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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 456

Date:  Sunday January 2nd, 2000  9:15 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Chad Damiani at
Damiani has announced that WCW will introduce
a new commissioner this Monday night; the obvious
pick is Ric Flair.

Despite warnings that it may be someone unexpected
in the post, Flair would be the obvious pick; NITRO
will be in Greenville, SC, the site of Flair's 8/98
emotional return to WCW (still one of the greatest
moments in company history). released the following statement regarding
the appointment:
"According to our sources, the commissioner will
have absolute control over every employee in the
company, including the members of the nWo. Acting
as the law in WCW, this official will have the
power to sign matches, dole out punishment,
withhold titles and even fire wrestlers without
question from the home office."

Other names mentioned as possibilities for the
role include Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper & Eric Bischoff.
On the 12/31 edition of WCW LIVE, WCW official Bill
Banks promised that the fans would be "happy when
they learn the identity of the Commissioner" and he
specifically mentioned Greenville as a factor.

If Flair is not the Commissioner there are two
possibilities that would work: Arn Anderson
(especially appointed in Horseman country) or a
short-term appointment for the injured Bill Goldberg.
If Flair is the one I would hope that he will be
portrayed better than his terrible reign during most
of 1999.
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Written by reader: Dani Tahrawi (HBKxXxXx)
Once upon a time, at the end of 1997, Vince McMahon
turned his rasslin' show into a "Sports
Entertainment" program. Sure, everybody knows that,
but before you get into ratings, or why Vince Russo
is talking about 6 months for improvement, everybody
needs to remember a few things.

As soon as Vince McMahon revamped his program and
introduced such personas as Sunny, Sable, and
D-Generation X, something big happened: McMahon
brought in NEW viewers, the people that if asked
about wrestling would say "yeah, Hulk Hogan is
like 100, right?"

Those people who then heard about a "wrestling show
that has a lot of hot chicks and stuff." What young
teenage male wouldn't want to watch RAW IS WAR at
that time (and now)? What I'm saying is that McMahon
attracted a NEW WAVE of viewers with his sports
entertainment product. People who if asked about WCW
would simply either say "I don't watch it," or would
start talking about how awesome the girls on RAW look.

How long did it take for McMahon to bring in all those
new viewers? Hmmm, I would say from the end of 97, to?
Well, the WWF didn't start winning the ratings
consistently until August of 98! That's over 6 months!

Now, people need to understand that those casual viewers
that McMahon attracted make up the majority of the WWF
audience. So why don't they switch the channel?
Because week in and week out McMahon can deliver with
various "hoes" and groups like D-Generation X. Since
1998 I'm 100% sure that I haven't watched a single RAW
IS WAR with any one of my parents. Am I pissed?
Absolutely not, business, is business.

So for the past 2 years those "casual viewers" that make
up the majority of the Monday night audience haven't had
a reason to check out what WCW is putting on. Nor did
they have a reason to check what kind of show Eric
Bischoff put on when WCW was still barely beating the
WWF in the ratings war.

Something else that the "Internet geeks" need to
understand is that we make up about 5% of the Monday
and Thursday night audience. What difference are we
going to make? The trick is attracting the viewers
that have been watching RAW since it was totally
revamped and ENTIRELY NEW viewers. I believe that if
the ratings war that took place every Thursday just
involved the internet dorks, the ratings would be
pretty much even; however, that's not the case.

Keep in mind all the new fans Vince McMahon attracted
all the way back in 97, fans that didn't give a hoot
about wrestling or Vince McMahon until RAW became the
raciest show on TV. From personal experiences, I can
tell you that McMahon did indeed attract fans that
didn't know the first thing about wrestling.

In my school out of about 15 wrestling fans that I know
of, how many have the internet? 15. How many of them
actually receive newsletters, etc? 0. If I ask them
what they thought was better, Nitro or RAW, they'll
simply say "Man WCW sucks, it's a bunch of old geezers,
WWF rocks."

If I tell them WCW got Vince McMahon's 2 top
storywriters that basically made up Sports
Entertainment, they'll just look at me with a confused
face, and continue talking about RAW IS WAR. . .

In conclusion, I just want to say that the "casual"
fans don't care about Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, or
Ted Turner. Vince Russo does need ample time to get
WCW back into the ratings because viewers just don't
come in overnight. Forget all the crap about McMahon
"teaching Russo everything he knows," and all that.
I'm 100% sure that of the "casual fans" that have
stuck with the WWF since their big turn in 97, at
least half of them would switch the channels back and
forth on Mondays, and Thursdays.

