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Issue # 460

Date:  Friday January 28th, 2000  10:27 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Steve Appy

While The Booking Sheet is still on hiatus, it
seemed a good idea to update everybody on our
future status (there are probably 4 of you who
still care).

Eventually (probably in around a month) we will be
returning. We're looking to publish once a week;
while the daily format is fun and probably makes
for a better newsletter, it also ended up
dominating most of my free time.

The newest project I've been involved in is the new
wrestling feature on Headed up by TBR's
Blake Norton, the site is shaping up to be one of
the better wrestling sites on the net (and yes, I am
biased). Blake has put together a strong team that
includes Chris Sabga, Miss Galatea, Fritz Capp, Patty
Therre, Steven Festa, and Michael Tavares.

My role in the project involves writing a weekly column
(and I'm currently writing the RAW TV report, which is
likely a short term assignment). My new columns are
posted every Wednesday (and I have two up right now).
Check out the site, I think that you will be
pleasantly surprised. Find it at:
(and be sure to bookmark it!)

Plug time…
Shannon Rose's Pro Wrestling Daily is running several
polls to crown the kings (and queens) of the Internet.
There are two categories that I found especially
interesting: Columnist of the Year &
Best Overall TV Reporter.

The Columnist of the Year ballot features two of our
own staff members: SamJerry & Fritz Capp, along with the
very talented Bob Magee (all three are writers who I am
proud to have worked with in the past). I can make a
case for any of the three running away with the award,
and cast your own vote if you agree.

I had a far easier time voting for the Best Overall TV
Reporter; Rick Phelps earned my vote. Rick is our
longtime RAW, NITRO & Thunder reviewer, so I was very
familiar with his work.

Cast your vote at:
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WCW faces embarrassing aftermath
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, January 23, 2000

The smoke is clearing in the wake of one of
the most tumultuous weeks in the history of
World Championship Wrestling. What remains,
however, is not a pretty sight.

Vince Russo, who just four months ago was
hailed as a creative genius who would reverse
WCW's sagging fortunes, was demoted and could
be on his way out. The company crowned a new
world champion Sunday night at its pay-per-view,
and by Monday he was gone, leaving behind the
belt and an embarrassing situation for WCW to
try and explain.

Chris Benoit, who defeated Sid Vicious in a
makeshift main event at Souled Out, a show that
promises to generate the worst buyrate ever for
a major wrestling PPV, joined aptly named
"Revolution" members Dean Malenko, Shane
Douglas and Perry Saturn, who were all sent
home by management after insisting that newly
empowered Kevin Sullivan be removed from the
booking committee. WCW officials, allegedly
employing a "divide and conquer" strategy,
attempted to persuade its new titleholder to
stay, but Benoit walked out on the company and
the championship belt.

Eddie Guerrero also was offered his release,
while the status of Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr.
and Juventud Guerrera remains unknown. Billy
Kidman, who several months ago threatened to
walk out on the since deposed Eric Bischoff
and last week voiced his displeasure over
Russo's removal, was promised a major
non-cruiserweight push and paired with the
promising Torri Wilson.

Douglas also was wavering as of late last week,
but was leaning toward staying with WCW since
his options appear to be limited.

The company has been split down the middle, with
factions and sub-factions forming and rumors
flying in the midst of the maelstrom. Several
WCW performers confided that they had never seen
a company in such turmoil, confusion and
disarray, but were reluctant to point fingers.

WCW has been a company in upheaval dating back to
the wretched excesses and unbridled arrogance of
the Bischoff reign, a fact that must ultimately
raise questions and concerns about exactly who
is overseeing WCW.

Bischoff's qualifications for the top job at WCW
were, at best, highly questionable. He was a
Ninja Turtles salesman and Verne Gagne gofer
before arriving in Atlanta, where a carefully
orchestrated plot to usurp Jim Ross' power
moved him from third-team announcer to the
executive board room and the deep pockets of
Ted Turner.

The beginning of the end for Bischoff, however,
came the day he showed his utter incompetence
for the job when he berated Ric Flair, not
behind closed doors in executive session or to
his employee's face, but in front of a locker
room of WCW performers that included Arn
Anderson - and called the man most responsible
for building and preserving that company a piece
of "trash" whom he would sue into bankruptcy.
The reason? Flair committed the unpardonable
sin of missing a Thunder show (he had cleared
it with J.J. Dillon weeks earlier) in favor of
watching his then-10-year-old son win a national
amateur wrestling title.

Vince Russo, a Long Island native and longtime
fan of the WWWF and later WWF, operated a video
store before gaining Vince McMahon's confidence
and joining his inner circle in Connecticut.
WCW saw Russo's WWF success as a surefire
solution to a deeper problem. It didn't work.

A statement that much-maligned ex-WCW boss
Cowboy Bill Watts made seven years ago rings
somewhat true today.

