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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 450

Date:  Tuesday December 28th, 1999  7:31 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The Christmas Eve edition of ECW on TNN
posted a surprising 1.1 rating for the
Tanaka/Awesome title change.
WWF RAW Report – December 27, 1999
By Joe De Leon at:
Hosted By: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from Greensboro, NC

The program begins with the entire
Degeneration X clan speaking on how the new
era of McMahon/Helmsley is the `be all' of
the WWF. Triple H then orders the Big Show
to defend the title against him. Mankind
interrupts and degrades each of the DX
members all the while making his way to
ringside. His last statement was directed
towards Stephanie, which basically alluded
to the Godfather wanting her in the back
with the other Hos. DX didn't take too
kindly to the words and attacked Mankind.
The Rock came down for the save, however,
Helmsley announces that Rock and Mankind
will go at it later in the night in a
`pink slip on a pole' match, with the
loser being fired from the company.

Kane is seen pacing backstage.

Chyna calls out Crash Holly for a fight.

Chyna d. Crash Holly via pinfall.
It didn't take long for Chyna, after a
few punches she hits a Reverse DDT for
the pinfall victory.

Tori confronts Kane and says X-Pac was
nothing but a gentleman during their time
together. She goes on to say that she was
able to leave at any time, however, she
felt obligated to honor Kane's commitment
and that despite the circumstances all she
thought of was Kane.

Returning from a commercial break, Tori is
congratulated by Test for the great time
she had with X-Pac. Tori seems frightened
by him and flees swiftly.

The Dudleys d. Godfather & D-Lo, Christian
& Edge, and The Acolytes via pinfall.
The match was almost non-existent as Bradshaw
was thrown out early. The Mean Street Posse,
who were self nominated guest referee, time
keeper, and ring announcer triple teamed
Bradshaw, which then allowed the Dudleys to
execute the 3-D on an unsuspecting Farooq for
the victory.

Tori tells Kane that Test violated her.

Kurt Angle d. The Headbangers via pinfall in
a handicap match.
Steve Blackman interferes early in the contest
and strikes Mosh with a Kendo stick. Angle then
was able to make the pinfall to keep his win
streak intact.

Al Snow makes his way to ringside and exclaims
that he hates every wrestling fan due to the
lack of respect they give him. Jericho quickly
interrupts and their IC title match begins.

Al Snow d. Chris Jericho via disqualification
Just as Snow was about pin Jericho after a
successful Snowplow, Chyna rushes to the ring.
She takes Head and slaps Snow across the face
disqualifying Jericho; however, Jericho still
retains the title.

Mark Henry talks a buddy of his (Harvey
Whippleman) to go on a double date with him
and Mae. Moolah incidentally is the other

The Rock d. Mankind via pinfall in a `Pink Slip
On A Pole' match.
Al Snow interferes early on by striking Rocky
with Head. Mankind takes the opportunity to
climb for the pink slip but surprisingly turns
around and starts to brawl with Al Snow instead.
Both superstars exchange their signature
maneuvers, however, as both men were on the top
rope looking for the pink slip on the pole
Mankind falls head first to the floor. Rocky
gets to the pink slip first, thus Mankind is

Mankind then gives a heart-felt speech to the
audience, ending the segment by telling everyone
to have a nice day.

Prince Albert & Ivory d. Val Venis & The Cat,
Viscera & Jacqueline, Gangrel & Luna in a 4
Corners Intergender tag team match.
Luna saw brief action in the ring by hitting
a low blow on Prince Albert. Gangrel attempts
to gain some momentum but is caught with the
Money Shot via Val Venis. Val Venis attempts
to pin Gangrel but the referee states that he
is not the legal man. Val turns around and is
caught with a big boot by Prince Albert, who
is awarded the pinfall victory.

Mark Henry, Harvey, Mae, and Moolah were shown
at a restaurant on their respective dates. Both
men exchange poems to their ladies, though
Harvey's is a bit disrespectful.

Mick Foley is shown bidding farewell to the
producers backstage.

X-Pac d. Jeff Hardy (w/ Terri and Matt Hardy) via pinfall.
After a magnificent baseball slide dropkick on
X-Pac on the outside, Jeff misses with a
Corkscrew Moonsault. X-Pac regains control with
several chops, though misses a high-risk move
himself. Terri comes in and Jeff uses her as a
springboard to splash X-Pac in the corner. X-Pac
hits Jeff with a low blow and follows up with
the X-Factor for the victory.

Back in the restaurant, a fan of Mark Henry's
asks for an autograph. The man then degrades
Henry, calling him a loser. Mae doesn't like
what she hears and attacks the man; with
Moolah right behind ensued in the brawl as

Kane d. Test via pinfall.
Kane completely destroys Test, at one point
thrusting the steel steps into Test's face.
Kane then hit the Tombstone Piledriver for
the pinfall win. To add insult to injury,
Tori proceeded to slap Test after the

Mick Foley is shown once again saying
goodbye to friends of his backstage.