February 14th is a big night because Nitro goes
unopposed. That is one way to bring in "casual
viewers" or even new viewers. Simple. Put on a
dirtier show than RAW IS WAR. For the next few weeks,
or even months, I don't care how good of a show Vince
Russo puts on; the key is not getting Internet losers
like us to switch the channel, it's about attracting
new viewers and past viewers that haven't given a
damn about WCW for 2 years.

Forget the old fogies that say "I like Nitro when it
was blah blah blah," it has been proven: the majority
of wrestling audiences are people under 27. . ."Get it?"
-Dani Tahrawi
Written by reader: Jamie (JKASMULDER)
I am of a mind that the WWF (for which I am a loyal
"mark") needs a "white-hat" wrestler akin to the pre-
I-hate-the-US Bret Hart days. You know, a wrestler
that is in the federation for two reasons; respect
and the World Championship Heavyweight Title. A
wrestler that is a true hero without the tiresome and
somewhat preachy 80's style Hulk Hogan type.

I bring this up in response to everything I have been
reading of late, that the WWF is lacking in heels.
That strikes me as funny somewhat, because my
impression is that the WWF is replete with heels.
Everyone cheats and no one has much respect for the
title (with the possible exception of Mankind on the
latter point).

However, they all desire the title and they all do
whatever is necessary to get it. It would be a great
counter to EVERYONE else in the federation. I miss
Bret Hart for that reason. He was that counter and
he added real spice to the show in the manner I have
been discussing. In a way, his role was usurped by
Shawn Michaels, who was being pushed as a Bret Hart
style character in his "boyhood" dream title reign.
But, if he was around now in the WWF as the Bret Hart
I knew and loved, I think he would be a phenomenon
(well, at least he would be in the main event circle).

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the WWF even without
my suggestions being taken to heart (no pun intended),
but I really believe that the return of Ken Shammrock
could easily bring, if the WWF were of such a mind,
could bring the very type of wrestler that I so crave.
Just a thought…
Written by reader: madspector
Five good reasons why Bill Busch shouldn't be running WCW:

1. He's not a wrestling person and it shows. No
professional wrestling promotion has ever been
successful without someone inside the profession at
the helm. This is critical because a wrestling
minded president wouldn't have made some of the
mistakes that Bill Busch has made since the coup of
September in which his job was virtually handed to
him. Some of those mistakes are as follows:

2. Hiring Vince Russo and the rest of his circus-
Plain and simple: Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera are not
WCW, their styles doesn't fit WCW or its core fans
and hiring them might not have been the brainiest of
moves. Busch, like alot of people, is under the
impression that what works in the WWF should work in
WCW, in which case he might want to check the address
on his pay check, it reads World Championship
Wrestling and NOT Titan Entertainment. Since he hasn't
a clue of what wrestling is it was easy for him to be
lured into the fraudulent Sports Entertainment myth,
hence the WWF/WCW hybrid that used to be WCW.

3. Giving WAAAAAAAAY! too much control to Vince and Ed.
Russo and Ferrara are the BOOKERS, not the CEO not the
program mangers, not the production managers and the
damn sure aren't the President of the company. As the
bookers they should have some role in these things but
the President of WCW should be the only person in the
company with that type of power. Bill Busch should be
calling the shots and taking suggestions from each
division of WCW and not completely turning the company
over to one division in particular. But when you don't
know the craft that you have been appointed in charge
of it's easy to give control of it to someone else.

4. Giving away the third hour of Nitro to the WWF- An
early candidate for "Ignorant decision of the year"
honors is the move to basically surrender the Monday
Night Wars to the competition. This is a very bonehead
move in light of the fact that WCW dominated the last
hour for 82 weeks and could do so again with a
organized effort.

Another thing that makes this a bad move is that in
giving up the last head to head hour, casual fans, the
non-internet crowd (which is the majority of wrestling
fans) might get the impression that WCW has given up
and is retreating. It sends out a message that WCW
doesn't have enough faith in their product to put it
up against the WWF and if WCW management doesn't have
the faith in their own show why then should the fans
have any? Even less, why should they watch?