"Wrestling has gone so far overboard to show biz
that it has no credibility," said Watts, who also
was hailed as a savior who would put WCW back on
course when he assumed the role of vice president
of wrestling operations, but whose rocky reign
ended when the company asked for his resignation
nine months later.

"But still, at WCW, we were doing the right thing.
We just couldn't get rid of the dead weight. We
couldn't get rid of the people who didn't
understand what we were doing and that just wanted
to save their damn job. I'm telling you, the memo
wars that go on there are mind-boggling. It's more
important to feather your nest and suck up to
somebody and try to get rid of somebody or put
them down or zing them or stab them in the back.
My back looked like a porcupine."

Little has changed in Atlanta. The back-stabbing is
as pronounced as ever; only some of the faces have

The silver lining, if there is one, may be that
Bill Busch, who only several months ago was thrust
into his position as Bischoff's replacement, took
a stand and stuck to it. A not so-subtle message
has now been sent to others in the company who
assume they are irreplaceable and are taking
advantage of the company's lax policies of the

In the immortal words of the late Owen Hart:
"It's time for a change."

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at
(843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham. More wrestling
news with Mike Mooneyham is available every
Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The
number is 1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents
per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
Subscribe to The Jobber Report, one of the
top wrestling newsletters on the Internet.
Published 4-6 times a week, TJR is a terrific
resource for all of you looking to keep up
with all of the numerous wrestling headlines.

For your free subscription, send a blank e-mail to:

Visit my home page at:

And the darkness and despair that had overtaken
The Southern Kingdom did continue. It has been
told throughout all the lands that The Valiant
Warriors who had forsaken bondage in the
Southern Kingdom, Sir Chris of Benoit, Sir
Deano of Malenko, Sir Perry of Saturn, and Sir
Eddie Les Guerrero, have held counsel with
those who speak for Emperor Vince, Supreme Ruler
of The Evil Empire of The North.

Unhappy that Busch, The High Overlord of the
Southern Kingdom, has named the dastardly Sir
Kevin of Sullivan, High Exalted Chief Booker
of the Realm, to be aided by his allies Lord
JoJo and Squire Graham, who they consider vile
and not to be trusted, they departed. The
counsel hath offered them bags of gold for
their services. The sum was not nearly as much
as they had been paid by The Southern Empire,
but as men of honor, they accepted rather than
toil for the dastardly one they so despised.

They took comfort with provisions given for
their service, that should they find favor
among the faithful citizens of the Evil Empire
of The North, they would be handsomely rewarded.
Knowing that other favored Knights and Warriors
of the Evil Empire have been so acclaimed, they
did agree to the offer. They now await an
audience with Emperor Vince to finalize the
details of their contracts. The faithful
citizens await their arrival with open arms and
great expectations. It is also told that Sir
Deano was given encouraging words about his
leading the reawakening of the Light Heavyweight
Division in The Evil Empire.

Thoughts of Sir Chris once again doing combat
with Sir Chris, Leader of the Jericholics, Sir
Perry jousting with Taz The Nasty, and Sir
Eddie meeting Taka The Flier, are but a few of
things that have the faithful smiling. With
tickets selling as fast as the Empire can print
them, arenas filled to capacity wherever the
Knights do battle, and the faithful watching at
home in record numbers, life is good in The
Evil Empire. The Valiant Warriors look to have
chosen well.

Alas there seems to be no end to the turmoil in
The Southern Kingdom. Their citizens continue
to shun the Knights as they do battle. The
Palace Guard must seek out those camped near
the Arenas and bring them in to fill the seats.
A report from one who was there this past Monday
when The Southern Kingdom was in the dessert
city of Lost Wages for NITRO tells of but 1,000
paying, and The Palace Guard rounding up 3,000
to fill the empty seats. So also goes it with
the faithful at home, who have either decided to
watch The Evil Empire's RAW or find other things
to do rather than watch The Southern Kingdom.

Busch, The High Overlord of the Southern Kingdom,
had Sir Kevin take his leave while he did seek to
resolve the crisis caused by Lord Russo's
banishment. Words coming from several of the
faithful are that the past two NITRO's were as
exciting as watching the grassy mounds of royal
courtyard grow.

The most noble Duke Ric of Charlotte, was brought
back this past Monday to help stem the tide. He
alone cannot change the destiny of The Southern
Kingdom. They await the return of Sir Bret of
Calgary and Goldberg The Invincible. They are
pointing to a Monday in early February when The
Dogs of Westminster make their annual appearance,
thus causing The Evil Empire to be seen in late

Hope is being pinned on bringing back more of The
Old Ones, including Randy The Insane, possibly The
Man Who Speaks 1,000 tongues, (but not a one that
any, including the most learned oracles,
understands), and the Man who would be King, Old

These plans of The Southern Kingdom could come
asunder as the upstart Kingdom of Extreme, led by
Prince Paul, may bring his Legion Of The Bloody
to that same Monday Night, and do battle with The
Southern Kingdom. Many have dismissed Prince Paul
as a threat, but it is written that a Giant was
slain by a mere mortal with but a slingshot. Could
The Southern Kingdom suffer a similar fate?

