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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 444

Date:  Wednesday December 22nd, 1999  11:01 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the spoilers for the 12/23
editions of Smackdown & Thunder (both taped 12/21). As always, if you
would rather be surprised be sure to skip that section…
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Written by reader: Jay Heycock (Borneojimy)
Just a few thoughts here in case anyone might care. First of all, I'd
like to say that I was very excited when I heard that Russo & Ferrara
were going to WCW. After all, anything had to be an improvement from
the last days of the Bischoff era, right?

Sadly, it looks as though that is far from the case here. I'm
convinced that Russo is clueless without someone like Vince McMahon to
hold him in check when it comes to over the top, unbelievable nonsense.
Not that Vinnie Mac isn't capable of some crap too, but Nitro is
getting out of hand.

Need examples? Here are just a few: the Maestro, Oklahoma, Hacksaw Jim
Duggan getting a push in 1999, taking a group like the Revolution &
making them into
anti-American clowns, the whole NWO rehash, the Brian Knobbs/Fit Finley
training films, the Misfits, David Flair, need I continue?

Granted, there are a few bright spots, but they are very few & far
between. With the roster that WCW has, why not give us a show that
concentrates on wrestling, instead of bad comedy skits & rehashes of
old WWF angles that weren't that great in the first place? Don't get
me wrong, I love angles & promos when they are done right, but what
could the point possibly be with Hugh Morris & "pop"? Or David Flair &
his psycho girlfriend? And why are the Filthy Animals defending Jim
Duggan? Last time we saw them, weren't they heels?

If the two guys chasing Disco Inferno are really mob hit
men, why are they allowed in a wrestling ring? And why in the name of
Eddie Gilbert is Madusa allowed within 10 feet of a live microphone?

What would be so wrong with a solid 3 hour WRESTLING program? Am I the
only one that would enjoy seeing match ups like Kanyon vs Benoit,
Psychosis vs Kidman, Hart vs Douglas, etc. without all of the lame
run-ins & screw job endings?

Seriously thinking of getting a job Monday nights,
-Jay Heycock
Written by reader: XPacGirl33
While WWF is my favorite Federation I do watch the first hour of Nitro
from 8:00-9:00 just to kill some time before Raw comes on. After
watching it this week I must say that I am extremely upset with the
bookers of WCW, mainly Russo and Ferrara, I'm assuming.

The whole Bret Hart angle is what I am talking about. It makes me so
angry that he is still dwelling on this incident that happened two
years ago!

Dwelling on it so much that he agreed to create an angle about it?
Bret Hart is not the only person to have ever been screwed in the
business. It's time for him to realize that. Sure, it wasn't right
what happened, but he seriously needs to get over it and stop bringing
it up every place he goes and every interview he does. If it bothered
him so much why is he involved in an angle about it? Doesn't that just
shove it into his face even more?

Wrestlers such as Sean "X-Pac" Waltman and Triple H have been screwed
in the business, too. X-Pac was fired via mail while he was in
rehabilitation. How low is that? Triple H was forced to job other
wrestlers and given crappy matches because he showed affection to his
friends. Sure,
Triple H and X-Pac both talk about it, but they talk about it to the
point where we're still interested in hearing about it.

They're both able to get on with their lives and strive for the best
while Bret Hart seems to be working on that part. No disrespect to
Bret Hart nor his fans, but I for one am a little tired of the whole
Written by reader: Danielle (WsltrSpc)
I'm a teenage high school student. I've been watching wrestling with my
mother since I was three. Now, my mother has watched it since she was
my age, and she pretty much explained to me what was bad and what was
good. So, when I turned seven and suggested that she watch the WWF
instead of WCW, she gave it a try and instantly had a liking for The
Undertaker. Now, while this was all well a good, she explained to me
that I couldn't carry around an urn and have a fat spokesperson for me
(and, let's face it, Paul Bearer is FAT).

She also explained to me that I couldn't act like GoldDust. When the
whole DX "Break It Down" era arrived, my Mom became through with Vinny
Mac and decided not to watch it any longer with regularity. By this
point, I was thirteen and could hold my own bearings. I know the
difference between reality and fiction. I'm sure that any kid over 5
knows that you can't sacrifice Jane Randomgirl on a symbol or get a
beer truck and spray beer on John, James, and Jacob Randomguys.
Everyone knows that, in the real world, we'd get arrested for over HALF
the things Austin has done to Vince McMahon (using a cement truck in a
convertible, driving a 16-wheeler truck into an ambulance, hijacking
the ambulance, ect.).

