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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 457

Date:  Monday January 3rd, 2000  10:25 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Live in Greenville, SC
Hosted by Tony Shiavonie, Bobby Heenan & Mike Tenay
By Steve Appy (Appy@xxxxs...)

Ron & Don Harris defeated Buzzkill & Mike Rotunda in
2:00 when Buzzkill was pinned
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
Leia Meow entertained the crowd by jumping on a
trampoline (though Kevin Sullivan didn't seem to
properly appreciate the effort). Standards &
Practices kidnapped Leia, which sent Rotunda &
Sullivan out of the ring to her rescue. Poor
Buzzkill was double teamed by the Harris' and
fell victim to a Side Slam.

A motorcade escorted the new WCW Commissioner to the
arena as the nWo watched on a monitor.

Sid Vicious trounced Bret Hart as he entered the
arena (Sid reminded us of his "near death"
experience by wearing a neck brace). Just for the
sake of credibility, it may be a good idea to have
someone sell getting run over by a Monster Truck
for more than one week.

Kevin Nash & Jeff Jarrett destroyed the EMT's who
were assisting the shaken Bret Hart; Hart teased
dissention with his nWo comrades.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page; Curt
Hennig ordered DDP into the ring on behalf of the
Powers That Be. Page gladly obliged, despite his
earlier promise not to compete until he received a
match against Buff Bagwell.

As PG-13 warmed up the crowd with cheap heel heat
(though it was funny) they were interrupted by DDP.
Page quickly destroyed both men before escaping into
the crowd (is Page turning babyface yet again?)

Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner defeated PG-13 in 0:18
when Nash pinned JC Ice.
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
Nash quickly dropped an elbow on the already
decimated JC Ice for the quick victory.

Bret Hart promised to punish Vicious for his "lack of
respect", and he gave the nWo the night off because
"he was going to have some fun" (so the nWo are now
his official lackeys). Jarrett promised to destroy
Benoit at Souled Out and Steiner & Nash did their
usual routines (Steiner did cut a decent promo).

David Flair & Crowbar (w/Daphne Unger) defeated Lash
Leroux & Midnight in 5:15 when Flair pinned Leroux
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
Poor David Flair really looks lost out there; although
Midnight is green she is already a better athlete than
Chyna. Stevie Ray & Booker T brawled at ringside over
Midnight while Johnny the Bull & Big Vito helped Flair
pin Leroux. Just a cluster of angles designed to
disguise the fact that two of the performers have
little experience in the ring (not that WCW doesn't
have an overabundance of capable talent to place on

Big Vito & Johnny the Bull (The Baldies?) attacked Lash
Leroux as a helpless Disco Inferno looked on.

Tank Abbott defeated Lex Luger (w/Elizabeth) via
disqualification in 0:31
Luger is still wearing the full Sting costume; Lex was
DQ'ed when Elizabeth sprayed Tank in the eyes with mace.
Jerry Flynn attacked the fallen Abbott as Luger was
confronted by a black crow, which represented the
injured (but still stale) Sting.

WCW official Rob Gartner introduced Terry Funk as the
new WCW Commissioner and Arn Anderson as his "Enforcer".
The Greenville audience responded with the famous four
finger salute as Arn & Funk combined to deliver a
classic interview. Arn acknowledged the "I Want Flair"
chants; both men expressed more hatred towards Russo &
Ferrara than the nWo (one sign of an ineffectual booker
is when you place the focus on yourself rather than on
your talent).

Funk announced two stipulations for the Hart/Sid World
Heavyweight Title Match at Souled Out: If the nWo causes
a disqualification in the title match Hart will lose the
belt (Hart acted surprised despite the stipulation being
announced first last week). Arn was announced as the
Special Guest Referee for the Souled Out title match and
Jarrett is forced to defend the US Title tonight against
Sid in a Powerbomb Match.

Nash ended the segment by threatening harm to Arn
Anderson's Godson (David Flair). A great segment anchored
by two of the best talkers in wrestling history (Arn &
Funk); definitely two veterans with a lot to offer.

Buff Bagwell & Champagne Chris Kanyon defeated Norman
Smiley & Asya in 3:02 when Bagwell pinned Smiley
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
Arn Anderson searched for David Flair in an effort to save
him from the nWo; Bagwell hit Kanyon with a bottle of
champagne before the match and proceeded to win the match
single-handily. Bagwell scored the pinfall after the
Blockbuster; The Revolution then turned on the fallen Asya.
As Hacksaw Jim Duggen made the save he was quickly
overwhelmed, though The Filthy Animals made the save for
Duggen. (Is there a better way to make the Filthy Animals
flatten out than by aligning them with Duggen?).

Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner defeated Ron & Don Harris in 1:14
when Steiner scored the pinfall.
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
Steiner, who isn't medically cleared to wrestle, did color
commentary from ringside. Rotunda & Sullivan knocked the
Harris's unconscious with chairs, which allowed Steiner to
pin one of the twins (in his first physical action of the

Terry Funk & Arn Anderson pleaded with Daphne Unger to
reveal the whereabouts of David Flair (to no avail). Daphne
was kidnapped by Jeff Jarrett as she turned the corner (an
action unseen by Arn & Funk).

Bam Bam Bigelow interrupted a Bagwell/Kanyon brawl by pushing
Kanyon off of the stage, thus leaving Bagwell without a partner.

David Flair & Crowbar defeated Buff Bagwell & Vampiro in 3:02
when Flair pinned Vampiro
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
Vampiro subbed for the injured Kanyon; Funk & Arn tried to warn
the hysterical Flair about the nWo (apparently distraught over
Daphne's disappearance). Funk destroyed a "disrespectful"
Vampiro, giving Flair the opportunity to pin Vampiro.

The nWo (with a captive Daphne) taunted Flair as we went to
a commercial; David Flair was insane backstage as he
fruitlessly searched for his valet.

Sid Vicious defeated US Champion Jeff Jarrett via
Disqualification in 2:28 of a Powerbomb Match
The unconscious referee was unable to see Sid's Powerbomb
of Jarrett (which cost Sid the US Title); as Sid revived
the referee Vicious received a shot to the back with the
baseball bat (wielded by Bret Hart).

A frantic David Flair & Crowbar searched the backstage area
for the captive Daphne Unger.

David Flair & Crowbar defeated Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner
in 3:38 when Flair pinned Nash to win the WCW World Tag
Team Championship
*Lethal Lottery World Tag Team Tournament*
There was no referee in the ring (which prevented Nash from
pinning both men single handily). Steiner provided color
commentary (and we heard Shiavonie utter the immortal line
"Tenay just turned heel" when Tenay partially agreed with

Arn Anderson entered the ring in a referee shirt and knocked
Nash out with a crowbar (allowing Flair to pin Nash). A
bewildered Flair knocked "Uncle Arn" out with the crowbar
shortly before he fled the ring with Crowbar & the returned

The nWo dropped the unconscious Arn Anderson into their car
truck while Kevin Nash Powerbombed Commissioner Funk into
oblivion; the final segment seemingly set up a Nash/Funk
match for the PPV.

The 1/3/2000 edition of Nitro consisted of 10 matches.
Average length of each match: 2:14
Total amount of wrestling for the 129 minute broadcast: 21:46
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Live in Miami, FL
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

The Rock finally returned home to Miami, Florida. After
playing to the crowd, The Rock said that his only resolution
was to be the best "damned WWF Champion" there ever was. He
then said how Mick Foley being fired was the biggest pile of
monkey crap he had ever seen. He then challenged HHH to face
him. The "Game" turned back the challenge, stating that he
was facing the "Big Show" for the WWF title later in the

The McMahon/Helmsley era then informed the Rock that he would
face the other members of DX in a handicap match with the
stipulation stating that if the Rock lost he would be fired.
HHH said that to be fair, if anyone interfered in the match,
they would be fired on the spot. DX then hit the ring and
beat the Rock down to the mat.

Too Cool w/Rikishi Phatu versus Dudley Boyz
The Mean Street Posse attacked Rikishi but were chased away
by the Acolytes. Too Cool was DQ'd when Rikishi nailed Bubba
Ray with a Superkick.
Winners: Dudley Boyz via disqualification

--The Acolytes told Michael Cole that they could tie one hand
behind their backs and beat the Mean Street Posse. Stephanie
and HHH saw this and made the match. HHH then told Steve Blackman
that if he hits Kane with the Kendo stick during the Kane/Kurt
Angle match that he would be fired. HHH then told Stephanie
that his other resolution was to end the undefeated streak of
Kurt Angle.

Kane w/Tori versus Kurt Angle
After a Chokeslam by Kane, Blackman hit the ring, looked at Kane,
and hit Angle with the Kendo stick, giving Angle the DW victory.
Winner: Kurt Angle via disqualification

--Stephanie McMahon, with three referees, replayed the end of
the Chyna/Chris Jericho match and wanted to know who was the
IC champion. After one referee felt that Chyna won the match
she was asked to come to the ring. The other referee felt
that Y2J was the winner and he was asked to come to the ring.
Stephanie ruled and said that both Jericho and Chyna were the
IC Champion. She said that only one could defend the title at
a time and that if one of them loses they both lose the right
to be called IC Champion. Hardcore Holly then challenged for
the IC title and Chyna took the match while Y2J joined J.R.
and the King.