The New Age Outlaws w/ X-Pac d. Too Cool
w/ Rakishi Phatu via pinfall.
The match is chaotic from the beginning.
Scotty is thrown to the outside and whipped
into the steel steps while Grandmaster seems
to have the match in hand inside the ring.
The referee is distracted, which allows
interference by X-Pac, who hits an X-Factor
on the Grandmaster. X-Pac rolls the Road Dog
on top of the Grandmaster for the pinfall win
to retain the Tag Titles. The segment ends
with Rakishi giving a sit down Piledriver on
Road Dogg, followed by the Too Cool dance
with spotlights in the ring.

Mark Henry is shown in bed with Mae as we
return from a commercial break. Harvey in
turn is shown in bed with Moolah with a big
smile on his face.

The Big Show d. Triple H via pinfall
Despite interference by the Outlaws early in
the contest, Big Show is able to kick out of
the count. He lays out the Outlaws and then
power slams Triple H. The Outlaws and X-Pac
once again try to interfere but are greeted
with Chokeslams. During all the chaos
Stephanie is able to give Triple H a chair,
who then hits the Show in the head. Mankind
rushes to ringside and catches Triple H with
a chair shot as well allowing the Show to hit
the Chokeslam to retain the World Title.
Written by reader: SYC0B0Y83
I disagree that the nWo became stale because
of the mediocre additions to the roster. I
think the nWo became stale for one reason:
It went on too long. It never had closure.
The group lasted for almost 3 years, and
they were never beaten, they just slowly

All WCW had to do was set up a PPV with 9
matches, all WCW vs. nWo, and whoever won
5 of the 9 matches would be in charge of
the WCW. They could have had all the
people who opposed the nWo (Goldberg, DDP,
Flair, the 4 Horsemen, etc.) and other WCW
wrestlers vs. all the nWo people. Have each
side win 4 matches and the main event could
be Hogan vs. Goldberg for the championship.
Have Goldberg win, and the disenchanted nWo

Instead, WCW decided to let it slowly linger
on until it died and now it just looks stupid.
You have Bret Hart (formerly one of the
biggest babyfaces in the biz) defacing cars.
It just looks stupid and I don't think it
will ever look intelligent again.
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)
As I stated before, my beef isn't with the
opinions of the writers. Everyone has one.
My beef is when they bash my opinion or
others in their columns. That is low and
petty. They do this without even allowing
the one they bash to air his views equally.

From the emails I have received I felt that
this was a needed response. Once again, if
you read what I said, I had no problems with
the opinions of the writers. My beef is only
when they treat their opinion as if it is
higher than their readers. I don't agree
with that form of journalistic arrogance.
Written by reader: Jebbie2001
Regarding Bookerfan's letter; he says don't
bash the opinions of others...what is he
doing? It's someone's opinion that they
should be able to bash the opinions of
others...who are you to bash that opinion??
Besides, they're just writing down their
opinions...and most of the time, it's
hilarious, even if you don't agree with it.

What really shouldn't be going on the net
are people writing falsities. Everything
from the Bischoff going to WWF thing to a
couple of months ago a spoiler for
Smackdown was written and the show turned
out pretty much the opposite of what was the spoiler a title even
changed hands and it never happened on the

That's what really shouldn't be done on
the net...leave the opinion columns alone!

Reply to Jebbie2001!!
Written by reader: Gary B (nytewolf)
I'll touch on 3 quick subjects that are of
interest right now.

#1 - The nWo should be no larger than 6
members. I say six because the Outsiders,
Hart, Jarret, and Steiner will all compete
(and are good-enough wrestlers). I also
have a feeling they want to do one more
swerve (how about Kidman?) for one last
member, but I do have to agree any more
than that will kill the group. Too large
makes it lame, it's supposed to be elite.
Everyone in the group right now has had
gold. That is why I think someone who
has had gold (Kidman, Rey Jr., Benoit) or
someone who could be promised elevation
to greatness (Chavo, Eddie , Booker T)
could end up in the group.

#2 - Real quick - newest member of DX, the
newly brainwashed Tori? "Test violated me!"
The asault on Test to raise him to main event
status continues. 'Nuff said.

#3 - HHH said Mick ONCE (by accident, I'd bet).
From then on, it was made clear that MANKIND
is fired (seems to me that he spent an AWFUL
lot of time without that mask on). Come on,
whether you listen to the net rumors or not,
no matter what is true and what isn't, can
you find ANY way to tell me that Cactus Jack
ain't coming back?
---Nytewolf Directories
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