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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 449

Date:  Monday December 27th, 1999  11:30 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Steve Appy (Appy@xxxxs...)
Live in Houston, TX, at The Astrodome

An angry nWo (minus the injured Scott Hall)
entered the arena with thoughts of Bill
Goldberg on their mind. Mike Tenay
acknowledged Goldberg's injury and stated
the he suffered a severed tendon in his arm.

WCW Executive Vice President Bill Busch
released a statement announcing that The
Outsiders are stripped of the WCW World
Tag Team Championship due to Hall's absence;
an eight team "Lethal Lottery" tournament
would decide the fate of the championship.

Brian Knobs pinned Bam Bam Bigelow in 2:52
Chris "Champagne" Kanyon provided color
commentary for this Hardcore battle; both
men brawled into the crowd and Knobs pinned
Bigelow while the action was shielded from
the camera by the audience (Falls Count
Anywhere is apparently an implied Hardcore

Sid Vicious & Chris Benoit arrived together
at the arena; the nWo berated JJ Dillon as an
nWo Monster Truck drove up to the Astrodome.

Sid Vicious announced that he will be getting
the title shot at `SOULED OUT'; Chris Benoit
challenged Jarrett to a "Triple Threat Theatre"
match, which involves three matches under
"Dungeon Rules".

The nWo vandalized Sid Vicious' rental car; is
there anything more pathetic than watching grown
men act like brain dead teenagers? At least
Scott Hall is funny, these three just looked
silly engaging in petty property damage.

Mike Rotunda & Buzzkill defeated Dean Malenko
& Konnan in 1:57 when Buzzkill pinned Malenko
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
As the Revolution & Filthy Animal members brawled
at ringside Jim Duggen nailed Malenko with his
2X4, setting him up for the easy pinfall by
Buzzkill. Duggen's attack also eliminated his
ally Konnan from the tournament, a fact that the
announcers failed to acknowledge.

Jeff Jarrett & Bret Hart disrupted the power in
the arena while fooling around with the
production trailer; the next segment saw them
destroying a table full of catered food (are
they fearsome yet?).

Scott Steiner, in a wheelchair, was escorted
into the Astrodome by his brother Rick.

Tank Abbott defeated Shane via Knockout in 0:45
A succession of punches left Shane unconscious
(at least they finally realized that Abbott
can't be marketed as a typical professional

A tribute vignette aired highlighting Scott
Steiner's career; a teary eared (and a
seemingly very credible) Steiner announced that
he would never wrestle again. The nWo
interrupted and badgered Steiner out of the
ring (which included throwing his empty
wheelchair over the top rope). As Steiner
limped to the dressing room Bret Hart mocked
him in the ring, which led to Jeff Jarrett
destroying a ringside technician with his
guitar. Seems a perfect setup for Steiner
to return seeking revenge against the
dastardly villains (or to swerve us and join

Nash promised that "Scott" would be in the
arena tonight; all three men cut great heel
promos on Goldberg & Sid. Hart & Jarrett cut
terrific intense interviews while Nash managed
to remember that he was a heel tonight; Sid &
Benoit took out all three with baseball bats
(and an interfering Curt Hennig for good
measure). Hennig ended up being thrown onto
the hood of Sid's defiled Cadillac, which sent
him to the hospital in a neck brace.

Midnight & Lash Leroux defeated Harlem Heat in
4:54 when Leroux pinned Booker T
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
Stevie Ray showed no mercy to Midnight when they
locked up while Booker T wanted to keep the battle
clean. Midnight is already a better worker than
Stevie Ray; a frustrated Stevie Ray knocked out
all three participants with his Slapjack
(including Booker T). A prone Leroux scored the
victory when his unconscious body ended up draped
on Booker T.

The mysterious masked man from last week laid out
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (who joined Shane on his list
of causalities).