WCW is at war, the ten o'clock hour is 50% of the
battleground and you don't give up that much of the
battleground unless you're trying to lose. Vince and
Ed wanted to go head up with Raw, but TNT didn't have
the programming to fill the 8:00 hour; once this was
the situation the President of WCW should have turned
to Ed and Vince and said "we tried...but we just can't
give up any more ground on the WWF...we stay head to
head until TNT can find something to put in that slot".
A real president would have said this, someone who knew
the business would have said this, but unfortunately
Bill Busch is none of the above.

5. Lack of editorial and creative input of the television
product. If WCW had a real president that knew about
wrestling then things like Norman Smiley being on TV in
a prominent role holding a meaningless title when no one
cares about him or it in the first place, or how about
the horrible long and drawn out "block" matches?...or
Rhonda Singh even being on WCW TV? These are things that
a true wrestling higher up should be in control of.

Some of you might think that I being to quick to judge
Bill Busch. In his defense you will say that he has only
been in office since September and that the company was
left in shambles by the previous regime, which would be
a pretty weak point of I offer another way of
looking at it. Eric Bischoff took a company that had
lost millions on an annual basis, put it on the map and
turned it into a company that made over $200 million in
revenue, yet after one bad year in which most of the
promotions top talent was out with injuries the vultures
couldn't wait to have his job, why then should Bill Busch,
a man who has none of the above mentioned accomplishments
be give any more time?
Steve Appy responds:
I would agree with WCW on the decision to scale NITRO
back to the 8:00-10:00 time slot. Does it give the WWF a
clear shot at scoring 8.0 ratings very soon? Yes, and it
doesn't matter.

NITRO is not on a competitive level with RAW and their
primary goal has to be maximizing revenue (and interest)
in their own product, not in fighting a losing war with
the WWF. WCW's television will be that much more
compelling and won't be quite as overexposed with the
8:00-10:00 timeslot, which is much more important than
limiting the WWF's success.
Written by reader: Thomas Guttenberg (tgutefunk)
I agree with Heather that some of the "internet fans"
are taking things a little too seriously. I've only
been getting these newsletters for a few weeks but
some things have become clear.

It is laughable to me that the consensus in cyberspace
is that the Rock's phrases are dead and overused yet
they are getting bigger reactions from the crowd than
they ever have.

I think the main thing to keep in mind is that not
every person watching wrestling has been watching it
since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. Not every
person watching wrestling watches Raw and tapes Nitro
(or vice-versa). If the average person thinks "hey, I
heard wrestling is pretty big now, I think I'll check
it out" or "I haven't watched wrestling since the
eighties, I wonder what's going on," within a week or
two you know exactly who the main players are and what
their gimmicks are (If the show is written well, WWF
more so than WCW).

If the WWF seems repetitive and slow right now it's
because they want every fan to be caught up on the
story leading into the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.
If it's true that Vince, Shane, Undertaker, and Taz
are all coming out on RAW is WAR tomorrow (Jan. 3),
don't expect more than one story from each for about
a month. Remember about a year ago how long it took
to establish that the Undertaker was forming a Ministry
of Death? If the story changes every week so much that
you can't remember who the good guys are and who the bad
guys are (::cough cough::....WCW) how can you expect to
have any fan loyalty?

People will keep criticizing the WWF, and that is fine,
since pro wrestling is supposed to have a dynamic
relationship with the fans. Just be glad that it isn't
like just a few years ago, before the ratings wars that
the show was the guy we've heard of against some fool
using his real name, and the other half was just promos
for the next PPV.
"If you can't say anything entertaining, don't say
anything at all" --Y2J to Boss Man
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MBFOREVER1 for details.
Written by reader: Ina0325
I have to tell you as a longtime WWF fan, I miss the
"old WWF". It is bad enough that Shawn Michaels left,
now Stone Cold & The Undertaker are injured, Vince is
on vacation and God only knows where Shane went. I don't
know that I can handle one more Monday night episode of
Raw with DX and HHH in charge.

Please someone rewind us back to the good old days. If
I have to watch one more Monday Night Raw with things
the way they are then I may have to switch to something
else- I did for the first time last week, I watched WCW
and it wasn't too bad! WWF may send some of its viewers
to other networks if it isn't careful. This isn't a
threat, mind you, just letting you know that HHH is not
who I want to see "Large and In Charge" of the WWF.
(This obviously will not actually occur and should be
treated as parody)
Written by reader: Jay S. (jsartell)
I for one would love to see a WWF vs. All Japan PPV;
here is how "Revenge in the Rising Sun" would go:

At the beginning of the event Mick Foley announces
that he decided to leave the WWF and join All Japan
and challenges Big Show for the WWF title in the
second of 2 main events of the evening as we get
under way…

Val Venis makes on open challenge to anyone with the
"Rising Suns" big enough to face the "Big Valboski"
.......half way through Venis' interview, Vader
storms the ring and Powerbombs Venis repeatedly
until the ring collapses into a heap........
the crowd goes insane................