This humble scribe hath been honored to be nominated
to the exalted title of Columnist of the Year. Should
thou wish to cast thy vote for me, you need not even
leave your village, you need but go here:

I would be honored to receive thy vote and thank thee.
By: Rick Phelps (wrestleri-)

Kurt Angle versus Taz
Taz started quickly flipping Angle over the top
rope. On the floor, Taz attempted a vertical
suplex, but Angle landed on his feet and put the
human suplex machine on his back. The next couple
of minutes saw both men exchanging German and
belly to belly suplexes. Taz then hit a couple
of overhead release suplexes, followed by a
T-bone suplex. Taz was successful in his World
Wrestling Federation debut when the Olympian
could not respond after being hooked in the
Tazmission. Angle did not regain consciousness
and was taken away by EMT's.
Winner: Taz via referee's decision

The Dudley Boyz versus The Hardy Boys
*Tag Team Table Match*
The rules of this match stated that the first
team to drive their opponent's (consecutively and
with an offensive maneuver) through a table would
win the contest. Prior to the match, Matt and
Jeff told Terri that they did not want her to be
at ringside. It did not take long before both
teams pulled out the furniture. The Hardy's
attempted a double superplex through the table,
but D-Von moved the table at the last second.
The Hardy's drew first blood, as Matt with a
leg drop, from a ladder, and Jeff with an elbow
drop from the top rope, put Bubba Ray through a
table. Matt Hardy was then powerbombed from the
ropes, courtesy of Bubba Ray through a table
that was balanced on two sets of ring steps. The
Dudley's dominated the Hardy's for the next
several minutes, knowing that they had to put
Jeff through a table to win the match.

The Hardy's cemented their spot as one of the
premier tag teams in the WWF when Jeff Hardy,
from a balcony above the entryway, hit a Senton
bomb on D-Von for the win.
Winners: The Hardy's via putting both Dudley'z
through a table

Ms. Rumble 2000 Contest
Johnny V, Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, The
Fabulous Moolah, Classy FrEddie Blassie, and
Andy Richter (from the Conan O'Brien show)
were introduced as the judges for this contest.
Jerry "The King" Lawler was the master of
ceremonies. The contestants were Ivory, Terri,
Jackie, B.B., Luna, and the Kat. Highlights from
the contest saw Luna refusing to show off her
swimsuit (even though she was wearing a see
through overshirt), and the Kat wearing bubble
wrap as a bikini. Mae Young invited herself and
became a late entry in the contest. Despite the
attempts of the censors, Mae Young revealed her
"puppies." In a unanimous decision, and to the
shock of the fans in MSG, Young won the contest.
Winner: Mae Young via judge's decision

Chyna (c) versus Chris Jericho (c) versus Hardcore Holly
*Intercontinental Championship*
This contest started as a slapping match between
the three competitors. Jericho attempted to end
the match first by applying the "Walls Of Jericho"
on Holly, but Chyna clotheslined Y2J from behind.
As expected with any triple threat match, all
three combatants were on the offense and the
defense. Chyna had Holly tied up in a Boston Crab,
when Jericho bounced off the ropes and nailed his
CO-champion with a bulldog. He followed up with a
springboard moonsault off the middle ropes onto
Chyna, giving him the win, and the right to be
called the undisputed Intercontinental champion.
Winner: Chris Jericho via pinfall
(Undisputed I-C Champion)

The New Age Outlaws (c) versus The Acolytes *Tag Team Championship*
The Acolytes started with fists of fire, attacking
the tag team champions on the outside. The
challengers used their power to dominate the
champions for the first couple of minutes. Farooq
hit a spinebuster on the RoadDogg while Bradshaw
took Gunn out of his boots with a clothesline from
hell. The Acolytes were in firm control of this
match when X-Pac caught Bradshaw with a spinwheel
kick, allowing Mr. A$$ to hit the Famoser on
Bradshaw for the win.
Winners: The New Age Outlaws (Retain Tag Team Titles)

HHH (c) versus Cactus Jack *WWF Championship*
This street fight saw two men who promised to reach
deep down and become more violent than ever, battle
it out for the WWF title. The fisticuffs began at
the outset, with Cactus coming out on top. The
action spilled on the outside where Cactus was
dominating the champion, until "The Game" nailed
Cactus between the eyes. HHH wielding a chair,
invited Cactus to come into the ring. Once in the
ring, the champion nailed Cactus with the chair.
The evil persona of Mick Foley rose to his feet
and continued to fight, stomping HHH to the mat.
The two battled through the fans, ending up back
on the floor, where Cactus suplexed the champion
onto two wood pallets, and smashing him with a
trash can.

