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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 454

Date:  Saturday January 1st, 2000  12:42 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

December 30th, 1999 in Nashville, TN
Reported by Billy Toombs & Sister Midnight at:

Kurt Angle pinned The Godfather (w/Ho's)

Rakishi Phatu pinned an unknown local opponent

Chris Jericho defeated Al Snow via submission
after Chyna & The Kat's intereference.

Jerry Lawler pinned Mideon (w/Viscera)

2 Cool defeated The Holly's & The Hardy Boyz
in a Triangle Match

Val Venis pinned Prince Albert

WWF World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show
defeated Kane (w/Tori) in a Steel Cage Match
when Wright escaped the cage. Tori was with
Kane and Xpac came in to taunt Tori, Kane was
distracted, TBS choke slammed Kane and left
through the door. Kane left with Tori.

X-Pac pinned Test

The Acolytes defeated The Dudley Boyz in a
"No Holds Barred" match

The Rock pinned Triple H (w/X-Pac)
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While the world is currently celebrating
the Millennium, there are those who say
the Millennium will really take place on
January 1, 2001. In order to please both
sides, I have looked into my very cloudy
crystallized ball and have seen the
wrestling headlines we will be reading on
January 1, 2001.

1. Mae Young celebrated her 100th Birthday
by becoming the first woman to hold the WWF
World Championship after defeating her
recently divorced husband and reigning
champion Mark Henry.

2. HHH was severely injured during a camping
trip after falling down. His nose was
reported to be a bloody mess after a fellow
camper, and novice mountain climber Kevin
Kelly mistook it for Pike's Peak.

3. The Rock will be missing from the WWF for
an indefinite time period. At a recent House
Show at Stark, Florida's maximum security
prison, as he was doing his "Finally The Rock
has come back to Stark" bit, he was recognized
as an escapee, the notorious Pokemon Playing
Card Bandit. The Rock was quoted as saying "I
think it's time I come up with a new line."

4. Goldberg will be out of action for the next
two months after again angrily putting his arm
thru a plate glass window at a Burger King in
Atlanta. He was still looking for members of
the NWO. He tore a wide gash in his arm and
shredded a tendon. The doctor at the emergency
room where he was treated was reported to have
told him that his was the fourth and final time
he would be able to repair this type of damage.

5. At this past weeks NITRO, NWO leader Kevin
Nash turned on fellow members Norman Smiley and
Buzzkill, beating them up and booting them out
of the NWO. This reduced the number of people
in the NWO to 26. Scott Hall was missing from
NITRO again and faces disciplinary action.

6. Recently defeated WCW Champion Hulk Hogan
announced his retirement from wrestling. His
announcement was greeted with a certain amount
of skepticism. It is rumored that he has been
secretly meeting with Kevin Nash and Scott
Hall, and that they may be forming a rival NWO

7. Former WCW chiefs Eric Bischoff and Vince
Russo are seeking financial backing to start a
new promotion. They are having a problem
finding the money since both claim to be the
CEO and Lead Booker of the new organization.

8. Unconfirmed reports from Niceville,
California say that a very high ranking member
of a group trying to eliminate sex and violence
from wrestling was arrested in a police sting
operation. Reports say he was apprehended
soliciting favors from an undercover

9. The NITRO girls have lost their arbitration
hearing asking for more money since going
topless. This was on the heels of their other
arbitration loss asking to be considered an
integral part of the show.

10. Reno Mero appeared in her fifth Playboy.
In the interview portion of the Article, she
said she firmly supports the PTC in their
efforts to clean up all entertainment mediums.
A fuming Hugh Hefner has reportedly stopped
payment on the check for her appearance. When
asked about Hefner's actions, Mero says he
tricked her into posing for photos that were
"tasteless" and plans to sue him for $100

11. New WCW Boss David Flair is moving fast
to make NITRO competitive with RAW. He has
signed former WWF employee The Fabulous Moolah.
He plans to match her against WCW Champion
Dennis Rodman. He hopes she will become the
first woman to win the championship of a major
wrestling promotion. He has ignored all
attempts by his staff and his nanny to show
him that the WWF has already done this.

12. WCW announcer Fat Tony is denying rumors
that his new boss has booked him in the first
ever "Loser Gets Eaten Match" v. a 600 pound
Bengal Tiger at the next PPV, scheduled for
the newly renovated Coliseum in Rome. His
broadcast partner Bobby Heenan says the Tiger
doesn't stand a chance; that Tony will see it
as just another sandwich in waiting.

13. Basking in the glow of having become the
No. 2 wrestling promotion, ECW Owner Paul
Heyman has scheduled an "Electric Chair
Death Match" between Hardcore Icons Tommy
Dreamer and The Sandman on the next ECW On
TNN program. Francine will be strapped in
the chair and a 10 minute timer will start
with the bell. Dreamer has that 10 minutes
to save Francine. The Sandman will be
finally be granted a Title shot if he
prevents Dreamer from saving Francine.

14. In a New Year's Resolution, Stone Cold
Steve Austin swore off beer. To his credit
he made until 12:15 AM January 1, 2001. It
was not a total loss as he won a side bet
with friend Scott Hall who was attempting
to do the same, however, caved in at
12:02 AM.