The Revolution made disparaging comments about
George Washington while standing in front of the
Washington Monument; Saturn ended up reciting Dr.
Suess while the remainder of The Revolution
looked on in confusion.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart
defeated Jerry Flynn via Submission in 3:55
Tenay announced that the World Championship at
"SOULED OUT" can change hands on a
disqualification; Jarrett's interference led to
Hart applying the Sharpshooter for the submission.
Vince Russo dislikes clean finishes so much that
Hart needs assistance to defeat Flynn? Abbott
sucker punched a fallen Flynn after the nWo
cleared the ring (which sets up their "Block
Match" at "SOULED OUT").

Tony Shiavonie announced that NITRO will be cut
back to two hours (8:00-10:00) starting next week;
Tenay promised that "NITRO will be even faster
paced". NITRO is already so fast paced that you
walk away with no lasting impressions of the program.

PG-13 defeated Rick Steiner & Berlyn via
reversed decision in 2:42
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
Berlyn abandoned Steiner, although he single-handedly
managed to destroy both of the Memphis
cruiserweights. Steiner pinned JC Ice, and
proceeded to batter both men to the point that
the referee reversed the decision.

Perry Saturn sought out a suspicious Hacksaw Jim
Duggen and tried to formulate a plan for their
"Lethal Lottery" tag team match.

Norman Smiley & Asya defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggen
& Perry Saturn in 3:30 when Smiley pinned Saturn
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
Shane Douglas provided color commentary; Duggen
attacked his partner (Saturn) at the opening
bell. Douglas was enraged when Asya Superplexed
Saturn, which led to Duggen dropping a knee on
his partner. A timid Smiley made the cover while
Duggen "celebrated" with his family in the ring.

United States Champion Jeff Jarrett pinned
Billy Kidman in 8:06
Hart & Nash freely interfered on Jarrett's behalf,
which eventually brought The Filthy Animals to
the ring. While Rey Mysterio's crutch almost put
Jarrett down for the count it was Kevin Nash's
baseball bat that thwarted Kidman's Shooting Star
Press. Jarrett's "Stroke" ended the showdown and
led to the Filthy Animals being degraded by the nWo.

Gene Okerlund interviews Lex Luger & Elizabeth;
Luger joined us in complete Sting costume and
proceeded to mock Sting (Tenay informed us that
Sting will return in late January). The lights
in the arena briefly went out and when they were
turned back on Luger was surrounded by black
roses (which we were informed is the symbol of
death). I guess Sting is returning to his silent
fearsome routine?

The Harris Boys defeated Meng & Fit Finlay via
countout in 1:20
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
Ron & Don Harris won the tournament match when
Meng & Finlay were counted out (Meng & Finaly
were brawling all over the arena). The lights
went out & The Harris's were decimated by an
unknown assailant in the darkness.

David Flair & Daphne Unger announced that they
will be "Natural Born Killers" (did they have
to do an homage to a movie that bad?).

Tony Shiavonie announced that TNT will have a
"Best of the Millenium" NITRO highlight show
to be shown on Wednesday (12/29) from
8:00-11:00 PM.

Three Count did their boys band routine until
Vampiro broke up the routine (what a great way
to get a babyface pop). Evan Karagious
prepared himself to team with the intruder as
the Tag Team Tournament continued…

Crowbar & David Flair (w/Daphne Unger) defeated
Vampiro & Evan Karagious in 4:23 when Flair
pinned Vampiro
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
The Maestro (Flair's scheduled partner) was
destroyed by Crowbar (Devon Storm), who
interjected himself into the match. A lead
pipe led to a Flair victory and another beating
on poor Three Count.

Standards & Practices (the former Lodi & Lenny
Lane) warned Flair & Crowbar that their behavior
put their jobs at risk; the response was an
attack on the "brother" duo by Flair & Crowbar.

Jeff Jarrett questioned Kevin Nash as to whether
Scott Hall would appear at The Astrodome tonight;
Nash promised that "Scott" would come through and
participate in the tag team tournament tonight.