Chyna versus Hardcore Holly *Intercontinental Championship*
Jericho (protecting his own interests) punched Hardcore Holly,
allowing Chyna to reverse a pinning predicament to gain the
pinfall victory.
Winner: Chyna via pinfall

--HHH informed the Bossman and Prince Albert that they would
be facing Test and two tag team partners this week.

Big Show versus HHH *WWF Championship*
At the outset HHH told DX not to follow him to the ring. While
the referee was dealing with DX, HHH kicked Show in the groin,
and then nailed the Pedigree to become the WWF Champion.
Winner: HHH (New WWF World Heavyweight Champion)

Prince Albert/Big Bossman versus Test/Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah
(w/Mark Henry & Harvey Wippleman)
The Prince hit Test with the scissors kick for the win. After
the bell, Henry and Wippleman tried to help. Wippleman was
carried to the back over the shoulders of Moolah.
Winners: Prince Albert/Big Bossman via pinfall

Acolytes (One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs) versus
The Mean Street Posse
The Dudleyz joined the Posse in beating the Acolytes to a pulp.
Winners: Acolytes via disqualification

--DX celebrated in the back while the Big Show left the building.

--Degeneration X productions, along with Helmsley /McMahon
studios put on a video entitled "Have a Bad Day". This DX parody
saw "Mankind" in the unemployment office looking for work, being
beat up by a bookstore owner when no one showed up for a book
signing, and being chased away by a children's hospital doctor.

Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy and Terri versus Al Snow
*Steel Cage Match*
On the way to the ring Snow attacked a recovering Matt Hardy.
He also threw Terri in the cage and locked himself in the cage
with the two. At one point Matt tried to scale the cage but
Snow smashed a chair against his fingers. In the end Jeff
Hardy used Snow's body to propel himself on to the cage, where
he flipped himself over. Matt then entered the cage, whacked
Snow with a chair, and helped Terri escape.
Winner: Jeff Hardy via decision

--In the back the Stooges were telling the Rock that they were
going to miss him. The Rock, taking exception, told them, in
his own way, that he was not going anywhere. He then stormed
the locker room of DX and attacked his opponents.

DX versus The Rock
HHH informed the Rock at the beginning that the match was also
a No-Disqualification Match. DX dominated the match with the
Rock coming back to fight all three men on a few occasions. In
the end Mick Foley came from the crowd wielding a chair and
taking out the members of DX, including an interfering HHH. The
Rock then hit Mr. A$$ with the "Rock Bottom" for the win.
Winner: The Rock via pinfall
Written by reader: TESRNE
I sincerely hope that you're wrong about Ric Flair returning
as WCW Commissioner. Will somebody please retire this guy for
good! As a wrestler he can't draw flies anymore.

Hulk Hogan is still the "Man". If anything the so-called
"Powers That Be" ought to bring the Hulkster back to challenge
Bret Hart for what could be the biggest Pay-Per-View match in
history. These two to the best of my knowledge have never met
one on one in singles competition (on PPV at least). Russo,
forget about Flair, bring the Hulkster back, now!
Steve Appy responds:
WCW did offer the PPV main event slot to Hogan and he turned
it down; he didn't feel that the "time was right" for his
comeback. Hogan is waiting for WCW to hit rock bottom before
returning, giving him the chance to look like the savior when
his return prompts a one week bump in the ratings (although
I'm not even sure if he can do that anymore).

The buyrates for Road Wild & Fall Brawl (the last two PPV's
that Hogan headlined) posted disappointing numbers; Hogan's
July match against Savage was the last time that he drew any
sort of impressive rating. By the next week he was already
making excuses why his quarter hour numbers were falling.

Hulk Hogan would be an asset to WCW if he allowed himself to
elevate several mid-card talents into programs with him.
Chris Benoit & Jeff Jarrett would both benefit by trading
victories with Hogan, although it's doubtful that Hogan would
do the job for men of their smaller size.

Ric Flair is a proven (and consistent) ratings draw who is
virtually impossible to damage (although his stint in the
Sanitarium almost did it). He has no objections to putting
over the younger talent (a fact that has earned him respect
in the locker room).

