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Issue # 445

Date:  Thursday December 23rd, 1999  10:48 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Wade Keller at:
Bill Goldberg punched his hand through the
windshield of a limousine last night at the
Thunder tapings and suffered a severe cut
that required surgery.

Here are the details, courtesy of
The severe cut is in his right forearm area;
he underwent surgery last night (12/21). The
cut required stitches and is now wrapped.
There was a nick to one of his tendons, but
no permanent damage was done. He will miss
a few weeks of in-ring action, but will make
a full recovery; the punch is scheduled to
air on Thunder tomorrow night.
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Written by reader: SeXXoRCyST
Vince Russo. I'm sorry, but why is this guy
in charge? Oh yeah, because wrestling's now
a joke. The pride it used to carry is gone.
Who needs pride when you have tits? Who needs
a great match between Jushin Liger and Juventud
Guerrera when you can have "sports entertainment"
and have a stereotyped Juvi smash a Tequila
bottle on the head of a man who could have
brought great wrestling to WCW?

Why wrestling when you can have his brand of
softcore porn and 5 minute matches? Is this
what the fans want? Of course it is. If it
doesn't have tits, we should chant "boring."

Internet marks love McMahon for "sticking it
to the censors" by showing Kitty's tits. I
always thought that RAW and NITRO is about
wrestling. It's not. With Vince struggling
to keep the ratings up and Russo trying
desperately to bring them up, there's just
no more room for great wrestling.

Alot of my friends are saying ECW is the
only place to go. Not quite. ECW is by far
and away the BEST American televised wrestling
in the country. It carries pride and talent,
one thing that the big 2 lost a long time ago
and the other being something of a foreign word
to them. But I think that it's clear to everyone
but the most naive 10-year-old mark that ECW is
willing to open it's mouth wide and sell out
just like the big 2.

Paul E. is a great promoter and the talent is
the best in the country in my opinion, but who
wouldn't sellout just like WWF or WCW? Who
wouldn't like a six figure check in the mail
every payday? Hell, I'd do anything for it,
and the wrestlers deserve it for every single
day away from their families, giving 110% in
every city at every show every week.

It's just too saddening that in order for
wrestlers to get what they deserve, they have
to check pride at the door and work for
a**holes like Vince Russo or McMahon.
Written by reader: ZonedOutMK
I've watched wrestling throughout the years,
through the Georgia Championship days until
the USA Network was available in our area to
watch the WWF, kind of before the storybook
soap opera days of what it has become today.

WCW now does not have enough wrestlers to the
point that when a PPV is held, part of the
bunch has to wrestle twice in the night. Now,
the NWO is back with it's original founders,
but they have Jarrett in there for some reason.
I wonder sometimes what his purpose even is in

The WWF is pitiful now. Who would have ever
thought with Steve Austin out it would get as
bad as it is now. Vince might have needed some
time off, but they could have come up with a
better story than what they are doing now with
Stephanie and Hunter. This past Monday pretty
much has put me in semi-retirement with both
wrestling alliances until they stories change
or they can get their act together. WCW has
talent and does not know what to do with it
and the WWF needs writers bad.
Written by reader: Ansel Mcpherson (Helll_razor)
This is in response to all those people who
are writing off Russo and Ferrera.

Hey please give these guys more time. When
they were writing for the WWF they didn't
win overnight. They had a part in the WWF's
success, it was gradual.

Others will argue that the WWF is still good
without them. Yes I agree. But the WWF, like
all good teams in pro sports, have to go deep.
That means one cog won't destroy it. There are
interchangeable parts. If they can't move the
ratings up (which means very little to me) then
you can bash them to your hearts delight. But
at least give him a full year.

This is a microwave world. Everything is expected
quick and no one is willing to wait. I say have
some patience with him.

P.S. This isn't coming from a WCW fan...its coming
from a fan of wrestling of all of the promotions.
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)
This is a kind of my wishes for the new year.

First off, I would wish for peace in the wrestling
world. Every chatroom has a nimrod who scrolls
repeatedly (enter fed here) sucks or their
intelligent variation of this word (sux).

Next, I hope for the nWo new angle look and
logo to be very prosperous for WCW. I want
them back in the ratings hunt just to prove
how fickle some fans can be.

I also hope for Dlo, Booker T, Scorpio, Bobby
Walker, Sting, Edge, and Taz to have a good
year 2000. I look forward to them stepping up
their respective careers. And in Bobby Walker's
case I hope for WCW to use him more. He is very
talented, and his moniker of Hardwork couldn't
be more true.

I really hope for ECW to find new success on TNN.
I have followed them for a good few years now and
I have seen the organization and a few of their
stars grow since then.

I wish for the PTC to find a new target to pick
on. This is getting a little old now.

I hope the Rock (sorry Rock fans) learns more
moves and gives us a few more matches with HHH.
I also hope that he doesn't end up with 6 title
reigns by the end of 2000. He should have a nice
long title reign and not trade the title back
and forth.

Lastly, I hope for the older guard to keep
wrestling if they are still good, but do the
"RIGHT" thing and help put over the next
torch bearer, just like it was done for them.
Did you hear that Hogan?
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