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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 453

Date:  Friday December 31st, 1999  12:29 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Highlights from the 12/30 Ross Report on
Ross repeated the story that the Bulldog
injured his legs & back while changing a
tire; Ross mentioned that Smith will
return on next weeks TV; The Undertaker is
hoping (and shooting for) a return at The
Royal Rumble; Randy Orton (the son of Bob
Orton?) has officially signed with the WWF.
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Written by reader: Muttley97
After reading a few posts after the Nitro
"swerve", it became very apparent that
Russo and co. have improved on the one
thing the WWF is very good at: that is
fooling the "smart" fans out there.

I believe that there were posts all over
the place last weekend about Steiner's
"retirement". Now more than ever I'm
convinced that some if not all were
plants or "reporters" who were used as
plants. The WWF had, as long as 6 to 8
months ago (maybe a year, I'm not sure),
been scouring the 'net for information
leaks and misinformation. They utilized
the 'net to their advantage, planting
false rumors and would watch them be
gobbled up. The Summerslam 3-way, and
that HHH was going to win the title at
the last Raw are a couple of examples.

If WCW can work the 'net like they do
maybe people will start to sort out the
real reporters, like you guys at the WBS,
from the frauds (can you say "Madden").
Steve Appy responds:
While I'm not sure we would qualify as
"reporters" I know what you mean: both the
WWF & WCW spend a lot of energy changing
the finishes & storylines that make sense
(and would be more effective) in a quest
to "fool the smarts".

What they both fail to realize is that the
percentage of wrestling fans who get their
news from the Internet is very tiny. I've
heard estimates ranging from 2% to 5% of
the wrestling audience seek out wrestling
scoops on the Internet (or through the more
professional Observer & Torch).

Why change a storyline because a small
percentage (and an already devoted) part of
your audience may have already guessed the
finale? Creativity is terrific; logic is
even better. Don't book television to
satisfy the Internet (and thus leaving the
uninformed viewers at home scratching their
heads in confusion).
Written by reader: Brett Wagner (TastyBear)
Not only is Mick Foley a hell of a
entertainer, but he one of the best
wrestler's at cutting live promo's. I got
to work with Mick on a T.V. show called
"GvsE". It was like a dream come true for
me. That man sat and spoke to me at least
30 minutes a day telling me stories and
listening to my own dreams on becoming a
pro wrestling manager in the big's.

Reading his book has made me realize that
not only is he a true wrestling icon and
legend, but also one of the best human
beings I have had the privilege of meeting.

Even now almost a year after we spent
eight days together on the GvsE set, a
couple of my close friends who wrestle
with the WWF tell me that Mick still asks
about "Testicules" (my character in GvsE)
and how I'm doing in the acting and
wrestling world. That always makes my day.
I wish that he could stick it out a couple
of more years, so I could get the chance
to manage just one match with him.

I tip my hat to one special individual
that has made an impact on my life, Mick Foley.
-Brett (Big Schwag) Wagner of the UPW
Written by reader: Roadogglover
Who is your favorite Wrestler??
Can you answer that question???? If you
can, does that answer change as time goes
by? What I am actually saying is do
people really have favorite wrestlers?
Some people would say no, and some would
say yes. I always watch wrestling and I
love to observe what the fans reactions
are to certain wrestlers. As time
changes, the number of cheering fans

Remember when The Rock was hated and he
was in the Corporation? Vince is now
liked more then DX, did you think that
would ever happen? I sure didn't. I
don't know about you but I don't think
I could ever answer who my favorite
wrestler is for a long period of time,
because I think it would definitely
Steve Appy responds:
While the wrestlers labeled "babyface"
and "heel" may change with time your
own personal preferences don't have to.
Ric Flair has been my personal favorite
since my first year as a wrestling fan
(if his sanitarium stay didn't change
that nothing will!).

In this era when heels are getting
cheered almost as much as the babyfaces
it's far easier to stick to a chosen
favorite (HHH is one of the wrestlers
who many of you still prefer). When
(and if) Steve Austin turns heel we
will see a good test of this philosophy.
DX & THE nWo
Written by reader: Tony Avoledo (tavoledo)
Is it just me or is DX just as bad as
the newly formed nWo? Sure, these were
good ideas 3 years ago, but come on.
The fact is that DX reformed right after
Russo tells us that even HE thought their
time was up. At least the NEW nWo has
different members. I loved the rumor
going around about 6-8 months ago that
had Kane wearing the green and black with
the green flames spouting out at ringside.
That was actually a good idea. Now it
seems as if Tori may join DX. Who really
cares? Hopefully the return of Austin (as
a heel VS. the Rock), Undertaker (new angle,
PLEASE), and Taz's debut will get things
going again in the WWF.

I don't have many aspirations for WCW.
Russo did spark my curiosity but Jarrett's
"Chosen One" is stale, Hart makes a bad heel,
and all that Piper, Orndorff, Duggan crap
contradicts everything Russo said he wanted
in the first place. Right now I've got
only one thing to say: "Thank God for the
Hardy Boys and real wrestling!!!!"
Written by reader: Ansel Mcpherson (Helll_razor)
I would like to ask you or your readers for
the name of the artists and or composers of
these themes: Rhino's theme, Masato Tanaka's
and the Heatwave 98' theme. If possible can
you tell me where to find them online, and I
can be contacted at: Helll_razor

As for thoughts: wouldn't it be great to see
Booker T pushed. Wouldn't it be great to see
Benoit get the World title in the New Year?
How about Bobby Walker, who is a Hardworker?
Maybe he should get a little bit of TV time
again? What about Lance Storm? Hey, he
could be a world champ.

Jerry Lynn, he will have to be TV champ one
day. How about Scorpio and Kronus getting
back into great physical shape and returning
to ECW as the 450 team? How about a
Cruiserweight getting a shot in the Big 2?
What about the fans respecting the athletic
skills of a man who isn't necessarily a
great entertainer on the mike? How about
the Big 2 lowering the prices for their not
so great PPV's? Remember when In Your House
only costed 14.95? Or better yet how about
the Big 2 decreasing the amount of PPVs or
increasing the quality of them. These were
just a few random thoughts. Reply if you
wish. Thank you and Happy New Year.
JANUARY 16, 2000



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