I don't really see why the PTC is downing on Titan Sports, Inc. and
Vince McMahon. They're not necessarily responsible for what Kenny
Knuckle-Head does to Kara Knuckle-Head in impersonation of The Rock. If
you're going to let your kid watch the show explain to him or her what
you can and cannot do (Rock Bottom, Stunner, Choke Slam, ect.), not to
mention the fact that the WWF has done public service announcements
that have told kids not to do these moves as the performers had been
trained. Really, the fault lies at the feet of Mr. and Mrs.

Now, I admit that some of those storylines get extreme, but COME ON,
PEOPLE!!! Do you really think that a guy (Kane) would barter his
girlfriend (Tori) for a job promotion (WWF Title)? Don't tell me you
believe that a 6'5" guy (The Rock) can Rock Bottom and 7'2" guy (The
Big Show). It's common sense!! Even a five-year-old knows that a little
guy can't pick up a big guy!! In closing (I can hear the cheers now),
the fault lies at the parents who don't teach their children the
difference between reality and fiction. End of self-important soapbox
Reported by Wade Keller at:
WWF Smackdown and Heat Tapings Taped Dec. 21 in Dallas, Tex.

Sunday Night Heat Taping
Val Venis defeated Joey Abs (w/Mean Street Posse) to retain the
European Title.

D-Lo Brown and Prince Albert fought to a Double Countout. There
appeared to be No-DQ stipulations; D-Lo used a chair on Albert. Both
were counted out after brawling on outside. It appeared D-Lo had made
it back in the ring on time, but that wasn't the case. He argued with
the referee over the decision.

Too Cool defeated The Headbangers.
Christopher executed his guillotine legdrop (formerly the Tennessee
Jam) and placed Scotty's arm over Thrasher's for the pinfall.

Gangrel defeated The Godfather (w/'hos).
The Godfather said he didn't have any 'hos to offer Gangrel, but wanted
him to take a look at his newest ho, Luna. The Godfather went for the
Ho Train but he ended up running into red mist that Luna had spit at
him. Gangrel then hit the
Implant DDT for the win.

Smackdown Taping
The show opened with a backstage segment where Mankind was in front of
a podium, speaking to the wrestlers. It was hard to make out all what
was said, since the crowd was so loud. Mankind tried to convince
wrestlers that the
"Helmsley-McMahon era" wasn't worth it, pointing out things that have
happened to several wrestlers as a result of it.

All in unison they said, "We aren't going to take it anymore."
Stephanie McMahon walked in with a mean look on her face. She said it
was her company and she needed to explain a certain issue. She said it
was her era, not Triple H's, and it was all about business. She
announced that Test would take on Road Dogg, The Rock would take on Al
Snow in a steel cage match, and Mankind would receive a WWF Title shot
against The Big Show.

In the title match Triple H would be suspended 15 feet above the ring
in a cage so that he would not interfere. She said that Edge,
Christian, Test, and Jeff Hardy would have roles in the match as well.

Chris Jericho defeated Hardcore Holly by DQ.
Jericho nailed Crash with a baseball slide and then strapped Hardcore
in the Walls of Jericho. Crash ran-in and nailed Jericho for the belt
for the DQ. Chyna, along with Miss Kitty, entered the ring to destroy
Crash while Jericho took out Hardcore.

Backstage, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn consulted Triple H about his spot
in a small steel cage during the main event. They said he should be the
one getting the title shot, since he is married to Stephanie. Triple H
said it's not about marriage, it's about business. He said he would
think of something.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon asked Kane to protect her from
D-Generation X. She promised Kane he could get his hands on any DX
member and encouraged him even more by picturing what X-Pac and Tori
were doing together for the holidays. Kane wound up as the bodyguard of
Stephanie as the show continued.

Rikishi Phatu defeated Viscera.
The Taz logo appeared as Rikishi made his entrance. After kicking out
of Viscera's pin attempt, he nailed Viscera with a superkick, and
followed up with the Banzai for the victory. Afterwards, Too Cool made
their ways out. Scotty Too Hotty was wearing a Santa Claus hat, with
his hair sticking out of it. He and Grand Master Sexy convinced Rikishi
to dance to the crowd's enjoyment.

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman interviewed The Rock. The Rock immediately
told Coachman to shut up. The crowd was immediately chanting, "Rocky."
He let us know he had finally came back to Dallas. He brought up that
Franklin discovered electricity, Neil Armstrong was the first man on
the moon, and the day The Rock raised the People's Eyebrow. He said he
was the People's Champ. He brought up "the dreaded night when Mrs. Snow
gave birth to Al Snow." He said it took "three jabronies" to beat him
the previous Monday on Raw, but we were now on Smackdown, The Rock's
show. He said he would lay the smackdown on Snow's candy-ass. He
promised that we would see the People's Elbow. He wished Snow, calling
him a jabroni, a Merry Christmas. He finished off with "If you smell
..." (you know the rest).