15. In a New Year's Resolution, Internet
writer SamJerry promised to never again
write anything negative about Dirtbag
Doophus Page. He lasted until the ink on
the page was almost dry. That was longer
than most observers thought he would.
Written by reader: Sean "The Moose" Morse (Rickrude01)
I recently read a article about Mick Foley
by Brett Wagner in the WBS. I met Mick
Foley at an Autograph session in Trumbull,
Connecticut and I couldn't agree with
Brett more. Mick Foley made me realize my
dream of attending Florida State
University come true. As I sit here in my
Florida panhandle home I think I owe a lot
of my dreams to Mick Foley.
Sean "The Moose" Morse
-WWF shareholder
Written by reader: Thumperm69
In response to roadogglover's question of
who is your favorite wrestler; yes, as far
as for the moment, favorite heels and
faces may change, but as far as all time
who is your favorite? Any true fan of
wrestling should be able to answer that.
As far as me, ever since I was little I
was a Hulkamaniac. With today's wrestling
and so many great stars in the sports
entertainment business it's hard to pick

While I am really partial to The Rock, but
as far as all time faves, my picks are;
Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jake Roberts,
Sergeant Slaughter. These are the stars
I grew up with and have left a lasting
impression. So, today the favorites come
and go but as far as long term greats,
every true fan should be able to choose
a true icon of wrestling
Written by reader: Harlinator
I have been an avid wrestling fan for
quite some time but there has always
been one thing that has bothered me:
the lack of pushes for various
wrestlers. It is all too often that
we see the same people go back and
forth over and over, and "new blood"
is never introduced. Eventually
things start to get stale; you can
only see HHH vs. The Rock so many
times before you start to fall
asleep in front of your television.

Other wrestlers need to be given the
chance to entertain and get their
characters over with people so things
do not get so stale and predictable.
Personally, I am a huge Gangrel fan
and would like to see him get the
push and exposure that he deserves.
So many wrestlers work very hard day
in and day out but often get
overlooked when it comes time for the
spotlight. If they would spread the
wealth a little so to speak, some
wrestlers would be more interesting
and more popular.

Look at Kurt Angle. He has become a
well disliked heel in the WWF all too
soon in just a few short months. I
understand that popularity factors
in quite a bit, but after a while,
I believe that The Rock's catchphrases,
The Godfather's Hoes, and Austin's 29
Stunners an evening will get more
boring than they already are starting
to become! All I am asking is that
many of the hard workers throughout
wrestling should be given a chance
to shine.
-Harley L-
-Gangrel Rules!-
Written by reader: UNCblue33
I think, and this is my opinion, that the
Hardy Boyz are the best tag team in the
business. Not only are they the best,
their manager is the best...completing
the almost perfect tag team package.

I really enjoy watching them come out
and watching them wrestle. I used to
like the Outlaws a lot, now they are
getting on my nerves. Edge and
Christian are the only tag team close
to the Hardy Boyz, besides Rock and
Sock of course. I hope the WWF shapes
the tag team scene up soon.
Written by reader: MJenk32306
Why is it that in some federations it
is okay for a wrestler to use tired
catchphrases and get them soaked in by
everybody, and when a guy tries to use
catchphrases in another federation,
they don't get accepted, and for
argument's sake, let the names be
Bill and Rocky.

Why is it okay for a man to beat a
guitar over women's heads when he was
in one federation, and when he goes to
another, it's not okay?

Why is it okay for a man in one
federation to grab another man's
testicles with a sock, and in other
federations, it's not okay for a man
to low-blow another man?

Why is it okay for a guy that is
injured to get sympathy, and then when
another guy from another federation,
and for argument's sake, let's use the
names Steve and Bill, and when Bill is
injured, people don't care?

Why is it okay for a guy in one
federation to like a guy from another
federation, and not like the guys in
his federation, and for that argument's
sake, let's use the names Dallas and

Why is it okay for when a man is injured,
he gets praise, and when he swerves and
joins a clique, people get mad, and for
that sake, let's use the name Scott.

Why is it okay for your favorite fed to
run a clique over and over again, and
it's not bad, and a fed that isn't AS
POPULAR runs a clique with new members,
and people complain, and for argument's
sake, let's use the letters NWO and DX.

SECONDLY, I want to address Rocky's
popularity. As many of you know, I hate
the Rock and the WWF, and would LOVE to
see the Rock and WWF beg for a 1 rating,
and for the Rock to be the most "under"
guy in wrestling, BUT for all of you
fans that love him and worship the ring
he spits his tired phrases out on, listen
to this, in six months will you remember
his name?

What I'm saying is, sometimes wrestlers
are liked for what they do now, and how
POPULAR THEY ARE NOW...or in six month's
will it be...If you smell what who is
The Cutting Edge Preview.......
On Wednesday, January 5th 2000, "The Cutting
Edge" makes its return to the airwaves!
Kevin J. Ross will be hosting "The Main
Event of Real Audio" when he welcomes
current WWF Light Heavyweight champion

Here's your chance to find out about
everything you ever wanted to known about
"The Man They Call" Gillberg! Is
Gillberg headed back to Titan Land?
We might find out the 5th of January!

If that isn't enough current ECW
superstar Steve Corino will also be
coming on the show. Mr. Corino is
without a doubt the future of
wrestling, and we will find out his
thoughts on current angles, gimmicks,
wrestlers, and more! Not to mention
Kevin J. Ross has exclusive news on
a former WWF World Champion who might
be returning to action in the WWF.
Make sure you don't miss this show,
because it's sure to be one for the
ages. To listen to the show go to
and we will see you the first
Wednesday of the new millennium!
The next event for Mid American Wrestling
will take place on Saturday night, January
8th at the Knights of Columbus (1800 S.
92nd Street) in West Allis, WI. Bell time
is 7:30pm. All tickets are $12 and can be
purchased in advance at Knights.

CORPORAL ROBINSON [MAW Heavyweight Champion]
(w/The Hustler & Dave Prazak) VS.

(w/ Dave Prazak) VS. JAKE "The Milkman"

DINO BAMBINO [MAW Cruiserweight Champion]

(w/ The Hustler & Dave Prazak)


CASH FLO (w/ Dave Prazak) --VS.--

Bell time is 7:30pm. Mark your new Y2K
calendars now!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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