HHH then had his head repeatedly smacked into a
wall. The Game fought back and suplexed Cactus
through a trash can. Cactus pulled a 2x4 wrapped
in barbed wire from under the ring, but HHH
retrieved it and beat down the challenger. Foley
recuperated and hit the champion with a double-arm
DDT. The Spanish broadcast team hid the 2x4, but
Cactus took it back and busted HHH open. Cactus
Jack then continued to use the 2x4 to rip and
gouge at the skin of an already bloody champion.
Back on the outside, Cactus attempted to
piledrive HHH through the broadcast position, but
the champion backdropped the challenger through
the table. The WWF champion refused to stay down,
despite the offensive onslaught of Cactus Jack.
On the outside, HHH hiptossed Cactus Jack, whose
left knee banged the steel steps.

The Game then worked on the knee of Cactus, bashing
the barbed wire wrapped 2x4 into his injured knee.
HHH handcuffed Cactus and began beating his
opponent with a vengeance. Cactus tried to fight a
defensive match, but was put down by a steel chair.
Near the entryway, Cactus Jack was asking HHH to
hit him with the chair again, when the Rock nailed
HHH with a chair. A police officer then came out
and took the handcuffs off of Cactus. After
piledriving the champion through a table that did
not give, Cactus poured a full bag of thumbtacks
on the mat. Cactus felt the tacks first as HHH
backdropped him onto the tacks.

The champion then gave Cactus Jack the pedigree, but
the challenger kicked out. The Game followed up with
another pedigree, on the thumbtacks. HHH pinned
Cactus Jack, who could not kick out of a second
pedigree. EMT's took the champion away on a
stretcher. However, Cactus Jack rolled HHH back to
the ring and delivered one more shot with the 2x4.
Winner: HHH via pinfall (Retained World Championship)

Royal Rumble
D-Lo Brown drew number one with Grand Master Sexay
drawing number two. Mosh drew number three. After a
short time in the ring, Kaeintai, who were not
participants in the Rumble, hit the ring, but were
quickly disposed of.

The other WWF superstars came in the following order:
Christian, Rakishi, Scotty "Too" Hotty, Steve Blackman,
Viscera, Big Boss Man, Test, British Bulldog, Gangrel,
(Kaentai once again tried to interject and once again
were ousted), Edge, Bob Backlund, Chris Jericho, Crash
Holly, Chyna, Farooq (The Mean Street Posse attacked
Farooq but were thrown out of the ring), Road Dogg, Al
Snow, Val Venis, (Funaki in...Funaki out...yet again),
Prince Albert, Hardcore Holly, The Rock, Mr. A$$, Big
Show, Bradshaw, (Mean Street Posse attacked Bradshaw),
Kane, Godfather, (Funaki once and out), and

The Rock and Big Show were the last two competitors in
the ring. The Rock dropped the People's Elbow, but the
Big Show fought back and chokeslammed the Rock. The Big
Show tried to slam the Rock over the top rope, but the
Rock held onto the ropes, sending the Big Show over the
top. The Big Show attacked the Rumble winner after the
bell, but the People's Champion stood tall.
Winner: The Rock
(Last Man Standing--Headed to Wrestlemania)

Order of Elimination (In Parentheses is Who Eliminated the Wrestler)
Mosh (Rakishi), Christian (Rakishi), D'Lo Brown
(Rakishi), Too Cool (Simultaneously by Rakishi),
Rakishi (Bossman, Test, Edge, Gangrel, Bulldog,
Bob Backlund), Bob Backlund (Y2J), Y2J (Chyna),
Chyna (Bossman), Farooq, Bulldog (Road Dogg),
Edge (Al Snow/Val Venis), Bossman (The Rock),
Crash Holly (The Rock),Test (Big Show), Gangrel
(Big Show), Bradshaw (The New Age Outlaws), Val
Venis (Kane), Prince Albert (Kane), Hardcore
Holly (Al Snow), Godfather (Big Show), Al Snow
(The Rock), Steve Blackman (?), Road Dogg
(Mr. A$$), Mr. A$$ (Kane), X-Pac (The Rock...
however the referee did not see the elimination,
so X-Pac continued), Kane (X-Pac), X-Pac (Big
Show), Big Show (The Rock)
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

Copyright- Steve Appy of The Wrestling Booking Sheet ©1998, 1999, 2000


"When you're young and you pick up a guitar, it feels so powerful. It feels like you pulled the sword from the stone. I used to believe that it could save the world. But I don't really believe that anymore." - Bruce Springsteen

"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
spirit after you come crashing into the limits of the real adult
world." - Bruce Springsteen


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