Test defeated Road Dogg
Test hit RD with his face mask, and he followed up with the pumphandle
powerslam and Elbow Drop for the victory. Afterwards, Test wanted more.
He went for a chair, but the referee took it away. He beat on RD up the
rampway, until he was held back by officials.

Backstage, Triple H told Billy Gunn he was going to confront Stephanie
McMahon. He, along with Gunn and Road Dogg, arrived in Stephanie's
locker room. Stephanie held Kane back from attacking D-Generation X.
She said she would hold her end of the bargain, as long as Kane held
onto his. She promised Kane a match with Gunn later in the night.

Triple H asked Stephanie if she really had to put him in a cage above
the ring. He said he may have went too far before in their
relationship, and definitely made mistakes. Stephanie said the sex was
great, but business was business. She said it was the McMahon era now.
Triple H said he wasn't leaving the locker room, at which point
Stephanie brought police officers in to the room. She said they would
ensure Triple H went back to his locker room, didn't leave the arena,
and went to the cage he was to be locked in. The cops escorted an
aggressive Triple H to his locker room.

Kurt Angle defeated Edge
Steve Blackman ran-in and nailed Edge with a kendo stick, although the
shot could have been meant for Angle. Angle hit his DVD/samoan
drop-type finisher for another win in his "undefeated streak."

Backstage, Al Snow spoke with Stephanie McMahon. He said he should face
the champion, The Big Show, but he had to take on The Rock again. He
questioned why Mick Foley got the Heavyweight Title shot and not him.
Stephanie first told Snow to lower his voice, and then said if Snow
could beat The Rock later in the night, he would receive a title shot
the following week on Raw. Snow then explained what he would do to The
Rock. Stephanie said,
"You do that, Al."

The Rock defeated Al Snow in a cage match. You could win this match by
pinfall, submission, or by exiting the cage. Both immediately brawled
on the outside. Both went for Snow went for a dive on The Rock, using
the chair as a lift, but The Rock caught up with a lariat. Low-blow on
The Rock. The Rock came back by giving Snow a spinebuster on the chair.
He followed up with the People's Elbow for the win. The Rock received a
huge ovation on his way back.

Miss Kitty beat Ivory when Chyna interfered.
Before the match, Ivory said Miss Kitty went too far at the Armageddon
PPV. She said it was sports-entertainment, not adult-entertainment.
Kitty told Ivory she would do the
match, as long as there were no disqualifications, no countouts, etc.
Ivory agreed. Kitty went to the outside. Chyna whispered in her ear.
The next thing you knew, Chyna was doing the match for Kitty. She took
Ivory down with a test of strength. She then nailed her with the
Pedigree. Kitty then entered the ring and made the easy pinfall.

Christian and Jeff Hardy (w/Terri Runnels) defeated Kaientai (w/Mean
Street Posse).
After the Impaler by Christian and the Flipping Senton Bomb by Hardy on
Funaki, the faces took the win. The Posse was disappointed in Kaientai.
They walked off, at which point Taka and Funaki dropkicked them from
behind and ran off.

Kane defeated Billy Gunn.
Gunn got in little offense and in a matter of a minute or two, Kane hit
the Chokeslam for the win. Afterward, Kane set up Gunn for the
Tombstone on the outside of the ring, but Gunn escaped, and rammed Kane
into the ringpost. Both brawled through the crowd and into the back.
Kane was met by a scared Road Dogg, who said he knew where Tori was.
Not sure if he told Kane. The crowd couldn't understand.

Mark Henry (w/Mae Young & The Fabulous Moolah) beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley
(w/D-Von Dudley).
Before the match, Henry tried to read a love poem to Young. Buh Buh Ray
Dudley, along with D-Von, entered. Buh Buh told Henry to shut his
mouth, calling him big idiot. Buh buh went to assist a fallen D-Von,
but ended up getting a Big Splash from Henry. Henry made the pinfall
and celebrated with Young afterwards.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon, along with the police officers, let
Triple H know it was time to get inside the cage. The officers once
again had to forcefully escort Triple H to the ring. Triple H said it
wasn't funny. Stephanie responded by saying it wasn't supposed to be

The Big Show fought Mankind to a No-Contest with Triple H
hanging above the ring in a cage. Stephanie sat in on color commentary.
The small cage Triple H was in was magically lowered down to the ring.
Stephanie acted surprised. She entered the ring, at which point Test,
Edge, Christian, and Jeff Hardy began to come back down the rampway. A
load of wrestlers ran out and brawled with them to the back, so they
were out of the picture. Big Show and Mankind brawled on the outside,
while Stephanie tried to hold Triple H from getting out of the cage.
Triple H got the chain off the door and got out.