Buff Bagwell & Chris Kanyon defeated Disco Inferno
& Big Vito in 4:28 when Bagwell pinned Vito.
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
Johnny the Bull & Johnny Marinara escorted Disco
& Vito to ringside; Kanyon abandoned Bagwell to
the mercy of the pathetic Mafia stereotypes;
Disco accidentally knocked Vito out with a chain,
leading to Buff scoring the pinfall with The

Kevin Nash defeated Sid Vicious & The Wall in
3:28 when Nash pinned The Wall
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament Match*
The match scheduled to be Hall & Nash vs.
The Wall & Sid Vicious; Nash was forced into
a Handicap Match when Scott Hall failed to appear.
Bret Hart's interference led to The Wall getting
pinned; as the nWo abused the babyfaces Scott
Steiner slowly made his way to the ring. Using
one of the patented nWo wiffle ball bats Steiner
showed his true colors by attacking Sid; Scott
Steiner was introduced as the newest member of the

The nWo brought the already vandalized Cadillac
outside the arena (with an unconscious Sid
Vicious inside). The Cadillac (and presumably)
Sid was crused by the nWo Monster Truck; why kill
the credibility of the product by depicting
Attempted Murder?

This week's 3-hour broadcast consisted of 12
matches (the best of which was Kidman/Jarrett).

Average Match Length Time: 3:36

Total actual "wrestling" time: 43:33
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Written by reader: John Burn (dangeruz24@xxxxs...)
I really like the nWo angle that is now being
started and I think that the nWo was one of
the best things that WCW had.

Here are some things that WcW could do to
make this angle work:

1) Get rid of the Varsity Club and the
Revolution and add their members to the NWO.

2) Have the Powers That Be sign with the NWO.

3) Give the NWO a huge advantage, much like
they had in 1998.

4) Have a face group consisting of: Sting,
Savage, DDP, Benoit, Mysterio, Kidman,
and Goldberg.

5) Have Hogan return to fill out the remainder
of his contract as a heel w/the nWo.

6) Turn David Flair face.

Thanks for listening.
-John Burn, AKA JFYA.
Steve Appy responds:
I've always thought that it was when the nWo
added all of their "B members" (Stevie Ray,
Brian Adams, Horace, Disciple, Vincent, Scott
Norton, Lex Luger, Mike Rotunda, Ray Traylor,
Curt Hennig) that the group became so stale.

If the nWo even has a chance they can't add
more than one new member (if that). They also
can't let their members cut babyface promos
(are you listening, Hall & Nash?).
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)
This is to all: I have seen a trend on the
net which is kind of bothersome. This trend
is the overwhelming opinion based columns on
the Internet. The opinions aren't what
bother me; who cares if you agree or disagree?
That isn't my beef.

My beef is with the "writers" who bash your
views. I say respect the opinions of others. No
opinion from any one of us comes from the words
of God. I am turned off by "writers" who must
add their little petty bashes to every column.
I don't mind a review of wrestling tapes...but
why grade the matches and tell us if it is
worth it. Your favorite match my not be someone
else's so to grade and opinionate every column
with petty shots taken is pretty pointless. How
about having a column based on the facts?
P.S. Reply back everyone. I want your feedback.
Steve Appy responds:
I'm personally turned off by anyone who bashes
the opinions of others, especially the back &
forth sniping that some of the top Internet
sites are constantly involved in.

Opinionated columnists don't bother me much,
though; after all, a columnists' (or
editorialists') purpose is to share their views
(for better or for worse). While there are
respectful ways of going about it, by definition,
the more extreme the views the more discussion
that will be provoked.

I'm not sure where the journalistic boundaries are
when it comes to the Internet; after all,
mainstream journalists often rightfully look at
the Internet with scorn (how many reports have
you seen on the Internet reporting the death of
someone very much alive?).