Chris Jericho vs. Mossman
y2 Jericho faces Mossman and loses when Chyna runs to
ringside and gets mauled by All Japan's Women's
Champion Yumikahotta (not affiliated with All Japan
itself). The beating is so devastating that Chyna
requires more plastic surgery than she has already
received while in the WWF. Among the many injuries
she sustains are two deflated silicone tits. While
Jericho is enjoying Chyna's beating Mossman cradles
him for the pin. Jericho is enraged and beats
Mossman viciously and leaves the ring after a
Moonsault from the top.

New Age Outlaws vs. Kawada/Kobashi
NOA appears and attempts to do their ring introduction;
half way through it, Mick Foley (who has come back as
Cactus jack) wielding a barb wire baseball bat chases
them up the aisle and in to the ring where they are
confronted by Kawada & Kobashi. The match turns out
to be the shortest in All Japan history because after
watching the Road Dogg get tossed around the ring
like a wet noodle and dropped on his head repeatedly,
Mr. Candy Ass runs from the ring crying. Halfway up
the aisle he runs into Bart Gunn, who gives him a
running Powerbomb on the ramp, breaking his back and
retiring him from wrestling. It is such a squash that
they have to add another match to the that

X-Pac vs. Ogawa
X-Pac faces Ogawa; Ogawa suplexes X-Pac so many times
that X-Pac can't even stand to continue. Ogawa however
refuses to pin X-Pac; officials from the WWF run to the
ring to have the match stopped for X-Pac's safety.......

Godfather vs. Akiyama
The Godfather gets killed (yes, I mean he dies in the
ring) after Akiyama gives him the most devastating ass
kicking ever seen in Japan. Akiyama does every move
ever invented in wrestling and after a cradle Piledriver,
the Godfather flops like a fish out of water and dies
while the ho's are all sold to the Japaneese Yakuza

Acolytes vs. Johnny Ace/Bart Gunn
In the only high spot of the evening for the WWF the
Acolytes beat Johnny Ace & Bart Gunn after a 45 minute
brawl when Farooq Powerslams Gunn from the top rope to
the floor and Bradshaw throws him in the ring for the

At this point the lights go out and The Rock's music comes
On; when the lights come on, The Rock is getting destroyed
on the ramp by Cactus Jack and his barbed wire bat
"Smacko". Cactus smashes The Rock in the back of the head
with "Smacko" and while he is on the ramp bleeding, grabs
the mike and says "This is what the Jack is cooking".

Cactus wraps barbed wire around The Rocks head and hangs
him from the ramp; The Rock falls to the fans below, who chant

Triple H vs. Misawa (for the Triple Crown)
In the first half of the main event, Misawa completely
destroys that no-talent idiot Triple H after dropping him
on his head and giving him a lesson on taking bumps.
After his nose is broken in 15 places he is unable to

The Big Show vs. Cactus Jack vs. The Rock
In the main event Cactus Jack takes on The Big Show for
the WWF World Title; just prior to the match up, officials
announce that it is now a Triple Threat title match with
The Rock vs. Big Show vs. Cactus. Cactus Jack arrives in
the ring and pummels the Big Show and The Rock with a
barbed wire baseball bat. After the two are rendered
unconscious Cactus Jack is declared the WWF World Champion;
at this point the arena erupts with the sound of broken
glass and Stone Cold's music plays and he storms the ring
only to be crunched by Dr. Death Steve Williams, who spears
him as he storms the ring.

He then gives Stone Cold a DVD Driver, rendering him
unconscious; Cactus (wearing the WWF gold and stepping on
Big Show's head) and the Doc drink Stone Cold's beers as we
go off the air.

At the conclusion of the PPV, appropriately titled "Revenge
In the Rising Sun", WWF officials announce that they will
have to cancel all dates for the next 30 days while the
wrestlers heel from the numerous injuries sustained at the
hands of the All Japan wrestlers.......
If you want to join the fastest rising fed around, e-mail
Thekickwarrior10. Trust me, the first card hasn't
even come out yet and there is already around 60-70 members.
It is called the WoW. Wild Out Wrestling.
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