Flair is a team player; Hogan is not. Flair can still draw
revenue (and his drawing power is that much more impressive
compared to his relatively low salary).

Hogan MIGHT be able to provoke some interest, though only if
he undergoes a complete attitude adjustment (which likely
won't be happening). Combine these problems with the fact
that he is the highest paid performer in the company and I
see someone not worth the risk.
Now open, the Ultimate Championship Wrestling E-Fed. All
fantasy handlers and characters welcome. Four titles to go
after; for info and rules contact JusCredibl
Written by reader: Felipe Martinez, Jr. (FELIPEAPD)
This reply is for Dani Tahrawi.

Your vision of wrestling history is very distorted.

Vince McMahon and his WWF product did create new fans, but that
was after Eric Bischoff and WCW was the "cool" wrestling show
to watch. WCW's Nitro show attracted the audience that McMahon
couldn't -- the 18-35 age group. For nearly two years, Nitro
was beating WWF in the ratings and making WCW's overall business
very profitable.

McMahon took a long time to become the number one company in late
1998. McMahon did attract new fans, but he wasn't the first, as
that credit should go to Bischoff. Initially, McMahon worked very
hard in developing new talent and storylines which didn't compete
with the more successful WCW product. Later, it took a major
overhaul within to turn the company around. McMahon and company,
amazed by the ECW booking, imitated the TV product and demeanor
of ECW. So did Bischoff, although he was more influenced by
Japanese/Mexican wrestling.

With WWF's popularity increasing with the raunchy, less mat
wrestling program, and WCW literally self-destructing, it took
McMahon a year to beat and surpass WCW in the ratings.

A lot of credit should be given to Paul Heyman of ECW for
attracting the 18-35 year old age group. WCW was the first
as a national company, then later McMahon. I don't mind
giving McMahon credit, because he deserves it with what he
has done in the past two years, however, he wasn't the
pioneering force that transformed wrestling during the late

Get it. Happy New Years…
-Felipe Martinez, Jr.
Written by reader: crustacean
I've just been listening to wrestlers theme music from both
the WWF and WCW and I have realized something. During the
latter half of the last decade, when the WWF made its
resurgence, they modernized their look and style - to me
this is no more apparent than in the theme music they

Compare Chris Jericho's theme in WWF to that in WCW and you
will see what I mean. WCW seems to be stuck in a form of 80's
rock for their themes whereas the WWF has moved into the more
progressive-crossover rock with the likes of Limp Bizkit and
koRn play.

This may or may not be a big thing but to me it shows that one
wrestling federation is up with the times. It's a well known
fact that the largest section of our society that watch
wrestling are young males from 14-25 or so, and these males are
generally fans of hard 'n heavy rock music (as a generalization).
As rock music has progressed so has the taste in music of these

How often do you catch yourself nodding your head at the WCW
Nitro entrance theme music - then ask yourself the same about
WWF's? To me the music sets the scene for the wrestler, and
so it has to be good, and to me good is more modern (well,
often anyway) and as I consider myself to be a fairly typical
fan I know which show gets me going more on the music side of

Another thing I've noticed is that most of the WWF's bigger
stars have theme songs with lyrics whereas a lot of WCW's don't
- or they just use a popular song and "change" it slightly.
Take DDPs "Smells Like Teen Spirit" remix, or Ravens "Come As
You Are" - Why didn't they just buy a license to use those
songs? It would have been a lot more effective for the
wrestler - and recognizable.

I'm rambling, I know, and I'm not saying that WCW is worse
than the WWF at all, its just an observation I happened to
make and it is perhaps one reason why WCW lagged and still
lags behind the WWF in the Monday and Thursday night
ratings wars.
Written by reader: Danielle (WsltrSpc)
Taka and Funaki deserve a push. "Who?", you ask? Imagine this.
Sunday Night Heat, you hear Japanese music (similar to
Blackman's) and two short Japanese guys come out. Bring back
any memories? They hit Mark Henry with a Japanese flag. That
help any? I'm sure most people who watch Sunday Night Heat
remember that.

These two guys deserve a push! They're even starting to get heat
with the fans (as heels)! They are as acrobatic and Edge &
Christian and the Hardy Boyz! So, why are they getting jobbed
over by the New Age Outlaws? Don't get me wrong, I like hangin'
in the dogg house and all, but these guys deserve to be true
contenders! Sure, they're Japanese! It's not their fault! But
for the love of CAKE!! Get them away from the Mean Street
Posse! FAR away! Get those guys in the ring with the New Age
Outlaws! They'd show 'em how it's done!
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