Mankind went after him, but he (Triple H) quickly grabbed Stephanie and
put her in from of him. Stephanie "accidentally" kicked Mankind. Triple
H then knocked out the referee with the chain and beat Mankind down
with it.

At this point, Stephanie and Triple H hugged and smiled, meaning
everything was a set-up from the start. Triple H said he and Stephanie
had two words for everyone. The crowd said, "suck it." Triple H said
that wasn't it, as he and
Stephanie wished everyone a Merry Christmas.
Reported by Todd Winder & Wade Keller at:
WCW Thunder Tapings, Taped Dec. 21 in Salisbury, Md.
at Wicominco Youth Civic Center

First out for the show was the NWO to deliver an interview. As Hart,
Nash, Hall, and Jarrett make their way to the ring I realized they
really did do a good job setting the NWO up to be an elite group since
they hold all the major titles in WCW already. Nash, Hall, and Jarrett
come to the ring with baseball bats (a sign for what was to come later
in the night). Jarrett gets on the mic and said this NWO won't have
"B" team members, only the elite. Goldberg came out and said he is
"going to eliminate them one at a time and when he is done they won't
be asking who is next? They will be asking who is left?"

Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed Chris Benoit. Benoit said that he
loved Bret Hart like a brother. He said what Bret did the night before
ripped his heart out, but he would rip Bret's out later in the show.

PG-13 fought Rick Steiner & Mike Rotunda to an apparent
The match ended strangely. I thought the Varsity Club lost by DQ, but
their music was played for some reason, and no winner was announced.

Backstage, Vince Russo told Curt Hennig how bad the Shane and Creative
Control gimmicks are. He basically said he used them. Creative Control
overheard the conversation and turned on Hennig and Russo.

The Filthy Animals and Jim Duggan came out for an interview, but were
interrupted by the Revolution. Shane Douglas took the mic and told
Duggan that he will renounce the United States one way or another.

Tank Abbot beat La Parka when the referee stopped the match. Tank
basically destroyed La Parka with punches. Tank pretty much beat
LaParka senseless outside the ring until the referee stopped the match.

Norman Smiley beat Fit Finlay to retain the WCW Hardcore Title.
Brian Knobs joined Finlay in beating on Norman. They try to close the
garage door on his head, but Meng stopped them. Meng knocked out both
heels, pulled Norman out from underneath the door, and placed him on
top of Finlay for the pin.

Backstage, Goldberg grabbed Jeff Jarrett and told him to tell the rest
of the NWO that he plans on taking them out one at a time.

Creative Control beat Curt Hennig in a two-on-one match. Creative
Control came to the ring wearing biker outfits. They grabbed a mic and
said that they are no longer Creative Control, they are Ron and Don,
the Harris Boys. Curt Hennig came out for the match. Jarrett's music
began playing, but he never came out. Hennig had to fight the entire
match on his own. The Harris twins got a quick win after one of them
hit Hennig with a sidewalk slam. The
NWO came to the ring, attacked the Harris twins, and painted NWO on
them. Hennig just rolled out of the ring and laid there during the NWO
attack. The Harris Boys were stretchered to the back.

The Maestro (w/Symphony) beat Bam Bam Bigelow when Kanyon interfered.
Kanyon attacked Bigelow with what appeared to be a belt and placed
Maestro on top of him, giving Maestro the pin.

Jim Duggan & Kidman & Konnan (w/Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr.) beat
Dean Malenko & Saturn & Asya (w/Shane Douglas). The match was mostly
Billy Kidman taking punishment from Malenko and Saturn. Duggan got a
hot tag and everyone bumped for him. While the ref was distracted by
action outside the ring, Mysterio ran in and nailed Saturn and Malenko
with his crutches. A short time later, Konnan and Kidman each hit a
sunset flip for the double pin.

The Wall beat Kevin Nash by DQ when the NWO interfered. Nash replaced
Page, who refused to wrestle until he gets his match against Bagwell.
The match consisted of the usual punches and kicks until the NWO ran in
and beat up the Wall.

Backstage, Kevin Nash was preparing to take a shower and told Scott
Hall to tell the girls to get the car warmed up. Suddenly, Goldberg
attacked Hall and left him lying. Nash was in the shower with shampoo
in his eyes. Nash began talking to Goldberg, believing it was Hall.
Goldberg beat up Nash and left him lying in the shower.

Chris Benoit beat Bret Hart by DQ when Jeff Jarrett interfered. Hart
and Benoit had a nice match, but not as good as some of their past
efforts. Just as Benoit appeared to be taking the advantage, Jarrett
ran in and hit Benoit with a guitar shot. Goldberg ran in and attacked
Jarrett and Bret, and left them lying.
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