Are there any actual wrestling journalists
besides Dave Meltzer or Wade Keller? I certainly
hesitate to call this newsletter an example of
journalism; the only thing we have going for us
is that we actually credit our news sources. An
interesting subject probably worth debating…
Written by reader: Matthew T. Self (MSelf5477)
A year and a half ago I started watching
wrestling again. I was watching the WWF and
I bitched and complained because I kept seeing
a fat, un-athletic guy and he was fighting
Steve Austin. This Dude Love character was
ridiculously cheesy and then he returns as
some Mankind guy and he is wearing a stupid
mask. He was pulling out his hair and wearing
an ugly brown uniform; I hated the guy, plain
and simple.

Then the most incredible thing I have ever seen
occurred. Hell in a Cell. I could not believe
what I had just seen, nor could anyone else.
Hearing Jim Ross say, "Oh my God, he's dead", or
something to that effect, I really thought he

Then, time goes on and this guy keeps plugging
away. He dives into a power box, he takes, what
was it, 11 chair shots from The Rock? Personally,
I loved his roll down the stairs during Halftime
Heat. The guy was giving his all.

So, as the rest of the story goes, Mick Foley went
on to win the WWF title 3 times, he repeatedly gave
great interviews, and he won my "smart" ass over.

3 days ago I received his book for Christmas. Now
I've read it and I am terribly disappointed that
his career is drawing to an end. This man's story
is incredible. The guy had a dream and he went for
it. It wasn't easy, but he made it. All the guy
cared about was wrestling and through that the
wrestling fans. He gave his body, and his life,
for us.

Now, as the end is drawing near for Mick Foley, the
WWF has before it a tremendous opportunity. I am
guessing that Mick wants to go out as Cactus Jack,
for obvious reasons. If anyone else invested such
a substantial part of one's career in something
surely they'd want to go out that way, too.

The feud is set up with HHH and as that course runs,
a final match will probably take place at the biggest
show on Earth, Wrestlemania 2000. Everyone says the
main event is Rock vs. HHH. If it is it had better
not be title match. If the WWF can't allow Mick
Foley to go out on top then I certainly don't want
to spend my money on the PPV. It would be a
terrible disgrace to wrestling.

I watch now as all the venues have Rocky Fever.
The crowds pop for Mick but it pales in comparison
to that for The Rock. It is my utmost and sincere
desire that wrestling fans in general, no matter what
league, can appreciate what Mr. Foley has done and for
the next three months give him a standing ovation
everywhere. Then, at Wrestlemania, I hope to see him
in tears because of the honest, and heartfelt emotion
that is caused by the longest and most deserved
standing ovation in wrestling history.

In closing, I'd like to say that I am not a Cactus
Jack fan, a Dude Love fan, or even a Mankind fan.
It took time, but as anyone who actually watched
this man would be, I am totally a Mick Foley fan.
As I said before I just wish I had noticed it a
long time ago.
-Matthew T. Self,
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Written by reader: WsltrSpc
Women's wrestling has totally gone to the DOGS!
The only reason most people (especially guys)
watch it is for the T&A. I mean, come on! Ivory,
Tori, B.B., ect. usually come around in the WWF
live shows (RAW, Heat, ect.) a few weeks before
pay-per-views. Usually, by that time, either,

A. Forgot their angles

B. Forgot their names, or

C. Forgot to give a darn.

When the women DO wrestle it's usually in some
substance in bikinis. And, could anyone please
tell me who wanted to see Fabulous Moolah and
Mae Young wrestle in spandex and/or bikinis?
Not me. Seriously, if Vin Mac wants to make it
more interesting for the fans he should give
the women's division more belts with a more
diverse group of people. Chyna should
definitely STAY OUT of it!! She's too big and
powerful for that division! She could clobber
the crap out of Jaqui, Ivory, Tori, ect.!
Chyna should stick with fighting guys.
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