WCW because of its greater reliance on pure wrestling will see
that last virtue of the company disappear.
Written by reader: Pezzboyy03
Man that was by far the best Nitro I have seen in a LONG time. I'm so
stoked that the n.W.o is back together. They have all the gold, the
best talent, and well they are the n.W.o what more can I say?

The match between Buzz Kill and Madusa blew. Along with Maestro or
whatever that chump's name is. The Triple Threat was tight. Poor CCK,
his hand must be cut pretty bad. Nitro was 10 times better than Raw. I
know I don't comment for these reports much but after watching an
awesome Nitro I just had to put my 2 cents in.

Finally Nitro ended with questions buzzing all over he place. Will
Disco become a mafia member? Who attacked Shane? (Vince) Is the n.W.o
and "The Powers That Be" together? Or is this a job by the n.W.o?
Thanks for your time.
n.W.o 4 Life
Written by reader: MJenk32306
Faith. I knew it. What does this letter mean, you may ask? Well, if
you'll remember this time last year, WCW was losing the ratings by a
tiny margin. Throughout 1999, WCW "reaches" 1's in quarter hours. They
are lucky to get three ratings. Suddenly, about fall, a man named Eric
Bischoff is FIRED from Time-Warner, and a new guy takes his place in
Vince Russo.

Probably where you work, no one talked about WCW any this year. You
always saw WCW merchandise, because no one was buying it. Well, towards
December, not only have I seen someone at work draw Buff Bagwell in a
picture drawing at my job, BUT people were talking about last week's
Thunder with Goldberg, and even the David Flair/Norman Smiley match,
AND the Big Wiggle.

How does this relate to faith? Well, the whole year, I said that one
day WCW would gain in the ratings. It has. I said that one day people
would talk about WCW angles in the present tense. They have. Faith IS a
strong word. Thank you.
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